$5 Goodwill Challenge Summer Edition

hi guys Sonia here from domestic diva and welcome to the summer edition of the $5 goodwill challenge hosted by Hilary from the old world home I will leave the link down below for your channel as well as the playlist so um if you don't know what the goodwill five-dollar goodwill challenge is we have a five dollar budget to find something from a thrift store secondhand store Value Village it can be a garage sale for this season any secondhand type of outlet I guess and we can either upcycle it or spruce it up to fit our decor or leave it as it I have decided to update environmental for the summer season as I usually do for most of the seasons and I wanted to incorporate some more glass maybe different colored glass so I could come across this beautiful blue glass bottle for 399 Canadian I was very pleased that I had found us and I had um we decided to pair it up with my other thrift at find and some other things that I had already purchased before and liner the house so I think it turned out really great and if you would like to see a full tour from my home some home decor I will leave it in the corner or link it down below I will leave a link in the corner and a list down below so thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did give me a thumbs up if you're bringing in to my channel coming from the playlist I would love for you to join me I do DIYs lifestyle type of videos cooking cleaning or as a couple of paired with some vlogs and some daycare related content on my channel so I'm sure you can find something that fits your your needs and don't forget to press the notification button so you don't mess up any of the new videos that I post until next time I hope you guys have a wonderful day and thank you so much for watching and thank you jewelry for another great challenge

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