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hi there welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna film for you guys the summer five-dollar Google challenge I love this challenge I've been doing it for a number of years and as always it's put together by Hillary from old world home that's their other channel name but anyway older old home and I'm gonna link her channel down below where you can find her video as well as a playlist of everybody participating so basically what it is is you take five dollars to some place that you can buy things secondhand and use it to decorate your house for the particular season so since it's summertime I don't really decorate that much inside I know patriotic decor in the States is kind of huge Canadiana decor is not that huge here although I have found a few pieces that I've been sort of putting together for some type of Canadiana I display in my house which you'll probably share it here but I'll probably share it on Instagram so you can check it out there I'm not gentle thrifty mama but I do decorate my porch or not so much like crazy decorate but I do have the functional space of a front porch and we like to hang there especially in the summertime so when we were um I would add an ice-cream shop one day I saw Jude who is my son sitting in a chair eating ice-cream with his feet propped up on like a little stool and I thought it was the cutest little thing I thought that's something we don't have on our front porch is a little something to prop up our feet on so I went to the thrift store I think I found this at Value Village and I found a little stool so if you haven't seen my front porch tour I will link it for you guys but I have sort of two different things going on out there like a rustic look with some of the chairs that I have and then a more mid-century modern industrial kind of look not industrial but hard metals so I found this a stool here this is it here and I like that it had nice metal legs it's a vintage stool it's got this white bubble top here and it was like I said from Valley Village so it was $6.99 so over the budget I did have 20% off and at the time I was thinking for some reason 20% off would mean that I was under the $5 budget but unfortunately it didn't it was still over 5 but if you know anything about the economy if you know that our Canadian dollar is not so great so if I were to sort of do the equal Canadian dollar to US dollar then I would be under the $5 budget so I'm giving myself a little leeway there but anyway it's my first goodwill challenge where I did in fact go over budget in Canadian dollars so I went this stool I like the shape I like how sturdy it is I'm not a huge fan of this Chrome and I don't really have any Chrome out there and I'm all for mixing metals like I just saw Hillary's video where she makes medals in the kitchen and I mix medals quite often in my house but um out there I wanted to have things a little bit more in the warm tones so I have some spray paint that I had already on hand and it's this rest oleum metallic paint and primer in one so I'm gonna just paint the legs I'll probably take the top off so it doesn't get all messy and that this is the color here so I think this is gonna look really nice on there I thought maybe that I would recover the top but I sort of like that the top is wipeable and outdoor fabric friendly you know outdoor friendly and so if I'll turn my stash and see what I have if I can cover it in something that'll go nicely out there but if not I'm having to just keep this brown up there cuz it court sort of coordinates with the shelf I have that there already so anyway let me get this you know DIY door made over and then I will show okay so I was gonna leave like I said the top as is but I found a cute piece of fabric that used to be an apron from like the dollar store or something so I think it's gingham it's cute I think I'm going to use it but I'm going to put it over top of the other fabric so that if it doesn't look out for whatever reason I can redo it but yes little girl my kids are home from school so they're sort of hanging it around here you want to say hi hey YouTube burn I hope you like my mom's video so in the end I did decide to cover it with the gingham fabric and I'm so happy that I did I love the way it turned out and I think it just like suits the feel in here I like the black and white ties in with the black and white of the pillows so yeah if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you aren't subscribed to my channel and you'd like to see more videos from me please consider subscribing so you don't miss a video in the future and we will see you guys in the next one bye

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