5 Missing People Who Turned Up Alive

want to see more cool videos on our channel we do so press this Bell and enable to send notifications after that you will be notified about our new releases so that you won't miss any of our new videos number five the balloon boy five years after the nation was captivated by the story of a six year old boy apparently whisked away in a weather balloon the Hien family skill claim was not a hoax on the 15th of October 2009 in Colorado Richard and Mayu machine caused an international uproar when they claim that their six-year-old son Falcon was inside a helium-filled balloon floating in the sky all right the course okay Falcon was dubbed Balloon Boy as he flew altitudes as high as 7,000 feet Falcons flight spanned 50 miles and lasted an hour before he landed pursued by National Guard helicopters and local police however the balloon was found to be empty due to reports that something had dislodged from the balloon during the flight authorities started a manhunt in the area which brought up nothing meanwhile Falcon had actually been spending the whole time hidden in the Attic at his house the whole incident was revealed to be a publicity stunt by the heenes who had appeared on a few reality TV shows and were trying to launch a sci-fi program about the existence of aliens during an interview on a new show a reporter asked Falcon about the event on live TV Falcon then responded by saying you guys said that we did this for the show we did this for his show in the day did he hear anything did he hear are you screaming on Falcon Falcon it asked him Falcon did you hear us calling your name at any time you did Davis why did you come out we could kick for his show Richard Heene was sentenced to 90 days in jail for the hoax and they had to pay a $36,000 fine while his wife was sentenced to 20 days of weekend jail later on the incident remained a worldwide phenomenon which became an internet meme and was even adapted into a musical comedy by Billy reci entitled Balloon Boy the musical number for Gabriel Nagy in Australia on January 21st 1987 Gabriel Maggie called his wife from work and told her that he was coming home for lunch unfortunately this was the last time she would hear from him Gabriel's burnt-out car was discovered on the side of the road the following day and two weeks later money was withdrawn from his bank account in order to purchase camping supplies following this final transaction Gabriel vanished without a trace in 2010 a full twenty three years later Gabriel Maggie's name appeared on a newly applied for Medicare card and a police detective who had never given up on the search for him picked up on it this occurred two weeks before an inquest that would have declared him dead upon being found Negi revealed that his earliest memory was of bleeding profusely from the head and that he had no recollection of who he was over the next two decades that he was missing he had given himself a new name worked odd jobs and turned to alcoholism before being taken in to work as a church caretaker Negi applied for the Medicare card to treat a cataract at around the same time that flashes of his real name began to return to him ultimately Negi said he was relieved that he hadn't been responsible for any crimes as he said he always felt he was on the run from something and was happy to be reunited with his family after two decades through photographs and talks with his family Nagy has been able to regain large parts of his memory number three Ariel Castro kidnappings Ariel Castro kidnapped three women between 2002 and 2004 after each accepted a ride from him and they were lured into his home in Cleveland Ohio these women were Michelle Knight 21 Amanda berry kidnapped the day before her 17th birthday and Gina de Jesus 14 the young women were kept in locked rooms in the upstairs portion of the house or in the cellar where they were fed one meal a day showered not more than twice a week and were made to use plastic toilets that were often emptied the women kept Diaries that told of sexual and emotional abuse being chained to walls death threats and the overwhelming desire for freedom Knight the oldest of the ladies was impregnated multiple times by Castro who would then induce miscarriages by using severe physical violence and starvation this would cause night to become death in one year and later on require facial reconstructive surgery Barry on the other hand was allowed to give birth to a daughter who is frequently allowed out of the room under Castro's supervision the woman's escape was set off when Barry was able to get the neighbors attention by screaming for help on May 16th 2013 after Castro did not lock one of the larger inside doors the neighbors were able to break through the storm door and Barry and her daughter were able to escape she called emergency services and police came to the scene of the crime to rescue the other two women you need police fire ambulance I believe okay and what's going on there I think in math and I've been missing for ten years and I'm here I'm free now two days later Ariel Castro was arrested and charged Castro pleaded guilty to 937 accounts of rape kidnapping and aggravated murder Castro claimed to be a cold-blooded sex addict and apparently knew he would be arrested eventually he was given a life plus one thousand year sentence but one month into serving his time he committed suicide in his prison cell a suicide note in his home stated that if he was caught all the possessions and money were to be given to the woman he had kidnapped number two Natasha accomplished in Austria on March 2nd 1998 10 year-old Natasha cam Bush was kidnapped by Wolfgang prickle appeal on her way to school she was missing for a total of eight years while in captivity Natasha was kept in a windowless soundproof cellar in her kidnappers home and was beaten and starved in order to prevent her from escaping she was also raped repeatedly by her abductor prickle appeal he warned her that there were explosives in the house doors and windows and that he had a gun in hand at all times ready to kill her if necessary however as time passed she was given more and more freedom by her kidnapper and was eventually allowed to spend time in the rest of the house and go outside she was even taken on a skiing trip by prickle apeal who throughout the period of her captivity also gave her books newspapers and a radio that allowed her to educate herself and develop mentally Natacha cam Bush emerged back into the public eye on August 23rd 2006 when she managed escape from her captor while she was vacuuming his car and he had to take a phone call away from the noise seeing the opportunity she made her ran for it and was able to convince a neighbor to call the police since turning up alive natasha has inspired multiple books one of which she has written and a movie on the day Natasha escaped wolfgang Procopio managed to evade police and took his own life by stepping in front of a moving train near Vienna Northern Station Natasha now owns the house that she was previously held captive in number one John Darwin one day in December of 2007 ex-teacher and prison officer John Darwin walked into a London police station and told officers that he believed he was a missing person Darwin was last seen leaving the home five years earlier and was spotted on his red kayak in March of 2002 Darwin claimed that he had no recollection of anything that had happened to him on the time since he'd gone missing but appeared to be free from any form of illness upon Darwin's initial disappearance police put in maximum efforts in order to find him but even the numerous helicopters and boats sent out were unable to uncover any traces of him eventually a paddle which was believed to belong to the kayak was discovered all hope seemed lost when the wreckage of Darwin's kayak was found in several locations a year after his disappearance John Darwin was declared legally dead his wife and sold her home and moved to Panama in 2007 it was later revealed that and his wife had faked his death in order to claim life insurance money and that he had been secretly living in their home since 2003 using a secret hole behind a wardrobe to move in from the family home to the bed sit next door which they also owned in 2006 while in Panama this photo of John and Anne was taken into an estate agents office which ended up online and was used as evidence against the couple Darwin and his wife were both charged with fraud and were ordered to pay back more than half a million pounds and were each sentenced to over six years in prison thank you so much for watching and if you enjoy the video please let me know by clicking the like button share write a comment and don't forget to subscribe so you can catch up with my next video

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