5 Niches That Will Make You Rich In 2019/2020 As An Online Coach

– Yo, what’s up Max here
and I’m sitting here with our head strategy coach
Nikita and in this video we’ll be showing you, five niches that will make
you rich in 2019 2020. So if you like money,
if you like being free, being your own boss, and
if you like giving value, then this video is for you. Pay Attention. Have you ever wondered
whether there’s more to life than a boring dead end nine to five job? Have you ever dreamed about breaking free, you know, traveling the world, making good money and just enjoying life? No more office dress code,
no morning commute, no boss. This channel is for you. So here’s to your freedom, First and foremost, first niche here on
our little list, sales. So, Yeah.
– Oh yeah – Sales niche. If you have some sort of sales skills, especially if you’ve worked
as a salesperson in a company, you have several years of experience, you have experience with
writing sales scripts that work. Anything along those lines. – Or like a lot of people
who work as a sales agent, you know, insurance agent, your shelter kind of insurances or for the kind of other products. Maybe just in the store, you know? Whatever–
– Absolutely. Absolutely. You can literally now make
yourself self-employed as an online coach or
online service provider in the sales niche. So– – Imagine what kind of world
you could open to somebody who’s never sold something
in their life before. – Absolutely, absolutely
you can offer your service, you can offer your coaching
to small companies, big companies, or even just
to sales teams and say, Yo, I’m gonna come in with my experience, I’m gonna tell you, or I’m gonna help you
teach your team sales, and you can make tons of money from that. So again, if you’re
currently a sales person, you’re employed at a
company and you’re like, I don’t wanna be reliant
on that company anymore, I wanna do my own thing,
become my own boss. Sales niche is the way to go for you. Similarly to that, marketing,
that’s the next niche. So obviously if you are experienced in any sort of marketing,
marketing strategy building, you have marketed a product already, you’ve marketed certain
businesses already, you can make yourself an online coach, an online service provider, an online consultant with your expertise. – For sure. I mean, if you ever Google
how to make money online, probably, yeah, you probably
learned there’s something from marketing, you know,
when it comes to niche pages, drop shipping, whatever else is out there, affiliate marketing. – Absolutely. Absolutely. – Built to build websites well I think, something you learned there for sure. – Absolutely. We currently have a client
in our program who’s teaching a specific type of niche business, to small local businesses, that are living around where he lives. And he says, I’m gonna
help these people create a web presence, right? With social media and
I’m getting XYZ amount of money making four to five
figures a month very easily. And then later on he’s
able to scale that up. And, what you gotta understand is, we’re talking about these
skills, about these niches, but in a way that we say, if you have experience in that
already, obviously if you do, that’s amazing. But also nothing keeps you
from getting experience in that and from learning about that, like you just mentioned,
I love what you said that, you Google that, you
Google how to do sales, you Google how to do marketing, you’ll learn that you acquired the skills of that and you can make
yourself an online coach. – Which you, although knowledge out there, it’s on youtube where hey,
how do we build a website, how do I create an drop shipping store, whatever how do I create ads or whatever. I mean all the videos and
tutorials are out there. – Absolutely, it’s all out
there, it’s all out there. Similarly to the third
niche I wanna share here, with you and that is copywriting. Okay? If you’re good at
copywriting, you’ve done, you’ve written copies successfully before. Maybe for a friend’s
business, maybe, you know, semi-professionally
maybe within a company, there it’s your time to shine
as a successful online coach, online service provider. I know a friend of mine, he, that was very interesting
cause what he did was he had no experience in sales copywriting and what he did was he literally
locked himself in his room a whole summer and he looked
at the best converting copies that he could have, lays hands on. And that he just studied these copies, started developing his own
style of copywriting just based on these very successful
copies that he found and then started getting hired for his own first copywriting job and then he did more and he did more and he got paid in commission. And it’s crazy because nowadays that guy lives completely freely, does whatever the hell he wants, and he’s still getting
paid commissions from all these copies that he wrote. That is really amazing. So as a copywriter you can
just say like, you know what? Obviously you can pay me a flat fee, you can pay me a flat premium fee, you know, four to five figures,
so I’ll write your copy. Or you say, you know what, just pay me 10% of what my copy brings in. And the crazy thing is that stuff stacks, stacks up like crazy and it, you know, if that copy is online for years, you will just continuously
for years get money from that. Really, really amazing. Very similar to that next
niche, paid advertising. Paid advertising meaning any sort of ads. You have experience in
running Facebook ads, you have experience running
Google ads, YouTube ads, whatever ads it is. Banner ads are still huge. If you have experience in that, if you did that for a company
or you did that yourself or you know you did drop
shipping for a couple months, having experience in Facebook ads and then you know you lost the business because drop shipping is
a very stupid idea to do. At least you have the experience
in running Facebook ads. – Exactly. – And now you can make
yourself self-employed as an online coach, online consultant or even just service provider
online for Facebook ads. You can go to businesses, obviously here you’d have
to niche yourself down. You go to certain types of businesses that are bad with running ads. You know these are usually, and I’m literally sharing
some pretty cool stuff here with you. You can literally pick niches that are, how would you say that? Not very experienced
in running ads online. These are usually older
niches, financial advisors, tax consultants, lawyers. There’s a lot of, you know, 40 50 60 year olds out there
that are completely relying of anything offline and you can come in there with your expertise and let’s say for example Facebook ads
and can say, you know, I’m gonna help you generate clients online with this magical thing
called Facebook ads. And there are so many loaded, you know lawyers out
there, dentists, doctors, – I think Jason, he works with gym owners. – Exactly. He works with gym owners. There’s just so many classic
business people out there that are absolutely
experienced in offline stuff, but you come in as the
young consultant in there and then you say, Yo, this
thing called Facebook ads, for them it’s this crazy
outlandish world like Facebook ads. I don’t have time to consider that. And you’re like, yeah, well
I’ll set it up for you. You know, this is my flat fee. Or you can pay me in commission. You can say, okay, for the
first month I’ll do the ads for free and if I don’t make
you any money, don’t pay me. But usually you do make
them tons of money. And then they’re so happy, then
they say, alright, you know, let’s set up, let’s agree
on a flat fee per month, flat fee per year whatsoever. And then again, like
you can easily make five to six figures a month
with any of these niches, – Sure. – Right? And if you say five, six figures
sounds too good to be true. Alright. Start with four to five figures. That is definitely true. And, we talked about this
earlier off camera like, with these five niches, in
order to not make money, you literally have to beat
money with a stick, right? That’s like our metaphor to go like, in order to not make
money with these niches, take the money, put it in a
bucket, beat it with a stick, you know, throw flammable
objects in there. Like, that’s how to not make
money in these types of niches and then, yeah, paid advertising and then last one but not
least, web design and funnels. And you mentioned it before,
you know how to build websites, you know how to build funnels. You know how to set up these types of online presences online
websites and connect them. There’s so many people out there for whom this is the easiest thing in the world. And the crazy thing is
here, pay attention. If you’re watching this, you often fall into the trap of saying, but that’s very easy. You’re saying it’s easy in general because it’s easy for you. But that’s not even true. Like, just because it’s
easy for you doesn’t mean that’s easy in general. There’s tons of people out there that wouldn’t pay tons of money for that. They will be very happy to pay
four figures for one project. Sometimes even five figures
for one project, building, one website, building
one funnel, et Cetera. And like you said, it’s easily learnable. This is something that
is very, very, technical. You don’t need a lot
of real-life experience in order to build a website. You can literally attain that knowledge. Just you know, locking
yourself in for a couple of weeks and, learning
how to build a website. – Even lease literally hours and days. (laughing) – Even better. So yeah, building a website, building a funnel for a company for entrepreneurs, et Cetera. Again, here, niche yourself down into the right direction niches, find a niche that has
buying power, et cetera. This is stuff that we teach in, you know, in our mentoring programs as well. How to niche yourself correctly, how to find the right market, and then how to find your target audience, communicate to your target audience and position yourself correctly. Because yeah, sure, these five niches are absolutely amazing, but you still need to know how to operate within these niches. Cause otherwise you’re gonna
go into the wrong direction. That is not gonna work
out if you’re gonna waste so much of your time and your energy and you don’t wanna do that. Now, here’s the big question that Nikita and I wanna answer here and that is, why. Why are these five niches so good? Why did we pick out these five niches for our online consulting,
our online service providing? The answer is simple. We kind of mentioned it before. There’s still so many businesses out there that are successful offline. That are making, you
know, they’re six, seven, sometimes even eight figures
a month, completely offline. And they’re usually run by, I don’t wanna say elderly people because it’s almost a little too old, but they’re usually run by
people that know business, that know opportunity, that know how to invest in themselves. They’re happy to invest, but they have little to
no experience online. Because it just kind of went
over their head, you know, the Internet and stuff like that. It all happened so fast. And what is the Instagram? And I just started getting
an iPhone and this is weird and there’s two cameras, you know, so you come in with your expertise and you can basically say like, look what you’ve done offline,
I can help you do online. So you literally get,
you know, more leads, you get to make more revenue, more profit, et Cetera, et cetera. And there’s just gigantic opportunity for you to give these people value. And the moment they see, hey,
there’s value to be held, I’m super happy to pay
to invest into that. And again like, with all
these five niches here, you’re primarily targeting businesses, entrepreneurs or you
know, business owners. And what do these people
all have in common? They all understand
the value of investing. Because, you know, if you have a business, you understand the value
of investing in mentors, you understand the value of
investing in certain ads, advertisements, campaigns, et cetera. And this is a very, very good niche, a very good target audience
that you can target. And, like I said, super
easy to do if you know how. And I highly recommend that, Yeah. – What if you say, hey, there are big providers out
there that do that already. Yeah I think, hey, is it good or bad now
of course, it’s good. Yeah because it’s, of
course there are tons of people already doing it out there. It means there’s a market for that. – Yeah, absolutely, exactly. Like we get that excuse so many times that there’s people like, oh,
but someone does that already. You know, like, no, you don’t have to be the first one to do that. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and be the next Zuckerberg. No, like again like,
there’s always two mindsets that you can approach this from. You can approach this
from a scarcity mindset. Like, oh, there’s people
doing that already? Scarcity, scarcity, or you
come from an abundance mindset, which is the true mindset to have saying, well, if there’s people out
there making money already, that means that there
is money in the market, the market is ready, there’s
people willing to pay money, so I could just get into this, I can jump on that bandwagon if you will. And again, you don’t need to be the best. You don’t need to be the top 10 and you can be under the top 10,000. You’re still gonna make your four to five sometimes even
six figures a month. – Yeah. And actually, I also know
tons of people, you know, that are in the market, but they’re probably don’t have no idea how to position themselves, how to have their own
unique selling points. Yeah (mumbling) Of course. Or we have the right niche or whatever. And if you know how to do
that, you’re gonna be yeah, of course better than everybody else– – Absolutely. – In the fitness niche,
which is everybody says, Hey, there are so many people, makes no sense to go in there. Too many people, whatever. Right? Actually, I don’t even
know a handful of people that are doing it there the right way. – Yeah, who was that guy who
was verified on Instagram has like hundreds of thousands of followers and he
wanted to becoming in– – Half a million on YouTube, – Half a million on YouTube. And again, you know, more power to him but he made very little money. How much was it that it turns out he made? – Ranges from four to six K a month. – Four the six K a month. And you know, like he
wanted to work with us and we asked him like, oh
cool, so you have all this, you’re verified, you look super amazing. Just social media wise. Like, alright, you know,
how much are you making? You must be doing very well. And he’s like, Oh, yeah, four to six K and we have clients that
are completely unknown that have not even a social media presence making more than that. Everyone like, oh, this is shocking, it’s always shocking to kind of see that and the next point too
the next excuse to it to kind of build upon what you just said is Oh, but I’m not a 10
out of 10 expert on that. Again, people think
they have to, you know, I have made like a billion dollars already in ads payment stuff like that and need to be a 10 out of 10
expert on that but again that’s not true like,
I always say like that. You just need to be two to three, four to five steps ahead
of the average person. So, nothing keeps you from learning while you’re doing it already, you know, nothing keeps you from getting a client, learning from that experience as you go. By all means, charge
that first client less, do it for free in the
beginning as a test client and learn along the
lines, learn as you go. That’s really, really key. Like again, do you know
more than the average, offline business owner that
again like has a gym right and hasn’t done anything online
and you come in and you say, well I did do Facebook ads at some point I can help you doing that. Do you know more than that
person that hasn’t done it? Yes. So you’re good to go. And again, nothing keeps you
from learning that as you go. – Sure on this. Actually some problems
most people are having because most people think
they’re not ready yet to coach someone to provide
a service to consult somebody in order to think they
have to learn this first, this first, this first. Right? But if you really think about it, I mean every successful coach, consultant or service provider out there at some point had their first clients. – Absolutely. – And all that we can
learn as he just said, there is simply just learning by doing it, that’s all what it is. – Exactly. Learning by doing and to build
upon that, people will say, but I don’t have a certificate in that. You know, I need a coaching certificate or like I need to be a certified marketer or certified corporate,
if that even exists. No, you don’t. Okay. Because at the end of the day, all the clients care about
is real-life results, right? They don’t care if you have a theoretical freaking certificate that hangs behind the wall. I didn’t have a certificate, yet I learned how to make
a couple million dollars in my first business and now
I’m helping people do the same. You know, I didn’t go to any
business school whatsoever. I didn’t even attend a
single business course. I had proper mentors
and I started doing it. That’s the important thing. I started doing it. Like you said, every, no
matter how successful the coach or service provider is, they had a first client at some point. And again, like you’ll learn so much. And I never stopped learning either. Like I still learn from every
single client that I have now and the moment I stop learning
is the very moment I die. So you got to understand that. No, you don’t need to have a certificate. People don’t care. People care about real-life
results that you can bring them. That really is it, right? So, now we’ve shared
these five niches with you that can make you four to five figures, five to six figures a month, very easily. We’ve shown you why this is important, why you can bring a
tremendous value to businesses with these niches and we’ve also shown you that is actually
easier than you might think to get into that market
and to start making money. It is important though to really note that if you don’t do that, the
opportunity is gonna be gone. And the opportunity is there right now. Online coaching is the
simplest thing to do nowadays because you can reach
clients all over the world. You can teach them, right? You can provide your
services all over the world. All you need is a phone and
a laptop and a free WiFi. You can do all of that. Being completely location independent can be incompletely time independent. The opportunity is there and
it won’t be there forever. I mentioned it before. It is very easy to get into that. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because
everybody can do that. It’s a bad thing because,
well, everybody can do that. So there’s a lot of schmucks out there who have positioned themselves wrongly and they’re not doing it right. So if you know how to do it
right, it’s easier to climb up. So it might be a bad thing in general. Everybody can do it, but it’s a good thing for
you if you do it right, because you can penetrate the market and you can learn how to
dominate it a little more and a little more day
by day, month by month. But at the end of the day it comes to you and take an action now, right? You’ve been watching this
video until this point now, you’ve probably titillated your brain a little bit thinking
about the opportunities. Okay, I could do the sales, I could do the marketing,
I could do copyright and whatever it is, you
still watching this, which means somewhere within you, you’re hyped about the idea
of being free yourself. You’re hyped about the idea of, you know, having fun in life, being
able to travel the world, being your own boss, making four to five, five to six figures a month,
you’re hyped about that. Now, don’t let that hype feeling die down. You need to take action and
a great way to take action is you can literally jump
on a free consultation call either with him or with me
or with someone from my team. And the cool thing is on
that frequency rotation call we’ll basically be
looking at your situation and we’ll develop a step
by step plan for you. To break free from that
nine to five rat race and become your own boss
with one of these niches or with another niche
in online consulting, online service providing. And all you have to do in
order to do that is you click the link down in description below. Maybe we’ll have the link appear somewhere right now as well. Click on that link. It brings you to a page. Read what’s on that page because that’s really
important information for you to get started. And then at the bottom of that page, there’s a little application,
you fill that out, takes you a minute, like minute or two. If you fill that out that way, you can book the exact date
and time when you want us to call you and then
we’ll get you started. Now that call is entirely for free. There’s no way it can costs whatsoever, even if it’s international
call don’t worry about that. And yeah, we’ll get you started. So if you have a skill in one
of these five niches already. Or in a completely other niche, we can help you. We can help you make money. If you are already making money, we can help you scale and make even more. But also, if you’re not quite
sure what it is yet, you see, you know, these niches
here sound pretty good or completely other niche. I’m not 100% sure if I
have any skill at all. Still give us a call because Nikita and I, we can literally analyze
your skills on that call, and we can tell you what exact model is the right fit for you. Important, you gotta take action. Alright? If the link still works, by the way, it means we have spots open. Those spots fill up fairly quickly now that the channel is kind
of picking up a little bit. So, make sure to take action as soon as you can and maybe
talk to everybody soon. You have anything else to say Nikita? – Talk soon. See you on the call. – See you on the call,
we gotta go back to work. Thank you so much and GG. (upbeat music)

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