5 of 7 After 1948, Israel Strife, Political + Biblical, Rev. Bobby Morris, Jerusalem Center

the industry again here we tell you know you know we got a few hundred years to relate you were talking thousands here on both sides of history to say you don't want to say we have a history here both of you do that and then what we can do in the in to quadruple digits you know and then there's of course for religious to public which keeps it up beating all the war so it just it just makes it about in in all the ways oh yeah Bri and Brandon sisters fellow st. Monica's one state a Palestinian state I want you to be family and and that's another component here not now not the chest eyes the mistreatment of one person today but I always try to take as a group says I always try to include a stop at the Holocaust Memorial because that is part of what's in here for it's reckless knowing what has happened to our people before when we when we try to get along with drives him you know Lindy and we try this what happened to us that time and I think that's the mindset of some that there's no room for being softer being or compromised and great things like that again nothing justifies what's happening to a lot of very very good honest hard-working Palestinians that just like all these other couple I would do itself a huge favor if it would give you it's blatant that you can be you can observe roads and infrastructure over and Israel proper and then observe that same infrastructure across the way and in the West babies and the economic numbers here it is I mean and get a people time you need sound that you your your villager your town is falling apart you have no employment opportunity and all this kind of stuff thank you make you do crazy things sometimes again I think that long as life is justified but it's really government could do some things economically and infrastructure wise to do not make it look so much it feels so much like they really are trying to squeeze the very life out of the Palestinian population session they just say they hit when they were leaving they were doing so a big thing about that I know people in Bethlehem that have college degrees in software engineering and they try to think about seven traits that you are so street born and this goes back that area area B Area C scenario the green air is as you see there is essentially all the Palestinians have partial or full control over everything else that is solid green here but white over here is Area C which is 100% Israeli control and there was you know no you know I think it might be one thing if it was more large block of Palestinian territory look how much so broken up and that's because the Israel's have been the Israel's are squatting there has been UN resolutions against please do this plan all the completely don't go away again like Asakusa he'll go away thinking on their side of that already they just you know they're good like sending folks on both sides are good people and I've been there about to say that from experience one of the things that happens we see our own you sneakin you say anything remotely as it tours an Israeli policy my healing with anti-semitism the anti-jewish now is anti-semitism is anti Judaism alive well fortunately yes very much so immortal however a very sparsely and firmly say that just because you are against something that this was doing does not think you anti-semitic although that is a skip the card explain just shut down what is often very needed and commerce is impossible on as long as you're not here I do not care for they go as long as it's not here not among the most extreme has a lot of us the too much way and again hostile population local brokers again to be Muslims here in Israel that are wonderful people they're quite quite natural for some Christians are there but to to larger populations there even with a member of a contingent that is also that strings to have to say I'm out here either that mean they're the ones crossing is Jerusalem technically is not gonna give supposed to be the International city mountain either partition although although Israel has in small scale much like it's very large scale Israel has worked very hard to populate certainly East Jerusalem

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