5 Passive Income Ideas that earn $1000+ per month

hey friends are gonna freedom and a
budget I’m Kelly and today we’re going to talk about passive income how you can
make some passive income and some money that you’re putting in the work upfront
and then you get paid on the back end which is awesome so if you’re new to my
channel welcome and Kelly my channel is all about living life well on a budget
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you and you can really just take hold your money and hit some really great
money milestones money goals and just do things that you want to do with your
money versus having to be tied down by dead and different things like that and
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video number one on the list is affiliates you
guys know I love me some affiliates they are a really great way to make passive
income and it’s not taking too much work upfront now I will say I will preface
this that all of these passive income sources do take work in the front and
they do take that time upfront but they are residual income after that and they
can make some great income that you’re not having to put in too much work
throughout the years to come affiliates okay so affiliates they do take work in
the front that is a myth that they don’t they do because especially people like
me I bet all of my affiliates I make sure that they are companies that I’m
willing to work for that I stand behind them that they have great products I’m
not someone that’s just gonna put up affiliate links for whatever product and
it’s maybe garbage or a company that may scam you or anything like that I want to
make sure that these companies that I endorse or legit I did take a course on
affiliate marketing and it was a making sense of sent affiliate marketing course
by Michelle and it was incredible I learned so much on that course I’ll have
a link to it down below in the description if you’re interested in
affiliate marketing it’s a really really great course that just gives you ideas
so many ideas that she gave in that course I was like wow I never thought of
that and it also gets into the nitty-gritty of the legal stuff now I
will admit there was things that I was doing that was not legal and was not not
legal but it wasn’t you know with different disclaimers and different
things like that you had to be very careful about how you are presenting
your affiliates and how you are promoting them on your blog on your
YouTube channel all of that your Instagram there’s very very tight
guidelines for the FTC that you have to watch out for and Michelle goes into all
of those really detailed she gives so much great information after you
complete the course there’s an instant on Instagram a Facebook group that you
can be part of that gives so many great ideas and people are so encouraging and
being like hey this is something I’m running into have you guys found this or
this affiliate has this they giving you this feedback or anything like that so
it’s a really great course I really really recommend it it’ll be linked down
below in the description box for you all so amazon amazon affiliates those are
another great affiliate they have a link that you give out like
I have an Amazon store where I have gone in and I put in different categories on
my Amazon store so different clothing I recommend YouTube gear so if you want to
know what gear I’m using on YouTube you can just go to my Amazon store and see
all the gear all the books that I recommend all the cooking stuff all the
clothes furniture you can know where I bought this piece of furniture right
here and all of that it’s really cool that you can do that and then the link
is good for 24 hours so even if you don’t buy something from my store baby
buy something else and you click on that link it gives me it cut back like it’s
like pennies on the dollar but it adds up you know if you’re getting you know
couple pennies for each thing but you have two thousand people that are all
shopping from your short it adds up and it’s great side hustle great affiliate
marketing passive income so Amazon’s awesome and it doesn’t cost the person
any extra so if you’re shopping from Amazon store and you buy something it’s
not like it gives you an increased rate it’s the same exact thing it just gives
me a little kick back number two is creating a course now this
is a really really great way that you can make some serious serious income
with doing all the work upfront and then it’s just passive now some people update
their course every year so with new content and new ideas that or as things
change or you know for instance for Michelle as things change legally in the
FTC and different things like that she changes her horse and she updates it but
for the most part it’s pretty passive and I’m actually working on my first
course right now I’m writing it and it’s gonna be a course on how to cut your
groceries how to get a really great tight grocery budget different hacks
different things on meal prepping and how to shop the grocery store and all
the different tips and tricks of how to get your grocery budget low so there’s a
course that I’m working on and hopefully I’ll be launching it in the next
probably six months or so it’s a long process especially with the move and all
the trips and everything that we’re taking but I’m really excited for it so
courses are great do you have a scale that someone it can learn from you know
on how to flip houses how to buy a used car sell used car how to grocery shop
like me YouTube how to I don’t know sell things on
Amazon how to train a dog that would be a great course different different
things like that there’s so many amazing courses out there that you put in the
work in the front you get the passive income and you can just make some really
great money from it number three is a YouTube channel or blog of course I had
to mention this one because y’all know I’m a youtuber so YouTube is a great
great passive income source now I know that I am constantly making videos and
constantly filming and editing and replying to comments and marketing and
all of this stuff but a lot of the videos you do the work in the front end
and then you get paid passively so for instance my top video right now is how I
only spend a hundred dollars in groceries a month that video I made two
three years ago and I am still making an income in that I’ve made almost three
hundred almost five hundred dollars on it and I’m still getting views even
though it’s something I made years ago and honestly it’s one of the worst
videos I’ve ever made and it’s kind of embarrassing when I watch it but it’s
still making me money and it’s still helping people and I’m still getting
comments on wow this is really great tips and wow I didn’t know you could do
that and different things like that so it’s really cool to see how you know
it’s passive income over the time so for me a lot of my videos my process is I
sit down I do research for a couple hours really research the topic you know
sometimes it’s a couple hours sometimes honestly it’s a couple weeks and you
know just kind of digging through and learning like my Dave Ramsey vs. fire
video that video I put a lot of research in I spend hours and hours and hours I
research that for two or three weeks and really dug in on how to present that
video for you and all of the information that I needed to get across in that
video so I put in a lot of work upfront but now it’s up there I filmed it I edit
it and I worked with Jay G and we did a collab and now it’s making great money
and now it’s you know something passive that it’s already gotten over 30,000
views and just a week or two and you know I have a really big feeling that’s
gonna be a big video it’s a video that’s going to go on and on and on
I’m gonna get used for years to come on that one passive income video my channel
brings in about hundred thousand views every single month and I personally make
about four hundred fifty dollars a month now some ones are higher some ones are
lower right now it’s higher because of my Dave Ramsey vs. fire video I’ve
already made a couple hundred dollars from that so it’s spiked up right now
but I’m getting hundred thousand dollar views now CPM on YouTube is different
across the board it’s different with the types of videos that you’re posting that
the channels all of that the CPM really really varies from channel to channel
which is why YouTube makes CPM private and they don’t want to sharing that
among channels and having it public but it can really vary so don’t be
discouraged if you’re making way less aney I have friends that have smaller
channels than me and are making over double what I make but you know what it
is what it is and it’s cool and I support them and I’m so proud of them
for all the hard work that they’re putting in but just know that my channel
you know what I make on my channel is not necessarily gonna be the same as you
you make me more you make me plus you may make the same up you never know so
it is different depending on the channel but it is a great great great passive
income source I love YouTube and it’s a subject such a great hobby that has
become a business for me which is so cool number four is a really really fun
one I’m really excited about this and this is stock photos and b-roll so Jamie
uses creative market I have a link for them down below in the description box
and creative market is awesome and Jamie received a check last year for total
about three hundred dollars and it was images that he had uploaded probably
four years ago on to creative market and he just received passive income so stock
photos as you guys will look through my blog a lot of those photos are stock
photos of ones that I’ve purchased are free downloads of once to make my blog
and you know to have aesthetically pleasing stock photos I’m working on
taking my own photos so that and then telling them as well so that I’m not
using other people’s stock photos but starting to create my own but and then
uploading them on creative market so I can get some kickback from them but
it’s amazing easy way to just take a photo edit it upload it to creative
market and then just getting that passive check for a year after year like
I said Jamie got three hundred dollars last year on photos he hasn’t even
touched in three or four years and it’s just been up there and just getting you
know residual income and then also b-roll b-roll is something that is so
big and video and you know different things like that we’re actually looking
at investing in a drone in the next public ear or two and starting to sell
b-roll footage of you know the the water the intercoastal we live so close to the
beach so it’s so easy to some really cool drone shots of the sunrise that
sunset boats the yachts all that that people can be using in their in their
vlogs and so it’s really cool just a great creative way creative outlet to
make some money and it’s really easy so like it’s a creative market link will be
down below in the description go check them out they’re awesome and if you have
an app for you know photography or b-roll footage for editing anything like
that you can really make some great great great passive income from it and
lastly at number five is rental properties as you guys know if you
watched my Dave vs. fire video rental properties are really great way to get
some passive income so as you know you have to you know invest upfront in the
mortgage and the down payments and repairs and all of that but then you’re
bringing in that that rental check and a lot of times it’s a lot more than the
mortgage and then you get that house paid off and it can be a really really
great passive income source we cannot wait to buy our first rental property in
a couple years we’re getting settled with our you know buying our first home
now and then hopefully in a couple years we can buy some rental properties and
you know have that great passive income now sometimes it does take repairs and
different things like that as tenants move out and you have to get new ones in
there there is work that has to be done so it isn’t a hundred percent passive
but it is pretty darn close and it’s a really really really great way to make
that income and it’s really big in that fire community if you guys didn’t watch
the fire versus Dave Ramsey video go check it out it really goes into more D
on different ways of how to build wealth alright guys I hope didn’t you enjoyed
it these at five passive income sources this is a video that I want to start
making more often these types of videos that they’re just kind of like quick to
the point and giving you a great realistic real-life examples on ways you
can make money save money sell stuff all that stuff so great great just different
tips and tricks so if you meet to the end of the video please leave the secret
emoji and don’t forget to Like and subscribe and hear my social media
handles for you guys as well as my blog and thank you so much for watching
alright guys I’ll talk to you later you

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    ๐Ÿ”ฅMake money blogging with the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course:!: https://makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing.com/?affcode=57702_bya7wyg8

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