5 People Batman Has Killed

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes if not the most famous superhero in the world and everyone knows his origins and his story and one of the key parts of his character is that he never kills his enemies unless we're talking about Zack Snyder film of course personally I don't count those films and in the real DC world Batman has never killed or Hattie from time to time circumstances have occurred where killing someone is the only option available to him and this is five times that Batman has been forced to kill number five Rachele group in the batman arkham knight dlc season of infamy one of the most wanted missions revolves around Rachele Ghul now as most of you know raysh is the head of the League of Assassins and is over 600 years old and he has died many times in those years he has been brought back to life and had his life prolonged by using his Lazarus pits which can cure any ailment and even bring a person back to life however embrasures case he has been using the pits for so long that they are losing their effect on him you've brought him back too many times the Lazarus dreams all that's keeping him alive basically he's just too old pan is dying but there is one way to save his life using an older version of the Lazarus pits chemical which is deep underground in Gotham City and with this his life can be saved rebels have found another thing a pure source a sample of its essence is all he would need unfortunately the League of Assassins is in civil war and racial ghouls own daughter Nyssa is leading the revolt and is trying to kill him and take over the league does race know his daughter fights for the rebels the rebels fight for me and because of this his soldiers are unable to get to the chemical so they send Batman after it saying that he does not retrieve it then Gotham will suffer traders to the lead conspired to stop the glorious resurrection of racial ghoul we will see Gotham burn before we let the rebels hurt our men so Batman gets the Lazarus Pit chemical and then has a choice to save Rachele ghouls life with the serum or to destroy it and let ratio goal finally die you weren't a good man roof but you had conviction this is actually really good because the player she gets to decide which path to take but I personally always kill race the guy is an evil dictator and mass murderer and the world's better off without him he's a dangerous uncompromising zealot sir restore to full strength first no telling what he'll do or who he might hurt now you might argue that this isn't technically Batman killing him is preventing some ungodly resurrect from truly the same was taking a life but what you have to keep in mind is this if someone has a terminal illness and you have pitcher to the illness in your hand and you choose not to inject them with it then you have effectively killed them in some cases not saving someone when you easily can does count as murder and Batman's actions directly lead to ratio called dying so he chose to let him die which in my mind still counts yelling and if you do decide to say very she'll go then he kills his own daughter Nyssa and continues to use the league for his own evil purposes so his death is definitely the right option which even he agrees with detective crowd are for you number four Dracula the film the Batman vs Dracula is exactly what it sounds like Batman fights Dracula Dracula is resurrected in Gotham by the penguin who becomes his enforce servant I'm penguin I'll be your server Dracula then infects a large number of citizens including the Joker with his venom and turns them all into vampires Sonne you're may 2nd Batman tonight and you're both pains and the net fortunately Batman is able to synthesize cure for the vampirism and turns the citizens back to normal he also tries to turn Dracula into a human again but the serum doesn't work on him you may have cured my human victims of her disease but no earthly medicine can cure a supernatural affliction now since he can't cure him or imprison him Batman is left with only one choice to kill him and using artificial lighting to mimic the sun's radiation he does kill him now seeing how dracula is a vampire and can at least in theory be resurrected from his ashes you could argue that this isn't a death however I'm counting it because turning anyone even a vampire to dust qualifies as killing someone and even if you want to argue that he is Undead and not truly alive I don't think that really counts because if rigor mortis hasn't set in and you're not brain-dead then legally you are alive so vampires even though the cool themselves the undead are technically speaking alive and even if Dracula could be resurrected from the ashes it's irrelevant because resurrection by its very definition means bringing someone who is dead back to life so Dracula was killed by that man I shall sweep that into the dustbin straight away number 3 devil ray in the TV show Justice League Unlimited gorilla city is being attacked by Gorilla Grodd as he plans to use their city's technology to turn the whole world's human population into gorillas and yes that is actually the plot no matter how weird it sounds but the weirdest part is that is actually a really good and compelling story which does go to show that any story no matter how silly if it is done right can be good but anyway the Justice League obviously stops gorilla grodd haven't been warned by dead man who is a ghost who is able to possess humans I need your help on a mission of vengeance now don't be alarmed but I'm not Superman I'm a ghost inhabiting his body after the League of stop gorilla grodd one of his henchmen devil ray is about to attack them they don't see it coming but Deadman does and the only way to stop him is to possess Batman and shoot devil ray so it is devil man who grabs the gun and pulls the trigger but since he's using Batman's body this does still kind of count as Batman doing the deed at least physically even if he wasn't actually in control but it is important to note that this is done against his will and he is disgusted what Deadman has made him do Bruce Deadman took over your body it wasn't your fault and it's also worth noting the dead man didn't actually intend to kill devilry [Applause] the shot would have just taken it down but unfortunately the shot also flew him backwards into a damaged electrical outlet and the electricity then killed him though that was never dead man's intention your actions led to the death of another I'm sorry I I don't mean to attention during the period number two our man in the film Justice League crisis on to us the plot is quite simple there is an alternate dimension where all the good guys are villains and all the villains are heroes basically there is an evil version of the Justice League called the crime syndicate and Lex Luthor is a hero and leader of the Justice League I'm not just the leader of my worlds Justice League I'm it only surviving member and Lex Luthor can't be the evil League so he travels to the normal DC dimension to get the Justice League to help him take down the bad guys in his home dimension your people are my world's last hope however this dimension traveling device is replicated by our man who is the evil counterpart of Batman you can use it to travel to any of the alternate Earth's it's based on Luthor's design I've made some improvements our man decides that if there are infinite realities with infinite versions of everyone then nothing we do in life matters every decision we make is meaningless because summer on a parallel earth we have already made the opposite choice and the only choice left is to destroy every single dimension and kill everyone in the universe I really wanted to destroy the world because of the only action one could take that would have any purpose now at this point I should say that he is insane and this plan is of course complete insanity but even though it is insanity our man is actually able to do it and he builds a bomb and travels to the prime dimension to detonate the bomb every oath is a variation of this one original and once I destroy it all reality will follow and Batman follows him there to stop him now Batman is Batman so of course he succeeds and beat Salman but he does this by transporting our man and the bomblets about to detonate to another dimension the bomb detonates and our man is killed it doesn't matter admittedly Batman only did this to save the universe and it was the right thing to do he had no other choice but he still killed our man as it was the only way he could save the universe and it's only one of the two people that he kills in this film number 1 Johnny quick you see in order to follow our man and stop him a portal need to be opened and this could only be opened by speedster vibrating at the right frequency to open the portal someone vibrating at the right speed could piggyback on our man's carrier wave and open a portal the flash naturally volunteers but Batman says he can't do it you're too slow what I know your limitations you can't possibly reach the speed necessary to pull this off so the evil version of the flash Johnny quick steps in and does the job instead it could be dangerous the bloody universe is its stake of course it's dangerous however after Batman has killed our man returns it is revealed that using his powers to create the portal has aged Johnny quick tour with an old man now you may think the Batman didn't know this but and all that rubbish about me being faster than flash you knew this was going to happen don't mind me so Batman knew whoever opened the portal would age and die and deliberately stop this from happening to his flash by letting it happen to do any quick and his actions directly to Johnny quick dying meaning Batman is responsible and that is five people the Batman has killed though I feel I should mention that in the game Batman Arkham City Batman has a cure to an illness that is killing the Joker the Joker attacks Batman to get the two off of him but in the process he actually causes Batman to drop the antidote and it is destroyed – which Batman says do you want to know something funny even after everything you've done I would have saved you buddy though it is later revealed in the video game Batman Arkham Knight the Batman was not going to give him the cure but was going to let the Joker die you said you would have shared that you could admit I'd won could you not even as a parting gift but now I'm on the inside oh we boated on the truth so that could be argued as a death by Batman's hand as he was intending to let the Joker die but I have encountered it as it was we the Joker's full and Batman may have decided to save him at the last minute though of course we'll never know for sure now some of you might think with these don't cameras direct murders and with the exception of the murder done why he was possessed by Deadman you could argue this point but you have to remember that these deaths occurred directly through actions the Batman's deliberately took knowing it result in his enemies deaths so that counts as killing in my book even though it was his only real choice in the moment but if you disagree then please let us know in the comments which desks you think were or were not Batman's fault and if there are any other people the Batman is killed to the you thing should have been on this list and I just thought to say a quick thank you to those of you who made this video possible by donating to Neda mass productions page on patreon patreon is a crowdfunding site that is helping us to bring you more videos each week and to raise funds to adapt comic book stories into animated short films and as always thanks for watching and feel free to subscribe share like and comment

46 thoughts on “5 People Batman Has Killed

  • Murder requires a specific form of agency. In order to murder someone, he has to perform the actual act to completion, while having the intention of performing that specific act. If there is choice in the matter, and it is taken away from him, the action is no longer murder as one of the two required elements is missing. If the choice is killing one to save hundreds, thousands, or even millions, it is still murder. But if, as in the case of Owlman, he simply puts someone into a lethal situation where this is a way out, then it becomes more complicated and we have to delve into the Schroedinger's Box situation to discuss where the agency actually lies.

  • Batman transports nightowls bomb to another universe so he killed everyone in said universe so he killed a over the greatest number of people

  • This video is stupid lol batman never kills anyone. The Original Batman and the idea of this character is that he never kills. Just because a movie or a game that someone uses to Portray him as Batman and makes him kill someone does not mean that “batman kills” it’s like me drawling Batman on a sheet of paper making a comic and make him kill people. That doesn’t count in a point or time where Batman actually kills people. That’s just writers and movie producers who have altered the character in the wrong way. BATMAN NEVER KILLS

  • The Vampire and the Deadman one doesn’t count since Dracula was ALREADY dead and people saying he was “resurrected” is way people say Dracula came back. It’s also not Deadman’s fault that Batman shot Ray, yes Batman’s body did shoot him but Deadman was in control, Batman wasn’t in control.

  • One arguing point that I’m surprised that you didn’t bring up was that Owlman could have stopped the detonation, but he accepted his death, so technically, Owlman died by suicide.

  • Jason Todd. Though more indirectly than literal, Jason Todd was killed because Batman put him in danger by training him to be Robin at a young age–a child, putting him in a dangerous crime-fighting lifestyle and, well, he wound up getting murdered. Batman has a history of endangering children's lives by getting them to fight crime as Robin. And in Detective Comics before Robin was introduced and the character was "softened up" and campified, Batman killed people.

  • Everything was is necessary. However lol the last one was kinda fucked I know he didint want his boi flash to die but dam he made another dude do it kinda fucked up.

  • Saying that he broke his moral code by killing Dracula is like saying its wrong to kill a Paradaemon.
    Owl man could have pressed on the abort button Bats gave him a choice to make.
    Deadman using bats his body to kill that henchman isnst batman who kills. if you think it does than you dont understand the not-killing code at all because its based on a moral not a physical action.

  • when owlman mentioned the "it doesn't matter" the whole choice was already made makes him sound like he is super lazy and/or depressed and making the ultimate excuse to do nothing

  • I ised to be in love with Batman. I was so hype by watching Batman v Superman. The first scenes i saw Batman holding a gun and killing people. I thought to myself "wth he doesnt use guns" and i was devastated

  • You forgot Duela Dent. The Joker's Daughter. In a fight with her, Batman grabs a gun and points it at Duela, with her under gunpoint, she says "Well father always say to go out with a…" and the Batman proceeds to shot her. Killing her in the process with Red Hood/Jason Todd finding the body and reporting it to the Titans since Duela was invited prior to the Teen Titans by Raven for a redemption arc after Duela was apart of splinter cell of the Titans, Titans East.

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