5 People Who Set Traps For Package Thieves

it's estimated that over eleven million packages get stolen from doorsteps per year in the US alone and this is costing companies billions to replace them and this number is only rising nobody's possible to take some preventative measures to stop this from happening to you for example set up CCTV or get a safe box but for some people they've taken these measures and their deliveries are still being taken and it's got to the point that they're so fed up by these port pirates that they've decided to do something about it and seek some revenge and have a little fun along the way and this video is all about those people that have set up little traps to try and deter the ever growing number of parcel thieves ranging from a guy that left a fake parcel out that had some rather smelly and pretty disgusting contents to another that set a trap that sent a thief running in absolute fear so let's jump right in and take a look mr. Barrow from Washington has a YouTube channel where he posts videos of people stealing parcels from his porch and when someone could upload regular videos of thieves stealing parcels from their porch you know they've got it pretty bad mr. Barrow decided enough was enough so one day he set up a fake parcel that was rigged with a blank firearm shell so just powder no bullet he left it outside and set it to explode when someone moves it the surveillance clip he captured shows a woman walk past and notice the package she quickly runs up to the porch touches the parcel and gets the absolute scare of her life when it goes off with an almighty bang obviously scared senseless the woman runs away and falls over mr. Barrow was quoted as saying is hard to capture how truly loud this device is but God is effective yeah I think he deterred that particular thief for good a guy named Randy from Utah was very never frustrated with his Amazon orders of Jeep parts constantly been stolen off his porch and we worked a full time job so he was unable to always be at home to sign for the deliveries so he decided to buy some surveillance equipment which thankfully were in stolen he set up the CCTV as he wanted to see exactly what was going on at his home when he wasn't there and he thought you might have a slight chance at catching someone in the act but he said he didn't realize he would catch someone nearly every single week he had no idea how bad it was thief after thief after thief it's almost like they weren't opportunists and that these were actually people patrolling for parcels so it was at this point Randy decided he was going to have a little bit of fun and start pranking them he started leaving dummy packages out to lure them and inside they were filled with packs of gummy bears now you may be thinking why on earth would he give out free gummy bears to thieves gummy bears are awesome well these weren't your average coming bears these were laced with a highly potent sugar-free laxative of course anybody that would have ate them would have had an extreme upset stomach and Randy took comfort with the fact that somewhere some thieves were stuck on the loop for days a man from Las Vegas was fed up with the third parcel in two weeks being stolen from his doorstep that he decided he wanted to teach those crooks a lesson and try to deter them from stealing anymore so he set up a prank that involved his 95 pound German Shepherd Heidi he got an empty box and he filled it with dog faeces lots and lots of it he just saved it all up for days and then wrapped it up and left it outside of the house as a bait package then he waited his CCTV finally picked up two thieves one ran and grabbed the parcel and they ran back to the car and sped off and I imagine they were probably kind of excited to open it when they got away just to see what their loot was and I would have absolutely loved to have seen their faces when they realized they've just stolen a big bag of stinking dog poo a man named Mark Rover from New Jersey recorded some thieves stealing a parcel from his doorstep he had the footage of them stealing it and committing the crime so he took it to the police but for some reason the police didn't want to know and they did absolutely not about it says at this point mr. roba decided to do something about it himself unfortunately for the thieves they absolutely mess with the wrong guy because mr. roba is a huge YouTube personality and inventor and an ex NASA engineer who worked on the Mars Curiosity rover and as you can imagine the planet art was an engineering work of art he designed a fake package that would be activated when opened by thieves it contained a circuit board old phone cameras and microphones that would record the moment and an accelerometer and GPS to detect motion oh yeah and 454 grams of glitter that was intended to make the biggest glitter bomb ever now that glitter was in a cup that spun round on a motor that released as the box was opened and he also engineered it to squirt a tube as strong smelling fart spray every 30 seconds because why not now the package was stolen many times and recovered to to the GPS and honestly the reactions were awesome you have to go watch the full video it went off in thieves cars in their houses and as you can guess he absolutely covered the whole place in glitter and it just looks like it would take hours upon hours to clean up and I'm sure you'd never get rid of it all I mean can you just imagine opening that package and it's just blowing up everywhere you'd be petrified and thinking what is my life now this video went viral it got millions of views and because it got so many views and attention Amazon announced that they'd be working with the police in mr. robbers area to combat package theft and officers have started planting dummy boxes filled with GPS trackers so this was a funny prank in some good light-hearted entertainment but it also helped make a positive change now this next one went viral a while back because a woman from Washington USA stole some parcels from a porch but the owner didn't need to do anything for revenge she did it to herself it was all captured on CCTV footage shows a UPS delivery man dropping off parcels at the side door of the property before driving off moments later the thief in question drives by and spots them she parks up gets out of her car and starts checking the place out as if to build up courage brave enough she quickly runs up and grabs them in a panicked hurry to get back to the car she runs and slips and breaks Legg the footage shows her rolling around in pain for quite a while until I co thief in the car spots her and comes to help and then he slowly carries her back to the car the guide does come back and take the parcels but as mentioned this has been shared thousands of times online and received millions of views as it's so comical so even though they made off with the goods they probably think the embarrassment and the broken leg was definitely not worth the medical supplies the packages contained and that brings this video to an end thank you so much for watching if you're new around here make sure to subscribe and hit that little Bell icon to turn notifications on that way you'll see all my new uploads but anyways take care I will see you in the next one and good bye

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