5 Rich People Habits to MAKE MORE MONEY FASTER!

Hey what’s up you guys! In this video
we’re gonna talk about the five habits that are common amongst the wealthy
individuals that can help you make more money ASAP Sam QWOP on the walk weather
is roasted investor and in this video we’re gonna go and talk about the five
habits that are common amongst two rich people to help you make more money ASAP
now to give you a little bit of a preview obviously it’s gonna involve
waking up early reading exercising but most importantly subscribing to this
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video now on all seriousness there are habits that are common amongst the
wealthy individuals that we find that we interview all the time the first habit
is to avoid any TV time social media checking the email and news
in the morning now the reason why I say this is that in the morning your brain
is fresh it’s got a lot of creative juice flowing so you don’t want to waste
your creative energy and your mindset as the wrong things which is checking
social media exposing yourself to negative news and you know a lot of
things that could happen so what you want to do is you want to tame your
brand you want to take a creative juice that you have new brain and use it for
productive things such as writing a book spending some time reading maybe you
want to work on a project that is and dear to your heart so spend that first
two three hours when you have the most amount of creative juice to doing
something productive so for me right now filming this video this is the morning
time this is the first three hours of me waking up and the reason why I do this
is that this is one out when my brain is so fresh its creative you know I can
think of different topics and ideas along the way so the reason why we do
our videos during the morning in my morning at least is to get that creative
juice and apply it to productive projects and cause that’s the first
habit if you want to make more money ASAP so the second habit is to read and
write something every single day so for me I typically spend about 30 minutes a
day reading a book whether it’s a business self-help book
or personal development or is my spiritual faith related books so I spent
about 30 minutes reading to find my voice for the writing portion of it so
after reading about for about 30 minutes or when the books really exciting I
usually spend about 45 minutes because I get carried away but for the next 20 to
30 minutes I would spend time writing now I know most of you guys might be
thinking well I don’t have you know our to read and write something no way I
gotta go do work so this is one big reasons why wealthy individuals wake up
earlier than 90% of the population because they want to spend that time
investing in themselves learning new things but the reason why we write is
not because you know it’s you know healthy or it’s whatever the reason why
we write is to get that creative outlet going we’re exercising our brain we’re
exercising our creative muscle so that when we see a business opportunity or
when we come up with a new business idea boom our brain is used to having just
creative outlet every single day so when I’m writing I’m writing down new
business ideas writing a book I’m writing a blog article and exercising my
creativity so that I get used to come to coming up with new ideas or new
solutions to a problem that that I might be facing so spend some time it doesn’t
have to be all 30 minutes it could be 10 minutes reading and 10 minutes writing
that’s all the time that you have but try to maximize your time reading
learning something new and writing creating something new every single day
now the third have it might sound cheesy or cliche you might say Sam this is
ridiculous I don’t want to do this but this is probably gonna be the most
important thing that you do every single day if you truly care about your goals
so something that I do is I write down my goals and I recite them every single
day and I just don’t write it once I write it every single day and the reason
why I do this again back to the creative flow and exercising my creativity is I’m
gonna use my creative juice and energy to really highlight what my goals are
and then I’m gonna recite them because what this does is when you recite your
goals your training your subconscious brain to focus and adapt your
jee-in time and attention to accomplishing these goals right cuz a
lot of you guys may had New Year’s resolution or you may had a goal and
just it was just sitting here back of your mind but when you don’t write it
down it doesn’t become real so I write things down so that it’s on paper it’s
real I can see it it’s objective and then I recite that I recite the goal so
that I am training my subconscious to throughout the day paying attention for
moments where I can get my goals accomplished and see look for new
objection or new objectives and goals that I couldn’t accomplish so write down
your goals and recite them daily so that you can make your goals and success a
reality the fourth habit is to help one person a day in making their life a
little bit better now you don’t have to go find cure for cancer or you don’t
have to you know cure diseases but one thing that you can do is it’s a small
gesture of helping someone making their life a little bit better faster easier
to live so one example is you might make coffee for your coworker and just
handing it to your co-worker without expecting anything returned and what
happens is when you do this is you’re pumping your body with oxytocin now
oxytocin is a hormone that’s responsible for the connection field right when you
hug someone when you feel connected with the community when you feel like you
belong somewhere your body produces oxytocin now what’s really cool about
oxytocin is when you have oxytocin your body you actually feel more like you
want to help more people and when you help more people when you create value
when you solve people’s problems you could in turn turn those into business
opportunities in fact Jim Rohn a very one famous self-help expert once said if
you help enough people around the world in solving their problems you can get
anything that you want in your life so you start this by helping one person
every single day ok different person each day making their life easier and
again it doesn’t have to be grandiose it doesn’t have to be throwing a surprise
party every single day but it could be a small gesture as saying hey is
everything ok how can I help you with something or making them coffee or
offering them you know water you know very small it
doesn’t have to be big but this is something that everyone can do to make
someone’s day a little bit better and again pumping your body with
oxytocin creating connections and when that happens is that you become a better
person you’re happier you’re you actually decrease chances for diseases
it’s been proven through science that oxytocin combats cancer cells as well as
other free radical cells so doing this is not only good for other people but
also it’s really healthy for your body now the fifth habit is do all the other
habits that I just talked about every single day consistently now sure we
could do this for one day two days maybe a week and then fizzles out there’s no
point of doing that so you want to focus on doing one habit establishing one
habit and doing it consistently in fact the London College I think it’s College
of London that did research and found out that it takes about 67 days for you
to actually take a task and create it into a habit so take one of the habits
that I talked about today and do it for the next 67 days instill it into your
daily routine and then once you really have it glued down in your daily life
and your and as a part of your habit then work on the next habit and
incorporate that into your life so you’re not trying to do all four habits
all at the same time you’re gonna wear yourself out you’re gonna lose willpower
but if you just incorporate one habit for the next sixty seven days and then
incorporate the next habit the next 67 days you’re gonna be by the end of the
year you’re gonna have all the habits and still and you’re gonna be a better
person overall you’re gonna see your income go up you’re gonna see that
you’re gonna have better friends better help your lifestyle and this is gonna
all help you generate more money for the long run because you’re gonna be a
better person overall so those were the five habits that are common amongst the
wealthy and rich individuals it’s not only help them make more money but to
make them a better person in general to attract more people to be more
charismatic and to increase the quality of your life so if you want to have more
people around you you want you want to increase not only your income but also
the amount of people around you be sure to follow these steps and also subscribe
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notifications on the videos that we’ll be releasing coming next week so I hope
this video helped and also watch this video which is real estate investing for
beginners reality versus expectation this is gonna get you involved in real
estate investing so check out the video and I’ll see you in the next video

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