5 Things That Saved Me Thousands! – 5 Frugal Things

So I firmly believe that it is not just
the big things that make up our money future, it’s the little things the
day-to-day things that we do that affect how we’re going to do with our finances
long-term so today I’m talking about five frugal things that I’ve done
recently that are going to better my financial future hi friends I’m Sarah also known as budget
girl here on the Internet and I make videos every single week about how to
manage your money on any income pay off debt and build the life of your dreams
unless if you want to learn how to do all the frugal things and master your
money go ahead and subscribe and hit that like button so today if you’re not
familiar is another episode of five frugal things where I talk about recent
money wins and fails because as I said before it’s not always about like the
big decisions you know which job to take wait where to invest it’s about the
little day-to-day things and how you handle how money goes in and out of your
life daily weekly monthly that can really add up
long term and build the financial future that you either want or that you’re not
so satisfied with so in that line of reasoning my first frugal win is that I
got a small raise but most 2000 dollars a year and I am sending to the entirety
of it to my house savings fund account if you haven’t watched my video on my
next big money goal I will link it below I am interested in purchasing a
multi-family property and house hacking it so living in one side running out the
other and using the rental income to pay the mortgage thereby freeing up a ton of
my money to build wealth with so I will link a video on that below it’s a very
exciting thing and I can’t wait to tell you more about it and for you guys to
follow along with me my second frugal win is that I used and cancelled a free
trial now this may seem very minor but I consider myself a bit of a free trial
connoisseur I have not had to pay for one of those as in it hasn’t rolled over
and I’ve had to pay for it in quite a long time but you know that’s what
they’re for right that’s why companies do free trials is that they hope you’ll
a love the product or service so much that you’ll want to continue and pay for
it forever or be and this is what happens a lot that you
will forget that you signed up for the free trial and they will get to charge
you even though you aren’t using the product or service so I love a good free
trial I think they’re amazing I love to utilize them and I’d love to get my free
money’s worth out of it and then cancel it if it’s not something I want to spend
on long term so this particular free trial was to Adobe stock and I actually
needed a image of a cupcake for my recent trip to fincon in Washington DC I
like to make a little sticker that is money related every year to hand out to
people so that they can you know remember me and it’s also a little free
advertising and I had the idea to do a this money thing is a piece of cake and
put it on a cupcake but I also needed an image that I could legally use the
rights for now I found the image and it was like thirty dollars and I did not
want to pay that however with a free trial to Adobe stock I got ten free
Adobe stock images with the licensing for them so I could legally use them
totally legit totally aboveboard and what I did was I logged in I downloaded
the cupcake that I liked and then I wrote a note in my planner about when
the free trial ended and when I needed to download those ten images by now an
extremely smart person would have gone in and pulled those ten images right
then and then cancelled the account but I wanted to really utilize it so I spent
the next couple of weeks thinking in my head like what are some images that I
could use for budget girl calm which by the way is now live linked below I was
able to transfer it from go budget girl calm to budget girl calm it costs a lot
of money but I think it’s gonna be worth it and you should check it out because
like I said it cost a lot of money so and it’s also full of articles resources
printables and other stuff for you that is a hundred percent free and will help
you lead your best money life so go check that out but I wanted to make sure
that I was utilizing those nine extra free images and downloading things that
I we’ll use so I marked in my calendar the
day that I had to cancel it which I actually usually lied to myself and tell
myself it’s a couple days early and then I gave myself a week in advance and when
that week in advance came I didn’t have time that day but the next day I
remembered I went in downloaded the other nine images save them to a folder
and that at that point I had already planned some of the ones that I was
gonna need for upcoming blog posts and videos and I’ll really be able to use
those images then I cancelled that sucker
which meant I got out for free ten dollars month is not a big deal which is
what they charge but that ten dollars a month
adds up and a lot of us have subscriptions that we’ve signed up for
and we’re not using anymore that are just every single month taking money
from us for something we’re not using so go in and cancel those free trials
before they charge you go in and check your subscriptions and make sure that
you are using them and the best way to do it is the calendar trick and if
you’re a digital person go ahead and even put like an alert in your phone
that says cancel the free trial today and leave your login info where you
break them it’s no fun to have to figure out what you chose as your login info
for that that’s almost cost me a few times my
next frugal thing is I actually got a subscription to the chiropractor so I
have a desk job and I am what is known in the medical community is what’s the
name for when you don’t move a lot the medical word sedentary I am what’s known
in the medical community is mostly sedentary trying to work on that but
it’s it’s a fact and I have some back problems I have some back and shoulder
pain from it and for a while I was going through my insurance to a chiropractor
and having to take an hour off of work every single week and use my lunch break
and walk out to my car which is half a mile away from work and drive across
town in lunch traffic and then try to get in and out within two hours and get
back to my desk and it was really not fun and I was also paying a $35 copay
for pleasure so that wasn’t fun and also the
chiropractor was only open during the hours that I was at work so it was never
convenient for me to go it always took forever and I I went four times or five
times in one month once and that cost me so much money it really blew my budget
so I actually was really hurting on a Saturday and I found online a walk-in
chiropractor clinic I was looking for it and they actually had a subscription
service and they don’t use insurance so I have to pay entirely out of pocket but
and it’s called the joint by the way apparently they have them all over the
place and I’m not sponsored in any way but for $70 a month subscription you can
go four times included in this subscription they’re open until like 7
or 8 p.m. most days they’re open on weekends so I can go after work instead
of having to take an hour off of work in addition to my lunch break which was
also costing me money in the form of time off and any times that you have to
go above the 4 times that are included is only $10 per visit which is actually
saving some money hi Jacob took me a chiropractor the other day it’s also pay
quick whereas before I waited for like 45 minutes in the doctor’s office
so that was a way for me to save money on some chiropractic care that I
hopefully don’t need long term but definitely need right now and it’s
really improving my quality of life and that’s worth $70 a month for me for a
couple months for the convenience and also so that I don’t have to do that
whole rigmarole with leaving and going to my insurance chiropractor wonderful
huge money savings I can’t believe I’m recommending a subscription but this one
it’s it’s hittin all the check marks for me also in the medical field
my next frugal thing is that I started using a website called good Rx for some
medications and I saved like $400 so Jacob and I both got bronchitis last
month and we both went to the urgent care and
prescribed us a bunch of meds including this inhaler which is called albuterol
which is $300 makes me twitch however if you coded this really fun website called
good rx calm which once again not sponsored in any way they have in phone
coupons you can just bring it up on your phone and show it to the pharmacy
outside of insurance that will supplement your current insurance and
make it a lot cheaper it made this $15 which a more reasonable so we were
looking at a combined pharmacy bill when we both had bronchitis and sincerely
needed medicine of I think it was like 600 bucks and after using just you look
up the medicine so you type in albuterol and then just scroll to which pharmacy
you’re using you know Walmart Walgreens CVS Target whatever and it’s different
prices at each place you can either go to the pharmacy where it’s the cheapest
or use your regular one you just show them your phone or you can print it off
and they deduct that amount and honestly I’m not entirely sure how it works but
it saved me a ton of money on this particular illness so huge fan of that I
will link that website down below not affiliated but it’s honestly worth
checking every single time you have to fill a prescription every single time I
already generally check any prescriptions that a doctor might give
me for like an online coupon if you just say it’s this type in albuterol coupon
into Google and sometimes the company that makes the medicine will have some
sort of discount card that you can use for free but it’s it’s worth putting an
intricate rx abso-freakin’-lutely and I hope you guys
save a ton of money by using that tip and the final thing that was a frugal
when kind of fail is that I paid for a car inspection for a car that I was
considering buying my trusty old Kia Rio is at the end of its life and last year
I saved five thousand dollars into a sinking fund for when I would need to
replace her and I had a mechanic recently tell me that a whole lot of
expensive stuff is about to go wrong with her and I believe him so I’ve been
shopping for a new car I have been looking online you know marketplace I
went to a couple of used dealerships but pretty much all of them post online now
this was a private sale I convinced the guy to pull a CARFAX on it and then I
still wasn’t positive so I had him take it to a mechanic near ham I live in
College Station he was in Houston I didn’t want to drive to Houston until I
was sure that I wanted the car so what I did was I asked where his address was I
found a mechanic shop that was close to where the seller lived
I called them an arranged to pay over the phone for an inspection
top to bottom it’s called a pre-purchase vehicle inspection where they run the
VIN they check out all the computer parts they lift it up look at everything
make sure there’s no frame damaged any sort of funky stuff going on and they
essentially will generate a report for you that says here’s the stuff that’s
wrong with the car here’s the stuff that might go wrong with the car here are
some things that you might be concerned about and here’s how much this car would
cost you additionally in repairs if you were to purchase it it is 1,000% worth
the money because that mechanic came back to me after I paid him a hundred
and twenty-five dollars which was very expensive by the way and all you have to
do is convince the seller to go bring the car to the shop for an hour so until
they do it they’re usually willing to do that since they’re not having to pay
anything out of pocket the mechanic got back to me and said it was about $1200
worth of work that needed to be done on that car and a couple of safety issues
that I definitely wouldn’t have been able to figure out in a test-drive
I’m not car savvy enough to be able to do that type of inspection myself and
several of these were like vastly internal undercarriage
stuff that I’m like it was blue it was pretty
haha I would not have been able to figure out from a test-drive so I ended
up actually not buying that car so some might think that’s 130 dollars down the
drain I say that’s a hundred and thirty dollars that saved me at least twelve
hundred dollars and potentially a kind of lemon ish car so sad that I didn’t
get to get the car but very very huge wind that I didn’t purchase a car that
was then going to cost me more outside of my budget I’ve actually done this
multiple times including with the car that I just purchased and I will have
another video on that coming out very soon or if it’s already come out based
on my editing schedule I will have it linked below and it was absolutely once
again worth the money on this car the mechanic said excellent deal so I
absolutely want you to do that I also have a blog post linked below on how to
find the best deal on used cars if you are interested in that and you’ve been
car shopping and once again I said I’ll have a video up very soon or linked
below on my whole process of buying the car and getting the best deal by the way
it’s a salvage car which is not as scary as I once thought and is actually really
wonderful and safe for me about three grand so all that common atras so stay
tuned hit that subscribe button if you don’t want to miss it hit that like
button if you like frugal wins and go ahead and leave me your recent frugal
wins and fails below have you ever used good rx what about bought a subscription
to a service that you sincerely needed and have you ever forgotten to cancel a
free trial and been ship been charged cop to it come on cut to it we’ve all
done it we’ve all done it alright I will see you guys next time
thank you so much for watching bye it’s frugality time

100 thoughts on “5 Things That Saved Me Thousands! – 5 Frugal Things

  • I go to The Joint, too! It’s amazing when you’re traveling. Good RX saved me $$ too by simply picking up my prescription from a different store.

  • It’s such a strange thing to me to search coupons for medicine. Here in The Netherlands everyone’s has a health insurance. When you need medicine you just get it in the farmacie with a prescription. Somethings you have to pay a little amount. It’s called ‘your one risk’ and is a amount of money you have to pay yourself. But never very much with medicine.

  • Unfortunately I’m either already doing these things or they don’t apply— but thanks for sharing! Always looking for ways to save $$. Also wanted to mention @budgetgirl that something you said in a previous video really resonated with me – probably won’t get it exactly right but you said: “I made making money my hobby.” For some reason, that really struck a cord with me and has motivated me to find ways of making extra cash. Thinking of it as a hobby has really helped. Thanks!!!

  • Yes, I've been there where I forgot to cancel a free trial subscription but now I keep a cancel reminder on my calendar.

  • We buy used cars and do pre-inspection. My husband is car savvy and still we do it. We will look at a bunch and get it down to the one we think is the best deal and bring it to our guy. He doesn't charge us $125 because we are regular customers, I think the last car with him was $35. He know that he will get work from us, although we tackle a lot. The other thing he gets is FB goodwill when ever anyone is asking for a good mechanic locally.

  • I got a 1€ trial for 3 months of Amazon Music. I put a reminder to cancel it in case I didn’t use it. Turns around, I really didn’t use it. People told me “but it’s free music as much à you want…” well it’s not free, it 10€ per month, so 120€ per year. If I hear a song I like I can go ahead and buy it, and for sure I don’t spend 120€ a year in music. So subscription was canceled yesterday.

  • You would seriously save a ton on car repairs learning how to do it yourself and learning where your local mexican tire shops are. They will do basic mechanical work like brakes rotors front end work and some body work. I do my own oil changes(super easy) brakes and rotors and Have changed out tyrolds and other things on my car. If you will just research and learn you can save a lot of money that way as well.

  • Also most battery alternator and starter changes are super easy in most cars not all michea is a pain in the butt on the starter and the alternator but Ford's and Toyota's Nissan's they're not hiding their right on top in my toyota Sienna it took all of 20 minutes to uninstall and re install the new starter. As a woman don't feel intimidated just get in there and learn it's possible and doable 🙂 thank you budget girl I have also led subscriptions go lol trying to get rid of one now that I've had for 6 months because I keep forgetting about it ugh

  • Good RX is amazing and I saved me a ton of money over the years especially since I don't have insurance currently even generic medications are ridiculously overpriced. Thank you for the suggestion on the joint I used to see a chiropractor and I desperately miss it because I function so much better when I'm seeing a chiropractor on a weekly basis.

  • Makes me sad that medications in the US are so expensive in Australia we have pbs that subsidises common medications including inhalers

  • So true. If you dont use it,why have it or pay for it? This time of year,gyms are packed.everyone signs up for gym memberships,but dont nobody use them.so yall out about $150 every month,depending on what gym,and what package.
    It is the small expenses that get us. A dollar here,five there.before long you have no money,and zero idea where it all went

  • We keep our energy bills low.we tacked a few old blankets over our one big window to keep cool in summer,and block drafts now. We bought a portable heater last year. We have a portable air conditioner.we use fans to move air around.
    We use the local laundromat instead of our units laundry room.
    We buy good trash bags,dish soap,laundry soap. These save us money because with trash bags,buying good ones means they dont burst. Good dish soap means everything gets clean with less soap.same with good laundry soap.

  • Just fyi all discount cards sell your personal information. You do agree to it when you sign at check out . If you don't sign they can't use the card

  • Your doc can prescribe physical therapy, which will address the cause/s of your back problem. You'll be at the mercy of your co-pay for about eight weeks, but will have exercises that you can do for your whole lifetime for absolutely free. Once a problem, I fear, always a problem. I'm an absolute PT convert, having gone probably eight-ish times over the years, and never having had to go back for the same thing. Well, maybe once when I ignored their advice. Your chiropractor may notice the difference too.

    By the way, now that it is cooler, I'd love to see that wine-colored tunic over a skirt.

  • Awww hey Maggie! Quick question BG when I do overtime I get the money weekly rather than monthly like my salary. Would you keep paying debt off as soon as you get that over time money regardless if its £30 or £100 or would u wait till it's a massive amount to pay off?

  • When I was teaching ( I am now retired since 7/1/19) I belonged to education.com-it’s a great website for teachers however I forgot about that subscription-I checked my banking and saw that they charged me for a premium membership (double what I had paid before)without my permission-I contacted both my bank and the website-thank goodness the charge was taken off

  • Cancelled HBO and Apple Music that I wasn't using, purchased a subscription to a massage place to help with my back pain. Totally worth it!

  • Great tips, thank you! And for the future there are royalty free image sites like Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash! Love your videos!

  • Great video! If you don’t have life insurance, make sure to keep the doctors records for the bronchitis/pump because that prescription might pin in you background check as a ongoing condition.

  • Chiropractors are great but won't solve the root of your back problems, I know it's hard because I've been through it, for me physiotherapy has helped the most.
    The American health care system is so fucked up. Couponing on meds sounds so crazy to me.

  • THANK YOU for the goodrx recommendation. I use that exact inhaler and with insurance it is still ~$70. So going to try that on my next refill.

  • Oh yeah, I forget free trials all the time. That is why I put EVERYTHING into an alert on my phone. Also ask your doctor for samples. I did this with some pregnancy-related meds and saved so much money.

  • Great tips! I definitely need to learn to cancel subscriptions during the free trial period. Noting goodrx and pre purchase vehicle inspection. Buying cars freaks me out. I forgot to cancel Skillshare. It cost me $99

  • I have been told those prescription saving services aren't accepted for medicare patients. Do you know anything about that? Great saves. Hope you get in a walking routine or something. You look too young to be dealing with all the aches and pains and if you have them now, they only get worse if nothing changes. How can we make that a budget friendly thing? By saving you medical bills! Win, win!

  • I use a coupon for my advair prescription. I would have to pay 30.00 dollars monthly after insurance. With the coupon I pay 10.00 a month which is a blessing.

  • 5 frugal wins. Always makes me think about my mine. #1. saved $25 by waiting on a special on a gym membership . #2, I overpaid $35 for a purchase online due to an issue. however I did get it back. 3# I got a subscription magazine for $2.00 for a year. I had siri make a appt a yr from now to cancel it. Thanks for the video.

  • Love GoodRX! When I was without insurance for a month it enabled me to stay on track with my medications.

    My tiny win was buying sodas at the store to keep in my locker at work. Far cheaper to do that than pay $1.75 each from the vending machine.

  • TFS this amazing video! I really enjoyed these original tips. Like you, I also believe that the little ways we save make a huge difference. My go to line is: “Every little bit helps!” For ex: I’m diligent about shutting off lights 💡and using my credit cards to earn ‘points,’ which can become gift cards (or straight cash, but the value of the gift cards is more money), THEN spending those gift cards are household items we need or birthday/Christmas presents! Every little bit really does add up!!

  • If there is a stupid thing to do with money – I have done it! Firestone Auto Centers will do that pre-inspection for about $80 I think. I paid for it once and did not buy the car. I am very thankful I did not.

  • I bought a car that was a 2010, a couple of years ago, I recently put money into it, because, come to find out–everything was original from the factor. I know I should have checked but I have had no problems with it till now, and this will probable be the last car I need for a while, I do not sell them, or trade them in, when they get to a point where fixing is more than the car, it goes to the junk yard and I still get some money for it. I love my car.

  • I completely agree with paying for pre-purchase checks (unless you or a kind friend is qualified to diagnose problems) for Vehicles and Houses. We were in the process of buying a home and we chose to have an inspection as it wasn't required by a mortgage company. Thank Goodness we did! The inspection report revealed tens of thousands of Pounds worth of urgently needed essential work, 'pre-habitation'. It cost us £450 which STUNG but saved us a lot of costly work x

  • So glad you found a great chiropractor! We are so thankful for ours. Hubby and I were recommended a local chiropractor who is a Christian and only charges people what they can afford. We are thankful to pay for his service and make it a priority to pay him on time without issue bc of the service we get with him in return. Also, he allows us to come in as often as we need to, to get optimal benefit from the adjustments. This means on occasion I’m in to see him two or even three times in a week instead of my scheduled once a week visit. I can’t tell you what this has meant to my severe arthritis and bone spurs in my neck! I’m in constant pain but with chiropractor care my pain level is down to about a 4 instead of the max 10. Life saving!

  • Where the heck were you getting that inhaler? We've gotten the EXACT one without insurance for less than $50 without goodrx.

  • We have really really good health insurance and are 60 and 72 in great health(thank the Lord!) and the only downfall is our medication is not as good as we had hoped to match our insurance. Thanks for the ap and my hubby says thanks too!!! we wrote it down and will definitely use if needed! God bless and thanks for the video and the info!!!

  • Hi Budget Girl. Why don’t you try chair yoga for back problems. It’s fun, easy and effective. And the videos are free on YouTube. Take care.♥️

  • Most doctors who work on back problems will recommend physical therapy. It’s expensive but worth it. It will save you money if you stick with it. Just as important is walking. They recommend 3-5 miles per day. The walking helps lubricate and preserve the health of the discs in your spine. It’s not necessary to go crazy with exercise just start walking more each day. Sorry to preach, but back issues can be $,$$$ to $$,$$$ depending on insurance.

  • Sarah.I get you.I have severe asthma. The medications I have to take every day forever. Thank god my insurance fully covers with no copay. Albuterol inhaler is $200. Nebulizer solution is $1500.per box. Steroid inhaler.$6000. Montelukostat is $1600 per bottle.this is per month,mind you.so,yeah. Can relate to back problems. My husband messed up his back as a teen.fell off a two story train bridge.the marines made it worse.

  • Here in Canada when they offer a free trial on a service lets say. They want you to sign up for a year before you get that free trial. So not worth it (for me in any case).

  • Your medical insurance sucks if they were going to charge you $300 for albuterol. I pay $5 with my copay but that particular inhaler is common and only costs like $20 when paying in cash.

  • Beginners who seem to be successful at buying a property and renting it out are those who are capable of doing all the "Handyman" things that ALWAYS come up with rental properties.

  • It wasn’t a free trail but greatly reduced subscription. I decided to save some money and get a subscription for Planner printables, I downloaded all that this sight had which took me a couple of months then I forgot about it and ended up paying way too much over th course of a year.

  • Budget Girl!! You seem to have disappeared on Instagram??? I searched gobudgetgirl which I swear you used to be?? And budgetgirl but nothing is coming up?! Everything’s okay?xx

  • I got a birth control implant that will last 5 years which was 100% covered by my insurance at Plan Parenthood. Not just saving on monthly birth control but also by not having children that I do not want. <3

  • My frugal win: Free subscription to Netflix 🙂 I've told friends/family that they no longer have to buy me anything for birthdays/Christmas, since I have everything I need. But of course, they still insist on getting me something. Lol. So my best friend got me free Netflix for a year, and will renew it every year on my birthday. I'm grateful for this gift that will bring me joy everyday!

  • Love it! I love the cupcake sticker you gave me at Fincon. Your Adobe win reminds me that I am looking for a way to make an avatar which I would have the full rights to use for my business.

  • Wow thanks for the tip on buying used cars. I'll probably need one within a year, but I had no idea about the pre-purchase inspection. I definitely think that was worth the money.

  • A couple things conscious consumers may want to know before deciding to use GoodRx (or any other prescription discount card):
    1. These companies collect and sell your information. This is how they offer you the discount. When the pharmacy runs the GoodRx card, they are sending your information to GoodRx. These cards are not a "coupon"; you are paying for your drug with your personal information rather than your money.
    2. The GoodRx discount does not stack with your prescription drug insurance. It is used instead of your insurance. This is important to keep in mind if you are someone on a lot of prescriptions, because any prescription you fill with the GoodRx card will not count toward your deductible (if your insurance has a deductible). The copay your insurance offers might be cheaper than the discount the GoodRx card offers. It is your responsibility as a consumer to find out whether your insurance or the discount card will give you the lower price. Pharmacies typically cannot run it both ways and tell you which is cheaper (once they run it through your insurance, it is difficult for them to undo it).

    GoodRx might still be a good option for many people (especially those who have no insurance), but everyone should be aware of this information before they decide to use the card. Some people are also not aware that the cost of their medications can vary significantly based on the pharmacy they use. Insurance companies usually have a contract with certain pharmacies to offer lower prices, much like how different doctors can be in-network or out-of-network. Some pharmacies also offer deals to lure in customers, like offering certain medications for free. It could be worth your time to shop around for pharmacies, or to fill your different prescriptions at different pharmacies rather than all in one place.

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