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Hey LegalShield family Justin Peterson
here with the five minutes strong and I want to talk to you guys about a concept
that is a commonality trait amongst all of the long-term successful leaders not
just in our industry or in our business but but across the board and I want to
start with a story that I heard awhile back that’s always stuck in my head you
know our mind thinks in visuals okay so check us out the story goes like this
there is a there’s a guru and he was trying to teach a lesson to one of his
mentees and so he did it by holding an acorn in his hand and he asked the mentee
what do you see and so knowing that they were supposed to be a lesson there the
mentee got smart and said okay I see where you’re going with this
I see an oak tree right that’s what happens in an acorn will then sprout
them to a tree so he thought he got the Guru but the Guru said we’ll think
further because while you can see an oak tree I can see a forest thinking that
the point was made the mintee sits back and goes okay point taken
Touche and the Guru said no no well while you might be able to see an oak
tree and then the forest I see lumber I see lumber that then can
build a house that can house my family and again thinking that the point is
made the mentee goes all right Touche and the Guru says no no no stretch your
mind while you might be able to see a tree and woods and lumber and the
ability to build a house to house your family I see an entire business that can
develop neighborhoods that can then pay for my family and that was a story of
depth of vision because here’s the reality the the literal answer to his
question of what do you see is in fact an acorn that it’s not a neighborhood it
is in fact an acorn that is the accurate and correct answer that question but the
lesson he was trying to teach is it doesn’t matter what you see right now it
doesn’t matter what your current reality is it really doesn’t it’s only where you
see yourself going we get so caught up in current circumstances and we
that is you know where we’ve got to and it’s simply a stepping stone because
success is not a destination you know success is a never ending journey of
development and we have to learn to be happy with we’re at but never satisfied
it’s like what Jim Rohn says success is not something that you acquire it’s
something that is attracted to you by the person that you become guys I would
write that all over you you know the mirror in your bathroom true story
actually before I got married I was a bachelor I had a house and I rented out
you know all the bedrooms to my best friends it was a great way to pay the
mortgage but we took an entire wall in the living room and painted it we coated
it with with like the whiteboard paint so I could literally take a marker and
write on the wall from top to bottom I mean it was it was wild
both we were entrepreneurs we’re Network marketers and so all of our numbers were
across the wall if you’re married definitely recommend is right to check
it over with your spouse but here’s the deal I was visualizing things all the
time and so while my current reality wasn’t where I wanted to be I was seeing
the goals I had and I wrote that quote at the top I actually paid a college art
student 50 bucks she got on a ladder and wrote it out in like calligraphy it was
awesome success is not something that you acquire it’s something that you
attract by the person that you become in other words work on who you are more
than your business right again another Jim Rohn lesson right there and have the
debt division to know where we’re going and the reason why I wanted to talk
about this topic is because it’s so applicable to Legal Shield guys we’re at
a two point something market penetration as in we haven’t even scratched the
scratch and if you’ve heard this for a couple years you got to understand that
to create massive momentum takes a consistent amount of laser focus but the
laser focus can only be sustained by people who have the depth of vision so
if we’ve had short-termer if you’re a short term thinker that’s not what is
required to get us all the way up into the right we have to be able to see to
hear to smell to taste to touch what is intangible right now
because only by doing so will we sustain that laser focus that creates the
momentum that becomes unstoppable because we will hit a point where our
momentum will become unstoppable and the question is will you have the depth
division right now to be around and be in momentum whenever that happens
because those of us who are it’s gonna be a game-changer for us an absolute
game changer think back to all of the the companies that we reference in our
opportunity in our briefing deck like the ubers the instagrams
the Amazons the air B&B the Netflix to Blockbuster with the concept of Netflix
competing with blockbuster it was literally a matter of time before they
hit an unstoppable amount of momentum and it’s the exact same thing with us
the question is will you have the depth of vision to sustain that laser focus so
you can ride the wave with us I know I will and I hope you will too that’s a
five minute and 14 seconds strong I appreciate you guys for listening back
to you

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