5pm Interview: Child Anxieties “From Fear to Freedom”

it’s an opportunity to address a growing problem many children are facing anxiety Evangel the United Methodist Church is bringing professionals together to share their expertise on November 6th Jim clapper with the church is here today so Jim tell us a little bit about this concern about child anxiety well just recently I’ve been talking with many educators and parents and even children and youth themselves and have discovered that we really have almost an epidemic taking place of anxiety in our children in our youth and it’s a growing problem that parents are just trying to find answers to so we thought why not bring people together on November 6 with some professionals and to talk about it and so the main takeaway here is that even though it is this growing problem there is hope there is indeed there’s a lot of help out there unfortunately some parents don’t know what to do so they might put their child in front of an iPad or just use medications but there’s much more they can do so we’re going to bring some professionals to Evangel on November 6 we have four folks coming in from the University of Minnesota and Rochester Public Schools and they’re gonna help us out by addressing this topic kind of a general overview but we’ll get a great big look at a child anxiety and what we can do about it fantastic informations coming up on your screen here of course and you think about anxiety parents may be wondering what am I gonna do if I have my kids that night they are taking care of child care for you it’s November 6th from 6:30 to 8 p.m. is that presentation at the church there’s a free meal from 4:45 to 6:15 any questions please reach out to them at 289 48 17 Jim thanks so much for being here today thanks for having me

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