‘6 April’ youth demand freedom for detainees حركة شباب 6 إبريل تطالب بالحرية للمعتقلين

Down with military rule! Say it is with power – down with military rule! The smell of blood is coming off those who are chanting for Sisi and Rabaa The Muslim Brotherhood are saying ‘legitimacy’ And the Military are saying ‘terrorism’ But the revolution is a revolution of youth Down with military rule, Egypt is a country not a military camp We don’t to be ruled by the military, nor by the Brotherhood who sell religion We haven’t forgotten the dispersal of the square We haven’t forgotten Mina Daniel Nor have we forgotten the virginity checks We haven’t forgotten Mohamed Mahmoud clashes Nor have we forgotten Sheikh Emad (Effat) We haven’t forgotten ‘Set el Benat’ (the ‘blue bra’ girl) Nor have we forgotten the Abaseya clashes The police and the military are thugs!

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