6 Mistakes That Stop You From Having Fulfilment, Abundance & Freedom

– So if you want to become a heart driven business
owner, practitioner or expert, who has a lucrative feel-good business, that changes people’s lives and allows you to work from anywhere you
like with a laptop lifestyle, then I want to share with
you the six common mistakes that I’ve experienced people get stuck in after training over 8,000 people. My name is Shane Fozard, I’m
the co-founder and head coach for the Australian Success Academy. So this is for people who want to create more fulfilment in life, by helping people rapidly and powerfully, who also want to earn
a really good income, so you can have more choices in life, who also want freedom
to work when they like, from wherever they like. And I just want to give you some insight into what common mistakes to avoid, so you can get faster results,
and you can start to create the life that you deserve to live with, one of fulfilment, one
of abundance and freedom. Now I want to share with
you six mistakes that held me back the most, that also might be holding you back as well. And it could be causing
you to doubt yourself, to struggle to get clients, or it could be stopping you from impacting
100s if not 1,000s of lives with your gifts as well
as living a lifestyle that’s filled with freedom,
abundance, and fulfilment. So the first common
mistake is that you think by learning skills or another modality, another technique, or
another healing process, will turn you into a big success. When its most likely it won’t. There are far too many training
organisations out there that claim that their new
process will make clients rush your way, when that’s just not true. What you really need is to
learn a rapid and powerful skill that can change peoples lives,
but you also need to learn how to market yourself
and promote yourself using a Client Attraction System. So you can have a sustainable
pipeline of clients coming your way consistently. And there are thousands of
very skilled practitioners, coaches and therapists out there, who are broke and
struggling because they only focused on their craft, rather the marketing side of business. The next big common mistake,
number two is trying to earn a living from a job or career that’s actually not in
line with your core values. Your job and career might
earn you some good income, but it may not lead to what
you truly want out of life. Now most people dream of a
lifestyle that gives them abundance, freedom of time,
while it’s also doing something that they can feel really proud of, that also authentically helps people. This is why I’m so passionate
about teaching heart-driven people these powerful
skills on how to create this very lifestyle, because it’s made such a difference to me and my family. Now mistake number three
is that far too many people put their own ambitions, their
dreams and their goals off because they’ve convinced themselves that there’s some sense
of obligation or sacrifice that needs to be made
in somebody else’s name. Now no one ever wants anyone
to give up on their dreams, ambitions or goals in life, right. We each only have one shot
at creating the most amazing, joyful, fulfilling life possible. So, what you need to do is realise that you can actually do both. You can look after all
your responsibilities and dependents, and all the
things you want to get done as well as having the
amazing life as well. Now, I’m not saying that it will be easy. But it will be worth it, and
you’ll also become a greater role model to those dependents
by showing them that they can have an outstanding life as well as meeting all the obligations as long as they’re in the right mindset. Now mistake number four
is that some people simply discount what is
possible for themselves. They have this self-defeating,
or low-self worth and they never give
themselves permission to dream bigger and strive for more in life. Instead you need to realise
that this is only a self-imposed limitation that can easily be removed, and you can rewire yourself
instead of having this mindset being your biggest weakness, it can actually be your biggest strength. And so you can authentically know that you can deserve more in life. The next big common
mistake, number five, is trying to build success
in an area that you’ve never done it before. Starting from scratch,
without any mentors, without any coaches to support you, and your kind of flying blind. Now if you’ve never done something before you can’t possibly know
what’s around the corner, or how to best handle it, or
even what pitfalls to avoid. Now this is so much value
when you find the right mentor and coach, someone
that’s walked the path before you, someone that has the lifestyle that you want, someone
that can share with you the secret sauce of success, and the 20% that gets the 80% results because finding the right mentor is the fastest and low risk
way to achieve success. Now mistake number six
is that you could be caught up in that artist
mindset and not the business owner mindset. This is when people are so
passionate about what they do but they just having
set up business systems that actually make them money. Instead you just want to work with people, but that actually stops
you from earning more, and helping even more people. If you truly want to make a difference you need to develop business
systems that work for you, and work without you. Now these are the six most common mistakes that I’ve experienced after
training over 8,000 people, it actually stops them from
having a dream lifestyle of doing the work that they are proud of. Helping people, making really good money, and also having time freedom in their own personal lives. Learning how to authentically
help people online so that you can work
from anywhere you like, also earning a really good income, is one of the best ways to get fulfilment, abundance, and freedom. Again, my name is Shane
Fozard, I’m the head trainer for E-Hypnotherapist
Certification Programme. If you enjoyed this video,
please leave a comment below. If you want any help in
becoming a successful E-Hypnotherapist, please
reach out and contact me. I look forward to sharing
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