6 Signs She Wants You to Kiss Her!

So not too long ago, I did a video showing you signs that a girl is into you that she likes you. Today we’re going to take it a step further now things are starting to heat up and you’re sort of questioned: should I go in for the big move? So today here are six signs that you want to look for that are going to show you that she wants you to kiss her. Also, it’s a good point to note That just seeing one of these signs doesn’t automatically mean she wants you to kiss her, so to avoid awkward rejection and then end up blaming me, make sure it’s like a synchronization of all of these things. The first thing is to look at her nose. If the mood is right, And you haven’t turned down chances are that her nose is going to flare out a little bit This is a natural response inherent given that she anticipates something physical is coming And she probably feels excited number two is her touch This is one of the most clearest signs that our girl is into you and the more she does it the more she’s playfully tapping the more you can assume she’s into you keep in mind I covered this in the last video women generally like to feel protected and when they feel threatened they’ll close up Maybe across her arms like this or turn away from you, but if she’s opening up and playfully tapping you This is a great sign number. Three is her lips watch out If she’s licking her lips biting her lip this kind of falls along with that Microgrooming adjustments that I talked about in the last video She’s trying to prep up and impress you so if a woman wants to be kissed in preparation for that She’ll most likely start prepping your lips licking them rubbing them. Whatever it is if you see this happening a lot in Synchronization with the previous things she probably wants you to move in number four her eyes This is the biggest tell all sign of all of them And there are three things you want to look at the first one is something you already know you want to make sure she’s giving You serious I contact if she is really interested in you she’s going to be Concentrated in you and not looking all over the place which leads me to the second thing if she is getting turned on by this Interaction Chances are that her pupils are going to start dialing? Because if she’s seeing that something that she’s interested in or that she like her eyes naturally will start getting bigger and bigger so look out for that and finally the third thing you want to look out for is that she’s looking at your lip so as You’re talking she’s giving you good eye contact she’s going to casually look down on your lips Then look back at you if she does this multiple times She wants you to kiss adieu And finally to test the waters is the woven approach so what you want to do here again to avoid that awkward Rejection is to move closer once you see all these signs you think the conversations going good you think she’s into you? Moving a little bit closer to the point that you’re almost sharing the same personal space if she moves back chances are you’re moving too fast and maybe you read the signs wrong however if she Continues to engage even though you moved in this close Dude, you got her. But wait before you move in those are the signs that she wants to be kissed But are you actually ready to kiss her you want to make sure it’s pleasurable for her and there are two big things that guys always screw up that make your kisses Suck one is having bad breath. There is no worse thing than kissing somebody with bad breasts It’s just nasty it’s disgusting to keep in mind that your smile and your teeth are your first impression If there’s food stuck in there if your mouth stinks anything like that’s going to be an instant turnoff And you could have done all of that and as soon as you move in you’re going to turn it off immediately so when easy hack and something I’ve recommended before scare yourself a pack of gum with you before you even start the conversation pop a piece of gum in And you’ll be good to go the one that I recommend is from our sponsor confident this comes amazing now This isn’t like your regular supermarket gum Not only does it include xylitol which helps we do some of that plaque buildup in your mouth But it also includes several FDA-approved ingredients which are found and you’re leading toothpastes and mouthwashes making it the only gum that I’ve seen at least that has that feature so when you pop that in your mouth is going to Feel so fresh it’s going to feel like you just brushed your teeth and did your mouth wash procedure That’s why I recommend this gum And I can personally tell you since I use this all the time that this thing actually refreshes your mouth and really Rehydrates it unlike other gums it truly gives you like this Instant rush of Coolness through your mouth when you pop one in so go ahead guys I think every gentleman should be carrying a good pack of gum with them to be ready You never know when you’re going to meet that hot chick that’s basically telling you to kiss her you don’t want to go in there With stinky breath even cooler like I said this thing helps hydrate your mouth to give it moisture for that perfect kiss I usually pop One in after every meal and you’ll be good to go. So make sure to check them out guys I’m going to have them link below with the huge 25% discount code I’m going to have all that down below So you guys can get yourself some packs and always be ready and the second thing that guys always screw up with is Having just chapped crusty lips that again is a horrible turn off nobody wants to kiss sandpaper So in a second item that I say every guy should carry around is a lip balm You can throw this in your car, you can even carry in your pockets It’s not that big so it’s not going to create a huge bulge, and it’s always going to have your lips pressure They’re always smooth and stops and just Kissable, that’s the guy you want to be the one that I use is from Burt’s bees You can find this in your local department store, or your grocery store for like 99 cents alright boys That’s it for today’s video Those are clear signs that a woman gives you Telling you this you want to kiss you you guys enjoyed this video and found it informative Don’t forget to drop off the like down below helps us out also. Don’t forget to check out our sponsor confident I’m going to have them link down below. That’s it for me today. See you next time

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