6 Types Of People You Meet At A Holiday Party

(twangy electric guitar
playing “Jingle Bells”) – Is that mistletoe? I’m on the naughty list. Don’t tell. I’m Santa’s second wife, get it? The invitation said festive attire. – Did I hear you say Merry Christmas? Because it’s Happy Holidays.
(organ music) It’s a holiday party. I see a lot of green, I see a lot of red. Where’s the blue, man? You like potatoes? I like potatoes a latkes. (fancy, metropolitan music) – I’ve had this on hold since July. Don’t I look fantastic? You wore a sweater, that’s cute. Oh thank you, yes, it
took my stylist four hours but obviously it was worth it. Oh, we’re just stopping by. So many parties to get to, aha! – I get it, I’m not wearing a dress. (“Dance of the Sugar Plum
Fairy” by Tchaikovsky) I don’t care. Jesus wasn’t born in sequins. Sure, I dressed up, I wore white. Oh, that dress is so cute! I bet you’re freezing. (jazzy version of “Deck The Halls”) – Is that a real Christmas tree? Those are so bad for the environment. Did you buy those ornaments? You know you can DIY them. It’s just with the money
you spent on catering, we could’ve fed a lot of hungry people. But the shrimp was sensational. – Who doesn’t love Christmas? I don’t know why people don’t
wear red and green all year. They go so well together. We should do a secret santa. Caroling. Let’s go caroling, I’ll drive. Do you like my antlers? I ordered them in bulk. Do you want a pair? I can get you a pair. – What, you’ve never seen mean girls? – Why have one day when
you can have eight? You know what I’m saying? – What should I hashtag this party?

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