6_6 Communism – The Promise and the Reality – People Power

Berlin November 9th 1989 East Germans mob the board of checkpoints that divided communist East Berlin from the West scarcely believing what they've heard that for the first time in 30 years they may be free to travel to the other side Colonel Harold Jaeger of the East German border guard is faced with a momentous decision yep I'd be fair we have no orders from our superiors yeah but if everybody sees Adagio and are and suddenly we saw how helpless we were when faced by the will of the population status well eating the moon never Fogle when the will of the people is stronger than the power of the state then something is rather with her own math five stone lithos what I could do was open the barrier none let the people go on a brothel the breach in the wall marks the final failure of the Communist ideal so many had once believed in for hospital worker Mike frontal it's a dream come true for guns like I wanted to really savor the moment so I was cross I looked down and I took one step and then another and I was over I go buffed but didn't know I would advise died in done I was about that much over the white line and suddenly it was thought too much chemo ah that wall but see I had overcome this monster this snake of a wall the demise of the Berlin wall brings liberation all over the Communist world after years of resigned acceptance millions of people have finally stood up back in the 1970s the Soviet system was at the height of its power each year on the anniversary of the October Revolution communists celebrated an idea still expected to transform the world Soviet television interviewed Nina Motte OVA as a hero of socialist labor etcb who knows a great editor nadir Eva Chopra Grammy Roberto we partyin after she plays before I guess you're old as ill appear week ago Nick Miceli we marched closest to the mausoleum so proud because our region and our factory were always considered the best we paraded our ball bearings the watch factory showed their new watches each factory displayed their achievements during it you see that that got a deal we were so proud our country was so powerful so that's the boy we felt like one beating heart the wily still reads unit see it's Eddie Donato isn't it the Communist world stretched from the Pacific in the East to the heart of Europe poles Czechs Romanians and East Germans were all seen as part of the same great family in Berlin Mike runnel carried the banner for the district of Lichtenberg everybody was marching in the same direction towards the Sun if I was tired or depressed those songs gave me a lift which I must he's a leader now it's somebody a favor DZ nah they gave me a real push to follow the future lay onwards and upwards powered by the Brotherhood of socialism a socialist Superman was creating a better world all in the name of Lenin his fantastic vision inspired new generations of school children may at the auction at the shore though Sami why should we were everything we had the best tractors the best schools everything was the best here we never had any doubts your niggling by Union Station you did sir not sure by shave each step 4 – Jakub ova the russian fairy tale about an all-knowing king who could see into every home was very real she's just not thought out coach I believe Brezhnev also sent his head around the city I could see his head there instead of the Kings of course I loved him I couldn't help loving him he was our kings measured seclude the mere that glutens an idea every night i sat up in my bed half asleep with my curtains open and I saluted Brezhnev I imagined his head was somewhere near looking at me do you look long tom and i saluted so he'd know good people lived here oh the state planned for everything people's lives were mapped out for them in a system that claimed to provide the care and stability that capitalism never could lips expand our state was an example for the whole world yeah would have made since Cobras ever any bees no unemployment free health care and free schooling everything was organized for everyone down to the youngest child yes please water it was all planned in advance even how many bearings will be sent to which factory I'm not the stalker punchy palooka and by the 1970s the central planners were attempting to produce everything a modern consumer might demand via coelomic cavity Shikibu civilly 30 kids corny delivery or snapchat Nana BTS bossiness a voter who serve on Zatoichi Halawa bendy house talent on 2 august yet sooo Felicita Begleiter the annoying cabin sexing that ends as a skilled worker in one of czechoslovakia Spig astac Therese Peter Miller standard of living was rising yasodara me hace mucho stupido to me hace muchos yaki Cathy I knew that they had Mercedes in the West Was Irene she at the automatic said us yes it's a curiosity we make it us yes it's a great car but they're both cars and they both get you from A to B he ought not that the blood not weird me party control of all newspapers and television meant people heard only the good news a propaganda of success said Watson it looks so silly stick skills only don't be silly she loved you know bottle giddy or sit in the circle 10 skip I need about decisions were made for you somewhere else the party newspaper told you what to think all we could do was chat over a beer and we were far more interested in sports we spotted it was a world of mass illusion in which the individual was part of the whole and the whole part of the individual which I chair I am below the ladies love spotty millimeter could defeat corner I remember how terrified we were to get it right not to put up the wrong card because Ceausescu was there in front of us George's below and for him everything had to be perfect below the best America for to be here when Romania's president Ceausescu was shown visiting markets Mihai Radu knew the displays of food had little to do with real life they were a magazine what was spoken the truth is that the shops didn't even have one hundredth of what we used to see on TV achieve a demo like television Mon carry the buzzer there was little food no meat butter milk no cheese Lupton where berlin zamira across the Soviet bloc communists economic planning wasn't delivering standing in line became a way of life that I don't take I look what you have a second go vehicles so naive Policastro Yuma the cookie step are a deck oven in Yemen Sita yeah what US forces Cheney Purdue you're a schemer you will not repeat miroku no of what school my good fortune was if my grandparents were still alive I remember my grandfather would take a little stool down to the shop where he would sit all night until the shop opened the next morning cornered but that will not doors you nuts I don't cha Apple that was when the Romanian proper of this coined if you don't have a granny you better buy one what room my penis's convertible people spent up to five hours a day in line the weight for an apartment was 15 years but the party still tried to persuade them that life was far worse in the capitalist West Celia was born in Aqaba I remember the film as we saw like Oliver that was exploitation I was so shocked on your table though I feel a movie see Natasha Kuznetsov er growing up in southern Russia believed what she saw on the screen oh yeah block looked I watched him in Bellagio gate of a Mart I cried I was sorry for that Oliver what a nightmare his life was I thought they still lived like that in the West for you I want some more in the East they were told that the Iron Curtain that divided the continent was there to protect socialism from the evil influence of the West but by the late 1970s barbed wire and dogs could no longer shield them from the anarchic din of Western culture yeah with none of that shit is no stop I got to know the West through music though I didn't understand a word the other stuff what I imagined these people dancing and smiling you couldn't hide the freedom in that music or the guineas chlidren anything from the West records soap clothing became a prized item on the black market fiojun hotel ago i wanted blue jeans I'd seen them on someone all I had to do is find the money two months salary an amazing summer I was mad for but occasionally the authorities made an effort to cater to the tastes of the new generation we were sure fabulous Lutece but whatever people might want and think it was dangerous to speak up the state's tentacles reached into every area of life telephones were bugged hotel rooms were filmed idle talk could lead to arrests on the street though the worst days of the Stalinist era were over fear not ideology still kept people in check the secret police held millions of files and ordinary citizens full of information supplied by a huge network of paid informers not a jump for I traveled by train a lot Deepu fora so people are always grumbling about charge chesco or living conditions liquidity you'll see that I prefer to stand in the corridor pretend that I was sleeping in compartment or smoker fucker blur I'm scared Mira Mira freaked that he could touch is a fucker oh why should I take a risk nobody knew who might be an informer ninja thong Steve wound their only form Arturo one of those informers was deep mark passing hime who travelled the East German railways for the police yeah my some wines decagon I would go onto the platform before the train rolled in for that so should hang up on this no no gosh although I just looked around to see what sort of people were boarding the Train and I big out here to go and sit my nerve entities enjoyed ins that's my agenda it's held in our training we had been taught how to recognize people envy kindness to die die Kenan big offense doesn't the decadent citizens were often young perhaps they wore jeans get up move every Western I had to be watched he was an ending on it and we had to fight him a secret police training film showed how to spot the danger signs when a young person grew infatuated with the West Jewish beans if a year and loved adiyogi mo extrema haha sweetened and hung some looks like us and leave him na festa in for bid for the illa ideological positions beta Amamiya alpha died in Moscow Natasha Kuznetsov ax was drawn to anything in anyone Western despite yep a novel oddly there was only one disco in Moscow they weren't allowed in you could only go with a foreigner she soon got herself into trouble you Gaga when we got there I was arrested well ladies darling he has not bought the glasses they forced me to sign a document admitting to the role they wanted to give me a hard currency prostitute there were little violently the penalties were high for people who challenged system when the young Berliner Mike frontal distributed dissident leaflets he ended up in a secret police prison listen event they knew quite a lot about me was the mirror then you're more than I thought they showed me photographs they had photographed me in secret it was unbelievable which feathers you unwashed in pleasure body for the first seven months I was in solitary do you let's incline and go home the city they dredged up your deepest secrets there was nothing left of you nothing you're only a number one will not find a normal in Poland the opposition to Soviet domination in the socialist idea was more widespread and deeply rooted than anywhere else people still clung to another set of beliefs the election of a Polish Pope and his triumphant journey back to Poland in 1979 gave the poles our new confidence in their Roman Catholic faith and in themselves Barack Obama slams I just fell to my knees this would change everything no life would improve ooh this poll would bring her salvation our life was going to be different she sure does Sawa's Virginia Zumba Jimena cheese which polls were told they lived in a workers state but the workers felt ignored and exploited and any attempts to improve conditions was ruthlessly put down the discontent was greatest in the port of Gdansk in 1980 a year after the Pope's visit the shipyard went on strike Enrique siobhan oast was a street car driver on the line outside the gate vigil is officially we thought we knew something was up in the shipyards so I stopped my number 15 in front of the Opera Shore betel nut Roger I blocked the 15 s the 13 s and the twos I brought all the traffic in the center of Gdansk to a halt as though that's the manner with the city at a standstill the strikers gathered in the shipyard and issued 21 demands many were a direct challenge to the Communist Party's claim to represent the workers so over Japan is a Etna's negev machine washing postulate oh yes much of a bridge for lesbians key news illusion is not park yugyeong roofs at seascape table a classier go to shave intrusions on the strikers and their supporters prayed that the army wouldn't be sent in Gujarat be abnormal the scenarios people were born anew in the odds we all came together nothing was 120th Dellucci yes people I didn't go to confession because I had nothing to confess oh yeah that's how people took it and those masses also meant that we weren't scared don't watch them Davao is a magician with the senior body with strikes spreading all over Poland a government minister arrived in the shipyard for talks the strikers listened in over loudspeakers and rikka Kevin Aust and her fellow negotiators could now confront the party leaders face to face party Nene a Masonic civilian Lima in a traded coverage in nostalgic service for Jason the voice communication channel for your continued self a through your should have his own shop yah yah yah by chip our opinion he taught us such as matches for your brother's don't keen as a judgment you don't have Cisco ducky ex customs a quasi stove Mustafa villager 2000 our troffer young niece should suddenly I felt I'd grown wings it wasn't the people liked what I said but at last I could say what I wanted also myths early the party caved in the workers were allowed to form the first independent non-communist trade union in the soviet empire led by shipyard electrician lex Valenza they'd taken on the full might of the communist state and one system is homogeneous yesa and assisted us in to shira this most amigos her baby mama use film process banana she piss man repetitious some of visiting children personal objects are the total savings within weeks 10 million poles had joined the new union terrified that solidarity was a dangerous virus that would spread to their own people other communist governments tried to discredit it as a subversive movement encouraged by the West me stem or Cheney Toto contraband Oh Oh criminy Astana do me Sonya yeah CONOPS iike the druggie yet Cheska slovensko Apple school border guards like hereyeah in East Berlin were put on alert with no good the Apostles are off not only was money brought elephant but printing presses and large amounts of paper appear and Gorham England look like me well there was worth fester if we discovered things like that people were arrested Nathalie Donald trophy install mistake to our solidarity meant counter-revolution knock on door that's you in Davos well solidarity called for strikes against socialism in Poland Giovanna every single day often boil your thumb over the therethis why would we believe that to strike against your own state was to strike against yourself regardless why are very few steps were strike and other Soviet workers accused their Polish brothers Beta Prostate near organization th employment pretty wild but idea serve less so mr. Brad forgiving is no for sure the pressure on the polls was turned up when the Soviets held maneuvers just a few miles from Gdansk the clear message to the Polish party leader general euros else key was that the Red Army would intervene if the poles fail to put their own house in order over 30 key yogatina artist Keith Richie was 42 Adobe in December 1981 just 16 months after the Gdansk agreement the general band solidarity and declared martial law faced by the full might of the army and police the unarmed trade union kept up resistance for as long as it could thousands of solidarity leaders were rounded up and arrested the police soon came for Enrique Chevy knows he darling in public I knew they'd come for me shabam be fugly though she I was so afraid before them burst in and started to kick me around like a ball because I resisted when one of them so I was pregnant it made no difference don't think of those I mean you thought of you all we I was shouting and they were screaming after they beat me up they left me bleeding on the floor yelling me a polka party Jesus Tahiti it's a study didnít Photo Club and Rica lost her baby and any chance of having children the Soviet leaders still held ultimate control in their hands but their grasp was faltering three general secretaries were buried in quick succession a leader from a new generation took over and Mikhail Gorbachev seemed to understand the frustrations of the people on the streets he had serious trouble economical William do economic do it cripple our Verona he wouldnt frottage across Medina versus a young New York so we pass you back for Barsky flip yes guys he was a leader with a new style who declared the socialist world could only be transformed with the full participation of the people that he should be talk slow Stein you Toby you janosh Akhil Reed amar you chance to Garcia galactopus I'd say III Houston a new policy of openness are glazed nose allowed Soviets to read books and see films that had been censored previously director in da Sheng Li had foreseen the collapse of the whole Soviet system in a comedy about a publishing house that had come to a halt don't bless ya nah boy yeah boy how does it do that how do you get women every perspective eh Radisson can you um can you imagine you both got really bad even if you don't let you need and then the building begins to collapse you'll see it here because the system itself was collapsing we could not go on in that state of paralysis there's really no Sathya I was very lucky Gorbachev saw the film and they told me later he liked it very much he said it caught the tragedy of our situation perfectly he said we have to do something before the roof falls it's not another view television viewers were transfixed by programmes which told for the first time how people really lived let's Tony Casillas people greet you let me show 7eg not watching her shot that sona's tony to music taka-kun us la Cocinita play esta la santé PP eko i bitch in yet orchid unavaatu otra nota Pitka is a massive abut masiva garage to NASA shoo bully minion are my lost love is illusion give Jaime mahai of a Moscow fishmonger was taken aback by all this frankness it really was a shock pretty much took up to in the past we'd always told jokes among ourselves and we laughed about all the things that were wrong and we didn't like the boss Carlo tom doverton ah shut up locator yet automata show nocardia tradition but we did it among friends and now suddenly here it all was on tv2 news they should be civil theory further Gorbachev reforms began challenging the state's total control over the economy if gaining a high F who for 20 years had worked in this large state-run food shop embraced the opportunities Gorbachev presented Gorbachev said come on wake up make some money organize your own cooperatives it was good I can set up my own little business I liked it because I was responsible I was feeding my family myself I was free of the state I was independent but in many places political freedom was the primary goal all across the Soviet Union long suppressed nationalism burst into the open soon the Gorbachev revolution was spinning out of control in Eastern Europe the party had been kept in power by my Styles past willingness to send in the tanks when Gorbachev removed that threat the first cracks appeared in Hungary new leaders began to dismantle the old political system even allowing people to take down sections of the Iron Curtain in Poland solidarity who's popular support had never been destroyed forced the government to hold free elections they swept to power but a cluster of old-style regimes from Romania to East Germany still seemed firmly in charge in Berlin the East German leadership celebrated 40 years of communism as if nothing had changed most East Germans like Barbra rain cake knew differently mentioned bomb people were quieter weaker sucks empar my wig ah previously he would always celebrate the 7th of October and you'd be forced to be cheerful it swung on my little butt that day there was something in the air talk of a park our own bus luck in Duluth the crowds chanted for the visiting Gorbachev not for their own diehard leaders Gorbachev was our great hope even down here in my street someone had sprayed Gorbachev on the wall we had such hopes of him also half knock in just a couple of blocks from the official pageantry a counter demonstration was broken up by the police oh no sir and holes are in the Shawn Houser a lay people were being beaten plainclothes police took truncheons out of their pockets and beat up those youngsters you have anger point at home yeah I thought finally I can do something I can stand up and support these people I don't have to sit around at home now I can do something you know one's own that comes to us despite the police tactics that night the demonstrations spread people who for years had passively accepted the status quo felt brave enough to take a stand and with the opposition swelling the party was driven into making hurried concessions when the decent a punk was so ignorant worn off just after 7:00 p.m. I was having my dinner in our county cadena my arm Soumya the odd numbers which was we had a black and white television because I watched the press conference on it if you followed Emil he's a bicycle and on the party had decided to let people travel to the West but the spokesman failed to announce that the visas needed would not be issued until the next morning Mystere now split not minor Kendra's distress so foot one foot signature when he had that temper for a comma when he turned a bit of paper and said something like as I understand it immediately I thought immediately that's impossible he's talking nonsense absolutely my mother elephant ecom's he capsule here at home I screamed so loud even though I was all alone I screamed the wall is open and Ammar is off as thousands made their way to the west barbell rank I set out for the Brandenburg Gate on a night of confusion she found herself blocked by a line of border guards dead nigga sang with infinite channel just to be lovin thing about the talk when he clicked I became terribly frightened and thought they'd tricked us again each candy yeah he got me Mia I admire in my room Gillian given Stein thesis and all the thoughts again I tried in other kinds of cookies Martina he forgive me forgive me amides encroach I felt he was a block for buy enough ones knee me I thought never again will someone say you can't go through here you're not allowed to go there you're not allowed to do that no more I'm going through yet see the wish later that night Barbara achieved her ambition both East and West Berlin exploded enjoy the fun yummy soon my mother can you listen to me sir that's my installers and talk I'm a meter rising as a mother we're not we talked later that night someone said that's it yeah that's the end of the GDR give opportunity there I check underground cartoon celebrated the revolutions poles Hungarians and East Germans had broken free now the Czechs tried to join them inspired by dissident playwright václav havel huge crowds took over the capital every evening steady manner of jongseo a variety of chunni study they chose death no question about France Konami escy a Salinas prosthetist in television it didn't last check out it after a chance meeting with Havel the factory worker Petter Miller became the workers representative in negotiations with the government uh we were amazed at the reaction of our opponents at meetings many agar-agar breccia raj but yet here was someone who had all that power at his disposal and could control everything so shaken up I was like as I do and I know that but suddenly this man was sitting opposite you he was very small and he didn't have an idea the Czech party leadership without the threat of the Red Army to back them up was floundering I'm simply j- somehow sometimes even Havel didn't know what to do nastya niggas lips Ashley Sparky subjects when we got back we locked the door and burst into hysterical laughter smart exc axises Oh frosty in two weeks 40 years of communist rule was swept away chef chic each other leftist in his homework on his chest Davos come to dispose it it was called The Velvet Revolution but in Romania nothing had changed that winter life was made up of desperate shortages with daily power cuts and temperatures well below freezing in the same week as the revolution in Prague Nicolae Ceausescu held a party congress the faithful greeted him as they always did and he rewarded them with a six-hour speech I mean what won't you further disappeared and of the communist party and all the people of Romania are the same they responded with 67 standing ovations no mention was made of the fall of the Berlin Wall the Romanian press had never even reported it nobody else even for watching this but there was no information about what was going on in Eastern Europe Olivia yes no I am team is preparing to mash whare we had a trump card through Yugoslavia we had news about the outside world we in front of my tear a Indian restaurant emboldened by what they knew it happened in Berlin in Prague the people of tomash whare in western Romania were the first to dare to protest Ian Sava who worked in a local soap factory found himself leading a rebellion I think and for the first time in my life I felt free all over the place were the signs of the communist regime long live the Communist Party long live comrade Ceausescu the beloved leader that day we destroyed all those symbols of the party in charge sq telling we told them thousands gathered in the main square enn leontina bench I heard the demonstration outside lava Sookie osakawa Theresa no sir no stony so it's at a minimum Cara when she saw that I was determined to go out and not even finish the second course she left the potatoes in the pot and decided to come with me as the March approached the bridge into the center of town it became clear Ceausescu was not going to give in like his German and Czech comrades you know told us what imagine there were troops with their weapons aimed at us when the group approached they opened fire without any warning such as thought rascal grunts whatever Act says they got it people screamed in pain what's the outcome my wife fell clinging to my arm hurrah Vito come Watson spotty exactly Nemo she was hit by one bullet in the back straight through the heart look alike I thought she was still alive but she died right there on the spot like that don't you pillock the slaughter went on as troops surrounded the city but the defiance continued Romani showed that's a markup people realized there was no way back and even if they killed us others would carry on the fight or whatever when he shares a lumberjill plummet apart in the capital Bucharest stories of the team of shuara uprising spread quickly Ceausescu's forces hastily organized a rally so he could demonstrate his control Justin Martyr manifested for Pilate in Bucharest what she did in Acosta walk but the crowd erupted in protest the government television broadcast was abruptly cut that night bucharest exploded hundreds were killed but the people kept coming and when the army deserted him Ceausescu and his wife fled what's that oh lucky an option everyone had tears in their eyes I was so emotional that weight meant I hadn't lived for nothing with each other when the Ceausescu's were caught there was no mercy with the televised executions of Ceausescu and his wife an era of repression in Eastern Europe had come to an end let's imagine Eamon in the country where it had all begun the Communist Party still held power but Gorbachev's reforms had shaken the old certainties loyal party members at Moscow's first ball bearing factory were bewildered by the changes at home and abroad espada Nokia cereal of to pooch I felt the ground slipping from under my feet I cried tears of despair how could this be happening wasn't it bully settle our sheep maybe we communist it did make mistakes I'll even agree to that but did they need to ruin everything not like that it was our history no need associate do story inertia because they are mighty that a cartoon of the time told how destructive communism had been in the past and how Gorbachev's attempts to reform the system had just brought disasters economic breakdown and civil war is ugly well bitch like I said I tell a bill of activity it will aggressively not buddy I quit my dear self but you asleep yay cheers vagina Virginia Virginia Christmas SSS ER nurse Rooke chased me with Gorbachev threatening everything they believed in communist hardliners in the army and the KGB mounted a preemptive strike Gorbachev was held prisoner as they sought to reimpose the old order sergey f de kima led the tank brigade sent to the russian parliament ludis died we saw people standing at bus stop just going to work their reaction varied some cried some waved some prayed more little we had no idea what was going on only that the commander had ordered us to Moscow but the leaders of the coup had miscalculated one of a new breed of radical politicians Boris Yeltsin called on the people to fight back Mengele mmm Gilles Bravo methionine I'm ticklish so min videogum the White House where Yeltsin presided over the Russian parliament became the center of resistance yup when you're washed offshore alized I had to do something what the cause of it 50g all those new freedoms were at risk we wouldn't be able to travel once again we'd be behind an Iron Curtain they wanted to break me again but once you've tasted freedom you can't do without it grab hold this song with it thousand you smarter no not old can you people began telling us what was going on agitated threatening us crying and asking the soldiers have you come to kill us listen I don't think II with you for the / you be with the troops were uncertain what to do major EDI kima filmed on his tank was contacted by Yeltsin's deputy opinion my food could you wait a bit he said the people who sent you a criminal then he asked will you help us that was his key phrase I knew what he meant would we defend Yeltsin's white house I said yes I will double ugly I'm willing to turn their guns on their own people the young soldiers were the first to disobey their commanders the coup began to crumble what would you minute are you ready to die I asked one and he smiled and said yes a stroked one I kissed another I embraced them as I went along I began crying the tears had begun earlier there's a photo of me shabak Allah he was the or photography for two nights the defenders waited for an attack that never came the hardliners who'd led the coup had failed and as they were swept away they took Gorbachev and the whole communist party with them Russia had a new hero in Boris Yeltsin and for the first time in 70 years the Russian national flag was unfurled at the Kremlin all over the Soviet Union people tore down the symbols of an ideology that had shaped so much of the 20th century the people were asked to put their faith in new God's democracy and capitalism

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  • It was visionary and inspiring in it's own way. Of course it's only with an ideology that a superpower can emerge. When this particular ideology vanished, the greatness of the USSR disappeared. If only they could have avoided the evil of atheism. After all, we see now the greatness of God in Mother Russia.

  • It's going to be beautiful and violent one day in America when cities are shut down and 18 wheelers, Box Trucks and Buses block the roads and the politicians and bureaucrats hang from the lamppost and bridges.

  • What hypocrisy! The soldiers shoot at people then when they see they can do nothing they join the crowds and their crime is forgotten!

  • Human beings, by nature, want hope, they want a "heaven". If they don't believe in GOD's heaven, they believe they can make one on Earth.

  • "In the country it has all begun" (in Russia??) – NO – this crap started in GERMANY in the head of Mr. Karl Marx, than taken over by the Critical Theory and brought to USA (Columbia Univ), etc. Today marxism is nourished in way too many universities of USA and EU (Altiero Spinelli, his Manifesto of Ventotene – learn and repel that). Learn about it, track it and fight it!
    Fight today's marxism crawling in with a face of progressivism, political correctness, repressive tolerance and similar absurd of anti-culture. I'ts back!

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  • "The party newspaper told us what to think". This is msm in a nutshell. At least these people knew that what they were reading or hearing was BS, unlike many Americans, who are unaware right now that what they are hearing is the same.

  • The sad thing is that the communist of today denies what happened. Communist deniers are just like Holocaust deniers-LIERS!!

  • Yet another diatribe, void of serious analysis. What do you get from this constant repetition? Hasn't capitalism destroyed people too?

    The communist manifesto was in fact written before the Soviet Union, Lenin and Mao, and Marx is more prescient today than ever, as capitalism brings us ever closer to species extinction – step outside of your echo chamber

  • Then Russia ended up with the drunken bum, Yeltsin and like all drunkards he had his pockets picked by others. He turned a super power into a super joke and reached a level of incompetence that could not be matched even if he had tried!!!!!!

  • "When the will of the people is stronger than the power of the State then something is wrong."
    No, something is right.

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    They are expendable to the anti-God Jesuit/Zionist Masonic Globalist Bankers that created and control socialism/Zionist Jeuw Bolshevik Communism :.

  • People would always want to be slaves not understanding that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely so therefore no matter what system you put in you always get people who are gravitate towards the hierarchy of the system because they want to rule and dominate people if you understand that men have this thing in them that they want to control and dominate people then you will understand that individual freedom is more important than the collective so therefore when you are forced to do something and your heart is not not into it it is not genuine where you're forced to do something you don't want to do it is not genuine we are forced to work a job when you don't want to work it is not genuine always remember power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely if y'all really understood the Bill of Rights and really had the truth of the American Revolutionary award understood the difference between slavery and freedom then you will understand there's no matter what system you put put in people with bad intentions always gravitate towards to top

  • Venezuela: Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. The grocery lines in this video look very familiar to Venezuelans.

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  • Good documentary series (comments are toxic). Does anyone have a link to part 3? It's not available in the playlist.

  • "A suicide pill is not evil, it has just been misused by evil people. If we only learned to use the suicide pill the right way the world would be a free and wonderful place" – Every communist apologist ever

    Communism is death. If you want to use fake reality and believe otherwise, go ahead, it's your mind and life to waste.

  • Communism has failed unless you think China is communist which it is not. the next upheaval will be when capitalism in its current uncontrolled form hits the buffers, and the greedy middle class liberals see their world come crashing down. Not a question of if, just when. that's why Brexit scares them it's the first part in a protracted end to their comfy little lives arrogantly looking down on others with their superiority complex.

  • The idea of state is doing every thing for the citizen. and people have to obey is a complete failure. human's will nerve be a robot's.

  • I often wonder if their would have been a benevolent communism….if that would have worked….giving people more personal freedom, no cult of personality, no corruption…..I think a lot of poor people today would like affordable housing, "free" health care, "free education", and a secure job…..and not see managers earning ten times what an ordinary worker gets…..but unfortunately human nature being what it is……there will always be a class divide, corruption will always take place, and people are so brainwashed by a consumer society today……sadly it would never work…….

  • humm like the last 8 years under o'banana!! all they said was it was great and getting better yet retail and manufacturing sucks!!

    we shall see if it improves!!!

  • It was the western capitalists that destroyed the economies of these Communist countries in the first place! and they fooled the people by capitalistic propaganda! now Russia and the Eastern European countries are worse of then during the worst time under Communism, even the East Germans say they preffer to live under Communism. Reminds me of Lybia. People there had good lives under Gaddafis rule then they cried for democracy now their country is destroyed. Its like the saying be carefull what you wish for. 🙂

  • I don't understand why people always equal Communism with Evil? just because USSR committed some horrible crimes against people, doesn't mean Communism told them to. and why does everyone always looking at the negatives?

    Facts Russia the most underdeveloped country in the world, Has Became a Super power under Communist ideology
    Fact USSR played the biggest role in saving Europe from Nazi germany
    Fact USSR was the a champion of Women Rights
    Fact USSR had almost 0 unemployment (for those who think Communism is for lazy people)
    Fact USSR had some of the most celebrated scientists and Intellectuals in the world
    Fact USSR had free Healthcare and Education for all
    Fact USSR was the first to send a man to space
    Fact in USSR you did not have to have a rich sponsor to get in to government,
    and the saddest Fact, after all the miss fortunes that modern Russia brought upon their people, horrible poverty in 1990s most of the people who lived trough Communism want to go back, to the Soviet lifestyle

    And many more achievements under Communist regime, But Russia was a 3rd world country before the Communist revolution, people where illiterate slaves. imagine what Communism could achieve in a developed country like UK or US, People would work for the sake of Men and not profits, Innovations will be invested in to depending on their need and not popularity, The world would help the poor in needy, in providing honest work, housing, and healthcare, elderly would enjoy stress free pension, people will work together for the common good for all men, and not just for their personal gain or Ego… there would be no corporate interest, no inequality, People will choose their career depending on their passion and not depending on the salary. many say Communism means no incentive to strive… there is incentive when i go to work, i work because i love my job, and not because it makes me money, I'm lucky but allot of people are not, they deserve what i have!

    Sure USSR had its crazy moments, like Stalin, or Mao, but so did all of our countries, Germany had Hitler, Brits colonised the whole world, US killed almost all natives of the americas… there was evil in all our histories, but we need to learn from the achievements not from shortcomings

    Humanity is about Love, and compassion, Communism is about equality, between men, women, black men, white…. its about sharing, sharing the resources that our planet gave us between all our brothers and sisters. Capitalism is about living for yourself, about profits and gains, no mater how many people you have to stab in a back and how many people have to suffer for your perfect american dream life… i chose the world of love… I am a wealthy person, but i would give away all of it, to see all people caring for each other

  • Russia represented the last vestige of freedom in the European world, and they were completely rotted out from within. The fall of the Soviet system was the final vestige of human rights coming to an end. Worldwide exploitation is what we all have to look foreword too!!!

    This documentary is a giant pile of propagandist bullshit!!!

    "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that communism doesnt/cant work"

  • What a SHAME the young people of America—those people voting for Bernie Sanders and cheering him on—don't take six hours of their time and WATCH this documentary. A WEALTH of information is available on YouTube on the history of Communism—from the birth of Karl Marx to the fall of the Berlin Wall—-and it's FREE! Why would ANYBODY want to embrace Communism and her little sister Socialism??

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