7 Best ASIAN Food Destinations – SRI LANKA, INDIA, JAPAN!

I don’t think there’s any doubt that the
best street food in the world can be found in Asia. From perfectly steamed
dumplings in Taiwan to pad thai from a roadside stall in Bangkok to bowls of
spicy curry in India, fried chicken in Korea and a plate full of squirming
seafood in Japan – Asia is a food lover’s dream. Here I’m going to rank my favorite
duty cities in Asia solely based on how good their street food is hungry yet
you’re about to be number one I have to start with Singapore the nation might be
small but man do they know how to pull out all the stops when it comes to food
skyscrapers and pretty buildings aside the real reason to travel to Singapore
is for the food with a unique mix of Malay Indian and Chinese influences
Singapore’s hawker markets will always keep you coming back for more treat
yourself to Michelin star chicken rice from hawker Chiang crispy fried
dumplings in Chinatown and test your spice tolerance with a steaming hot bowl
of tom yum soup next up is Taiwan a foodie heaven I keep returning to Taipei
is the night market capital of Asia with no city in this part of the world coming
close to the level of choice on offer at taipei sprawling citywide night markets
essentially the best thing to do is allow yourself to get lost and simply
eat everything you see there’s amazing seafood and meat dishes mouth-watering
dumplings flame grilled beef pork wraps stinky tofu novelty fries oven baked
pies and enough smells and tastes still totally overwhelm you number three
you can’t talk about street food and not mention India
India is the king of street food and watching them make dishes here is all
part of the fun the skill and speed at which they make mind-boggling pots of
dal or curry or how fast they bake the bread in these huge kilns is mesmerizing
street food in India is incredibly cheap which means signing up to food tours
here where they take you to four or five different street food stalls is the best
thing you can do to get a taste for local cuisine wash your hands put on a
brave face and eat as the locals do many people think Sri Lankan food is
just like Indian but they couldn’t be more wrong the two cuisines are totally
different and both deserve a place on this list obviously Sri Lanka has a
special place in my heart having traveled there five times but I
genuinely believe it has some of the tastiest food in Asia from a super cheap
dish of co2 from a roadside stall to a mismatch of traditional curries at a
local restaurant – breakfast hoppers with the filling of your choice Sri
Lankan food is diverse adaptable and full of local spices Thai food is
probably some of the best in the world and thus Thailand absolutely had to be
on this list when it comes to quality and value for money you probably can’t
beat ice with food there are some colourful night markets on almost all
the islands but places like the Raja de trein night market and Bangkok is the
best place to start your Thai food journey here you will find hundreds of
food stalls selling everything from buckets of seafood poured straight onto
your table two plates of Pad Thai watermelon slushies beef salad
lemongrass chicken sticks and everything else your heart desires with plates
starting from as little as $1 you won’t break the bank on an epic food journey
in Thailand number six while certainly a little more pricey than the rest
Japanese Street food is some of the most unique and delicious in the world and it
would be a crime to talk about street food destinations and not mention this
Eastern gem with a firm focus on seafood dishes be it perfectly rolled sushi
fried octopus balls or these peculiar seafood pancake
that seemed to flutter in the heat Japan is a seafood lovers dream foodie cities
such as Osaka known as Japan’s kitchen with their neon signs bright lights and
concentrated street food districts are an unforgettable sight and an experience
you’ll never forget finally on my list is Indonesia what a love Indonesian food
I don’t feel they have a focus on street food why other Asian countries do with
most people going to small family-run rooms rather than street food stalls or
markets I especially noticed this in Bali which is obviously more touristy
and full of hip cafes and the street food culture it just doesn’t really seem
to exist that said local Indonesian food is some
of the tastiest in the world and be a during a cooking course at a homestay
where at a local market stall your taste buds will reach next levels of euphoria
after tasting dishes such as chicken satay pork satay beef rendang any type
of spicy sambal cabin cooling gado-gado or anything with tempeh so that’s my
list of top 7 street food destinations in Asia complete what do you think would
you recommend a different country or do you agree with this tasty list don’t
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