7 Best Ways To Make Money Online

(dramatic music) – Whoa, here we are, selfie
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Aaron, there he is, look! And have a look at that view, would ya? Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! This’ll do. – What’s up? – What’s up? – We’re in Vancouver. – Yes, Vancouver! Check out the view, check out the view. Check out the view right there, you can see that’s, that’s not Aaron, that’s Matt right there. (laughs) And see here is Vancouver right there! Lookit, check that out, yeah! – Hey!
– Hey, friend – How’s it goin’? – Just love, love all the light. – Well, first of all, my place is good, but I need a place where I can do filming. I can also need a place where it’s bigger, and also my team works from here. The Victoria Harbor that
we have in Hong Kong, it has that feeling to
it as I live here so… Yeah, have a seat. – Great. – So we’re gonna talk
about the seven best ways to make money online. There’s so many ways to make money online. I’m sure, Stephan, you get
people asking you all the time, “Hey, what’s the best way
to make money online?” “What’s the number one way?” I don’t know if they are, like, necessary, number one way, there’s just so many ways. – Well, there’s so many ways, and the thing is, they all work. – They all work. – There’s all these different ways you can make money online. Often, we’re gonna talk
about seven of the best ways that we feel, but oftentimes
when someone comes to me and asks me that question,
usually my response is, “Whatever you believe is gonna work, is the one that’s gonna work for you.” Because ultimately, if you don’t believe, you and I could tell that person, “This is the best way
you should make money,” but if you don’t believe in it yourself, you’re not gonna take the action, you’re not gonna put in the work. – And I think they also has to fit into their strength
and personality, right? – That’s true, yeah. – If they are more extrovert,
if they like camera and they are good
communicators, maybe the YouTube or more the social media
influencer, that’s the way to go. Or they’re a little bit more introverted, work behind the scenes, they
work with computer coding or maybe offering a service that might be a little bit easier. I think it all depends. But I think the biggest
problem is most people, they see certain people making
money doing certain things and they say, “Oh, I
want to jump into that. “I wanna do that.” But they never think about
is it a good fit for me? – Yes, yeah, and I also
think, knowing what you want, what’s the vision that
you have for your life– – Yes, clarity, yeah. – But also, ’cause some of the models are more active income,
some might be more passive, and some may be have a
different lifestyle in mind, but also just what’s, why do
you want to build a business? Like, why do you want
to, are you doing it just to make money? Are you doing it more for
freedom, are you doing it to make an impact and try
to help and serve the world in some way? ‘Cause there’s different models
that might be more aligned with what you’re trying to
accomplish in your life. – I agree and also I can
see that also depends on, like you said, their goal. If how much money you wanna
make, what kinda lifestyle. Because, there’s a difference. If you’re more active income,
maybe you make more money, but at the end maybe it
requires more personal time. You need to create more content
or whatever it might be. If you enjoy doing
this, it’s your passion, then it’s not a problem, right? Last thing we want is you build something and it’s successful, and you hate it. Then that’s a formula to failure. – I think also it’s worth
understanding too is that you wanna build a business that
has multiple income streams. So even if you might
start with one way of– – I agree.
– Primarily making money– – We started with one. – Yeah we start with one
but also you branch out. And I think for myself and
you, we currently make money or at least have experience
with all these different ways that we’re going to share with you guys. – True, true. – So you want to have
multiple sources of income. – Yeah, I think the first
way we could talk about which you have a lot of experience, that’s your area of expertise
is that’s affiliate marketing. Now for affiliate marketing,
for people who don’t know, it’s basically you are
acting as a middle person, you’re selling, you’re
promoting and selling other people’s products
and services online in exchange of a commission. That’s an affiliate, right. It’s not salesperson, it
could be you have a blog and you promote someone else’s product, you have an email list,
you have a YouTube channel, you’re endorsing someone else’s product, if they click and they buy,
you’re gonna get a commission. Maybe talk to me a little bit about with affiliate marketing, why some people make money with it, and why some other people
they promote the same product and they don’t make money with it. I know you just finished a big launch and you did very, very well, right. So talk to me a little
bit of what’s the key to your affiliate marketing? – Well I mean the main skill
that you have to master as an affiliate marketer
is getting traffic, because that’s the
beautiful thing about it, you don’t have to create the product, you don’t have to create the service, you don’t even necessarily
have to be expert, the guru, yo don’t have to create the sales letter, all that sorts of stuff. Your main job is to get
traffic, and then funnel and direct that through
your affiliate link to that other person’s offer. But traffic, all traffic’s not equal. So, quality traffic is
really the key thing, and what I really look at
is the two biggest skills to have online are the
ability to get attention, and the ability to build
trust in a relationship. – I love that. Attention and trust.
– So attention and trust, because there’s so many things that are playing our attention in
so many different ways, it’s harder to get
people’s attention online today than ever before. So if you have that ability
to be able to get attention, and build that relationship with people, that relationship, when you direct someone or share or endorse or promote a product, people are buying it based
on partly that relationship that you have with them
– Your recommendation. – Exactly, yes. I think one of the best
ways to accomplish that in today’s day and age is
through content marketing. – Correct. – ‘Cause most of the
internet’s made up of content, YouTube, this is content.
– This is content, yeah. – What you scroll down to
see on Facebook or Instagram or Google–
– It’s all content. – It’s all content. And content, in a way
that you’re adding value, ’cause when you’re adding value to people, and you’re sharing and
you’re helping people, that builds that relationship. And I think that a big
mistake that a lot of affiliate marketers make
is they actually prioritize making money above serving
others and meeting their needs. And to be successful as
an affiliate marketer or any business, I
believe you’ve gotta put other people’s needs first, and then you make money secondary. – Hundred percent. – So for me, what I always try to do is I always believe if I just help people, I share and I’m being sincere and honest– – [Dan] Authentic and you share content. – And then I’m doing that,
and then there is maybe a product or service that I believe in, that I’ve benefited from. – That could help your audience. – That can help them too, it’s easy for me to promote and share that because, you know, if
you and I were friends and you say, “Stefan, I’ve got this, “here’s a great seminar you should go to, “this is a great book you should read”, I’m gonna do that ’cause I trust you, because we have that relationship, and we’ve added value to each other. In the same way if I said,
“Hey, Dan you’ve gotta “check this out”, you’re
gonna do that as well. So I think that relationship,
building that online and today it’s easier to
do that than ever before, because you can, anybody
can create an Instagram, a YouTube, a blog, those
are all free platforms, and you can create content, and making money is just the
byproduct of adding value. – I agree, ’cause I think back then with affiliate marketing, a
lot of affiliate marketers they just promote the products. So they might do media by,
they might drive traffic to it, but it’s from call directly to the offer, that might have worked in the past, because now traffic costs
us more and more money. Like, no traffic is free, that’s either invest time or invest money to buy the traffic. So back then might have
worked, but now I think, like you said, in
between there needs to be a period, there needs to be a platform, something between where you build trust. So then it might feel like,
oh Stefan just promoted this offer, he made X amount of dollars, he makes six-figure affiliate
commission in two weeks, – It’s really more that
– yeah, it’s really, it’s two, three, four, five many years of attention-getting,
trust-building, right and establishing the rapport, then when you make a recommendation, you just realize the profit in that two weeks of period, but
it’s not actually not you make money in two weeks,
right, it’s not like that. – [Stefan] Exactly yeah. – I want people to understand that. – Yeah, what I’ve done,
like a seven-figure affiliate launch, and made it, you know, a significant amount of money in that time it’s because of the years of
building that relationship, building that trust and everything. – And most people they try to kind of, they plant a seed, they
try to rip the seed too. – Exactly, they try to–
– Where’s the fruit? Like, you gotta nurture
it, you gotta wait, right? And the good thing is if
you do not value the trust, and you actually only deliver value, every time you recommend something, your audience would be thank you. – Builds the good will.
– Appreciate that, right? – I had one time I remember years ago, someone came to me who’s a
very successful marketer, and I was kinda new,
I had a bit of a list, and bit of a reputation, and he said Stefan, I’ve got this offer that I know is gonna
make you a lot of money. And for me, the mistake
that I made at that time is I did it based on the money, and also because this was a
person I looked up to, right. So what ended up happening
was I promoted it, and it was actually a horrible product. – Oh shit, okay. – It actually hurt me in that way. And that was many years ago, but I always just kinda learn that lesson the hard way, and now what I’m after, and you as well, is you’ve gotta build the long term value. You can have people on your email list or your YouTube channel or Instagram, but you’ve gotta build the long term value and relationship,
because you don’t want to, you’re just not after
the one front-end sale, you’re after the long term,
and when you have that, you have people that are gonna continue to do business with you for many years, and that’s the value,
because it’s harder today to get new customers, new leads, but once you have them it’s
easier to keep them, right. It’s easier to get someone
to buy from you again and again, versus you
know, the very first time. – And I would say that
like Warren Buffett said, reputation takes years to build, only takes seconds to destroy it. – That’s right. – And the relationship with
your audience is the same thing. You might make a quick
buck promoting that thing, that offer, whatever it is, but guess what, there’s no next time. And you see the opening rate get lower, your view time gets lower,
your follower gets lower. That’s not how you build business, and nowadays, internet
everything’s transparent anyway. – Yes, yes. – If you take advantage of
people, if you rip people off, people talk about it. On the other hand, if you deliver value and you’re authentic, and
people love what you do and you deliver good product,
people also talk about it. – So how about we maybe discuss
some of the pros and cons of this model.
– Yeah, yeah sure. – What do you see are
some of the biggest pros and some of the cons
from affiliate marketing? – I think affiliate marketing for sure, the advantage is is easy to start, ’cause you’re not
creating your own product, you’re not creating your own, you don’t have to deliver the product. And I think it’s a great
way to get in the game of internet marketing, because you only basically focus on traffic and attention, right. If, to me, if you cannot
even do that part, now if you want to do everything else, all these business models is difficult. ‘Cause you cannot even
do this, and you try to, it’s like cannot swim in a swimming pool, why would I have you swimming in the lake? It doesn’t make sense. So I think it’s a good way to, ’cause I did the same thing,
I was in affiliate marketing in my 20s, right, that’s
how I got in the game, promoting other people’s things. Once that is working,
and you’re learning about your marketplace, you’re
learning about your audience, once you see that maybe you’re
promoting a certain offer, and you’ve been promoting
and you’re successful, and you see, hey, oh
I’m promoting this offer but this need is not being filled, then maybe I could also, it isn’t available in the marketplace, then you do your market research
while you’re getting paid, then you can create this
solution to help them. – So it’s a way to mitigate your risk, – Hundred percent.
– and see if there’s a demand, people are buying this.
– Absolutely. – But then you might
realize, hey I’m just gonna create my own product, right. – Yeah, that’s it. – And then you decide to
create your own info product or physical product.
– Yeah, all that. But I think the disadvantage is, there is a learning curve, obviously. It also takes a bit of time. – Patience, yeah. – Patience. – To build, ’cause relationship
doesn’t happen overnight. (laughs)
– No, no. Think about the relationship in your life, think about the people
that are your best friends, good friends. How do you build a relationship? I would say two things. Time, and also frequency. How often you meet your friend. Your best friends, probably
you meet the most often. You have had spend time together,
maybe you travel together, you went to school together,
you went to games together, whatever it is. So time and frequency. Same thing with online, right? Like, think back then when you were doing affiliate marketing,
how much you were making compared to now. Like the time that you invested,
building a relationship, we’re talking how many years
to have a significant income? – I’ve been doing YouTube
now for six years. – Six years, right. And I would guess, I
suspect, last couple years you made way more than– – At the beginning it’s
always slow, right, ’cause we both know if
you’re creating a blog, if you’re creating an
Instagram and YouTube channel, at first nobody’s watching it, right? You’re just putting out content, (Dan laughs)
but you’re not getting any traction, so you’re thinking, “What am I doing here? “I’m putting in all this time and I can’t get it back–”
– Is anyone watching my shit? I don’t even know.
– Exactly. – You have like two comments, right? – Yeah, and everybody
has to go through that. Like, we, everybody. Every YouTuber, every Instagrammer, they have all had to
go through that, right. – Everybody.
– But it’s that ability to reframe that, look at
you’re planting seeds, and if you keep nurturing
and watering those seeds, then over time it starts to sprout, but also you have to look at, you know, if you’re creating a lot of
videos or content let’s say, looking at, okay, how can
I make my content better, and that’s just a continual process. I see some people they put out crap, and they don’t look at
how they can improve it, they’re not open to feedback, and so they’re not gonna get anywhere if, ’cause the market will tell
you whether it’s good or not. – Hundred percent. – The market’s gonna tell you, and that’s the great
thing about it because if your stuff’s good, you’re
not gonna get rewarded for it, you should only get rewarded if your stuff is actually valuable, and you can measure that
today with likes and comments and people opting in and
all that sort of stuff, they give you good indicators
of how well you’re doing as a content creator, and
building a relationship, and then you’re just getting
better and better at that as time goes on. – I always say that we are
not a marketing genius, the customer is the marketing genius. If you truly listen to
them, and you listen to the feedback and just be
open, they will tell you, “Hey, I like this, I don’t like this, “I want to pay this price, I
don’t want to pay that price.” they will tell you
everything you need to know. If you’re putting out content there, and people are not watching
your stuff, it tells you. Maybe your stuff is too boring, maybe you’re not getting attention, maybe you’re not solving the
problems that they want solved. They will tell you. Sometimes they will tell you directly, or they will tell you by their behaviors. They are not watching your stuff, right, or they’re not liking your
stuff, so you’ll know. So for affiliate marketing, that’s obvious that’s not what I specialize in teaching, that’s his, Stefan’s area of expertise. So if you want to check a little bit more I’ll put a link below, you can
check out some of his work, definitely subscribe
to his YouTube channel. Check out affiliate marketing, if that’s a model that
you want to learn more of. Second way, ad revenue. – Yes. – This is interesting. Remember back then, I
was trying to make money with Google AdSense and (Stefan laughs) It was actually, really,
it was decent back then. – Oh yeah. – You did make good money. – Back then it was like you create blog, – Oh my God. – You like some search
engine optimization. – You get the–
– And they had these Google ads, and every time someone clicks, then you get like a
couple of cents. (laughs) – Something like that,
yes I remember those days. But now I think for ad revenue
it has changed drastically. Of course you have AdWords too. – There’s more ad platforms. Before there was just
Google AdSense, I think, and maybe private advertisers, but now there’s like YouTube
ads, and all these platforms. – I know your YouTube
channel does quite well, like you have to make how much– – Over 10 grand a month. – 10K a month in ad revenue. That’s good. – And I don’t even monetize all my videos, because I’m not actually,
I mean that’s great, but I know that there’s more
money you can actually make by monetizing the back end, getting people on your list,
and some of the other models. But it’s still a fantastic
income stream to have. – I think, what do you
think are the advantages and disadvantages when
it comes to ad revenue? – I think it takes a bit,
I mean, in the same way, it’s all based on your
viewership, your traffic, your following–
– It’s the content – You need to have that, yeah. I mean in the same way,
it’s gonna take time, you know, ’cause if you
only have a hundred views for a video or a hundred
people coming to your blog or website, no advertisers are gonna pay, you’re not gonna make much from that. So it’s really something
once you have that traffic, but I think that… I find it’s just an easier way to, like if you have that traffic,
’cause there’s a lot of, what blows me away,
there’s so many YouTubers and bloggers out there,
they’re like lifestyle people, they have huge followings, – The travel blog and–
– they have no idea how to make money from it. – They have no money. Yeah totally.
– And they just do ad revenue, but they don’t understand
there’s actually other ways they can make money
from affiliate marketing or some of these other things we have. So I think ads are great,
but I don’t personally think, I think there’s other great, better ways that you can monetize the viewerships and the followers that you have. – The way I see this with ad revenue is, don’t make that your primary business. If you think that that’s
icing on the cake, or it’s nice, YouTube 10,000 a month, but don’t count on it. Chances are if you’re actually
building a real business, you probably would invest that 10K a month back into marketing
and advertising anyway. But when you try to make ad revenue your primary source of income, I find that I meet these
influencers all the time, they’re counting on that,
they’re counting on the next pay endorsement, right,
you’re always hunting, right, you’re not farming anything, you’re not building a foundation, you’re just looking
for the next brand deal or the next whatever. Now unless you’re super big,
which I’ve met some of them, they get half a million
dollars to do endorsement deal, if that’s you, awesome, but
chances are you look back, they’ve been doing this for a long time. And also a lot of these
big YouTubers or Instagram, or people on these platforms, they’re very much dependent
on those platforms too, and a lot of these businesses you are, and that’s why you want to
diversify your income streams, but I know recently on YouTube, like Beauty Pie and these big guys, all of a sudden their ad
revenue dropped significantly, and that’s what they’re depending on. So that’s why I always remember
what Jay Abraham taught, which is that you want
to build a Parthenon, and not a one-legged stool. A one-legged stool can easily fall over, but a Parthenon has multiple pillars, and if you remove one pillar,
the structure still stands. So that’s kind always,
’cause when I first started, I was building a lot of one-legged stools, and I was always at the mercy when Google made an update
to their algorithms, – Like oh my goodness!
– and Facebook did this, and just my business
was always up and down, versus now it’s been
very stable and secure, because of those different things. So I think ad revenue is still a fantastic additional stream to have. – So the way I see it, if
you’re building a real business, if you actually need the ad revenue, your business is not very stable. That’s the way I see it, is
like a litmus test, right. So it’s not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just another revenue stream, right. And then we can talk
about also e-commerce. – Yes. – You know, I’ve done
very well with e-commerce, you’ve done very well with e-commerce, your girlfriend’s done
very well with e-commerce. So e-commerce obviously
we’re talking about Amazon, we’re talking about Shopify, many of these different platforms. E-commerce is huge. What’s your take on it? – Yeah, I think it’s great. I mean I think Amazon is
one of the hottest trends right now, it’s one of the
biggest companies out there, and really the world,
over the last few years, I mean mostly the last few
years, but even beyond that, just how the world has been transitioning to buying more and more things online. – They’re consuming online. – Yeah, it’s amazing,
especially, we live in Canada, but in the United States, – Oh yes.
– Amazon is so much bigger. I mean, everybody has Amazon
Prime and they’re buying things but Amazon is just a
huge platform that has hundreds of millions of customers– – Buyers. – That are buyers, – With credit card on file.
– They already have their credit card on file,
with a one-click buy. Amazon already has the
trust and has that platform, and what’s great about it
is that if you learn how, you don’t even have to invent anything, you can actually private
label products in China, find different suppliers, manufacturers, and you can find products that
are already selling on Amazon but you just think how you can
make it a little bit better, improve it in some way,
or how to position it better on Amazon, and you
can source those products from the suppliers, get it shipped, Amazon does all the fulfillment for you, so they’ll store it in their warehouse, they’ll ship the products on your behalf, they handle the refunds, all
of that sort of stuff for you. You really just have to
learn how to identify the best niches or
opportunities on Amazon. Amazon is a search engine, a paid search engine.
– It’s already there, yeah. – Yes, so if you can learn
how to keyword optimize, how to rank, Amazon has sponsored ads, so you can run pay-per-click
advertising on Amazon too. So I think it’s great,
but in the same way too, I see a lot of people, I
think they kinda look at it in a limited way, just
thinking that they’re just selling some products on Amazon, and I think the way to go, and even with everything
else we’re talking about, is actually building a brand too. Because if you’re just selling
a bunch of random products, – Like widget here, widget there. – Yeah, salt and pepper
shaker, then a yoga mat, and it’s just like, you’re
not actually building a brand, and the way that I look at it
now when I try to teach people is you’re not just selling
products on Amazon, you’re building a brand that
happens to sell on Amazon, and you’ve gotta look at
how can I build something outside of Amazon, ’cause
then otherwise I’m still dependent on Amazon, and it’s
not really your business, it’s Amazon’s business. – Correct, correct. – So, building your own brand, and if you can drive traffic– – From Amazon? – No from other places to Amazon– – And then they buy? – Yeah, then that’s more powerful. But I say the downside of it is again being too dependent on a platform, but also Amazon, they don’t
view the customers on Amazon as your customers, they’re
Amazon’s customers. – Correct. – ‘Cause Amazon, they’re after
the long-term relationship, ’cause they want those people
to buy more stuff on Amazon, they don’t want them– – You’re more like a supplier, right? – Exactly. – You’re like a vendor. – So that’s why they don’t give you their customer email address, they give you their address
and the phone number, but not the email address, ’cause they don’t want you
to take those customers and then try to promote your own stuff. – Correct. Which is smart, very smart. – Yeah, so they’re smart. So they’ve created a platform
and it just makes it easy for people to get started on. Another I guess, a downside of it is that there’s more capital involved
– Capital involved – ’cause you have to have an inventory, you know involving that
– And also I have a number of good friends
who do very well on Amazon, and do not inventory, you do not want your inventory to run out. – That’s right. Yeah, you’ve always gotta be in stock. – Always be in stock,
the Amazon fulfillment. So all of these making good
money, seven figure a year, but he needs to put back
a lot of money in terms of investing back into it. So his profit margin is very good, but after he deducts what
he pays on ads on Amazon and everything else,
so it’s not as good as I thought it would be,
still very, very good, but it’s not as good as
I thought it would be. He still make a lot of money. And I think also the Amazon,
people think they need to have the expectation, a
realistic expectation. Maybe the first product is
not gonna be a hit, right. Maybe it’s the second or third or fifth. ‘Cause you’re learning the
ropes, you’re learning– – The first product’s gonna be your worst. – Yeah, like you thought,
“Oh I’m gonna do this, “and I’m gonna make six
figure, seven figure a year.” Maybe not, right? – Well for me, like my first product is, and even my girlfriend who’s
a big e-commerce seller, it was just kind of to test the waters, it wasn’t to make a million dollars, it was just to make a couple of thousand dollars a month.
– Learn the process. – Yeah, and then once you’ve
gone through the process, then you see other opportunities, and you’re like, “Oh hey,
this is a great product “that I can sell, do really well at.” So I think it’s a great model
for people getting started, people that maybe want to
be more behind the scenes. If you want to build
more of a sellable asset, ’cause I know a lot of
people that do e-commerce, they build it and then they sell it for a seven or eight figure profit, and yeah, so I mean it’s a great platform, but again, I just try to
encourage people, don’t… You know, start on Amazon,
but don’t depend on them. Build off to Shopify or
create your own website with WooCommerce or your
own kinda store too, and then also even think about adding in some of those other income
streams to it as well, and that’s the benefit
of building that brand is you can have those multiple
pillars underneath it. – Yeah, and I think with the e-commerce, doesn’t matter which way you go, you have to have the expectation is, this is not get rich quick, you’re building a legitimate business, you’re building a
business, you’ve gotta have that long term view. It’s not something, oh
I’ll try this Amazon thing for 30 days, and it doesn’t work. To me compare today compared
to when we got started, even me, I’ve been doing
this, I don’t know, 12 years or something
like that, 12, 13 years. Back then, there’s no software, there’s no Facebook,
there’s none of this stuff where you can buy traffic
on Amazon, credit card. We built even a simple email
program we gotta build. Like there’s no auto-responder, there’s none of this stuff. And nowadays, there’s so many tools, I think it’s so much easier. It’s like, and the cost is so much lower. I mean I remember our
first website cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Tens of thousands of dollars. Now, you can get it set up Shopify– – Insane, yeah. – You know it’s like for
little tiny little bit of money you can get in the game. So don’t complain, it truly
is so much easier now, and I found that because
that’s where we came from, we look at everything
that’s out there now, like wow, you have this, you have this, one click, you have
tracking, you have monit, you have all kinds of tools.
– It was so much harder to get a buyer back then,
because just to get someone to part with their credit card number – Oh my God! – Was like, so hard. I mean, back in the day I
remember, just to sell a product you had to have this
super-long sales copy, right, just to try to convince
someone to buy your ebook or something like that. But now it’s just people are used to it, so younger generation
that’s growing up with it, and especially I think Amazon
has bridged things a lot, and what they’ve done
with fulfillment side, because now it’s like, why
would you go to a store, you know, get in your car,
have to park your car, wait in line and everything
to be able buy something, and maybe don’t even have it in stock or it’s not available there. Whereas now you can just
go to your computer, or you can go on your phone, you can find whatever
product that you want and now, if you live in the US at least, you can get it shipped like same day. – Same day, yeah. – And I think the future
of that, you see a lot of– – Drones, right, I’m thinking. – Exactly, yeah, drones. – But even same day is not fast enough. You want it to be like within hours. – Oh yeah, it’s insane. And you look at just the trends, right, I mean Toys R Us closing down. – Closing down. – Walmart, a lot of these physical stores they’re unfortunately going
out of business because– – Even Walmart is online now. – That’s right yeah. – They’re definitely pushing the e-commerce
– You have to adapt to it. It provides new opportunities
for people like us that are looking for
ways to start businesses to be able to take advantage of that and kinda be able to
build your own business and sell your own products. – I agree. So those are the three best
ways to make money online, but there are four more ways
we want to share with you. Four best ways to make money online. Make sure you check
other video right there, click on that video and
watch that right now. Right there, go ahead. (upbeat music)
This my team works from, usually they’re working
hard and doing stuff, so… – [Stefan] Hey! (laughs) – Usually they’re working hard! I caught you, man! What is this? What is this? Oh man, Streetfighter! – Oh man, beautiful! – Dan, I’m sorry, forget the interview. – [Dan] Forget the interview
we got a couple of games. – You guys wanna jump in? – Oh my god, man. – That’s awesome. – Holy shit. But you can see the game,
oh my God man, this is– – I gotta be right in.

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