7 Cloud Strife Facts You Probably Didn't Know

when Final Fantasy 7 released over 20 years ago its impact was huge and although there were many reasons why the stars aligned the way they did like the ridiculously huge marketing budget one of the main reasons was of course the game's story and the cast of characters who featured throughout said story as we had come to expect from previous Final Fantasy games these characters were rich and diverse but never before have we received such depth on almost every level omit the characters could be made much more defined and unique and when it came to the graphical fidelity it meant additional layers of personality could be added through new previously unavailable design elements one such character he benefitted from this was of course Cloud Strife the main man of Final Fantasy 7 and many of the design elements added to his character have now become legendary in their own right like his trademark spiky hair and his enormous Buster Sword but it's weird to think that these elements were only added by Tetsuya Nomura later into the game's development and that some of clouds early elements were actually transitioned over to other characters instead needless to say due to clouds significant popularity and copious amount of appearances within other Final Fantasy and non Final Fantasy properties there are plenty of fact rolling around about him as a character such as the story around his candy parents in another non Square Enix fighting game before he ended up appearing in smash 4 and the unorthodox way that the development team came up with clouds fusion sword for Advent Children and it's interesting pieces of trivia like this that we are going to be running through today so my name is Darrell and we are about to run through 7 things about Cloud Strife that you probably didn't know but before we do make sure you hit that subscribe button and notification bell so you're always informed when we publish new content all right so our first fact relates to clouds duel with Sephiroth and how it's actually based on a famous samurai jewel from the Edo period the rivalry between cloud and Sephiroth has become legendary within the realm of video games and it had a rather satisfying conclusion at the end of Final Fantasy seven before then returning and culminating in an epic showdown at the end of Advent Children but the relationship between these two characters had a rather specific foundation as it was based on two famous samurai that jeweled during 17th century Japan the story of Final Fantasy 7 of course went through numerous iterations during development and at one point Sephiroth and Aerith were even meant to be brother and sister but one thing that Tetsuo Nomura was sure about right from the beginning was that the relationship between cloud and Sephiroth would be based on a feud that existed between famed samurai Musashi Miyamoto and Sasaki Kojiro both of them were a renowned swordsman in their own right having each received famed for their skill with the martial arts and subsequent success in jewels and this led to a confrontation between the two with Musashi ultimately ending up as the victor after he utilized an oversized weapon to outfox Kaoru it was something that resonated with Nomura and as the designs of cloud and Sephiroth evolved they became more heavily inspired by this rivalry for example in earlier iterations cloud had a more reasonably sized sword but Nomura decided to keep making the sword larger and larger and in a developer interview he explained why cloud is Musashi and Sephiroth is Kaoru it's of course a rather situational example but they even made a model of cloud and Sephiroth that's rather similar to a statue that exists within Japan to commemorate the duel between Musashi and Kaoru and as an interesting little aside here in that final battle I mentioned it's actually impossible to lose no matter what action you take as cloud he will still defeat Sephiroth and even if you choose to do literally nothing Sephiroth attack will be automatically countered leading you to victory just like Musashi our next fact relates to clouds birthday specifically that thanks to various communications and appearances he has more than one of them when the cloud was born is an issue that's been rather long-running and its started unsurprisingly when Final Fantasy 7 released within the European instruction manual and the North American instruction manual it was stated that cloud was born on the 19th of August but this was contradicted by square-enix themselves eight years later as both the English and Japanese versions of the official Advent Children website listed clouds birthday as the 11th of August instead this was then followed up by the release of the Final Fantasy 10th anniversary ultimania which also mentioned that cloud was born on the 11th of August not the 19th this of course created some confusion within the community and although it wasn't quite on the whole Aerith versus heiress level it was still a bit odd that every other main character had a consistent birthday across all of these different official sources except for cloud since then the official party line is that clouds birthday is indeed the 11th of August and this was backed up when Tetsuya Nomura confirmed his stance by publishing a piece of artwork to celebrate pals birthday on the 11th of August 2015 but the issue won't die as even as recent as last year the PlayStation classic instruction manual for Final Fantasy 7 went back to stating that clouds birthday was on the 19th of August yes it could just be that they literally copied the instruction manual but if that was wrong information you'd think that Square would want it updated what's even strange about all of this is that according to Final Fantasy Tactics clouds birthday isn't even in August for this cameo appearance the cloud we know and love was pulled from his dimension into the realm of Ivelisse but for some reason his star side was Aquarius as opposed to Leo which replace his birthday between the 20th of January and the 19th of February we'll chalk this one up though to poor communication as Final Fantasy Tactics released only six months after Final Fantasy 7 in Japan and very few staff members worked on both titles for our third fact we are going to be talking about Advent Children specifically about the creation of clouds new weapon the fusion sword as was revealed within the Final Fantasy 7 reunion files artwork that was published back in 2006 time was of the essence when they started working on the early stages of Advent Children Nomura even decided to go with text storyboards instead of visual storyboards and just wrote down key words that would need to be filled in later to flesh out concepts it meant that kadaj for example was literally called lost name for a period of time and as a troll to fans he felt that clouds Buster Sword was too ridiculously big Nura had cloud carrying six individual swords on his back in earlier concepts because as he noted since people joked about size before he'd instead just go with sheer numbers this time around the ironic thing was that as work on the film continued this concept gained weight amongst other core members of staff and after one of them made a comment about how the six swords could maybe fuse together somehow tacky Yuki takia the film's mechanical and creature designer was given the task of actually designing what would then become codenamed as the fusion sword true to form with the rest of the film he had absolutely no idea how anyone would be able to actually make what he designed but he just hoped that it would be possible and of course the results speak for themselves as due to the immense combined effort we got to see that after mention epic conclusion where cloud defeated Sephiroth using an upgraded version of omni slash courtesy of the fusion swords as an additional fact here within the final film it was decided that the Buster Sword will be left as a grave marker which then gave rise to the necessity for a new weapon to be created but in the original pilot for Advent Children which was a three minute movie shown at the 2003 Tokyo Game Show cloud was still using the Buster Sword when he squared off against Kadosh our fourth fact relates to something else that was rather synonymous with clouds appearance in Advent Children his motorcycle the Fenrir and how he came to be in possession of it within the original game one of the most famous scenes was when cloud and his comrades escaped from the Shinra building with cloud riding on the hardy daytona while the others huddled together in a pick truck ignoring the immense peril that he faced while attempting to fight off enemies while writing something about the experience resonated with cloud it's when the opportunity came up for him to acquire a motorcycle of his own he jumped at the chance especially as he didn't even have to foot the bill as denoted within the short stories that were collectively dubbed on the way to a smile cloud was looking for a new mode of transport so that he could take his delivery business to the next level and it just so happened that a patron who frequented tifa's 7th heaven bar owned a rather tasty looking motorcycle called the Fenrir realizing that this was just what he needed cloud decided to barter after presumably discussing with Tifa cloud proceeded to offer the patron free food and drink for life at the seventh Heaven bar in exchange for the bike to which they agreed after this point cloud became rather attached to the bike but had offered him some solitude when he was travelling while also making him much more nimble when entering into combat situation as noted in his Jules against the remnants of Sephiroth but also in the battle of Midgar a year later outside of the compilation the fender was recently added into Final Fantasy 14 as a mount after existing as an unused asset for a while as they attempted to figure out how exactly it would work in the game and in an additional related point within the museum section of the original Dissidia it's noted in clouds biography that while he doesn't have many hobbies the ones he does have are riding motorbikes racing chocobos and snowboarding each of which were minigames he takes part in throughout the course of Final Fantasy 7 now giving clouds popularity it's no surprise that Square Enix have continued to ship him off into numerous properties although outside of his arrival within the roster of smash 4 the majority of these collaborations have often been with other Square Enix properties and if they aren't there instead often with mobile specific titles that are only available within Asia but once upon a time cloud could have played a rather interesting role in some console wars that started to form towards the middle of the 6th console generation as Nintendo Sony and Microsoft vied for audiences one of the tactics they used outside of console exclusive games was console exclusive content and with games like Soul Calibur this came in the form of guest characters with Soul Calibur too due to it being a weapon based fighting game it opened the door for a whole host of possibilities especially given the popularity of fantasy games and to that end Nintendo sanctioned the appearance of link from The Legend of Zelda as their guest representative for the GameCube version for the Xbox version given how new everything was for them within the industry they decided to time with one of the game's artists Todd McFarlane the legendary comic book creator had designed an original character for Soul Calibur – called neck read and he gave the green light the spawn to appear as an exclusive character on that particular platform which then just left Sony although their back catalogue wasn't quite as extensive as Nintendo's at this point Sony had developed a ton of potential candidates due to the hundreds of exclusive titles that have appeared on the original PlayStation and the early days of the PlayStation 2 and it was decided after scouring that back catalogue that Cloud Strife should be the guest representative for the PlayStation 2 version of Soul Calibur T but the deal ended up being cancelled at the last minute this was revealed by now ego who was a localization producer on Soul Calibur – as he guested on giant bombs 8:4 podcast back in 2017 he noted that it would have been incredible if the deal had ended up going through but as it was so late in the day that it was cancelled they ended up going with hey Hachi who at the time was a PlayStation exclusive character having appeared in Namco's other successful fighting franchise Tekken 4 our penultimate fact we're going to be taking a look at blade beam one of clouds Limit Breaks which compared to every other player base attack within the game is rather unique in multiple ways within the context of the game blade beam is the third Limit Break that can be acquired by cloud and it allows you to deal some pretty significant damage as if there are multiple foes they can be damaged by shockwaves from the initial attack it sounds pretty straightforward but once you start digging into the it starts to get way more interesting alright so the first point is that due to how it plays out blade beam technically has two variants the first being that initial strike which deals three and a half times more damage than your normal physical attack and the second being the follow-up move if there are any other targets alive which deals the same damage as a normal physical attack if there's only one enemy present however the animation will actually differ slightly as the shock wave dissipates into the wider environment as opposed to the other enemies if multiple are present what's even more interesting is that although the first move is based on your normal physical damage stat it's instead classified as a magic attack the follow-up shock wave attacks also represent the only instance where our player character can utilize an attack with the shout elemental attribute which for your reference is an elemental attack that's unique to Final Fantasy seven and it relates two attacks that are based around sound other instances of shout based attacks are Ruby weapons Ruby ray attack bizarro Sephiroth stigma attack and the air Buster's energy ball attack and as a fun aside here shout attacks can have their damaged heart by using certain items like a hero drink but unlike all other physical based elements it cannot be harmed by equipping the ceedric what's further interesting is that blade beam has since appeared as a special move cloud in numerous other appearances most notably within the smash franchise all right so our last fact relates to clouds of regional design and how it was either ported or used as inspiration for other characters within the compilation of Final Fantasy 7 in the projects earlier days when Tetsu Nomura was working on cloud he did so with the idea that cloud would have black slicked-back hair that as we spoke about in our first point would serve as a further contrast between our main protagonist and Sephiroth the main antagonist who would have a long silver mane and would be his bitter rival the Murrah noted that he had originally designed clouds hair this way to try and reduce polygon count – but after they realized that cloud just didn't look very heroic they changed it to blonde and spiky the move they hoped would help to lighten him up a bit what's interesting is that these original design elements would then end up being reused on to other characters within the compilation who had a specific relationship with cloud through the Buster Sword Zac fair and angie lq lee with zack it was just his hair color that was transferred but with an teal who is both the hair color and the slicked back style that would end up being used Nomura has never gone on record to my knowledge as saying this was intentional but it would make sense we know that Zack fair was one of the last characters that Nomura created and due to time constraints he didn't even finish the concept properly it would have been much easier to potentially reuse earlier assets in game 2 relating to cloud for Angela it could simply have just been a nice illusion but if we've learned anything from Nomura it's that everything is intentional he is notorious for his attention to detail and on that note here are some additional fun facts for you relating to clouds design over the years the first one is that takeshi Nazeri the co-director of app and children claimed they probably ended up creating approximately 120 different designs for clouds face throughout the film's development this was reiterated by Nomura when he spoke about the development of the film's first piece of key art he drew the original concept for this and asked Joseph in our up the film's art director to retouch it but he kept asking them to revise it because he didn't feel the hair was right but ironically wither lost the rest of the film there was his eyes that were causing the main issue but they were just so large in the original game that according to Nomura they looked gross when they tried to replicate them with the more realistic CG models that were in keeping with the new style they were going for a similar scenario also occurred throughout the development of Dissidia arcade Yosuke hayashi the producer on Dissidia from team ninja commented that they had to recreate clouds face almost a hundred times due to feedback from fellow employees who were fans at the franchise as they felt there was just something off with his face which i guess is just the problem when you're such a recognizable character but with that we are at the end of this list so yeah they were seven facts about Cloud Strife that you probably didn't know weird few extra ones thrown in for good measure hey guys thank you so much for watching the video I've got to say this was a pretty interesting list to pull together there are just so many little morsels of information that come out of the odd developer interview here and there and for me it just goes to show how much thought they put into the creation of these characters or not as we saw with the fusion saws it just makes me really thankful though but there are so many resources out there around this kind of stuff it does also make me wonder how much stuff is hidden from us they the live stream now has done a fantastic job of translating some of these Japanese into these but there are so many other older interviews that were only ever published in Japan out there and I would just love to get my hands on them either way I really hope you found the facts interesting if you guys like this video please do consider hitting that like button and subscribing if you haven't already and if you have the time please make sure to let us know in the comments which of the facts you found most interesting in general it's honestly crazy to think about how far we've come as a channel but we wouldn't be able to do it without your support many of you have been on this journey with us for a while now and we're so grateful that you are continuing to watch and engage with the content that we produce an important part of this is of course our loyal patreon supporters they helped to provide us with a lot of stability and if you'd like to support us in this way you can now do so for only one dollar per month there are other tiers available though and for five dollars a month you can gain access to our behind the scenes content but we talk about things like how we actually go about producing our videos you can also get your name at the end of videos like these guys and have discussions with us about our plans for upcoming videos and with that this is Daryl signing out thank you all again so much for watching I'll see you again soon for more Final Fantasy videos

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