7 Coworkers Decide Who Gets $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

– I got a vacation coming up, got a tattoo coming up. You know I really go a long way. – He makes more than
any of the rest of us. So.
(laughing) – He does make more than us. – Whoa!!
(laughing) (dramatic music) – [Man] How do you guys know each other? – We all work at the same restaurant. – [Man] So you guys must make good tips? – They do! – Depends on the customer.
(laughing) – The servers make good tips. – [Man] Okay, This is 1000 to one. Goal is, you guys decide which
one of you leaves with $1000. There’s gonna be four elimination rounds. – Four eliminations. – [Man] Each of those rounds
are gonna last 10 minutes. If you guys cannot decide who
to eliminate in that round, we take $200 from the pot. When we’re down to the final three, that will be the last round, those three have to all decide on one person to leave with $1000. Who do you think it’s gonna be right now? (laughing)
– Oh men. – Oh, I’ll give you half of it. I’ll give you half – [Man] Why was it so
obvious it’s gonna be you? – We’re just joking. – I don’t know. – She’s the most outspoken.
– Were we doing it? – She’s the most outspoken.
– I don’t know. – Yeah, out of all of us. – [Man] Now everybody’s
gonna wanna eliminate you right away, right?. – Whoa!
– Whoa! – Good point, good point, good point. – [Man] I’m gonna start round one now. – So, I have to get a new
wheel, not the tire for my car, I have to get a new wheel
and that’s like $500. I also want to start my health insurance. – Who here has health insurance? The other people don’t
have health insurance? Fucking America. – I go to Iceland in a month and a half with my girlfriend for ten days. It’s pretty expensive. I’m just gonna use it towards that. – Technically, you could
save up for that, right? – I mean, yeah, but I mean, $1000 that’ll go straight to it. – My girlfriend and I just got kittens and one of them had
fleas when we got them, so we took it and get all the
treatments and everything, and we thought it was fine, but we just found out
that he has fleas again and it’s really expensive. – [Man] Who here do you dislike the most? – I don’t dislike anybody here. – [Man] Who here kind of fucks up things for the rest of everyone? – Whoa! – I love you very, very much. – I’m being picked, I’m being picked. – I was carrying like,
two crates of waters and it was really fucking heavy, and you looked at me like,
“Damn Jasmine, you’re so strong” (laughing)
And you didn’t help me. – Wow, Carlo. – Damn. – It is my birthday today. – [Man] Are you gonna use
that to your advantage? – Oh, yeah, for sure. But I do have a trip coming up. My twin sister is moving back home and I kinda wanna see her,
help her out a little bit. – I am an out-of-state student, I’m coming here from Los Angeles, and you know how much that tuition is coming from out-of-state. I haven’t been able to fly home ’cause I need to work. So, I haven’t seen my
family in probably like, I think, 13 months? I need to fly home. And that’s probably what
I would use the money for. – I have been financially
struggling a little bit because my family has also
been financially struggling a little bit, so I’ve been
trying to help them out. So, I make half the paycheck I’m used to. – I got a vacation coming
up, got a tattoo coming up. (girl clapping) You know, it’d really go a long way. – He makes more than
any of the rest of us. So.
(laughing) – He does make more than us. (all laughing)
– Whoa! – Are you just voting someone off? – The round needs to end pretty soon, so how do you guys want to do it? – I got white boards.
– Do you want to vote? – Wait, why are we calling Tim? – Yeah, we came prepared. – You really bought a whiteboard? – See, I’m making this fun. Someone has to pour this. – Yeah. – I got shot glasses. (laughing)
– Oh my God – So, you know, who do you think should be
disqualified this round, guys? – I’ll go first, since
I’m getting cut first. Reverse psychology! – No hard feelings with anyone, guys. – Yeah, no hard feelings.
– No hard feelings. – No hard feelings. – [Man] Three, two, one, reveal. – Charley. (groans) – Zhane. – Charley. – Okay. – Jasmine. – Charley. (groans) – Carlo.
– Dang! – Hey, Jasmine, but your boy’s out. – Wait, I can’t believe you’re out already.
– Yeah, I know. – Hey, one for the road. (laughing) – One for the road. – Oh no! – [Man] Charley, are you
ready to ask the why? – Yeah, why, Why me? – I wanna know why. I wanna know why.
– Yeah, I wanna know why. Let’s hear it. – Okay, Charley’s my favorite
person in the entire world. He really, really, really is. Like, he’s so sweet, but the thing is, like, he gets the most hours, probably out of all of us. – I don’t think you make
that much more than us. – I really don’t think I do either. – You don’t make that much. – [Man] Okay I’m gonna
start the round now. 10 minutes. – I really don’t think I do, either. – Donuts, donuts.
– Donuts, donuts – Wait, wait what? Are we really about to eat? – So, I bought six donuts for everyone. Sorry, Charley. – That’s why y’all kicked me out, huh? (laughing)
– Because y’all knew. (laughing)
– We knew you’d be good at this. But so I bought donuts. I have six donuts here,
we’re just gonna see whoever eats this the slowest. – Gets kicked off. – Gets kicked off. – Who do you want to be
the judge to make the call? – Charley. – Charley, yeah. – Charley, you’re eating. You gotta do that. (laughing) – Oh wait, do we have to swallow it? – I really– – Do we have to swallow? Yeah, of course we have to swallow it! How are we supposed to eat it? – Open your mouth, it has to be empty. – It has to be empty. – Okay, that’s what I
was just say, confirming. – I feel like you set this up because you’re a really fast eater. – I’m really not, I don’t,
I have a really small, I don’t know, we’ll see. – [Zhane] She’s been practicing. – She’s been practicing,
she been practicing – You have a small what? – Small mouth. (giggles) – You have a small mouth, okay. – Three, two, one, go. (upbeat music) Yo, shove it in, What you doing? – Oh, she’s good. She set that up. You better hurry up Zhane. – Oh, I can’t do it! This is the worst game ever! – Aahh! – Alright, Carlo’s good. – It’s all done. – Okay, Jasmine.
(clapping) Who’s joining me? – Aah!
– Mackenzie! – I can’t do it. Yo hurry up. – Justin hurry up. Zhane hurry up. – Aahh! – Okay, Robin. Justin, Zhane. – Aahh! (cheering) – I really needed water to do that. – [Man] Okay Charley, who lost? – Zhane lost, come join
me, come take a shot. – All right Zhane. – And you can use that
Tios to wash it down. – I’m actually butt-hurt. – We don’t need no water, come on. – [Man] Jasmine said she wouldn’t do well. – I didn’t think I would
’cause I don’t eat that. – [Man] She has a small mouth. (laughing) – [Man] And then she was second to finish. Smart, everybody feel good? – Feel good.
– Yeah. – Okay. All right I’m gonna start the round. – Let me call Tim. – We call Tim now.
– Call Tim. – Call Tim now.
– Call Tim. – Will you call Tim? – Shhh! – Hi, what’s up? – Are you busy? I’m in my car, what’s up? – So, we’re trying to eliminate people and that one person, we’re tryna
pick a person to win $1000. – That was the wrong question. – You should not have said that. – That was the wrong question. – [Tim] Okay. – Justin, Jasmine, Carlo,
Mackenzie, and Robin, and then Charley and I.
– No, no. – Are out. But Should we just, what do
you want the questions to be? Do you want me, I have a question in mind, but I don’t think you guys agree with it. – Okay, just ask your question then. – What’s your question? – Okay, who works the hardest? Do you guys, can we be involved? Or is that like, yes or no? – No.
– You’re cut, You’re out, Zhane. – You’re out.
– You’re out. you’re out. – Okay, Tim, so who
out of the seven of us, Justin, Jasmine, Carlo, Mackenzie, Robin, Charley and me, who works the hardest? – [Tim] That’s a tough one. – That’s kind of putting a lot
of pressure on Tim, though. – I’m going to have to go with Charley. – Okay so.. – But he’s already out. That’s why you shouldn’t
have said their names, Zhane. – Okay, so. – [Carlo] This is not right. – Okay, so who works the least? – [Carlo] This is not right. – This is not right. – No, this is not what we agreed on. – I don’t think I’m at liberty to discuss any of these performances. – How about he picks a number, and whoever gets the closest
to it, and that’s good. – Let’s just see, how
much time we got left? – [Man] You have one minute – Okay, can we pick something else then? – Just pick a name, Tim, please, ’cause this is so much more complicated than it should’ve been. – Oh my God. – I think we should do something else, we have a minute. – Okay, now, Okay, thank you, Tim. We’ll see you later. – [Tim] Certainly – Bye. – You have 40 seconds
or $200 are going away. – Okay, ready, Three, two, one, nose goes. Oh, I didn’t see it actually. (laughing) – Oh my God. – Guys, we have 20 seconds.
– 20 seconds. – That was too quick, that was too quick. – That was the worst round. – 10 seconds Eight. Seven
– Just gonna get rid of an answer
– Six – Please somebody
– Five Four, three
– Alright, 200 is a lot, it’s fine, It’s fine, it’s fine.
– Yeah – Are you serious?
– Yeah. – [Charley] Come take a shot. – Move over. – That was so bad. – There was concerns that
I had voiced to everybody about calling Tim before we came in here, and then Zhane just did,
like, the complete opposite of what we said.
– We had an agreement. The people sitting on the
couch control this game. They control this game. (groans) – [Man] All right, I’m gonna start. This is the last elimination round. Jasmine, who do you think
should be the final three here? – I think it should be
Carlo, Robin, and Justin, and I like Mackenzie, but
I think she just would be really upset otherwise and
I feel like it should be people who are, like, chill with giving it to other people. – I’ma go ahead and choose
Carlo, Justin, Mackenzie. Robin, happy birthday, but just
because it’s your birthday, you know
(laughing) – Thanks! – I got you on a drink
later, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. – If I had to put myself in there, it’d be me, Mackenzie, Robin. – [Man] Okay you guys
now that all happened. That doesn’t mean anything for you guys. You guys have four minutes. – Oh my God. – Guys, pick a number, one to 100. And then we’ll all just write down and then whoever’s closest. – Hey, you guys write down a number – Write down a number.
– Wait. – Between one through 100. – That’s up to ya’ll, that’s you four. – Wait hold on, whats happening? – Who can go longest with
holding their breath. – Okay, so. – Damn, can we do that? – You only got three minutes, so let’s get it. – That’s a long time.
– That’s a long, you could die from that.
– I cannot hold my breath for three minutes. Do you wanna do the standing on one leg? – That’s better, let’s do that. – Ooh. – Okay, let’s do it. – All right. – Boss girl’s got heels. – I feel like, we should
do like, something else. Like “Cards Against Humanity”, like, we could see who. – We have four minutes left. – We only, we don’t have enough time. – It’s two, two minutes left. – Hey, rock, paper, scissors tournament? – Yes.
– Winner comes out. – Rock, paper, scissors. – Two-on-two and then one-on-one? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Winner leaves, though. – [Mackenzie] Winner leaves. – Winner leaves? – Yes.
(clapping) – Winner leaves, pair up, pair up. – [Man] You guys have a
minute and 30 seconds. – How many times, Once? – Rock, paper, scissors, go. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – [Charley] Hey, Robin,
– Yes. – You better come out? – No, never. Oh my God, okay. – Justin, we last! – Ready? – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Fuck. (all cheering) – I was cheering for you. Nope, you’re mad at me. (laughing) – No hard feelings. – But you really won. (groans) – Do you just wanna do another game? Because that was the easiest. – I’ll be fine, I’m just
really fucking poor. (laughing) – Me too. – Me too. – [Man] Who decided the winner gets out? – That was me. – The couch really does own this game. – Honestly, we all deserve the $1000 as much as the next person. – Well not Justin, though. Like, he’s, I feel him,
I’m an out-of-state student paying that, like, that’s hard. – I pay for tuition too, though, so. – [Man] I’m gonna start this,
so this is the final round. You guys have to decide on one
person to leave with $1000. I’m starting the round now. Who do you think should be
the one to leave with $1000? – Justin.
– Justin. – I, honestly, I work with Justin a lot and no one talked about him
and how hard of a worker he is but he’s such a hard worker. Like I love working with Justin. – So, when you guys win $1000, what are you gonna do for us? – The group. – You guys aren’t winning
the $1000, we are. – Hey, throw out a number,
how much are you putting up for the group? – I’ll give you a ride home. (laughing) – Wow, I’ll take you home,
Charley, I’ll take you home. We live hella close. – If I win a $1000, I’m
not giving them anything. – [Man] Wait, what did you say? – Well, I mean, okay, let me reword this. If I win the $1000, I’m gonna
get everyone drinks, yes, but the rest of that money
is going towards my trip. – I’m a buy five drinks. – I said one drink. I said one drink. – I think I’ll buy everyone drinks but I would, I’m kinda
in the same boat as him. I kinda wanna save up for
going home to see my sister. – Alright, Justin, it’s on you. – He hasn’t seen his
family in a year, guys. – Yeah, like, over a year. – Are you gonna use that $1000 to go see your mom, or
are you gonna use it on something else? – No, I swear to God, I’m gonna go home, and I’m gonna see my parents, and then I’m gonna pay off my loans. Like, that’s literally what my plan is. – So, you’re going to see your parents and pay off your loans with $1000? – Yes. – Is Justin gonna give us all drinks too? – Yeah, are you? – Of course.
– Two rounds? – How much more time do
we have left, by the way? – [Carlo] We got, like, six minutes. – Five min, six minutes? – [Man] We have six and a half minutes. – What do you guys think? I feel like if I–
– I don’t know. I just feel like we
could all use the money. – We could all use the money. – No matter for what we’re gonna use it. – I honestly feel like… – Cause it’s not a little fair just ’cause you’re gonna see your family, but you also wanna see your parents. – I also wanna see my parents, I haven’t seen them in a while. – So.
– Yeah. – I mean, if this is family-oriented, then I would pick either one of you guys. – Wait, who pays the most rent? Who has free rent right now? – I have free rent.
– Carlo. – You have free rent?. – Yeah.
– Has free rent. – Yo, yo, it’s okay. – So?
– It’s not okay. – I pay for tuition, I pay
for my car payments, so what? – We just got a new car! – My rent right now is
15, 1600, hundred, bro. – You should’ve stayed in, Zhane. You should’ve stayed in. You guys can use that
against me, if you want. I don’t pay rent, that’s fine. (groan) – But they’re really influencing my ideas. – Yeah, I mean, they
are making valid points. – They’re feeding things.
– They’re making valid points. – That’s fine, that’s fair. I pay tuition, – Tuition.
– I pay for my car. I pay stuff, so. – Well, I mean, if I
didn’t have to pay rent for a month, I would be
able to go home, anyways. – [Man] We have just over four minutes. – Yeah.
– Make it random. – No, not for the winner. – It is between y’all three. – I would vote for Justin. – Me too. – I vote for Robin. – [Man] Everybody raise your
hand if you vote for Justin. – They don’t matter. Anything they’re saying really
doesn’t affect any of this. So that’s why. – So, okay, we have
like two minutes, guys. What do you wanna do? – It would be fun to play something. – [Charley] You guys
have a minute and a half or nobody gets the money. – So, thumb game. – So thumb game, just explain it. – So there’s six amount of thumbs. – There’s six thumbs.
– There’s six thumbs. – No! This is not fair, ’cause like. – They’re not gonna teach it in time. – Ah, This isn’t gonna
work we don’t have time. – [Man] 50 seconds – Aye, rock, paper, scissors! – Rock, paper, scissors, let’s go! Is that how you want to do it, again? Or, does somebody want
to eliminate themselves, so its down to two.
– Yeah. – Who wants to eliminate? – Justin no, no
– No, no. – Rock, paper, scissors – [Man] There’s 30 seconds. – Aye, first winner or first loser? – First loser or first winner? – Winner wins, Winner wins. – [Man] You guys, there’s 25 seconds. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Robin, Robin wins – No.
– No. – [Man] There’s fifteen seconds – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Justin, aw. (all chattering) – [Zhane] Yay, good job, I’m happy for you – We played fairly. – Come here, my boy. – I don’t think that was fair. – It’s okay, it’s over, though, it’s over. Can we get a group hug going? – Can we get a group hug? – Oh man. – This is not fair! – I feel bad now. I feel bad.
– You got drinks bro. – I feel bad.
– It’s okay bro. – No, you shouldn’t. – I feel bad. – People, no. – I feel bad. – [Man] This isn’t gonna
ruin you guys’ relationship – No, no, no.
– No, no, no. – Of course not.
– Heck no. – There’s been worse. There’s been worse than this. – I like all of these people a lot, I don’t like a lot of
people that I work with, but I like all of these people. – It was too much stress. I like, have anxiety. – I’m sweating. – Yeah, same, I’m hot now. – [Man] Alright, good job you guys. (gentle music)

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