7 Questions Answered! How to Save Cash and Live Like a Minimalist

– There’s nobody. There’s nobody here! – What are you doing? – I’ve gotta find somebody. I’m it! – What do you mean “you’re it”? – I’m it, I’ve been tagged, so I’m it! Angela from Our Life on a Budget and Ebullient
Erika tagged me. So I’ve gotta find someone and tag them
so they’re it! But I can’t find anybody! – No, god, dude, it’s not that kind of tag. – What do you mean? – It’s a youtube collab thing. A YouTuber comes up with some questions and
answers them, then tags other people to make videos and answer them too, and they tag others
and it goes on. That type of thing. – Oh! Oh I get it, Okay. Yeah. So I don’t need the sword then. – WHY WOULD YOU NEED A SWORD? What is up, my fellow Money Minions! My name is Troy, also known as – the Dollar
Dude. You’re looking great, good to see you again,
and as all the money minions out there know, we talk personal finance and building a life
full of financial freedom here and we keep it as simple as and real-world as possible. If you’re down with that and you’re not
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miss a second of all the awkwardness that is this guy. So this is a TAG video. And how it works if you don’t know already
is that there is a list of 7 questions going around that a bunch of YouTubers have been
answering. And they they “tag” another YouTube to
answer the same set of questions. Angela from Our Life On a Budget and Ebullient
Erika have both bestowed upon yours truly the honor and privilege of being tagged in
their recent videos. So I’m going to do it! So this tag is called “How to Live on Less
& Save Money.” I mean “How to Live on Less and Save More
Money” I mean “How to Live on Less & Save MORE” I mean “How to Save Dollar-Dollar and Live on Less.” You know what? I’m just going to call it whatever the heck
I want, because I’m a strong independent black woman, who don’t need no man. As for me I am going to tag Kelly at Freedom
in a Budget. She’s already been tagged but as of the
time I’m recording this, hasn’t done hers yet so she said I can call her out for not
doing it yet. I’m also going to tag Denis over at TruFinancials
because I don’t think he’s been tagged in this yet, if I’m wrong, you just got
doubled tagged. So yeah. Links in the description, they’re awesome,
check them out! Plus, if you’re a YouTuber or just someone
inspired by this video and you haven’t been tagged, I hereby tag YOU. Just leave a message down in the comments
letting me know you’re going to do the tag and I’ll add a link to your video or channel
in the description after your video’s posted, cool? Let’s go! 1) What are the most important frugal things
you do everyday to save money? Of course bringing your lunch to work and
doing meal prep is a fantastic way to save money,
but one thing I’ve started doing recently is that when I do eat out for lunch or dinner,
my drink is water, 90-95% percent of the time. Not only is it better for you health wise,
but it can really blow your mind just how much you can save over time on your restaurant
budget by just drinking more water. In fact lets say for the sake of argument
you went out to lunch or dinner four times and got water instead of a soda or coffee
that costs $2.50. That’s an entire 10 dollars saved in your
restaurant budget that you could use to go eat out again, just by drinking more water. 2) What is your best strategy for saving on
utilities? You’ve got the standard answers like flip the lights off when you leave the room, or unplug stuff that’s not in use but my absolute
favorite tip, and I believe Angela touched on this as well is to get yourself a smart
thermostat. I actually picked up the Nest Smart Thermostat
a little bit ago. You probably know how these work but in case
you don’t, they learn your schedule and shut off the heating and cooling when no one’s
home. You can even set it to turn on slightly before
you arrive home from work or wherever so you come home to a perfectly comfortable temperature
even after the unit’s been off all day, saving you money. So awesome. If you want to pick one of these up for yourself,
there’s a link in the description. So check it out, but make sure it’s in your
budget. 3) What is your best tip to save on food and
household products? BOGOs, dude. Look for the Bogos. In fact, I hardly buy anything that isn’t
a buy one get one free if I can help it. Wholesale clubs are great for this for the
people who actually use their memberships *cough* *cough*. You know who you are. But you need to make sure you’ve got a decent
freezer to store food that you buy in bulk. You also might want to look at buying a vacuum
sealer like the FoodSaver so you won’t end up just throwing out that 15 pounds of flank
steak you got a sick deal on. 4) What is your best tip to save on clothes? Believe me, I am the wrong person to ask this
to. I haven’t purchased new clothes in almost
forever. I get a new shirt or two and maybe some pants
once every…6 months, if that? In fact, when I first got debt free, one of
the first things I splurged on to celebrate was buying a new shirt. Yeah, for me, that qualifies as a splurge. Welcome to my world. In fact, I think this is the shirt. I didn’t even plan that out. I kinda tend to wear my clothes until they
disintegrate into a fine powder. If you’re more of the type of person to
keep up on the latest fashion trends then hey, you do you, that’s just how I roll. Powder. I roll with powder. Hey, maybe that’s a tip in and of itself,
just don’t buy new clothes until you absolutely have to. Ha, I still answered the question! Go me. 5) What is your best strategy to stay out
of debt or pay it down? My strategy is to stay knowledgeable and combine
that knowledge with doing a zero-based budget. Because zero based budgets are where its at
if you want to get out of debt or stay out of debt. They’re basically like a surgeon’s scalpel,
the most basic of tools you need to really get started. Plus it’s really hard to put yourself in
debt on paper because in order to do that, you basically have to admit to yourself that
you’re being dumb. Well, my budgets all done! Got everything planned out! The total at the bottom here is in a bright
bold red color and it’s negative, because this month we’re going to spend more than
we make. Boy howdy! Nobody’s dumb enough to do that if they’re
actually writing it down. Knowledge is power here and I’ll tell you
what I mean. If I ask you how much debt you have, or for
the debt free people, how much is in your emergency fund, you should be able to tell
me the amount down to the cent. Because that’s the type of dedication that
happens when you’ve truly decided to stay on top of your financial situation. You should be like
“I have seventeen thousand, six hundred and thirty two dollars and forty nine cents
left to pay off. I recently sent in a payment of nine hundred
sixteen dollars and sixty five cents and it should post on the 28th.” That on top of it. No one gets out of debt by accident. It’s a calculated effort backed by a combination
of information and intensity. 6) Please share one thing you do to save money
that other people don’t know. I cut my own hair, so I don’t spend any
money at all on haircuts. Yeah, for as long as I can really remember
I’ve cut my own hair. I just invested in a decent pair of clippers
and I run it over my dome every two weeks or so. I’m a bit lucky in that regard because I
think I look good bald but I’d say taking some time to have you or your partner learn
a few things about how to style hair might be worth the time and equipment investment. I haven’t been to a salon or barber in more
than a decade so I honestly have no idea what a decent haircut costs these days but I hear
it’s pretty expensive. Let me know down in the comments if you guys have tips or tricks to save money that other people might not know about. 7) How important is it for you to save money? It’s not. It’s not important to save money. Not at all. Why would you ever want to save money? I can’t think of a reason anyone would want
to save money. Having an emergency fund isn’t important
at all. Leaving a lasting legacy? Psh, legacies are overrated. In fact, what are you watching right now? This video doesn’t exist. This channel doesn’t exist. I don’t exist. None of this is real. It’s all an illusion. These aren’t the finance tips
you’re looking for. Disclaimer: Troy, also known as the Dollar
Dude would like the viewers of this video to know that it is extremely important to
save money for your financial future. Also, he does in fact exist and is a living,
breathing human currently living on the planet Earth. The purpose of this disclaimer is to clarify
the information presented in this video, as sarcasm is commonly misunderstood as truth
on the internet. Also he does not actually have Jedi powers. He is currently working on that. We now return you to the outro. And this one is done guys, hit the like button
if you liked it, or if you’re not – You know what? Screw it, we’re just going to keep doing
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so, as we would love to have you. Also, if you’ve have a question, finance
or otherwise, please leave a comment down below, and we shall discuss it. So until next time, fellow Money Minions, I am Troy’s awesome voice and we will see you guys…. ….next Dollar!

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  • I made laundry detergent one year ago and i have enough for at least a few more months. Cost was around twenty dollars. Its hyop allergic and can be used with high efficiency washers. I found the formula on youtube.com. search homemade laundry soap.

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  • 1. Clothes – don't be afraid to ask your friends for hand me downs. Example, I'm on a weight loss journey, my friend is a few months ahead of me and had a box of clothes she was going to donate. I asked her if I could go through it. Half the box fit me, so I made her dinner a few nights as a thank you.
    2. Entertainment- buy a couple of card or board games and have friends over to play. Ask everyone to bring something to share. You all save money and everyone has a good time.

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  • Hi dollar dude, cool video, with great advice…just started with trying to get out of debt, the first month was rough had to keep changing things revamping and nearly drove myself crazy….lol. The second month, was much better I started thinking of all things that I spend money on, that I really didn't think about before. Zero based budgets rock!!!! I know exactly how much I have to do what I need done before I actually get paid, so when the money comes is I just allocate where necessary, it's like putting your money on autopilot…low stress. Now just gotta get this baby emergency fund together!

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  • troy.how my family saves money. use fans and air conditioning on really hot muggy days. we don't drink.shop aldi for food.save on utilities.pool noodle repurposed into a twin draft guard.have windows that fit in the hole right.if there is a draft and you rent speak with the rental company to have the problem fixed. if able fix the heater in warm weather so you don't freeze in cold weather.same for cooling units.if able get central air and heat.yes.it will be expensive up front.but you save a lot of money long term.more effective way to heat and cool a home.clothing.thrift stores.clothes pantries.hand me downs. make your own.save on cleaning rags.cut up old ragged clothes.towels.bedding.lone socks.also handy for patches.

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  • Energy saving speaking, it's actually more expensive to turn off your AC/heat and then have it turned back on then it is to leaving it on.

  • Hey Dollar Dude, I found your channel today from Budget Girl's Channel! I have to post this comment because you talked about saving $ by drinking water, and that's exactly what I do. I'm going to give you a huge tip right here about water. I am very healthy and don't believe in drinking Tap water, so I used to buy my water from Dollar Tree, the Crystal Geyser brand for $1 each. But then a friend told me about a Spring near my house where real Spring water comes out of the ground naturally, and you are allowed to go collect it! It's in Stokes Park in NJ. This water has been tested and is far more pure than tap water and even bottled water, it's almost the purest you can get. I went over there and tasted it, it tastes so good. I drank a whole gallon in one day on the day I discovered it. So I saved my water containers and then went over there and filled my car – I haven't payed for any bottled water since that day. I just reuse the same Crystal Geyser containers after washing them. Every time I go there, many people show up and fill their cars with water too. I can't believe I wasted so much money on water until I found out about this. So, it turns out that there is a website called Find A Spring where you can look up the locations of Springs in every state. It costs me $1 to go through a toll to get this water, that's all. And I'm much more healthy from drinking it, so I'm sure I will conserve money on doctor bills as well – this water is what we Humans were meant to drink. We were not meant to drink nasty water that has chlorine in it to kill germs, flouride and so forth. It's proven that these chemicals kill gut bacteria and truly harm your body over time. The REAL Spring water will heal and clean out your body and it is 100% Free, just make sure it has been tested or test it yourself first. In my case, the Spring not only has been tested but other people I know swear by it and drink the water, so that's how I know it is safe.

    Oh, and by the way, I always keep a gallon of water in my car so I never have to buy drinks when I am on the road or traveling anywhere, this saves me money too because I do not have to stop to get a drink. The times when I order takeout or buy ready made food which happens sometimes because I like to travel, I don't order a drink and wait to drink till I go back to my car, or I take a break and go to my car and drink and then go back inside, or opt to eat in my car instead of in the restaurant. It's ok to do this if you are just by yourself going somewhere and not with a partner or friend. If I added up the money from all the drinks I did not buy, it would be a lot, AND I saved myself from drinking sugar and calories or wasting plastic bottles to pollute the environment. Carrying your own water in your car is a win/win/win for your wallet, health and the environment.

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