7 Struggles Of Being The Sensitive Friend

(buzzing) – Nick what’d you do that for? – Do what? – You killed the mozzy. – Yeah? – Dude that thing probably
has a family, you know? – Where you going? – [Voiceover] I’m burying it! – Hey, Ten, can you do me a huge favor, and cover my Sunday shift? I’ve just got a thing on. – Oh, it’s kind of my friends wedding. – It just would mean a whole lot to me, it’d be a huge favor, I’d owe you one. – Okay, sure. – Oh, awesome, you are the best, thanks. – No worries. – Hey, Nick, what are you doing? – I got a date tonight, I’m gonna try something new with my hair. How’s it looking so far? – It looks great. – Yeah? Sweet, thanks man. – Hey Jemima, happy birthday! – Ten it was my birthday last week. You didn’t get me anything. – I got you this. – Oh. – Here you go. – Cool. – And, surprise. – Aw. – Hey Eli, nice shirt. – What’s that supposed to mean? – No, I’m being serious, I
actually like your shirt. – Alright. What’s wrong with the world today? – Kay so this is Lane, that’s Allen, Moxy, Rob, and uhm, Elly? – It’s Eli. – Oh, Eli, sorry mate. – No one understands. – I do. It’s gonna be okay.

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