7-Yr-Old Boy Runs So Fast, People Are Naming Him The Fastest Kid In The World

extreme trends presents this seven-year-old boy runs so fast people are naming him the fastest kid in the world before we begin do us a favor and click that like button also subscribe to our Channel and click the notification bell to be inspired by these heartwarming stories every day we're fairly used to hearing about child prodigies though uncommon some kids exhibit great talent at an early age a preschooler might be able to play a musical instrument as well as an adult or a 6th grader could be excelling at college-level mathematics some children are blessed with beautiful singing voices and some are talented athletes and one of the most sensational young athletes in the US is setting the internet on fire this young man could give Usain Bolt a real run for his money the world-class sprinter holds both the world record times of 9.50 eight seconds said in 2009 and the Olympic record time of nine point 63 seconds from 2012 yet a recent video shows seven-year-old Rudolf blaze Ingram's sprinting the 100-meter in just 13 point 48 seconds his amazing time is just three point 33 seconds slower than the best recorded time for a minor which was set in 2017 by a 16 year old Anthony Schwartz young blaze began training for track when he was just four years old since then he's proven his athletic prowess by setting the US records from his age group to date blaze has won more than 50 medals including over 20 golds in the past three years at the Amateur Athletic Union national championship event last summer he won to 100 meters and took second place in the 200 meters in his age group at the AAU championships his personal best 13-point 48 second run beat the previous USA record and field record of 13-point 67 seconds for a seven-year-old and puts blaze on par with the best 11 and 12 year olds in the US his father Rudolf Ingram senior attributes his son success to his competitive spirit on the day of the AAU Championships blaze was ill and ran with a 100 degree fever and though his father who access his coach and media manager wanted to pull him from the competition that day blaze said dad I want it bad and young Rudolf Ingram's skills extend beyond the BRAC the boy first caught the world's attention in the late summer of 2018 when NBA star LeBron James shared a video of the young athlete playing football blaze a native of Tampa Florida also uses his amazing speed to outrun defenders on the football field at only 6 years old blaze began to play for the Tampa Ravens he plays running back and safety for a team and a league of older boys and one day blaze says he will win the Heisman Trophy either that or break Usain Bolt's records for running in the Olympics Blaze's athletic skills both on the track and on the gridiron have earned the young boy nearly half a million Instagram followers and it seems as though the whole world is watching to see what this little phenomenon will do next and blaze isn't just a star athlete he's also a solid student for the good head on his shoulders he has spoken in the past about his talent and his twin passions saying track increases my speed body control and running form and the training prepares me for football football keeps me active for track and being able to show off my track speed athletic ability and good work ethic runs in the family Rudolph Ingram senior who also ran track at school was a former linebacker and as a football coach blazes father has never missed a practice never missed a game and does three private training sessions with his son every week Ingram senior says that though his son may be a superstar to everyone else to him blazes just that his son his baby and just like any parents his father wants to make sure his son does well in all areas of his life including academics Ingram senior posted blaze his report card online proudly showing off the boys excellent marks across all of his second-grade subjects with the caption work hard in class and on the field Blaze's father has made it clear he supports his son no matter but what's next rocket scientists let's go it doesn't matter what it is I'm behind it the Ingram senior says he likens raising the young superstar to planting and nurturing a tree saying nobody sees the tree grow all they see is when it's big and beautiful they don't see it when it's just a seed when you're watering it you got to stay behind your child and constantly support them and water them they'll eventually grow to be something and the rudolph senior is his son's coach and manager he is a father above he tries to keep blaze ground and teaches him humility reminding him that an overblown ego will affect his work ethic and then someone better will come along the coach of blazes football team agrees Jimmy Watson coach of the Ravens affirms that the young football players strong work ethic has inspired the rest of his teammates while blaze doesn't talk much he puts everything he has into each practice and the other players follow suit the young boy always has his eyes on the prize and doesn't hesitate to call out a teammate for slacking off but what if Rudolph's talent simply fizzles as he fills out what if he decides to become a fireman or a math teacher instead his parents say they will be just as proud of him and support him on whatever path he chooses thank you for watching this fantastic story please tap one of the two videos on your screen for another amazing extreme trend story

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