9/11 Drawing Las Torres Gemelas (W-15)

Hi, welcome back to my channel I’m truly pleased the receptivity that has had my channel and my videos. Thanks you very much Latinoamerica and the world, hispano america Remember that the more latin people comment or ask questions about my videos I will keep doing Spanish videos also Mean if you keep asking or comment on my videos I will keep doing Spanish shows too You can’t imagine everything I have to do to record my videos Because there is a lot of noise outside, on the street people hammering drilling so it’s a bit complicate comment anything here … WELL! this is what om talking about Remember if you like my channel, subscribe Like my videos And share it with everyone ok. Thanks for your support Let start with the first comment Ramdom Cuber: WOW… Thanks you very much for your comment Another comment from Andreí Gal14 I didn’t know it was a real photo I truly love it And also the color tone is fabulous Many greetings Andres Regard Andreí and thanks for watching my videos In pasted videos he comment that he liked the pictures I had in that program I will give you the link , to watch the video What he ask me and I answer Roben Vasquez Hello from Argentina Andres Barrila That’s will be good if you do a video showing the Memorial And how is now that fateful place Tanks for your comment and for your suggestion In my upcoming videos I will do a video About the Memorial ok Thanks you The next comment is from Osman Prada I was amazed by the indifference of the artist The minute 8:55 While in the towers die almost 3.000 people She sitting drawing the towers in which world we live People cry desperately For something never seen, where the protagonist is evil indifference, and she is drawing something unusual, indifference and egoistmo the purest state We have another comment in response on Prada Freedom Horizon: I understand what you said but also understand that when inspiration strikes It should open the channel and let it flow, in terms esoteric in the muza inspiration comes alone sometimes at inopportune times It seems that the artist was there, sitting drawing Having a good time but I think it was just exteriorizing their emotions in the way he can do, drawing so I imagine shedding a few tears on her drawing when I finish, I looked up and saw The towers were nothing more than a cloud of smoke Perhaps drawing is her prayer And to all the people in the towers Perhaps she gave the drawing to the fire department or a family who lost someone The art is expressed not only the beautiful things in life The dark also goes around Wow, thanks you very much for both comment and other too I appreciate Mean, everyone has their point of view And I respect that. A comment is different from the other, and that what all about Thanks you for both comment Well that’s all for today. Nos vemos el proximo viernes Remember to subscribe to my channel, and comment down bellow See you next week, bye, chao …

4 thoughts on “9/11 Drawing Las Torres Gemelas (W-15)

  • muy buen video.. me gusta la interaccion con los subscriptores andres… y con respecto a la artista dibujante…. yo creo q solo queria inmortalizar..en papel y lapiz… ese momento espantoso. y bue asi son los artistas…un poco locos

  • La verdad es que cuando vi a la mujer dibujando en el vídeo me llamó mucho la atención y es algo que no se puede ni expresar con palabras…

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