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I don’t want to be involved in conspiracy theories, you know, there are lots of them. They can go on, we can speculate on that forever. What we really need to know is how… how those buildings came down. My husband Steve was 48 years old he was killed on September 11th, 2001. He was in the North Tower on the 104th floor. There are so many unanswered questions
and that’s scary to me. We never had answers. Nobody ever stopped
to have a scientific investigation. Tribute lights in the New York skyline, an annual memorial to the lives lost on 9/11. Yet there is still more light that needs to shine, revealing truths that their
family members deserve to know. September 11th, 2001, a day that changed history. Four planes went silent and off course. Two of those planes crashed into
the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Several columns were severed, and the jet fuel ignited fires
that spread over several floors. About an hour later, millions watched in shock as both towers were suddenly and rapidly destroyed, killing almost 3,000 people, for whom truth and justice
may have yet to be served. Hi, I’m Richard Gage, AIA. Licensed architect of over 20 years, and member of the American Institute of Architects. I’m founder of
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a non-profit organization of well over a thousand technical
and building professionals. According to official government reports, the fires weakened the structural
steel framing of both Twin Towers, leading to sudden, progressive,
and total collapses. Unknown to most people,
a third steel-frame high-rise, World Trade Center 7, was also destroyed. Critical questions have been raised by more than 1,500 architects and engineers about the official explanations for the destruction
of all three of these buildings. Along with more than 10,000
other concerned individuals, these professionals collectively comprising
more than 25,000 years of experience, have signed our petition. They are calling for a new investigation into the destruction of these
three World Trade Center high-rises. This call is based on evidence that reveals a very different destruction scenario than reported by government engineers. As coherent sets of scientific facts
are brought into focus by the experts, the data, and the witnesses in this film, you will come to a much greater
understanding of the events of 9/11, and will be in a position to draw
your own informed conclusions. The new World Trade Center Building 7
looms above the site of its original. Building 7 was a 47 story high-rise,
not hit by an airplane. Yet, it was the third modern
steel-framed skyscraper to collapse rapidly and symmetrically on 9/11. It was a football field away from the North Tower and sustained minor damage from the falling debris. Building 7’s precipitous collapse
was blamed on normal office fires. I’m Steve Barasch, founder and president of
Barasch Architects & Associates Inc a 33 year-old architecture planning
and engineering firm. One of the things that really interested me was how quickly the Tower 7 fell. It fell within 7 seconds approximately,
from top to bottom. This building was built in the mid ‘80s
and met all the codes at the time. From about 1965 until about 1985 most of my experience has been
in high-rise multi-story steel buildings. NIST would have us to believe
that these were typical office fires, scattered office fires if you will,
that brought this building down. Since the mid ‘60s I’ve tried
to follow high-rise fires because they’re something we worry a lot about
as we design these buildings, and I’m not aware of any high-rise buildings that have come down as a result of fires. The coup de grâce for me, was when I found out that Building 7
had collapsed later that day, and when I saw Building 7 come down. To me, the fact that it looks
like a perfect controlled demolition of an intact building … WTC7 – Acknowledged Controlled Demolition I mean, that’s what I call a “smoking gun.” Was the structural steel from
World Trade Center 7 preserved, documented, analyzed, according to standard procedures
for investigating engineering failures? 400 truck loads per day of material were taken away from the World Trade Center site and sent to China for recycling. There were laws violated
in the destruction of that evidence, and for the American Society
of Civil Engineers to ignore those events is extremely disturbing, and is a violation in my opinion
of their professional code of ethics. It was contrary to the way
all investigations are done. If an airplane crashes,
they seal off the entire area, nobody touches anything,
they move it to a secure location and they reconstruct an aircraft. Normally, when you have a structural failure, you carefully go through the debris field, looking at each item, photographing every beam as it collapsed, and every column where it is on the ground and you pick them up very carefully
and you look at each element. We were unable to do that in the case of Tower 7. You can’t do science
when you are deprived of the evidence and when your hypothesis is the least valid
instead of the most likely. When the most likely hypothesis
in the case of Building 7 wasn’t even mentioned – this is not science. It’s trying to prove preconceived ideas. Was a proper investigation performed that might have revealed
the use of accelerants or explosives in World Trade Center 7’s destruction? NIST concedes that they found
no evidence for explosives, so then we asked them “Well, did you look?” and they said “No, we did not look
for explosives, or residues of explosives.” …big explosion, blew us back into the 8th floor. I’m OK, all right, yeah hold on…
you want to call your mother or something? Just the fact that there were explosions
means they need to be investigated. Did you hear that? Keep your eye on that building. It’s coming down.The building is about to blow up. Move it back. We are walking back.
The building is about to blow up. We don’t have the real story on what happened because there wasn’t a proper investigation done. World Trade Center 7 collapsed because
of fires fueled by office furnishings. It did not collapse from explosives,
or from fuel oil fires. As reported by the New York Times, engineers were baffled
by the collapse of Building 7. Since no steel-framed high-rise
has ever completely collapsed due to fire, how are we to understand this mysterious event? High-rise buildings simply
do not collapse due to fire. There has never been,
until 9/11, an experience where a high-rise building that was steel-framed,
completely collapsed. There have been fires burn
longer in similar structures, without any collapse. NIST claims the fires were very large, very hot and long lasting when in reality observation which has been
researched by many people shows the fires did not last very long, they were not in the locations where NIST claims they were at given times. I’m a fellow of the American
Institute of Architects. For the 40 plus years
that I’ve been practicing architecture I have designed a variety of buildings from small houses to high-rise office buildings. Some of the high-rises that I’ve worked on are One Shell and Two Shell here in Houston. I was project manager for
a 22-story office building in Akron, Ohio. Later in the day when
World Trade Center 7 collapsed, they had already showed us pictures
of a few fires in that building and I mean, they weren’t even raging, and how could that cause a building to collapse as if it were imploded? Couldn’t happen. According to lead investigator Shyam Sunder of the National Institute
for Standards and Technology (NIST), World Trade Center 7 collapsed
at free fall acceleration for more than 100 feet of its fall. What does the speed of the collapse reveal to us? Essentially, in less than seven seconds, Tower 7 came down upon itself. Its just like taking your car keys out
and just dropping them. That’s how fast the building came down,
for over a hundred feet, and the only way you can get that
is when there is zero resistance. And so, what we’re looking at
is a building coming straight down, falling right through itself,
with zero resistance. Buildings don’t have zero resistance, which is why you feel comfortable
walking into a building. This building had 40,000 tons
of structural steel in its structural system and that is intended
to keep it from going anywhere. NIST is telling us that the building
below it ceased to exist for the first few seconds
of collapse of the building. Well, things in physics just don’t cease to exist, and cease to resist the forces that are on them. The building didn’t disappear
so the building can fall for 100 feet at free fall speed,
that’s impossible, that’s a violation
of the fundamental law of physics that says that for every action,
there’s an equal and opposite reaction. If floors fall, they tend to fall and are braced by the floor directly beneath it,
and there’s some delay there. because of redundancy, because of
all the other columns in the building, that were not affected. Even if a floor were to collapse, it still wouldn’t be able to collapse
all of the connections simultaneously at the rate that it did,
without secondary explosions. We might anticipate that an unevenly
damaged building would fall over, yet videos of the collapse of Building 7 show a fairly symmetrical fall. How do we make sense of this? If the buildings had come down
by fire we would have seen a more natural progression of collapse. And clearly a more asymmetrical pattern should have been present. The symmetry is the smoking gun. It cannot happen that
when you have asymmetric damage, you will get a perfectly symmetrical collapse. The exterior columns on the outside, as well as on the inside at the bottom, would have to be severed almost at the same time. I worked for Controlled
Demolition Incorporated (CDI), the top-rated explosive
demolition firm in the world, What I saw, it was a classic implosion. The center of the core,
the penthouse area starts to move first and then the building follows along with it. That’s another indicator
that this NIST report is very suspect. When it’s all finished, the outside walls are piled one on top of the other
right in the middle of the building. It’s just like a house of cards
if it were coming down. According to NIST, the failure occurred
at column 79 on level 12. This means basically they’re talking about
a single columnar collapse, or failure, that resulted in a total collapse of the building. That just does not make any sense. The explanations from FEMA
and from NIST don’t add up, but there is enormous circumstantial evidence, circumstantial and actually
physical evidence as well, that would lead us to a different conclusion, and the conclusion is controlled demolition. This is controlled demolition. Absolutely? Absolutely. It’s been imploded. It’s a hired job,
done by a team of experts. Building 7 to me, is really what gives it away. Because that’s a classic case
of controlled demolition. This is the original site of the
World Trade Center Twin Towers. Construction is now underway where
dramatic new facilities are being erected. Just 10 years ago, the planes hit the towers, cutting through some exterior and interior
supporting structural steel columns. The fuel from the planes ignited
office fires across several floors. According to the official reports, the structural steel frame
was weakened and failed, causing a total progressive collapse
of each tower. Does the official explanation make sense? Was there a comprehensive investigation that examined all of the evidence? I walked into the office
and the first words that I heard was “a plane’s just run into the World Trade Center.” And my initial thought was “well that’s OK, it’s built to withstand a 707…” It did not seem possible that these towers which were designed to withstand
the impact of a 707, could possibly collapse, in such a short order of time
from the time that they were hit. The majority of the jet fuel was
burned up instantly in the big fireball, and it was gone. The fires that were left were office furnishings, and carpet, and things like that. A lot of things in these kinds of buildings
have to be fire resistant by nature, it’s required by code. So there really isn’t a whole lot
of fuel in there to begin with. The media portrayed these fires
as being extremely hot, but the fires were not that hot
in World Trade Center 1 and 2. If you look at NIST’s own data, you can see this, and to use our own powers
of observation you can tell, by seeing these fires, and seeing black smoke come out the windows, that means that the fires were oxygen-starved, and it was incomplete combustion, and so it was a low temperature fire. The heat from the fire supposedly
softened the steel and thereby brought the buildings down. If you have a flame at 750 degrees, you can hold that flame under a steel beam forever and you’ll never reach a high enough temperature to bend steel, let alone melt it. So immediately I knew at that point, that the official explanation was dead wrong. Rather than a slow groaning collapse,
that we might anticipate, the Twin Towers show in the videos
a very rapid, sudden onset of destruction. What does this imply? NIST claimed that the upper section
of each of the towers crushed the lower section. However when you watch video closely, in the case of World Trade Center 1, you’ll see that the upper section
disintegrates itself. It appears to be a controlled
demolition of its own, of the upper section. The top section, pushing on the bottom section, it’s going to meet equal forces as it goes. Both sections are going
to be demolished at the same rate. So by the time you’ve crushed up
15 stories below it, the top 15 stories are also going to be crushed. So there’s nothing left now
to crush the rest of the building. You’re looking for a jolt, that this thing,
if it actually comes down and hits, you should be able to see the point
at which they actually impact, because it would actually slow down
the motion of the falling block. Before the tower started collapsing from the top, the antenna started to fall. And the antenna, of course, was over the middle of the elevator shafts. I’m very familiar with the interior structure that surrounded the elevator shafts and the accessibility
which the elevator companies had 24/7. It wouldn’t be a problem once
you gained access to the elevator shafts, then a team of loading experts would have access to all the core columns and beams. The rest could be accomplished at that point by just the right kind
of explosives for the job at hand. The only way that I can see that the towers could have collapsed is that the interior columns were compromised. Over a hundred first responders reported sounds of explosions
and flashes of light, at the onset of destruction of both towers. These were not discussed in the NIST report. What do these eyewitnesses actually see and hear? As we were getting our gear on
and making our way to the stairway there was a heavy-duty explosion…
Inside the lobby. We were stuck on the stairs for a while,
we finally got down to the lobby, then we get to the lobby,
there was this big explosion. There were numerous secondary explosions
taking place in that building, there were continuous explosions. Floor by floor, it started popping out. It was as if they had detonators, as if they were planned to take down a building, boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom …and it just started going pop it just started
going boom, boom, boom-boom-boom, and he goes “how fast?”
and I go “Like fire crackers.” They are reporting exactly what I would expect. You’re hearing boom, boom, boom, boom. Waves of explosions going off,
not one massive big boom. There’s so many videos of witnesses
from that day that report explosions. There’s radio transmissions from the FDNY. We have the transcripts that were recorded,
you know, back in 2001, of all these firefighters
and first responders reporting explosions… This testimony should have caused the presumption that there was a good chance
explosive residue would be found and justified testing for it,
rather than the opposite. It doesn’t look like a collapse,
it’s like a huge mushrooming, billowing, kind of an event. That whole thing looks nothing
like a building falling down. It’s a building being blown up.
That’s what the physics shows. And yet they refuse to consider
the possibility that explosives, or some other form of demolition device
could have been used to cause the collapse of the towers, and the fact that controlled
demolition is consistent with all the available technical evidence, and the response to that request
for correction is NIST simply saying they’re unable to provide a full explanation
for the total collapse, even though that was their task
given to them by congress. FEMA documents a 1,200 foot diameter
debris field around each tower. Videos show multi-ton steel sections, of hundreds of individual steel pieces ejecting out of the tower at 60 miles an hour, for a distance of 600 feet. They also show clouds of debris, pulverized in mid air, and isolated explosive ejections as many as 60 stories below
the so-called crush zone. Videos also show the near total
destruction of both towers. What does all this tell us about the forces and energies
involved in the destruction. Large multi-ton beams were hurled
hundreds of yards laterally. Gravity works vertically, not laterally. So something’s happening to throw these things
horizontally at those kinds of speeds, and here it is, trailing white smoke
the whole time. It really is indicative of some kind of explosion. The individual explosions that I noticed 20 and 30 and 40 stories
below the collapsing structure… … and naysayers tend to say “well, that’s just air being
blown out the windows,” I mean, it doesn’t really work
to say it’s just air pressure, estimated these are coming out
faster than 100 miles an hour. As an architect, I would expect to see larger portions of the building floors, the decking, the steel decking,
the concrete topping, much larger remnants of what the structural components
of what this building was. What happened to the concrete? The concrete was pulverized,
and I was down here Tuesday and it was like you were on a foreign planet. All of lower Manhattan,
not just this site, from river to river there was dust powder two or three inches thick. The concrete was just pulverized. In its report on World Trade Center 7, which came out in May of 2002, FEMA documents, in Appendix C,
steel that has been melted, and even partially evaporated,
resembling Swiss cheese. What are we to make of this? I’d like to know why NIST excluded
the evidence of melting steel. Why is this not included? Why is this forensic evidence
not being included in the report? First of all, let’s go back to your basic premise
that there was a pool of molten steel. I know of absolutely nobody, no eyewitness
who said so, nobody who has produced it… But witnesses testify otherwise… You’d get down below and you’d see molten steel, molten steel – running down the channel rails… like you were in a foundry… like lava. There were actually melted beams where
it was molten steel that was being dug out. Underground it was still so hot that
molten metal dripped down the sides of a wall. It’s this fused element of steel,
molten steel, and concrete, and all of these things… all fused
by the heat into one single element. And they pulled out a big block of concrete and there was a… like
a little river of steel, flowing… “Steel members … appear to have been partly
evaporated in extraordinarily high temperatures” Parts of the I-beam,
once 5/8 inch thick, had vaporized. Many witnesses, firemen and lots of people described the flowing, molten metal, iron or steel at extremely hot temperatures, and John Gross
categorically denied their observations. So that because their observations
don’t fit his preconceived notion, he not only ignored evidence, he denied evidence. In an office fire, you cannot generate
enough heat to melt steel. And yet we have evidence
of molten iron in the microspheres, in the rubble pile, and the metal
pouring out of the side of the tower. So what is this molten metal? It’s direct evidence for the use of thermite. An incendiary used by the military, thermite is a compound of iron oxide and aluminum, which when ignited,
sustains an extreme heat reaction creating molten iron. In just two seconds, thermite can reach
temperatures of over 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit – quite enough to liquefy steel. We know that open air fires
cannot burn hot enough to melt steel, but metal had melted at the base of the towers. I found a pore in the steel that had pure sulfur. There’s a government theory
that calcium sulfate from gypsum boards was the source of sulfur, and that’s wrong. Calcium sulfate cannot undergo
any kind of a chemical reaction that produces the element sulfur, and we’re not dealing with
any kind of compound of sulfur – when we’re talking about sulfidation
we’re dealing with the element sulfur. There’s a version of thermite called thermate, which has sulfur in the thermate, and what the sulfur does,
it’s sort of like salt on ice. It just basically makes the steel melt
at a lower temperature. And if you do a search on Google
for thermite in building demolition, you can find devices that
have been fabricated and invented that use thermite for building demolitions. In the case of thermite cutting charges, you would have heard far less noise since they work by thermal heating, melting of the steel, rather than
an explosive cutting, as in RDX charges. Overflights had detected with infrared camera 1,400 degree Fahrenheit hot spots
on the surface of Ground Zero, and that being there for a week, you know indicates that there was something
very hot going on below the surface. So thermite would also
explain potentially the fact that the fires could not
be put out at Ground Zero. The fires lasted for quite a while but most importantly
they were deep within the pile where people would expect that
the environment was oxygen-starved, and thermite could explain this
because it has its own oxidant within. It’s actually the metallic oxide
that provides the oxidant to allow the incendiary thermite reaction
to occur even under water. As much as 6% of the World Trade Center dust consisted of tiny, previously molten iron spheres. What does this tell us about the temperatures
generated in the towers’ destruction? When the USGS collected samples
of the World Trade Center dust, they found the iron microspheres. Insofar, the USGS does not have a valid explanation
for the presence of these iron microspheres. So, what do the microspheres contain? Iron is the main element, and then it has smaller portions of aluminum,
sulfur, a trace of manganese. Most of them are less than
about a tenth of an inch in diameter, and they’re spherical, and they’re found in all of the dust blown
out of the buildings during collapse, no matter where in Manhattan
that dust is picked up. You must have had a much hotter heat source for you to get 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit in order to melt the iron
to get these molten spheres. Your heat source must be something
like a chemical reaction, an exothermic chemical reaction, that reacts, in the case of thermite,
reacts at 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit. My contention based on finding
thermite residue in the dust is that it happened before. It didn’t happen after, in the fires
that ensued in the rubble pile afterwards. All the characteristics of the microspheres along with what I see in the attack
of the beams that were actually found tell me that thermite was involved
in melting those steel beams. Out of the ashes of the
World Trade Center devastation rises the Freedom Tower,
whose foundation, however, is shrouded in question. For example, in the World Trade Center dust an international team of scientists
find an advanced form of highly energetic, nano-thermite composites. What is it? And where does it come from? In the dust we found what we characterize
as unreacted thermitic material in the shape of some very tiny red-gray chips, and in the reaction they produce molten iron which is the prime indication
of a thermitic reaction, and such a reaction can be used
to destroy steel structures. What we have found
is a modern version of thermite, which we call nano-thermite, which is produced in a different way,
it is not just two powders being mixed. The material is actually built
from the atom scale up, we call it the bottom-up procedure, which is what you do in nano-technology. The ingredients are much smaller, which means they’re reacting faster
and they are more easily ignited. The primary elements in the red material are aluminum, iron oxide
as well as silicon and carbon. The iron oxide appears in faceted grains,
approximately 100 nanometers across. The aluminum appears in thin platelets
about 40 nanometers thick. This is discussed in our paper in
The Open Chemical Physics Journal published in April of 2009. So far, none of these papers have been refuted in the literature, the scientific literature. So that means they are unchallenged
in the scientific sense. They stand as an indictment, really,
of the official story of 9/11. We also took paint that came off
of the WTC steel and looked at that in the SEM
and did a compositional analysis of that and found that it was not similar
to the red-gray chip or the red layer
of the red-gray chips. This cannot be paint. Paint does not have these
exotic properties, that’s impossible. This is material that is of military use
that really shouldn’t be there. You don’t need to be an engineer, or an architect to see what happened to those buildings. Any honest investigator would be looking at this and looking for explosives and so forth. The NIST investigation didn’t go there, they just would not look for explosives. This has been a work
of independent researchers, not NIST. So the preconceived notion of NIST is that there’s no evidence for explosives, and so there’s no point in looking – that is the most unscientific thing
that you can possibly think of : not to look because you don’t
expect to find evidence, and in fact the evidence is overwhelming that these red-gray crystals
are very high temperature incendiaries. They state these conclusions, for which there’s virtually no evidence, and then they ignore conclusions
that can be drawn from the evidence. The only way that a building
can accelerate as it collapses is by having pre-engineered,
precisely-timed and precisely-placed explosives – in other words controlled demolition. We have a professional responsibility and I urge every engineer,
and architect, and demolitions expert and anybody that has any knowledge in this field, to examine the evidence
and stand up and be counted, because the rest of the world
is depending upon us. We know we’ve been lied to about 9/11. We don’t know for sure who did it. We don’t know exactly how they did everything, and that’s why we need
a new investigation to find out. We do know that there was a massive cover-up, that there was evidence hidden, and destroyed. The American people absolutely
need the truth of 9/11. It took some kind of
consciousness-raising on my part before I was willing
to look at the possibilities, and really, you need to go
where the evidence leads. Let’s look at it objectively,
let’s look at the evidence, not these fabricated computer models and hearsay, and all these pre-determined conclusions. Let’s really open it up again and investigate this thing properly,
and then come to conclusions. I strongly support an independent investigation that would be independent of the government,
independent of all of the influences that obviously were in effect
during the NIST investigation. What happened on 9/11 is not something
that is just going to go away. This is very pertinent to us today. I wish to further the investigation
and I want to make a difference because I want this to be a safe
and better place for my children. I signed the petition on the Architects
and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website mainly because I wanted to stand behind
the families that lost people on 9/11. The 9/11 Truth movement
was started by the families that lost loved ones on that day,
and they were all out there alone, screaming for help,
and our own country was ignoring them. Ignoring their needs and not taking care of them the way we should have after that happened. Most of us who have lived with the events of 9/11, have, as a result experienced some kind of trauma. It can be very difficult to come to terms
with what actually happened at the WTC. In fact, someone told me recently “I wouldn’t believe what you’re telling me,
even if it were true.” Our petition signers with psychological expertise have stepped forward to offer their insight. While this segment is clearly outside
the knowledge base of AE9/11Truth these experts in psychology highlight
their valuable experience for us as to why this evidence can still be
so difficult for people to accept. As we know the horrors of what happened on 9/11 were televised all over the world
and they were televised, in fact, live. We witnessed the deaths
of almost 3,000 of our fellow Americans. We know this had a very severe
and traumatic impact on a large majority of the population. At this point we have nine years
of hard scientific evidence that disproves the government theory
about what happened on September 11th, and yet people continue
to be either oblivious to the fact that this information exists, or completely resistant
to looking at this information. So the question becomes “why”? Why is it that people have so much trouble
hearing this information? From my work I think we would be remiss
not to look at the impact of trauma. Many people respond
to these truths in a very deep way. Some have a visceral reaction
like they’ve been punched in the stomach. To begin to accept the possibility
that the government was involved, is like opening Pandora’s box. If you open the lid and peek in a little bit, it’s going to challenge some of your
fundamental beliefs about the world. If we can think of our world view as being sort of our mental and emotional home, I think all of us will do just about
anything to defend our homes, to defend our families, and so I see that with people
and I saw that with myself when my brother tried to talk with me about it – don’t mess with me, don’t mess with my home, don’t mess with my comfort with how things are. Then about a week later I read
a lengthy article by Professor Griffin about why he believes the official account
of 9/11 can not be true, and it was a very well-researched article. I was in my office at the time,
I sat there and I felt my stomach churning. I thought maybe I was going to be sick. And I leaped out of my chair and ran out the door and took a long walk around the block,
around several blocks, and just broke down. I understand now that what was happening was my world view about my government, being in some way my protector
almost like a parent, had been dashed, and it was like being cast out
into the wilderness. It’s the closest way to describe that feeling and I sobbed and I sobbed, felt like the ground had completely
disappeared beneath my feet and I knew at some point during the walk, that I knew that I was going
to have to become active in educating other people about this, that for me to retain any sense of integrity, I was going to have to take some action,
I couldn’t just let something like this go. When we hear information
that contradicts our world view, social psychologists call the resulting
insecurity “cognitive dissonance.” For example, with 9/11, we have one cognition which is what the official story of 9/11,
what our government told us, what our media repeated to us over and over, that 19 Muslims attacked us. On the other hand we have
what scientists, researchers, architects, engineers
are now beginning to tell us, which is that there is evidence that shows
that the official story cannot be true. So now, we’ve lost our sense of security. We are starting to feel vulnerable.
Now we’re confused. 9/11 Truth challenges the beliefs
that our country protects us and keeps us safe
and that America is the good guy. When your beliefs are challenged,
fear and anxiety are created. In response to that our
psychological defenses kick in, and they protect us from these emotions. Denial, which is probably the most
primitive psychological defense, is the one most likely to kick in
when our beliefs are challenged. …and it’s a very uncomfortable state to be in, and eventually our mind shuts off
just like when a computer is overloaded, our minds get overloaded. We can’t handle it anymore and we shut down. What some of us will tend to do is deny the evidence that’s coming our way, and stick to the original story,
the official story, and to try to regain our equilibrium in that way. Another thing we can do is decide
to look at the conflicting evidence and be sincere and be open minded and look at both sides of the issue and then make up our own mind
about what reality is. Here are a few of those
spontaneous initial reactions to hearing the contradictory
evidence about 9/11. “I don’t want to know the truth,
or I’d become too negative and psychologically go downhill.” “I’m not sure I want to know. If this is true, then up would be down,
and down would be up. My life would never be the same.” “Fran, I refuse to believe that
that many Americans could be that satanically treasonous.
Someone would have talked.“ But these are beliefs,
they are not scientific facts. But these beliefs do keep us from
looking at the empirical evidence. Whenever we say “I refuse to believe,” we can be sure that the evidence
that’s coming our way is not bearable and that it’s conflicting
with our world view much too much. As I thought about all of these responses I realized that what is common
to every one of them is the emotion of fear. People are afraid of being ostracized, they’re afraid of being alienated,
they’re afraid of being shunned, they’re afraid of their lives
being inconvenienced, they’d have to change their lives,
they’re afraid of being confused, they’re afraid of psychological deterioration, they’re afraid of feeling helpless and vulnerable, and they’re afraid that they won’t be able
to handle the feelings that are coming up. None of us want to feel helpless and vulnerable. Healing comes through facing
the truth, experiencing it, allowing the feelings to come in, so that if there are feelings of fear, that perhaps these events were caused by something
that we haven’t thought about yet, dark elements within our society for example, we’ll let that come in and explore it. Let the light shine on whatever happened. This will be the most healing process. After World War II, part of the way that Jewish people
honored the dead was by making sure that the truth was known and that the value of these people was respected. Not pursuing the truth about 9/11 disrespects the value of the life
of the people that died. Thinking that we’re above such things, that it could happen in other countries
but it couldn’t happen here, that’s a lack of humility,
and that’s excessive pride. Not being able to see our dark side,
or our weaknesses,
is the most dangerous thing. A feature of American history that makes us
particularly liable to this pride is this notion that’s called exceptionalism – that America is the exceptional nation, and that began from the beginning,
as this country was formed, the people would say say “well, there was
so much evil in the European countries, so much cheating, so much lying, so much using the people for the rulers’ purposes, but not in America. We have leaders
that are free from those sins.” So I think this has made 9/11
particularly difficult for Americans. So we need to understand
that questioning is patriotic. Questioning is what we’re supposed
to do as citizens. That’s our duty. When something like 9/11 happens, we need to be sure that we
have a real investigation into who the perpetrators are and then we need to be sure that
those perpetrators are held legally accountable. It’s part of the healing process,
on the individual level, as on the collective level. We need the truth in order to heal. My name is Bob McIlvaine. I’m from right outside the Philadelphia area, and I’m the father of Bobby McIlvaine who was killed in the lobby of the North Tower
on September 11th, 2001. Bobby was one of the first ten bodies found. We took him home that week. We’re one of the few. I finally found the doctor who examined him. All his injuries were in the face,
the front of his face, his face was blown off, massive cuts in his chest and his right arm were blown off.
To me, that means explosion. What happened on September 11th
was the tragedy where Neil was on Flight 175, and it crashed into the second tower, and I can’t imagine what happened to him. My brother was my best friend. David has always been a firefighter. My brother went in to save people’s lives. I’m a family member trying to find out the answers to the murder of 3,000 plus people. I’m Jane Pollicino, my husband Steve was 48 years old
when he was killed on September 11th. I had no identification. You know, why is that?
It seems to me we should know why over a thousand victims,
there are no trace for, and no identification, no trace
of over a thousand victims. Just a few years ago
they were still finding body parts on the roofs of buildings. What is that? We should know why there are
over 700 bone fragments found on the top of Deutsche Bank building
less than a half an inch long. We should have that information.
Why were they up there? Why weren’t they found?
What kind of explosion was there? And the explosions
were brought up many-a-times, talking to firemen, talking to medics,
talking to everyone. Everybody talked about these explosions. I want the officials that are in power to ask the questions. I want answers. Please look at Architects and Engineers. People all around the world, scientists all around the world
are questioning this. When you bring science
into the equation, that’s so important because you can’t argue against science, and there’s some deep, deep explaining to do. The bottom line is that it needs
to be investigated properly. We will never heal, this country
will never, ever, ever forget that day. We have to demand a new investigation.
I want justice here. The forensic evidence
that you’ve seen is very real. New light has been shown. A third beam now reaches
into the pitch black sky and stands in for the still officially unexplained
free fall destruction of the World Trade Center Building 7. The obvious dark truth about Building 7 may very well provide the key to justice, for the victims of family members
of the destruction of the Twin Towers. The country owns this. We were all victims. You all should want answers. It’s not just ours, not just mine. We all lost something that day.

100 thoughts on “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version) AE911Truth.org

  • They are scurrying to role out their Agenda 21, New World Order – before the population wakes up. Finally , thousands of people are seeing that the US Govt is being controlled by a very evil cabal, who is trying to control the entire world. One of the last video's released of Osama Bin Laden, he stated, "The American people are being lied too, the US media is the one using propaganda on the American people." Shortly, thereafter he was killed. Nano particles are being used for many things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50uM6Bt-4gs

  • It has now been 17 years since that day – it was a beautiful fall day here in mid Wisconsin – and THEY blew up those buildings. I ask my grandson if they teach anything about this – and so many other horrid things done for $$$$$$$. He is 15. He said someone in his class said that Dick Cheney made a lot of money. I appreciate having access to documentaries like this but those involved are still alive and those who helped are dying of cancer – too many threads to follow – I still am amazed when I ask people had they heard about Building #7 falling down, and they only remember the twin towers. Good documentary – thank you.

  • It seems to me that there is the media led, fear/drama, agenda driven view, which constitutes the majority and then there is the informed, truth driven, concerned and even aghast minority. Paradoxically the majority view is considered reality and the minority, all to often, is considered conspiracy theory… Personally I consider questioning/research/broad investigation of every significant/political/legal/taxation/act of war/mandatory compliance/enviromental/health/medicinal/corporate story we are told through the media to be essential to a valid perspective. Just because the majority believe it to be true does not make it so, ironically usually it is the reverse.

  • Dont fight the Jewish. They re our gods and we re their slave…. They re god's chosen people if you fight them you will lose

  • Has anyone thought to conduct an experiment showing whether an aluminum jet traveling at 500 mph+ is able to penetrate the same concrete and steal structure of the twin towers?

  • A popular music video has 5,664,586,914 views
    on youtube, this has under 800,000 views. I guess people do not even want to investigate uncomfortable ideas? Hide in plain sight. I don't know anymore. People are all too busy working their ass off to get the latest mobile phone or getting a nicer car than their neighbor perhaps

  • Is it possible that NIST just made a horrible report – the investigation team could have been extremely lazy and followed protocols terribly? Could it be possible that it isn't government conspiracy?

  • At 50:15, I fully support his statement about how important knowing the truth of these people's stories are, and that their lives had value. Disregarding truth does not respect the value of those individuals whose lives were taken.

  • This video proves that the Encyclopedia entry that YouTube inserted on top of this video as an amateurish kind of warning label is FALSE.

  • US taxpayers….hmm…I guess USA means nothing anymore it's always US not U.S. or U.S.A; THREE VERY VERY DIFFERENT CORPORATE EMPIRES ! ! ! (noting the Subconscious seed planting of us/ US / U.S… three very different meanings yet seem the very same to the average person) Shameless media giants and corporate trolls

  • I felt that it would be a good idea to get this out to the public as soon as possible. This is just a theory so it may not be correct. But it is the most sensible theory I've heard regarding what took place in the months leading up to September 11 and on the day of September 11 itself. The security company Securacom which was owned by the Bush family was probably used as a front for the demolition crew. They probably posed as security personnel so nobody would suspect them and they could go basically anywhere in the buildings. This is how they were able to prepare the buildings for controlled demolition without drawing suspicion.
    The best theory I have heard concerning the attacks themselves is that there were only 3 planes, not 4. The third plane was supposed to crash into Building 7 but it was shot down by an Air National Guard F-16. This would explain why Building 7 was brought down in such an obvious way. They had calculated and planned all this down to the slightest detail. The plan was to have the debris from The Twin Towers fall onto Buildings 3 through 6 and destroy them. That could be at least one purpose of the nanothermite. Look at the hole it burned down the center of Building 6. But Building 7 was too far away, the debris wouldn't reach it. That's why it was set up for a seperate demolition. Shanksville and The Pentagon were not part of the original plan. They were done as a distraction to draw people's attention away from The World Trade Center so they would pay much attention to the demolition of Building 7. Nobody died in Shanksville. They fired a missile of some sort into the ground there and said a plane had crashed. They also fired a missile into The Pentagon. Remember, we've never seen any video showing a plane hit The Pentagon. Also, these planes were said to have just been filled with fuel. Why wasn't there a huge fuel fire at Shanksville or The Pentagon? I would also like to mention that at Shanksville the crease in the ground that was supposed to mimic where the wings hit was already there. It had been there for a long time. There are satellite images of it long before September 11, 2001.

  • It would be interesting to do a test with an old airliner and an old building. Fill the plane with fuel, attach a remote control pod, and fly it into the building to see what happens. My guess is that some parts of the plane would not penetrate into the building and would fall to the ground. And when the full fuel tanks explode it would NOT bring the building down. An expensive test? Yes….but it would go a long way to proving how impossible the official story is.

  • Fellow citizens of the world! Today 03.12.2018 NY ATT GEN will comply to a petition submitted by the Lawyers Committee for 9/11, proving the official gov story os FALSE, is being sent to a specially convened special GRAND JURY! The BIGGEST LIE OF OUR TIME WILL FINALLY BE DISCOVERED! God bless America and all humans! UNITED WE STAND!

  • Why would the strongest country in the world make itself look weak? Why would be the strongest country in the world let one of it's biggest cities nearly fall into debt? It wouldn't, the attacks of 9-11 were sad and horrible but it's a fact of this world there are people who hate us. There were investigations but no full on ones because they would require am not example and who would make another event for pure science? The towers we're weakened and brought to there worst fate, but we as Americans must move on and stay strong for those who where lost.

  • The fact that so much truth-evidence against the original narrative has come forth over the years is incredible, and it's so gut-wrenching to know that this disgusting main stream media does absolutely nothing about it. WHY? Because the bastards are in on it and are controlled by this unseen elite that did this to their own people. One day they will all pay with their lives!

  • From Australia… Been to the US twice since 911. It is hard to believe how blind Americans are to what goes on elsewhere in the world, as apposed to what their government has them believe. Americans as I see them are a very scared and worried people.
    I think you need to either travel elsewhere in the world, or listen to what people from other countries have to say about how you live your make believe lives…! As far as free or the best country in the world, I'm sorry you are far from it…!!!

  • I truly and firmly ANY investigation will be whitewashed out of existence. Only when the last of those involved will anything be done.

  • America absolutely deserves the truth about 9/11 especially the people who lost their lives that day , God bless their souls , may they R.I.P. The criminal TRAITORS responsible also need to be brought to justice and executed for their crimes against humanity , no matter who they are , follow the money trail that will reveal who they are .

  • Building #7 tenants:

    Floor #25-Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency

    Floor #10-
    U.S. Secret Service, Standard Chartered Bank🤔🤔🤔🤔

    All 82 columns,40,000 tons of structural steel, 45,000 yd.³ of concrete and 2,600 structural steel bolting connection-simultaneously and symmetrically collapsed into its own footprint

    At freefall speed in just 6.5 seconds- taking the path of most resistance through itself with zero resistance-and picking up speed.

    All from office furnishing fires and diesel fuel!!

    Actually after it was built it was reinforced beyond its requirements.
    They spent 2 years & 200 million dollars making it stronger for its tenants.

  • you spend all day waiting for a plane to hit your building which you've rigged with explosives, and it never comes. then you're in the awkward position of having to bring it down in controlled demolition and hope nobody notices.

  • Why is this such a big deal? OK, so they were demolitions… what probably happened is that the terrorist groups behind the attacks also planted explosives in buildings in the early hours of the morning, and the plane crashes were just the icing on the cake. The authorities probably hushed this up because they didn't want to draw attention to the appallingly lax security in New York City at the time. I agree that the truth should be made public, but I don't really see any big mystery here. There are much more worrying things going on in the Trump administration!

  • Members of NIST who arrived at the final conclusion on that report – we know you're hiding something. The world is coming for you.

  • I saw the 2nd tower get hit live on tv. I saw the first and second tower go down live on tv. My first thought for each tower was, "why is that building being demolished?" I know many people who don't want to even try to confront this. I will not let this go. Those responsible must be held accountable. The world has been lied to for almost 2 decades. Enough is enough.

  • The fact that whistleblowers and truth seekers are silenced, killed or chased out of the US is enough to tell Americans that the powers that be are up to a cover-up. If you have nothing to hide, why do you want to silence people. If there is nothing to hide why don’t the Government open up new investigations with independent Structural Engineers, Architects, firefighters and forensic experts….

  • Lynn Margulis is a superb engineer, I was lucky enough to work on a contract she managed back in '96.
    She's a very hands-on boss, who is approachable & always explained the reason for the solution she offered.
    I would take her word to the bank….!!

  • The most disturbing aspect about the Truth911 experts, is their unquestioning acceptance and presumption that aircraft played a role at all; in the controlled demolition of the twin towers.
    This is an important observation because, hundreds if not thousands of CCTV camera's around the Manhattan and greater NY area; were given willingly to the FBI and CIA, under the rouze of National Security. The only purpose for this action would be; no CCTV evidence to show that aircraft were anywhere near the twin towers. The doctoring of the extremely limited video footage claimed to be from verifiable sources; would not have bee difficult to pull-off at all.

    For the purposes of Truth911 however, the absence of aircraft scenario; falls outside its technical and scientific brief.

  • 3:50 is where this video should have started. Poorly produced videos with almost 2 minutes of a constant sound with white text on black screen, echoes of "a scientific investigation" — this is why people who aren't already sold on your message aren't going to watch. It feels like cheap propaganda more than a serious discussion in the first 3 minutes of the video and that's bad. You could be 100% correct and presenting irrefutable facts, but if you produce a video that easily turns people away in the first 180 seconds, it won't matter. Just saying, if you want to be taken seriously, be more professional and to the point. Hook the viewer better if you're asking them to spend an hour of their time learning your message.

  • I just finished watching this documentary. Was there a 2nd investigation done, is anything being done about it, what has proceeded after this video? I want answers because someone needs to be responsible for all those lost lives! So who is responsible?

  • if u are awake and informed about the 911 false flag pls also do research on weather warfare, check out GEOENGINEERINGWATCH ORG and dane wigington 's yt channel.

  • In general: A non-profit organization doesn't mean that they don't make a profit. They get a no-tax status, but the leaders can make $100,000 a year and all expenses. Non-Profits were designed to
    allow people to do things that the Gov't wouldn't/couldn't. They are like foundations.

  • The Engineering textbooks have been doctored to the lie. Freefall word problems now use the tragedy of 9/11 to reinforce the official story. We are controlled in all areas.

  • If individuals want to be involved in the movement they should make up a sign that says "Investigate 9/11" and picket out side of news studios for a few minutes at the right time.

  • The thing is – even to an ignorant bistander.
    The collapsed storeys would WEIGH exactly the same, crushed or not.
    How come it didn't collapse under its OWN WEIGHT? :¬O

  • When I saw the building collapsed like an accordion, I told myself isn’t it great 👍 that GOD was so good that he guided the collapse of the building in such a manner that it DID NOT TIP OVER SIDEWAYS and damaged surrounding edifice. I was complicit and accepted GODS HAND was guiding it down because we’re America a Christian nation. Now I see the truth. God will punish the evil men who orchestrated these catastrophe. I can see clearly now how it’s impossible for these buildings to collapse in such orderly manner.

  • And say, "Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart."[Quran 17:81]

    Thanks to God(Allah) the truth and justice loving men and women of America and the world were deceived on September 11 2011 and are now waking up!!! we have been lied too and arr still being lied to..

  • We owe a complete scientific investigation to the families of the slain. I myself am willing to accept the Official Story the minute l see a video of an airliner hitting the Pentagon but , of course, that we will never see, although the FBI seized all CCTV videos all around the area. If the US Government wanted to shut down the Truth Movement, it should be able to do so easily enough but, 17 years later, we have yet to see ANY irrefutable evidence that the Official Story is true.

  • It is telling that the "debunkers" tell obvious & easily disprovable untruths. They're running out of lies & have come to realize fewer & fewer are listening to their rank propaganda.

  • Listening those testimonies of prominent people & experts (David Ray Griffin,Ph.D; Barbara Honegger, Lawyer's Committee 9/11 Inquiry, Richard Cage, AIA), among many others, the conclusion it seem to be solid and strong: The TRUTH will always seek his revenge, and the Deep State may no be a fiction. God Bless United States !!!

  • As of this post, i see 341 ' non-properly educated' creatures dislike this video. Interesting. Sad. Other are (if not an intelligence issue ) sheep and/or simpleton's…at best.

  • Was the WTC bombing in the mid 90’s a practice run for 9/11/2001 or to see what damage was caused by that bombing in preparation for 9/11/2001 to ensure the twin towers would collapse?

    Or, was the WTC bombing in the mid 90’s a way to allow explosive experts to have access to the twin towers, under the guise of elevator repair/upgrades, to plant the explosives that brought down the twin towers on 9/11/2001?

  • A video showing undeniable evidence that 9/11 was a controlled demolition – 700k views.
    "Conan delivers chinese food in NYC" – 10M views.
    So depressing to sit back and watch everything we, our parents, grandparents and so on fought for be in vein as we allow this sort of shit to happen with nobody held responsible and still to this day these people are in control, everyday more people including our own are killed based on this deception.

  • "WTC 7 sustained minor damage" — Yeah, that's a huge lie. "Normal office fires" — Yeah, another huge lie. "looked like a controlled demolition" — Sure, if you don't know what a controlled demolition actually looks and sounds like. If you believe this video, I have some bridges to sell you…

  • If you listen to the CNN anchor in the twin towers videos he sounded calm soon after the plane crashed into the building. WHY? BECAUSE THERE WAS NO IMMINENT DANGER FROM A PLANE VS THOUSANDS OF TONNES OF CONCRETE AND STEEL. It was only LATER THAT the building eventually collapsed.

  • 9/11 was a Russian retaliatory strike for among other things the sinking of the Kursk by the USS Memphis and USS Toledo, the 1999 Moscow Apartment Bombings and multiple attempts to assassinate Putin. The US government covered it up in order to avoid a full scale nuclear war. Which America would have lost on 911 because Air Force Ones communications were jammed to the point they could not even watch CNN. http://thearea51blog.blogspot.com/2017/10/the-cole-bombing-and-911-attack-on.html

  • President Donald Trump under fire for allegations made against past president Bush regarding 9/11…. please recognise the integrity and courage of president Trump to speak the truth and be mindful that those against him are those in support of an act that killed over 2700 people on that day and is still killing people today by way of premature cancer resulting from exposure to chemicals. Firemen … paramedics…. policemen… president Trump speaks the TRUTH. For this alone he deserves the support and respect of all Americans. And if by any unlikely possibility 9/11 wasn't done by sections of the US government, THE COVER UP WAS! My opinion! May the guilty pay here on earth and in the hereafter for eternity! Thou shall not kill …Coltrump🇳🇿

  • Lucky Larry and his family plus most of his employees were not in or near the buildings just on that very day…He was refused permission to demolish them

  • “p-45 CAMPAIGNED without mention of WTC investigation. IF A real person, a campaign would focus to promise investigation & Justice; but p45 is an integral, owned token (as is GOP,) to operating ‘ONE aMERÎKA’ & criminal elitism. WAR & CONCENTRATED, military technology serves more than a defense purpose. ITS DARK-MONEY is surreptitious & far more intentioned & nefariously capable than can be Publicly alleged, much less ever revealed.”

  • Let's start a list of the propaganda astroturfers you find in the comment section of videos that challenge the official conspiracy theory. I have Tpryce, Joe V, Joe C, M Fitz (known sockpuppet operator), Mooneyes2k, have to go get more. Any you recognize? Any to add?

  • IT WAS A FALSE FLAG EVENT,, Bush, Cheney, Guiliani, Silverstein, all MURDERERS of 2744 innocent American citizens.

  • ESSENCE OF 9/11: 'Four' alleged passenger planes crashed
    into each of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the soil of Shanksville without
    corroborating evidence. Further, WTC building 7 fell at ‘free fall’ speed due
    only to localized office fires. All three ‘asymmetrically designed’ buildings could
    not fall symmetrically. It’s simply impossible. Yet they did just that, at free
    fall speed. The FBI didn't bother digging the alleged Shanksville crash site
    saying, "Everything vaporized.”  Outrageous!

    There is a myriad of circumstantial evidence, but no corroborating
    evidence, regarding the ‘alleged’ passenger planes. This is the essence of the 9/11
    scam upon the world, and the fraudulent ‘war on terror’ where millions have
    been murdered and displaced worldwide. The perpetrators, of course, are the
    dual-nationals of the government of the United States of Zionist America USZA
    and Israel with their respective military and Mossad, and Media, for the
    purpose of justifying wars of hegemony for Israel over the Middle East and
    beyond. There is no ‘Statute of Limitations’ regarding murder or in this case
    mass-murder. The effects of the 9/11 massive deception continue mercilessly
    today, being sustained by Main Stream Media, Hollywood and Central Banks. THE
    CURE: civil disobedience and ultimate revolution, which is passionately beginning
    in various countries such as France and soon Great Britain via Brexit. The
    killing of journalists, such as Mr. Jamal Khashoggi, is noteworthy for the use
    of the Israeli spyware called PEGASUS. A future of greater ‘shock and awe’
    events, far greater than 9/11, is on the horizon.

  • 6000 soldiers lost??? Don't forget all those who have committed suicide after their service for their country.

  • Great film, I’ve never really questioned the official theory until recently. There’s so much evidence against their claims, whoever was behind it is truly despicable.

  • There were Mossad agents posing as Students Living in 1 of the Twin Towers. 1 pic shows then in a room with Boxes of Thousands of Detonators….Who gave them unlimited access to those buildings?…Why were they celabtating before the attacks? They also said they were here to document the Event. The Only Way to document something that has not happened is to have prior knowledge that is is going to Happen….Israel and The U.S. Government did 911….Period…

  • I witnessed the owner of these buildings state on TV that "we are going to pull building 7"—-that statement alone indicates that it was already set-up to "pull"—a process that takes weeks to rig it with explosives–why isn`t this covered in the video—it`s public record and would be on file!

  • The psychology of the human mind is a curious thing. I know so many intelligent people that deny the obviousness of the 9-11 fraud, just because they don't want to live in a world where those supposed to take care of us are actually insane criminals. It's a hard truth.

  • It's still shy of a healthy attitude towards the event to blame the "government", rather then look for the individuals who were responsible.

  • CIA + M✡SSAD + MI6 = ✈ ▌▌ — "Based on evidence and simple logic we can exclude the official 9/11 story as an outrageous conspiracy theory. … And the official explanation [is] an insult to common intelligence." — Tommy Hansen (with whom i couldn't agree more) in "The end of a 15 years embargo on truth – an iceberg melting" http://www.free21.org/the-end-of-a-15-years-embargo-on-truth-an-iceberg-meltin/?lang=en oder http://www.free21.org/das-ende-eines-15-jaehrigen-embargos-auf-die-wahrheit-ein-eisberg-schmilzt/

  • Its Shitty that On September 11, 2001 in America ,That many lives were taken and the blame was put on others when the science shows the truth.No matter how afraid you are as a people, you have to get the Truth…Since this cover up your nation has begun to fight amongst itself more, you have elected officials that are untrustworthy, more Policing of citizens then ever needed, more spying and data collecting of its own citizens and uncontrollable corruption. …to become the US of A again and a leader in nations you need to start with the truth of this and every elected official from the beginning all the way to the Top. .Its a shame to see you walling up areas, making it tough for immigrants and Canadians to go visit .
    I'm Canadian and I miss going to the USA for fun and shopping and meeting people….Just think all them good people id like to meet have been hidden away for too long now..Sort it out You know the direction your going is inevitably disastrous, Take your Country back…Be Proud Americans for Building Greatness again ….I'm sure your all ready for that….Sorry If I offended anyone its not my intention ,If your Neighbors and allies citizens can see the truth we know you can as well….God Bless America, You Know ….We The People!!

  • From all the research I’ve done (read full NIST REPORT) and looked at lots of outside reports done on the heats of the fires and the presence of the melted steel creates quite a conundrum. The nist report has the fire temp well below the required amount to melt Steele. Whilst there is massive amounts of evidence of melted steel all throughout the site. Also a significant amount of video showing molten Steele flowing out of the building. NIST even admits they don’t have an answer for that nor do they have an answer for the near free fall speed. Nor did they test for explosive compounds to explain the melted Steele. Simply because “they doubted that any evidence would be found.” Totally insane. If this was the only evidence there was it would nearly completely discredit the official story. Sadly. There is much much more. I’ve spent over a decade researching this. I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that the official story is nearly all LIES. Outright LIES. Breaks my heart. I wanted to be wrong so so so so bad. Please prove this ALL WRONG. Want to be wrong.

  • it's the United States of America and their cohorts attacking American citizens. I will never believe the official government report!

  • Ok what are we going to do about it? Nothing! Because Americans are spoiled, lazy and passive! If this was Cuba they would lynch their leaders because they have nothing to lose! But when everybody has a nice house and food on the table and kids playing in the yard they are not willing to risk that for any truth it comes down to being self-deluded self-involved and just plain selfish not giving a second thought to the victims and their families that were torn apart at the seems and ground to hamburger meat and cooked with nanothermite the very thermite that our government uses in our military if you think of it this way it's not hard to see what happened but I digress and I say all of this to say this. God is the judge he will judge vengeance is his and everyone involved will burn in a much hotter fire then thermite could ever produce


  • I’m a retired Air Force officer and current professional pilot. I served in uniform from 1990-2015. The “official” 911 account is an absolute lie. I’ve lost several long-term friends over this painful and bitter realization, but once seen, it can’t be unseen, neither can I support any military action under its grotesque fallacy. 18 years of “war on terror” … we’re the terrorists. 😞🇺🇸🔥

  • Larry silverstein bought the 2 towers a month prior after the previous owner, the port authority failed to completely finish and finance the asbestos removal from both towers. The total cost of removal would have been cheaper than building a new tower. Which they could not do due to the asbestos release because of demolition.

    Also.. Robert Mueller III and James Comey were known for what? Ding ding ding 9/11 investigation. The steele dossier? Oh you cant find it, can you.. maybe it's the Robert David Steele dossier.. Not the Christopher David Steele dossier.

    It's bad. Just a little worse than you previously thought.


  • Look up "Operation Northwoods".

    Documents were declassified years ago. The US govt wanted to do a False Flag Operation pretending to be Cuba, where they wanted to to : "commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming them on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. The possibilities detailed in the document included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.[2] The proposals were rejected by John F. Kennedy."
    "The operation recommended developing a "Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington".

    The plan was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer and sent to the Secretary of Defense. Although part of the U.S. government's anti-communist Cuban Project, Operation Northwoods was never officially accepted; it was authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but then rejected by President John F. Kennedy."

    Knowing that , seeing proof in official govt documents forever changed my mind about trusting the US govt.

    This is why I'm voting for Tulsi Gabbard 2020.

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