9/11 Memorial NYC

John: Hey, John Sonmez from simpleprogrammer.com.
So I’m here in New York City finally at the end of my European tour stopping for a
couple of days in New York City before heading back to Tampa. I’m actually at the World
Trade Tower Memorial. You can see behind me one of the World Trade Center—one of the
foundations. It’s actually a pretty interesting memorial that they have here. If you’re
watching the video I’ll go ahead and give you a quick look.
So you can see in that quick little clip I showed you one of the memorials for one of
the buildings is the foundation of the building that’s now an interesting memorial and then
also the new World Trade Tower, the new building that stands taller than the original one.
Interesting time. I still remember when 9/11—14 years ago, in fact it’s September 13 so
this is 17 years and 2 days ago. I still remember very clearly that it happened. I remember
just not being able to believe it. I was in Phoenix, Arizona at the time working for a
startup that was based in the financial industry. That basically collapsed overnight. The entire
financial industry was hit so bad and that sort of ended up going under—strangely enough
I ended up going to New Jersey pretty shortly after and that I actually visited New York
City a few times but at that time right after it happened it was kind of—almost scary
going into New York City. You didn’t know what was going to happen. You didn’t really
want to be there. I didn’t actually visit New York City very much when I was just very
close to it. The thing I thought about today thinking about
this tragedy that happened 14 years ago is how rapidly the entire world can change. This
is something just to be aware of just in your own life. When you think about the way the
world is it’s something that—it’s not static. Overnight entire assumptions we had
about United States and about being attacked on continental US soil changed. People changed.
People were afraid. Air travels changed forever because of that one event. I think that just
when you think about the way things are now you can’t predict the future. No one could
have predicted that happening. A good book is Fooled By Randomness and Black
Swan by—and Antifragile Nicholas Taleb and he talks about—he calls it the black swan
event like no one can predict this event going to happen. You kind of got to be prepared
for this in your own life. A lot of times we take the conservative route and we try
to play it safe and we try to predict the bad things that could happen and to mitigate
those risks but that’s not always possible. I mean you can say—you can look at 9/11
and after it happened and say, “Oh well, we could have predicted this at the time.
We could have secured planes better” or “We could have made sure that we had better
security in the plane, to get onto a plane and to watch the skies better for this come
of thing. But if you didn’t know this is going to happen and you couldn’t know it
could be something different so it’s totally different that that happens. You can’t know
these things ahead of time. The same thing in your own life. You can try
and play it safe as much as possible and I’m all for not taking stupid foolish risks but
you have to realize that it’s the black swans, the things that you don’t expect
that you could have never predicted that are going to hit you the hardest. The best advice
I could give for this is to put yourself in the situation where you can’t be hurt too
badly by an unexpected event rather than trying to prevent all kinds of dangers that could
happen to you. A lot of people are very—very much have job security and they invest a lot
of time in securing their job instead of financially securing themselves.
I think if you focus more on being financially secure you’re going to have a lot more protection
against this possible black swan, the possible things that could really destroy you and destruct
your life. The same thing with building up your skills this is why I always tell developers
to market themselves, to build a personal brand at the studio, to learn how to basically
build up a name in the industry and increase your skills just because that’s going to
protect you against a whole wide range of possible things that could happen. I mean
losing your job could be a—you might think you’re in a great job with a great company.
I’m sure a lot of people working for Lehman Brothers did until that whole thing collapsed.
Even like take Blackberry, right? An entire industry, an entire company that’s doing
well could collapse instantly from the ____[inaudible 00:05:46]. Basically you can learn from this.
If the 9/11s of your own life can happen and you can’t prepare for them, you can’t
prevent them, you can’t put the blame afterwards but what you can do is you can recover. That’s
one of the awesome things about the United States, about living here in the US is that—to
wrap this up, you see now the new Trade Center. You see now these memorials and you see the
results that yeah, Americans didn’t expect this to happen but we recovered and we rebuilt,
we’ve had the capacity to do that. People don’t live in fear. We fly airplanes. We
don’t let this one thing destroy everything. Wrapping this up again like I said, in your
own life don’t try and anticipate the completely unexpected things instead be more resilient.
Be someone who is able to sometimes benefit from chaos. Be someone who is prepared for
disasters because they could recover fast because they have 6 months savings in the
bank so that if they lose their job they’re okay because they have skills, they have a
brand. They have market of themselves. Now do things that are going to be future
perfect rather than trying to predict and prevent things that you can’t control.
Anyway, that’s it. That’s all I’ve got to say for today and my arm is getting tired.
I need like a selfie stick. Anyway, I’ll probably do one more video in New York City
when I go to the Statue of Liberty which I’m going to be doing in a little bit here and
then I will talk to you next time from Tampa. I’ll be recording some high def videos and
that will be the end of my trip. Subscribe. If you like the videos or if you like the
podcast talk to you next time.

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