9/11 Remembrance 2015

♫ Amazing grace ♫ How sweet the sound ♫ That saved ♫ A wretch ♫ Like me ♫ I once ♫ Was lost ♫ But now ♫ I’m found ♫ Was blind ♫ But now ♫ I see ♫ – I think it’s so important to think about the people that
made that ultimate sacrifice, those that are no longer with us, and their families, what they’re
going through on this day. So, as we take time to remember them, and what happened, also to be proud of
who we are as a county, and that we can stand up and be proud and respond. ♫ Will lead me home ♫ (silence) ♫ Oh, beautiful ♫ For spacious skies ♫ For amber waves of grain ♫ For purple mountain majesties ♫ Above the fruited plain ♫ – It just says that even though that even took place so many years ago that it’s still such an
impact on this country, and it really matters to all Americans, and it is something that has changed the course of history forever. – It just shows you the kind of campus that these students are on, that they cared not only about
the students that go here, but their community and their veterans. ♫ Oh, beautiful ♫ For pilgram feet ♫ Whose stern ♫ Impassioned stress ♫ A thoroughfare ♫ For freedom beat ♫ Across the wilderness ♫ America, ♫ America ♫ God mend ♫ Thine every flaw ♫ Confirm thy soul ♫ In self control ♫ Thy liberty in law ♫

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