9/11 WTC1 First Plane hit (4 angles) [RARE FOOTAGE]

It was 8:46 in the morning. And then we heard a plane come over and in Manhattan, you don’t hear planes too often, especially loud ones. *roar of plane* Holy shit (shit!) BOOM! Holy fucking shit! Go, go to the.. Trade Center. *brakes squealing* *roar of plane* BOOM! The hell was that? Sounded like a plane crash. Jim Ryan: Here’s a reaction of a part of uh.. Come to us, come to us! Come to us! Come to us! Hey Beth, what is that? Something, somebody hit the World Trade Center or the.. (The Trade Center, the Trade Center!”) yeah the World Trade Center. There’s a fire on the upper floors. There was just an explosion. *inaudible* BOOM! The heck was that? Wow, sounded like something crashed.. huh. Something did crash.

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