9-13-19 Friday FARcast — Friday the 13th, Faschion, & Your Requests

Hey, what’s happening everybody, it’s uh, Robert Phoenix broadcasting to you live from Fredericksburg. Welcome to the Friday forecast it is Friday the 13th the Most unholy of holy days or the holiest of most unholy days Depending on your perspective and I’m gonna be talking about Friday the 13th today Then quite a few other topics as well. I’m also going to at some point Sort of turned the the pulpit over to you if you’re in the chat today, and if there’s something that you Want to bring up as a topic of conversation? Just let me know in the chatroom. I’ll try to keep my eye on it as The hour or and a half for 90 minutes or so progress here on today’s show and then I can sort of riff on that and And see where that takes us as well in promoting a little little bit of interactivity this is kind of my version of borer – So you put you you just send the topic right over here and I’ll just Send it right back to you. You put your order in with me say Robert talk about this and then I’ll Put it together and send it right out So this is this is gonna be living at door – Friday as well as well as Friday the 13th in a full moon in the sign of Pisces No common I’m gonna do something here because it looks like I’m getting the latency which I shouldn’t be getting So give me me one second. I’m just gonna pop out you to look at my lovely Backdrop here while I take care of the latency issue screen one second Okay, let’s try this on for size shall we see what happens here? Okay, there we go, let’s see, how is the latency issue And still It just right now, yeah, I’m good directly into the Into the port it’s hardwired and ah, it’s a little bit better. I think So viewed everything Mikey I can to provide you with a quality stream. That was everybody today As I said today is Friday the 13th. I’m gonna be talking word about that The roots are Friday the 13th, and I’m gonna get into a whole host of other topics as well the Democrats Had their shit show last night Not to say that the Republicans wouldn’t have a shit show because they have their own version of shit show Let’s be fair. But the Democrats are just they’re just so shrill right? Come on. Here. He is There he is the man he’s got to get involved Yeah, okay. Well upset now he’s I’m forcing him to his level of Gulag of the back of computer right Jasper Let me pretty you love them. Love you The Democrats the Democratic thing is just bizarre like, you know, I mean politics in general is bizarre but It’s something that unfortunately You know, we have to keep an eye on at this point in time. And the reason why is because they’re they’re putting political pieces into place and They’re they’re affecting our present and they’re affecting our future and I know a lot of people Are apolitical and I was very political for a very long time in my life. I was so turned off by the system I’m still turned off by the system I think the system is corrupt and banal and over overweighted and doesn’t represent the needs of Specific groups and I’m not just talking about groups that I believe that I think that there are groups in the United States That have their own belief system Have their own set of values and I think the system does a pretty piss-poor job of at times The dressing that okay another times. I think they go out of their way To address that and that’s a whole other can of worms Which I’m sure we could open we got some time you get some space. Uh, so That said, you know, we’re in a we’re in a time in our life Where the political? reality unfortunately is getting at times clearer and darker as we lurched towards Bethlehem as as Yeats once Prophesied in the second coming. So this is a it’s an unfortunate so circumstances In a lot of ways, we’re like here we are in the 21st century. You’d think we’d have this thing figured out Yeah, we’d have the systems in place Things be running smoothly, you know, everybody would be operating at a pretty high level You know, we’d be integrating technology to make sure while I was easier people would have the commensurate kind of skills IQ and consciousness to be able to adapt to that kind of game changing You know technology advancements Novelty in our lives, but unfortunately that’s not the case because you know, the people that Essentially manage the game have said we’re going to let you get this far and we’re gonna give you X amount of tools and Then that’s pretty much it until we decide That something’s gonna be different Like the most significant thing we’ve had in the last 20 years is the iPhone Technologically you because the iPhone took the you know, just the flip phone or Cell phone it took it to a whole new dimension and we really haven’t moved off of the iPhone as like the game-changing technologist hasn’t that I mean maybe you could look at something like YouTube and screaming which I think is pretty I mean it wasn’t around when The iPhone was around it was but it was pretty lugubrious like that And it So this has kind of changed the game in a lot of ways, but what are they doing now? They’re pulling they’re pulling this down There deep platforming people, we know the story so Unfortunately now we’re dealing with a reality Where everything is being sort of shrunk in? contracted and truncated versus being expansive in open and Really promoting more freedom personal liberty while at the same time honoring excellence meritocracy enforce responsibility, you know, so that’s uh, that’s what that’s what’s going on and it is unfortunately a product of the The babylon system in the matrix that is being created Costly to 24/7 operation it never sleeps It never sleeps. It’s always it’s always constructing its new plank its new, you know, it’s it’s almost up but sort of looking forwards it’s almost a machine like It in its in its manifestations It’s just it’s just constant and we’re seeing it right now with the Democrats and there their shrill echo chamber Because they all agree on the same thing. Nobody’s saying anything relevant you maybe Andrew. Yang throws out a few little Tasty Nuggets every now but nobody’s saying anything relevant then you have Beto saying no. Oh Yeah We’re not just gonna buy it back we’re gonna take them You How is that innovative there’s no innovation there and then you get people like Bernie Sanders going on and on and on about Medicare for all is that really innovative? It’s not innovative. It’s not it’s not it’s not bringing anything new or unique to the table It’s putting putting band-aids on more size wounds. Are you kidding me? This is there’s nothing there These people are bereft of any imagination. They all have their talking points. They all sit down ahead of time and you know, basically Have a meeting with with with Molech or ball Whoever there they’re answering to and this is what you’re gonna talk about and if you don’t talk about it Guess what? You’re not part of the debate. You’re gone You know, Marianne Williamson Was at least entertaining was it, you know, I’m not a Marianne Williamson fan But at least she was entertaining and Elyse she was able to talk about and sort of why the conditions of the gun violence exists Nobody nobody’s addressing that they don’t dress opioids. Don’t trust the opioid crisis None of them talk about child trafficking and them talk about child abuse. They don’t talk about any of that stuff They just they just go for the low-hanging fruit and saying you’re gonna get free shit and we’re gonna take things away from the people that you don’t like we’re gonna punish them and we’re gonna reward you and that’s their model and it is ridiculous and You get a roomful of screaming people who are again, sort of Applauding and cheering in the echo chamber There’s nobody there bringing any new ideas to the table. Yang maybe a little bit but he you know, the he’s Whoever gets if any of these guys get elected or gals if any of these, uh Non-binary people get elected like I can see Andrew. Yang being a part of their administration That Andrew yang would be like secretary of the Treasury or something like that. They’re like, okay you got a good idea Let’s bring you in I don’t know shit about this But you seem to know something about this and it sounds like socialism to me so come on in You know, let’s do a kind of a handshake deal. I can see that but nobody’s really talking about anything interesting different or new It’s all same old in Contorted crap and if it was the Republicans, they’d be talking about the same shit You know, although the Republicans might address the fact that there is a severe crisis often The Republicans would be forced to answer questions about guns and gun control They they’re lucky that they’re not actually out there having to do this now if Trump Continues to go down this path. He will get grilled you know, he’ll say well I’ve had the conversations with The Republicans and the Democrats we’re having some some good talks about background checks And yeah, he’s actually doing that they’re talking about this harpa thing which is like you know the home version of DARPA harpa they’re gonna they’re basically gonna do Sort of a chinese-style a credit score credit system and that you’re gonna be able to do certain things with it and Buying a gun will only be one of those things if it’s determined that you are a threat and you are unstable You may not get your license renewed. So operate a vehicle think about that for a moment You may not get your license. We’re new to operate a vehicle and then what happens you’re screwed, you’re absolutely screwed and there’s even a possibility that as Real ID kicks in which it is and basically every single License in every single state is connected to a federal database They might be able to kind of go back and grandfather Anything so it’s like okay. Well, you know looks like So you’ve had some issues in the past You’re not gonna be able to drive, you know, even though you haven’t had a ticket you haven’t an accident in about 20 years You still won’t be able to drive and this is kind of what we’re headed because ultimately you’re gonna be deemed unsafe and dangerous Whether it’s a handgun or whether it’s a vehicle and maybe even a job You know, we’ve we’ve deemed that your job is unsafe and dangerous Like you have you have too much latitude and response you have too much latitude. You have too much access to what people think So unfortunately, we have to learn to shut you down because you know You’ve got this history and this thing going on your background is this is telling you people you may send a paranoid Do you think I’m paranoid? I Can read the writing on the wall We’re hip we’re headed towards an Orwellian filled KPI key and fought crime pre-crime Society it’s just for where it’s headed. It’s already there in Oregon. They’ve got red flag walls You’re one of I think about five states in the United States bit of an active red flag Well, so if they think that you’re a threat, they will come to your house. Somebody says this guy’s a threat Will come to your house and you know, we’ll take your guns. Take your I don’t know Maybe they’ll take his car keys Be able to take all the flim-flam of aerosols and his in his bathroom. I mean we’re you know worse it’s going to end and who are the people that are enacting these laws if you look into their closet if you look into their lifestyle their predilections hmm, you know we talked about talking to dissonance quite a bit and cognitive dissonance is is basically living with one perceived reality While another perceived reality is actually taking place. And so there are people who believe that they are in the right or they’re true or they’re expressing their truth and Meanwhile, really what they’re doing is they’re propping up ideas of tyranny and dictatorship That’s one version of cognitive dissonance. Another version of cognitive dissonance is somebody who thinks that they’re really together they have their there they’re effective and They they’re on top of their game and their shit doesn’t stink in reality, they’re kind of oozing puddle of psychological contempt for themselves and As a result of that that’s cognitive dissonance And that’s what people deal with right so The cognitive dissonance thing is kind of a kind of a big deal Let me give you an example of the cognitive dissonance that submerging especially as it comes to you controlling people while at the same time also taking away or limiting their opportunities to defend themselves recently gavin newsom in the state of california has this is just this last week has essentially said that if you are on a campus in a california school and You act out or you are? Seeing to commit some act of violence or Something that is punishable by suspension you’re not going to get suspended No detention. No suspension Oh Does that sound familiar, yes sure does Because that’s what’s happening in Seattle in San Francisco, Los Angeles Sacramento Portland those were people who are on the streets who are either high and out of their minds or possessed You know by whatever it is that you know that they’re there allowing into their spirits through these just Absolutely Demonic opioids that are being created we’re not your regular opioids there something else going on with drugs Like Fanta Nell’s beyond anything that we’ve encountered In the last thirty years for years ever since we started bringing in hardcore heroin back from Vietnam during the Vietnam War These people who are in the process of either scouring to Get more money to buy the drug in which case they will steal They will threaten They will assault or if they’re really really high they will do things like create a public nuisance Smash things they little shit on the sidewalks They they don’t get they don’t get incarcerated. They’re not taking in. They don’t go for drug treatments. They’re basically either let go right there on the street catch a release or they’re Taken down process and then, you know, maybe they spend the night You know in in the jail, they couldn’t do that for her because jail will be overcrowded They’d have to have to build more jails, but that’s okay. The cities are becoming jails in enough themselves And sometimes their own homes are becoming our padded prison cells Which are all based on our predilection for? Comfort and convenience. That’s another story anyway So what’s the message there the message there is that I can do whatever I want. I Can I can live out my life as a public nuisance and I can terrorize The city and I can terrorize the citizenry and I can terrorize Merchants, and they’re not you doing anything about it. This is the same thing now that Gavin Newsom has basically enacted in the California public school system That’s what’s gonna happen Gavin Newsom said you can do whatever you want. Now, what does that do? What does that do? What are the things that’s interesting about the school system? Right or wrong right or wrong and I cover this my astrology course is that Gemini represents duality? Gemini represents black and white right and wrong good and evil all those You know just go right down the line it’s gonna be Gemini, okay, so when you go to a public school Which in the evolution of the chart you do as you enter into the third house of your evolutionary experience one of the things for better or worse that people would have this Relationship with is that you rather good student or a bad student the good citizen or a bad citizen if you’re a bad citizen Well, you got the Breakfast Club. I Had the Breakfast Club a few times in high school, okay This is a brief stretch I was on a bad run. Okay, so But that’s you know, that’s just one version you could get the tension you can get suspension You know staying home from school Right. So these were you could have the parent teacher prints? Okay Maybe they still have those my parents were uh, I think I think that I think they had like a frequent flyer – in the parent-teacher conference I’m not really proud of it to be honest with you, but it’s big spoke to my of restlessness in school Oh Mr. Mrs. Morris Robert has so much potential He is so much potential But he acts out He’s disruptive in the classroom And he he doesn’t listen I Don’t know what to do with him. He’s not dumb. He’s very very bright. He has so much potential Anyway kid my potential down See me now. Second grade teacher. No, this is not my potential. This is this is Justin this is an option that I’ve activated in my life, and I’d like to Activate more of it to be honest with you and move beyond whatever it is I’ve created if that’s kind of the nature of things if we don’t move on if we don’t evolve then we We stagnate and then we become Essentially the salmon at the end of his journey, right? That’s what happens. Anyway, Gavin Newsom has decided to Allow students to act out in ways far worse than I ever acted out, by the way And he is not going to do a damn thing. The schools can’t do a damn thing. And so they’re gonna mirror their police force Who now is being told not to do anything. I? Couldn’t think of anything more demoralizing Than being a cop In a situation where you can’t do anything. Well, this is what I spend all that time I went to the Academy and I got my butt kicked No, no that doesn’t count anymore you’re you’re basically here to Theoretically stop and rest people who are doing the job that you can’t do That’s that’s what it’s gonna boil down soon Oh, hold on. You can’t do that. We’re supposed to be doing that Really? Well, why aren’t you doing that? Well, we told we can’t do that But that doesn’t mean that you can do that. If you do that. Well, you’re gonna run afoul of the law That’s gonna be the new definition of law enforcement. It won’t be the people that are breaking the laws It’ll be the people that want the laws enforced and may even do to do so themselves that would be the new version of law enforcement and Gavin Newsom is to mean everything is power to prep the young people of California for that eventuality So that once they get out of school, they’ll have essentially on their hands a growing They’re not to say that the school system should be the should be the The How do I say the panthéon or morality? It’s just one of those things that happened when we were young you You went into that box and you had to you had to behave in the box if you didn’t behave in the box You got a dunce cap in the corner You got a ruler on the knuckles in some stage you get spanked never happened to where I was but that’s what happened, right? as part of the system Because they were there So essentially groom you into being a good citizen to follow the rules So that when you got out you could essentially be a productive member of society Okay, that’s what that was about and maybe a good rule follower or taker or maybe that’s part of it too. Okay, but You know inherent in that Was a level of cohesion that has allowed this thing to hold together And now what Gavin Newsom has done in the state of California is Don is that they’re promoting anarchy They’re promoting a state of anarchy and they’re promoting the community of future anarchists Who once they get out have been basically told you can do whatever you want And now they’re gonna have a police source that will reinforce that good luck, California Good luck other parts of the United States That are allowing this to happen. And so let’s add a little what another layer onto this twisted tale The other layer is that there are large number of people that are coming from outside of this country into this country They don’t have the same buy-in. You don’t have the same values And they’re not being indoctrinated or they’re not being integrated into the system where those values have been kind of the glue that has held everything together, so What do you think these people are gonna do? Once they realize that they’re in a new environment And they could do whatever they want Do you think that they’re gonna sit down and say, you know, I’d really like to study the Constitution While you’re at it. Can I can I get a copy of the Magna Carta? so I can compare the two and The Articles of Independence. Where can I find that? Oh, you don’t have it here in the library. Oh Okay, you think they’re gonna do that? But maybe well, maybe some well I’m not gonna sell everybody short but by and large, I don’t think that’s gonna be the case Because when you’re new to a country or you’re due to a situation What you want to do is you want to figure out how to survive You want to figure out how to get by and get through and if the system is? Essentially allowing you pass after pass after pass It’s going to produce people Who are going to step outside of the same? kinds of Rules and social etiquette that most of us have been raised palm now not everybody will agree upon those rules of social etiquette I don’t agree with some of them Yeah, but I agree with enough so that I can treat my fellow humans decently respectably Every now and then we all have our moments You know every now and then we all overheat part of life by and large I’m here to do no harm to anybody That’s that’s my thing. No, well, I well I say something. Well, I stand up. Oh I speak my mind. Absolutely It’s offended by that that’s on them But I’m just doing my best to you know, keep it keep it. Keep it between the lines For the most part what I’m talking about now is a group of people who will do anything to survive Now some of them may say well, you know, let me integrate into society because that’s the best way to get by Well, this is what happened when we had the waves of people coming through Ellis Island They saw it they said oh, well, here’s how you get by in America you get a job the jobs were jobs and you could get a job you could you know back in the day if you were somebody who Let’s say popped into New York City and you didn’t have a pot to piss in but you learn how to drive You could drive it like a vegetable truck And you could drive around and deliver vegetables So the vegetable cart vendors or whatever right if you had a skill, let’s say you were cobbler You have some shoe skills, you could open up, you know a cobbler stand or a cobbler store I mean there were things that you could do now in order to do all the stuff You’ve got to get licenses. You got to pay taxes. You’ve got to jump through so many hoops You got to compete with corporations. Now you got to compete with Amazon You could have been a taxi cab driver, but now you got a people compete with uber and left. So it’s getting very difficult to follow those kinds of rules To come in and say well this is how I can be successful in this country. I can integrate Now there’s a new set of rules Then the new set of rules is you don’t really have to integrate And in fact, what we’re going to do is we’re going to enable you to do whatever the fuck you want So you get to set your own rules You know, so what humans for the most part unless they have some religious and spiritual training or maybe a good family What will they do? They will generally descend to vice Generally will descend a vice you don’t like his vice pays just Just ask any of our you know outrageously filthy rich oligarchs Who made their made their fortune on the backs of Vice and in most cases still do? vice pays You it’s the story of the inner cities Sasori the ghettos. It’s the story of the favelas vais pays So if you’re coming into this country and you realize that advice pays and you’re not going to be punished for it We’re exceedingly punished for it. What are you gonna do? You’re gonna you’re gonna dabble in Vice whatever that is, so this is what the state of California Gavin Newsom is promoting And it’s it’s it’s a very it’s a very very bad sign of things to come It’s not great and I’ll go one step further and let’s just say You’re a student in a California high school Let’s just say you have good parental guidance and Your parents have said basically from about the age of 10 to say 14 or 15 and maybe so currently you’re gonna be involved in jiu-jitsu and Kickboxing Muay Thai kickboxing Then you keep it on the down-low. Nobody knows you’re cool You know, you just go you go to the go to the gym you go to the dojo you Train you fight whatever and then one day you one of these pie holes Decides that you know, they’re gonna show you something Anything to show you something And they decide that they’re gonna they’re gonna teach you a lesson because they know that nothing can happen to them And then the person turns their back and turns their back and it turns it back and keep coming Keep coming. All sudden a blow is struck and then the next thing you know that person We’ll turn on them and we’ll probably Knock them out or get them into a submission Where there’s 60 80 men and to the point of blacking out What do you think’s gonna happen to that person? You think those same rules are going to apply to that person? No They won’t apply to that person They’ll make an example of that person. They’ll find some stinky little loophole in their little system And they’ll actually what I’m suspending that person right because what they’ll say is is that they should have allowed the other person to abuse that Because that would have been the least violent outcome Trust me In that day would have been in the wrong or will be in the wrong for defending themselves That’s gonna happen you mark my words. This is all based on what California is doing other states will follow we know that this is the way of the social justice social democratic Evolution of the overthrow of the United States. It’s plain and simple. That’s what’s happening You know if you don’t see it, you’re you fast asleep You better wake up, and I’m not coming from this as some kind of raw raw, you know mega forever Trump person I’m looking at this as somebody who’s lucid and has been studying trends and patterns throughout history and it is happening It’s happening right now. You can’t see it It’s your chance to open your eyes stop paranoid it’s not paranoid at all So the truth The absolute truth If it’s not then you can just shine into the chat room and I’ll answer your questions All right, Lee see what’s going on Chapman Future teacher’s will have to be cops future teachers will be robots Going to be cops and wimpy cops Future teachers will not be cops. They don’t allow cops inside schools looking robots Well, you know that’s that’s gonna be the future of teaching, you know, robots teaching our kids. Uh, Vice pays common knowledge of illegal immigrants for easy access to money by test. Yes, absolutely You’re right there. Paulette public schools are fubar have been getting worse and worse But it’s nothing new to assess American Indian boarding school bolted generations Yeah, that’s the other thing right if you have your kids in a public school, you kind of deserve what you get About having them home school is going to become more and more difficult You know, there’s this commercial now where they’re basically offering public school education on lying in your home, right? So you can you can get a public school education and you can be home school but you’re getting the programming you have to take their tests and has to be their curriculum and I know I believe I’m not mistaken. It could be wrong. But the state of what we give is gonna be doing like in-home visits so if you’re uh If you’re a home schooler, you’ll get visits from CPS and Oregon, it’s gonna happen. So you’ll be you’ll basically be judged and adjudicated By your home your lifestyle. And again, let’s get back to the social credit thing if you are deemed to be a threat on some level, let’s just say Religion winds up being a threat and again, I’m not somebody who goes to church. I don’t go to church In fact, I kind of detest Church to be honest with you I’ve got opposed to people gathering and worshipping God. That’s that’s a whole different thing. I’m not a big Church guy I’ve seen churches become very judgmental people there’s tons of gossip and I think from those part pastors, you know are It’s just weird. They’re just weird. Remember the last church service I went to there was this guy he was the pastor and he said a lot of people here pray for me I want to thank you. Do you know how good it feels to have? the congregation pray for you It’s just special really need to share that with us you Need to share that with us. It was like it was like It’s like dude Yeah, you’re special you get a lot of people praying for you You know, it’s like the real response would have been a lot of people pray for me. And while I’m here to You know help guide you and clarify things and have dialogues with you and interpret things You know, I’m I’m a human just like you and everybody in this church needs praying for So I I you know in beseeching you To look around this this church and to look into somebody’s eyes Before you leave today and say can I pray for you brother? What can I pray for you sister? I mean that’s where that guy needed to take that you think he took it. No He just sponged it up. Yeah, I have issues with church, but at the same time okay in religion but at the same time I have this ethos that has determined in a lot of ways how I Operated this lifetime and some of that ethos I firmly believe in but at some point that Ethos will be considered just like it was in the former Soviet Union To be exclusionary Not rational and even hateful in which case if you’re a religious person and you’re homeschooling your kids Guess what that may affect your social credit score And you may not be able to home-school your kid or your kids got to go to school now you see the can of worms That that we’re opening here then and nobody it will be immune and so what everybody will have to do is that everybody will have to conform in a very Narrow column in some people will say well that’s just decency You but who’s defining decency? How do we allow the system to define? appropriate behavior or appropriate relationships Or appropriate work or appropriate expression for self Because the system as we know is so qualified and so sanctified in order to perform that task in our everyday lives Give me a break Okay, give me a break So even if you homeschool your kids you’re gonna have issues you’re gonna you’re gonna have you’re gonna have things that you have to face and you can deal with and Frankly, uh, like, you know as much as I like, you know, DJ DJ t is the disrupter I’m wary of deals that he cuts and deals that he makes You know, he did a terrible deal with the Saudis sold a shitload of weapons He and Jared and what did they do? They went out and they bombed the hell out of Yemen maimed killed Exploded lives and now the Saudis are losing the war. So now Trump’s gotta go do an about-face now, but they did that deal. Okay That’s a deal they made the Saudis use those weapons used our Jets And they use it to inflict pain and suffering and destruction So for somebody who’s such an anti-war president? You may have really wanted to give that a thought and maybe he says well, there’s a better deal to be made I’ll get better prices on oil I’ll get all these things at the end of the day. So what you know, we’ll sacrifice Maybe a hundred thousand lives in order for us You know how many people of America seven hundred million or whatever this six hundred million? In order to maybe you know in order to to thrive and prosper So our economy can still move you may be at a high level. You know, these these kind of Transnational transglobal sacrifices are taking to account But maybe maybe I’m just some kind of idealistic peon that doesn’t understand these things the end of the day that’s what happened Okay, so I’m not really crazy about the deal-making sometimes Was it crazy got the deal-making he made with the Democrats and the budget and the border He’s not immune to making bad deals. The guy went bankrupt, okay? He went bankrupt And you can say you can make any excuse you want about why you went bankrupt and yeah, he got it He got caught in the tide of a lot of shady shit in Atlantic City and He got in over his head He went bankrupt made bad deals. It happens You have to blur from your bad deals and I hope you learn from the bad deal of the Saudis Never makes another deal like that again The fact of the matter is is that word of crossroads in This country for personal liberties and their personal freedoms and not talking just about the Second Amendment. I’m talking about this Talking about this I’m talking about this and in my estimation the Ability to speak and think freely the ability to honor our selves again on the second Amendment supporter I don’t own a firearm, but I support the second wholeheartedly These things are sacrosanct these things are sacred and endemic to this thing that got kicked off in 1776 or even before 1776 right? So again, there’s issues. There’s problems There’s no perfect place on earth and there could be better places than this now at some level and I’m willing to even acknowledge that But based on the make the kind of the matrix of the country these are the things that have provided us to get to this point and Still even with kind of the rampant immigration turning America cities into third-world hellholes the bombardment the daily bombardment of Of The apartment of cats making our lives more difficult the daily bombardment of geoengineering Particles from the sky and GMOs and crapping our water and all the stuff, right? It’s still got the bones of greatness So as the bones of greatness But what they want to do now is they want if they disassemble the meritocracy? They want to disassemble people from achieving and being sort of the best of who they can be Doesn’t matter what color you are You this system? Theoretically has promoted people of excellence, theoretically Yeah, I mean there’s a lot of there’s tent there’s a lot of stuff that goes on right in terms of promoting people And none of it is great. But by and large, you know, if you’re good, you’ll stick around look I had a brief run at corporate America and it was a.com version of Corporate America okay, but the dynamics are still the same, you know, it’s about people who have territory and property and people and resources Inside of an organization in a group and they will do everything in their power to retain those And not just retain them but get more so they become more relevant. Right? So I was a part of that And I saw the games people play. I saw their political bullshit games and their glad-handing there They’re sucking up and they’re they’re sick of fan tech behavior and all that stuff Right and all I did every day was put my hat on and go to work And I went through a company that got restructured four times Four times and every time it got restructured. I Was still standing I could have been through the the fifth restructuring and I would have still been standing Why it’s because I worked I worked my ass off I did they did good work So in my world of my brief five years of Corporate America on corporate America There is a place for people who can perform and I saw people who do play that political Bullshit. There was one guy who wanted my job One of my job and there was a guy on the other end who was his his uh his boss wasn’t in our office, but he wanted my job whose younger guy and everybody his office said oh he’s He’s a thoroughbred You can’t have a thoroughbred pulling a wagon You know what? I did I did I gave this guy every opportunity to Prove his worth I gave things to do not big things the game things to do you do this He did just what you can do any of them and I nailed him in the open to the wall is easy because he Was all talk. No, actually I Didn’t do because I you know savored it, but hell if I’m gonna let somebody take my job If you’re gonna be if you’re gonna be better than me You can prove that but guess what? Maybe you’re better and maybe this really should be your position But if but if you’re not he wasn’t then, you know, get the fuck off my train, okay So But what we’re moving towards does not promote that not the least Was promoted at all in fact, if anything, uh, it it promotes a lack of excellence you know and it promotes people who are Serious and qualify for the job. I mean look at Ivy Berkowitz the guy’s a 30 year old puffy boy Around doing errands for Jared Kushner, but that is the envoy to the Middle East my god That’s all I have to say look at the people running for for pres the United States on the Democratic side Really are they any more Capable of some of the people that you’ve run across I Can get up on that stage and I’m again I’m not trying to be megalomaniac here I can get up on that stage and I can debate those those people right out of their podiums Right out of their podiums and I think there’s probably at least 10% of America that could do the same thing Maybe 20 just because they’re standing there doesn’t mean they’re eminently qualified This is where we are this Is where we got in the chat room. I Can vote from overseas amazing. I bet I can vote even twice if I want but Alanis is in Africa, by the way, you know where it lantus is Right there I Know what you’re saying. Um, there’s some interesting stuff around the planets in Africa South Africa specifically the stuff that Michael challenger did with some of those Interesting geometric Patterns and and dwellings in South Africa are really really interesting that you believe that that was part of Atlantis Don’t vote and say you did to a is on its deathbed almost You’re gonna fall off you got my vote Let’s see what else we have here big business these days Sad Stockholm Syndrome That’s the will variety movement for some redemption information for such behavior Stage sexual child abuse no matter where you go What else we have here I Was offered two Oh Judy says, I was offered a wellness visit here, Missouri. I’ve removed which I declined and she was shocked It’s for ujv Really good for you Do you think they decimated the Bahamas because they’re expecting of a master ricing the ocean also a Lot said about this area. You know, that’s really interesting Don because we were talking about Atlantis last week great program with Chris Eve and in Chris and And Donna this is a great program Really cool and you know that Caribbean area, I remember one time when I was a kid I saw this documentary on Atlantis, and it was you know Charles Berlitz wrote a book about Atlantis and he was a guy that sort of you know found that Bimini wall Underneath the water and he said this is what he said. He said that he had found a Hand Like these hands that were cradling a giant crystal and it looked like that it was the tip of a submerged pyramid and They didn’t have the equipment to like excavate this thing and when they went back There’d been some sort of crusty old movement and it was gone. So With the Bahamas are certainly in the in the area code right there there that’s you know, and they you know, I you know I don’t have the inside baseball on that and you could there be a base there could have been the Chinese I don’t have the inside baseball on that but they clearly wiped it out and You’ve got a bunch of people who are just again dispossessed And if I was Trump, I would get all those people and I’d bring him to the United States And I would turn them into Republican voters because that’s the game. They’re fucking playing. I wouldn’t make any bones about it Then as Whelan’s puerto ricans me as well. Just play the game and get them on your side. Okay? Cuz that’s the game, right? I don’t agree with the game, but that’s their game. They make everybody from the Bahamas forever grateful You know so that when they rebuild the island you can have a statue of you there just like a statue of him in Israel That’s what I do Being politically simple this point in time, but it also helped them and me come on they’ve been wiped out they’ve been totally wiped out in these countries like like Belize and Nicaragua and Costa Rica Guatemala Well, you know they’ve all had their versions of being wiped out by multinational corporations And started with United Fruit, you know back in the 1950s with the harvesting of bananas you ever wonder if you ever want to dive into a really interesting story dive into the story of the banana Because the banana does not make its its major Appearance until sort of the middle part of the 20th century of mid 50s late 50s early 60s That’s when bananas so in America goes bananas for bananas And the the the the the blueprints for a coup for military coup Was created by Edward Bernays when they ousted the president of Guatemala His name was our bonds AR ba and Zr. Bonds and our bonds was a guy who was basically trying to Get the banana plantations back from united fruits. He wanted to nationalize his crop What what up? What a concept? What a concept we got this resource, I’m in charge of you people let’s get it back united fruit hired Edward Bernays To get this guy out and Bearnaise created the blueprint for a coup Everything we see now is kind of baked on what uh, you know, whatever Bernays did so here’s what he did number one He flew some journalists down to Guatemala Okay flew down there He had people on the streets of Guatemala and What they had done is they’d spray painted graffiti they basically Made the the the he basically staged phony dissent against our bones I think even managed to kind of do a rent a crowd for these journalists And the the premise here was that the people were revolting against our bonds because He was a communist sympathizer Of course that was the time of the wind scare And our blots had no ties whatsoever to Russia You know it, you know China was Basically living in what? The 1800s at that time Cuba had yet to be seized by Castro and the bankers, so it was really just about Russia This guy her bonds had no ties to Russia and yet They began to paint him as a climbing his sympathizer and that was the time that the red threat was Being used marketed and what was really interesting about the red thread is that a is actually real? But it wasn’t outside of us. It was inside. It was inside the system anyway, so they promoted this guy our bonds as Being somebody who was a threat and in danger to the United States so you had these journalists writing about New Times worried about it and Then as a result of that guess what they did They had a vote and sample shit, man You know if this this is true, then we got a star from Al So they began to you know, basically Cut Guatemala’s food supply and their money supply that would happen then the people were really pissed off because they did everything to eat and who’s the guy in charge and There’s not a lot of sophistication and of course you had rabble rouser Zaza poor fucker tours And there’s he know this guy her boss realizes he’s in way over his head He’s got no support Both internally or externally and if he’s smart he’s gonna get out of the country with his life and that’s exactly what he did To successful engineer engineer bye-bye. Mr. Bearnaise So you want to read an interesting story read about the banana Fascinating absolutely, and it’s not just that part of the banana, but how the, you know, the two competing companies Chiquita and I think Mozilla was a dull dull and Chiquita the two big banana companies that compete against women, you know the food I think was what The whole where they sold a bit in a Sybil anyway bananas fascinating Best news for um Where are we Dolls brothers gave a healthy ham CA for us food companies But Anna Siam’s a Mac is the fish that eat the whale is a great book with details the story It’s an interesting Let’s see what else we have here Bum bum bum Astrologically speaking. My plan is moon. I don’t want it to be Artificial some piece of metal moon is fake. Well, sir. I don’t believe that at all. I don’t I don’t believe that at all If the myth the moon if the moon is fake, it still has an impact on I’ve talked to people about this Well, so what what does the moon do it affects the tides it affects the tides it affects You know Joan Septic biological dentist she tells me that she gets the most calls whenever the moon is full Because of the blood going to the teeth of blood going to the head the moon affects us It affects our autonomic system. It affects our vital system. The tidal system is connected into a larger a weather system and weather pattern in general So I think the moon Probably has more impact on us than any other celestial orb Simply by proximity and what it does to us So, you know I even if it is artificial it’s still doing something Right and if we put it if we put it in a sign, you know, it’s like a filter It’s like a cosmic filter So whatever whatever that activity is, and I’ve been doing astrology long enough and I know what moons are I’ve dealt with You know hundred I’ve dealt with thousands of people and look at their moons I talked to them and studied them and the moon stuff is real It’s real We’ve got to leave our moon. Okay, I’m Not really conflict oriented. I like you know kind of right. Yeah, I just what kind of a peace guy If I have to go to conflict, I will You know, I’m Scorpio Rising. Yeah best offense is a good defense, but But yeah, I mean if I think the signs are like they’re like they’re like filters They’re look they’re almost like, you know photographic We’re almost like filters on a light You know when you put a certain filter on or a gel or a screen or something like that? You can change it you can change colors you can diffuse it You can fractal eyes. It’s you know, so that’s how for me that’s how signs with with planets work They become scrims through which the lights where the potentiality of that sign is transmitted So if you’re worried about the moon or you worried about Saturn or any of this other stuff, right? You know, I Guess you can um the other thing is also Astrology is its archetypal? We know that the planets and the signs operates on the level of myth of policy They tell stories it gets into the collective unconscious and Jungian archetypes and If you get into the kind of the multi-dimensional perspective of the planets themselves and then you’re into you kind of you know The edgar cayce school of astrology and other people as well. So I Wouldn’t sweat it about the moon being an artificial satellite, which I think it probably is Don’t spider. It’s still there and still impacts me. Okay, so let me get into some other stuff. I’m just been kind of riffing here Lomenzo, yeah, I was watching the football game last night a terrible football game to be honest with you terrible terrible terrible terrible game boring slow It’s just a bad game kind of all around and what are the guys that? Is a part of the game last night this guy Cam Newton and Cam is uh Cam is complex. Let’s put it that way. He’s very complex and Thank you here Yeah, right Every time I go to enlarge this it goes in another direction. How weird is that? I mean I do this You save this picture – All right, let’s do this Hopefully you guys will will see this So I was watching a Game last night and So, this is Cam Newton who’s the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers And his team had just lost Cam has a how shall we say a a tasteful fashion? And I looked at this I’m like what the hell am I looking at? I? Mean this is this is kind of like Patty McDaniel from gone with the wind meets Andre 3000. It’s just really bizarre He’s like wearing a head scarf And he it’s like his postgame fashion moments Are in some ways more important than the game itself at least that’s what it felt like with him. He hasn’t won a game in 8 games it games straight Going back to last year the Carolina Panthers have lost. Oh, by the way that does coincide with them actually signing err read the malcontents Kneeler from the San Francisco 49ers the 49ers caught him He was a free agent for a while couldn’t get a job and then the guy Who bought the Carolina Panthers? See, this is this this this franchise now is cursed I’m telling you right now and the franchise is cursed Jerry Ritzer Richardson own the franchise. He was a Longtime member of the NFL. I think he might’ve even been in the NFL Hall of Fame. He was a wide receiver He played with the Baltimore Paul – Kevin Johnny Unitas He’s part of the kind of the real gridiron nuts-and-bolts girder and being story of the NFL Goes on to become an NFL owner how many former players become NFL owners? Jerry richardson He’s about the only one that I can think of So jerry richardson in his 70s late 70s Spread around 78 79 get ready to push 80 He gets hit with a me-too thing And instead of going through the Trials and tribulations of having to have his life Peel back and Then being tried in the court of public opinion He basically told the NFL fuck you. I’m selling the team. I’m done for him I’m nice. I’m sure Richardson guy, but you know, what good for him He’s like my name. I’ve made a lot of money. I’m gonna make a lot of money off this team and I’m 78 years old. I fought a lot of battles in my life And yet maybe he’s guilty, you know Maybe he made a pass at somebody maybe squeezed some gals boob or you know, somebody’s bought her. Who knows maybe he did worse I don’t know. Nobody knows at this point. Just a rumor There’s enough to get him to say see you later sayonara goodbye’ but we’ve seen with me too. That is very very selective There are some people who’ve been targeted with me to unfairly And they’ve had their careers ruined absolutely ruined Let me see if I can Give you an example Let’s say marshal fault there was a gal who was doing that make up for nfl.com And I think Marshall made some passes at her He made some passes at her she came out she talked about it he’s done He’s done We’ll never work again On the NFL he’s done Right they did his I being fired from the NFL The debt that it did what he did did what he do supposedly the dad’s Married him being fired in the NFL I don’t think so. They’ll never work again now, there’s no trial These new trial at all There’s others u2’s You look at user Gento Herbie – bullshit meanwhile, she’s you know Basically Farming and Grooming this young kid the she was in this movie with ultimately be your lover. I mean, come on now Anyway Jerry Richardson And I’m not here to support people that abused women. That’s not that’s not what this is about. You abused a woman Are you abused another person? Let’s take it out of the context of women if you’re the people abuser Then you’ve got a you know, you should probably have some scrutiny in your own life at the very least So Cam Newton but Rebecca Caroline Panthers, so Richardson sells the team and this guy who’s a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers big hedge fund guy big hedge fund, you know, we know we know that the beauty of hedge funds and just how elegantly and In with so much integrity how hedge funds can amass a fortune. Anyway this guy buys the Carolina Panthers, and he’s a social justice guy He goes right out deesigns Eric Reid the team is a lost eight straight game since they’ve signed Eric Reid And now we have Cam Newton basically Undergoing a sex change before very eyes You look at that Look at that it’s just bizarre. He can wear whatever he wants Usually quarterbacks have to earn the respect of their teammates and if his teammates are little fashionistas like Ken boy, they’re you know, They’re rolling out the red carpet. He’s doing the red carpet before he goes to practice every day If they’re not then how we played last night in the field And this getup is not going to earn him a lot of respect points, but who knows? It’s a different generation Maybe I’m applying my own kinds of values here But I’ve been thinking about this whole idea of fashion and Emily and I talked about it and how I think fashion Fashion is like a new drug So do drug and I think it could be also a Borderline mental illness like where does where does narcissism and and the love for fashion begin? Then we know that narcissism is part of the DSM I do And here we have Fashion, which is the celebration of the self in a lot of ways the ultimate celebration in the self And Cam Newton is definitely Dipping into some fashion here Now I’m not a psychiatrist. I didn’t go to university and spend hours and hours and hours Studying psychological models Psychiatric cases Doing the DSM inside now – every few years when he gets upgraded and more more neuroses and pathologies are added to it I didn’t do that But sometimes I got a pretty good eye and what I’m looking at here is This is a guy that is about to become unglued. This is not a stable individual He’s not stable there’s something going on in this dude’s life where the molecular structure of his identity Is beginning to disassemble? partner house through the fact that he’s heard part of us through the fact that You can’t throw the ball the same way. It’s got a bad shoulder And when you’re an athlete And you can’t do the things that you used to do It’s a big deal. It’s a really big deal and you either adapt or you die and cam has not found a way to adapt and so what we’re seeing here is we’re seeing Fashion is kind of a a marker in a lot of ways. I think that this is Stability, I don’t think this is a stable individual That’s my ink. That’s my take And if I were the Carolina Panthers, I’d probably start wood for a new quarterback Because he certainly didn’t do it on the field last night They’ve lost eight games in a row and it feels to me like he’s coming apart I think this is somebody who needs help Now I would not be surprised if they start sitting around today and Eric Reid is is Colin Kaepernick’s best friend? He’s his best friend Would not be surprised if they’re sitting around talking with Eric Reid today saying Eric, what do you think about us signing? Jack Any retrieve will get up on the board table we’re gonna get up on his chair at his locker room and He’ll get all jeffersonian about this And talk about signing up capsule any captain be a good thing They could his game is very similar to Cam Newton’s they’re not that far apart. Uh It would certainly raise a lot of controversy by the way cap and can they don’t like each other? I know it’s a little big football stuff. It’s also astrology Cam Newton’s a Taurus Colin Kaepernick’s a Scorpio do the math there And when when Colin Kaepernick was drafted before he was drafted He was a guy with a big chip on her shoulder still has But he used football to kind of you know chip away at the chip And when his again, he got her defenses figured him out. He didn’t put the time in the study So he sort of salt and moved and you know, he sat down he was not happy that he wasn’t starting And so they saw him sitting down By the water cooler during the national anthem because he was pissed. He was a little crybaby bitch. Sorry he was So hello, he’s not standing during the national anthem became a big brouhaha So this guy who used to be a long snapper long snappers the guy that does the pumps Was they Nate Nate Boyer I think went to UT he was he was a guy went to UT late in life I think he started going there like 27 and He was Special Forces guy, but he was so you know one of these gung-ho Everything’s positive You know, you know pretty pretty well conditioned dude that he got a scholarship Or a walk-on or something to be the long snapper at UT He was a big story because he was like, you know, he’s the guy bender Iraq and his playing college football You know, I’ll be up just you know, hiking the ball with the planner So Dave Boyer became a bit of a costal lab. He got a little bit of a cup of coffee with the Seahawks And he consulted with Kaepernick. He said well, maybe you should kneel Out of deference and respect that’s all the whole new evening things started It wasn’t because he was you know taking a page out of Malcolm X’s playbook He did because you know a former special-forces dude said maybe be better for you and the rest of the country out of respect It’s pretty started. So then Eric Reid is 49er teammate Begin to kneel all kneeling nobody’s kneeling anymore, but I guarantee you right now Carolina’s having conversations about signing Colin Kaepernick if they sign Colin Kaepernick this is going to Get into my prediction of the hundred season the NFL. It’s gonna be the worst season in the history of the NFL. It’s already happening It’s 100th season which is the end It is it is a canonical end of a century, right? so everything funnels into Sort of that. That’s a point and the the event horizon That’s part of it I talked about the Android lock thing where luck We’re luck Retired from football Like in the third preseason game and everybody in Indianapolis was told Basically via a tweet not by luck But by an NFL, yeah floppy named Adam Schefter And who do you think gave him that the news wasn’t that it wasn’t Andrew Luck who knew that Andrew Luck is retiring Was the ownership of the Colts? The ownership of the Colts the ownership of the coast is hey, guess what? We’re gonna give you scoop Andrew Luck’s retiring Put it on social and That’s what shefter did and so all those people were watching the game that home game at Indianapolis preseason game last preseason game of the season Now find out that Andrew Luck is retiring What did they do? I dunno They blew damn mercilessly That’s a bad look man, it’s a bad look on so many levels It’s a bad look on management’s part You know and I’ve heard this thing where it’s like management wanted to you just say look, okay, we’re moving on This is our way to move on But it wasn’t really great for management luck, yeah, they’re gonna let him keep his money Because they could have gotten up to his money So they’re gonna said we’re what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna we’re gonna steal your dignity We’re gonna sail your character. We’re gonna sacrifice you To the Romans because that’s exactly what they did Andrew Luck was a gladiator. That’s what football is right football is a modern glided tutorials for and The arena Colosseum’s, well, that’s what they are. They’re Coliseum’s So what they did is they sacrifice their gladiator to the fans Fans went like this kill them kill them and so in that moment You know, they were all throwing, you know psychic Lance’s and Spears and daggers and everything that they could and Andrew Luck Thank you polls management and I I can’t believe that there are people that defended that I Can’t believe what Andrew Luck had bad timing Other Colts could have done a better job You know they could if they were kind of stringing him along He didn’t know he didn’t know he didn’t know, you know, he really wanted to retire But I think the Colts made a very difficult for me Andrew Luck as a Virgo Virgos can feel very guilty because they’re not good enough. That’s the that’s the theme of Virgo not good enough So there’s a standard live up to Plus Andrew Luck’s a little nutty. He’s a little eccentric And the Colts probably weren’t reading the room It probably should have said hey, bye Andrew. Are you retiring? He says yeah, I’m leaning towards it let’s get this done But they can’t do that. You know, why because they need to sell season tickets Or the Colts fans gonna go buy tickets go watch Jacobi purse at know They bought season tickets to see Andrew Luck But that’s part of a reason why they’re bullying like, you know shit I’m spending you know Nine hundred dollars this year to watch the backup. It’s a bad move Andrew Luck Should have dealt with this earlier But I think management was trying to coax him and keep him around and play upon the fact that he didn’t want to disappoint anybody It’s his right to retire but how was handled and how it went down was creepy. It was almost ritualistic You know that feel that they play in that’s Lucas field Lucas Oil and what is Lucas? Now Lucas is light. It’s loose. It’s it’s Lucifer. It’s basically Lucifer’s field And You know, they have Super Bowls there Is now we’re Sara Madonna did the big halftime ritual where she was Isis Baphomet is That I think was Lucas feel I’m not mistaken So it was a ritual sacrifice and it was a ritual sacrifice at the beginning in the NFL season His last name is black. It is not. Good luck It is bad luck So then would happen the first game of the season was the Bears versus the Packers final score 10 to 3:13 here. We are Friday the 13th we can get into that too. So that happened first game of the season combined score 13 and Then the last game which was he seems Sunday night game I guess they’d the two money night games out of that but the Sunday night tilt which was the Patriots versus the Steelers The score was 33 2 3 3 3 3 so some weird stuff around the NFL this year very weird Extremely weird and you have this whole Antonio Brown thing, which is even stranger being ultimately signed by the New England Patriots And I can’t believe that people applauded it. You know, the Patriots are just doing the patriot thing The Patriots are basically practicing in organized form of sociopathology Bill Belichick is a socio pathological Head coach they call it the patriot way. He’s an Aries he’ll do whatever it takes Right. He was caught cheating on numerous occasions videotape, you know their teams practices. He’s unapologetic for that. He’s an Aries He never apologizes never it lost Rath picks because of that in the deflated balls for Tom Brady the Patriots do not have a good history of being ethical. Robert Kraft still is not resolved is uh, You know theoretical Happy ending down at the massage parlor down in Florida. I’m not sure what happened to any of those guys That’s still the public record that’s not resolved It’s not it’s not really a great organization on some level, you know, they drafted this guy Aaron Hernandez Here Hernandez was really really sad character even football player But he was a steroid user or drug user. He had massive CTE He had deep trauma from his childhood with a divorce from his parents deep stuff Aaron Hernandez wound up killing somebody You know who did time for it then he hung himself You know more the Patriots Were the page result he helped him win a Super Bowl. Where were they which is just another kind of body Threw it through him on the trash heap and burn him Another guy a Antonio Brown who is a contemptible human being I don’t care. I don’t care whether he’s smart Don’t care whether he’s clever. He’s contemptible. I’m not you know, maybe maybe he’s good to his kids. I don’t know I Don’t know. I’m not I don’t I don’t live with him, but I see his football behavior What’s in the public eye and what he does is he promotes a type of behavior that I think is reprehensible Yeah, should football players be more free. Sure Should they be able to negotiate contracts and deals with other teams? And probably you have to understand the football is very different than sport like baseball or basketball You get hurt with football you get a big contract you’re done That’s why there’s no guaranteed contracts in football because you want to be paid for damaged goods So a it is you get big fat upfront money. Guess what if you’re good and you take care of your body and The good Lord, you know helps you out and you get through your football career you made a shitload of money And you’re probably doing a hell of a lot better than a lot of other people From where you grew up we were probably either incarcerated Doing drugs on the streets six feet under or maybe at the very least. They’re around, you know delivering for UPS J let’s keep that in mind That’s you know, but but that’s not where the yardstick is and the thing that I hate about the NFL in a lot of ways is All these guys these commentators and one thing they agree upon is the money the money gotta get some money gotta get your money money Money, I get it and the owners get money networks get money player sacrificer bodies Theoretically deserve money part of the system But there’s no ethos That’s attached to that whatsoever. So they’re just as pathological Just a sociopathic in a lot of ways not every one of them as Bill Belichick Winglet Patriots and the leak itself and I still watch football you know, why because it’s one thing we’re actually get to like check out for a while and Watch things happen and sometimes the things that happen are amazing and sometimes the things that happen or troubling That’s kind of like life. I want to show you another of Fashion thing here. Well my god I’ve been getting this fashion stuff on Yahoo You too brother so it’s always okay Let’s see But let me show you this I brought this up with Emily we did a mash yesterday So this is this is what they’re throwing up on YouTube like when I go in and check in on my page This is what they’re suggesting this, um for me and for everybody And this is what they have a new fashion channel Wool boy So we have welcome to your front row seats. It’s a fashion The Dolan twins at the Louis Vuitton men’s spring/summer Collection whoever these guys are Gemini. We got twins Gemini little Gemini magic there In the got the lawrence welk bubbles going on the dolan twins Whatever happened to the Cocteau twins I’d rather I’d rather listen the Cocteau twins in the Dolphins wings Then we have no Amy Campbell. This is our airport routine come fly with me. Um, look at that face It’s probably a good thing that she has sunglasses on Because she’s starting to look like a plastic surgery monstrosity at this point Then we have I got invited to the Met Gala James Charles So now we’re kind of moving into that slippery slippery Identity transgender ee Windows and then right next to it is gigi gorgeous drag transformation Violet chachki. It’s the violet chachki channel So you could be glamorous you were a schlub as a male you Failed as a male, but guess what there’s a career in fashion and glamour just waiting for you And there’s a whole audience and a whole YouTube channel and a whole community and a whole network that’s ready willing and able to support you Then we have spent a day with being in Paris with the or Jockey of Jackie I know This is the new reality that they are peddling and it is not very far We’re not getting very far from The Hunger Games fashion model it’s coming very quickly keep looking at hairstyles and Hairstyles fashion, um, you know again, I mean, it sounds like they get off the lawn guy but maybe I am but I’m looking at it from a from a cultural perspective and that Essentially the plan now is to create an alien species amongst us which I’ve talked about before So that the human is so unrecognizable that any any kind of touchstones to things that were Related to the 20th century or early 21st century. They want those eradicated You know, they want people to have hairstyles you go back to the Cam Newton’s hairstyle They want you know, I think we’re here whether however the fuck you want, right, but let’s be clear There’s a carrot and there’s a stick And that that cross-section I just showed you on You don’t face timing during the show I mean they send your face on Ah I Actually have to go into FaceTime and stop the intrusion. Give me a second That’s weird Anyways the band with the fashion being with they want to create that’s a carrot in the stick Right. Here’s the carrot carrot is you do this and you’ll be popular You’ll be popular so they could just create You know the freakiest carrot that they want to create Because if you do a makeup channel fashion channel, it’s all be piled up be popular. It’s all about getting clicks It’s all about being thumbed up or whatever you play the game and You’ve dressed like you just stepped off the set of The Hunger Games so what they’re doing is they’re there and I believe this is Conscious now you’re gonna have a group of kids in in the gen gen Z Who are kids that are born under Uranus and Neptune? and Aquarius So they’re gonna be kind of open to this and even some of the people after them who have your honest and excuse me in Pisces and Neptune of course, they might be a bit open to it as well I’m just throwing it out there. So there could be some astrological correspondents. But I believe that the goal here is to Use fashion as a tool to kind of reshape The human identity as part of like a about a five or six point plan And the TG stuff is in there too. So that ultimately we don’t know who’s a man or who’s a woman, you know, theoretically we look at something that’s you know, The weird views fashion we say that looks fucking ridiculous Meanwhile, there’s a group of people over supporting each other Sam. I got that beautiful. That’s rad You know, that’s so daring on the savage. That’s breathtaking The surreal right? So they’ve got this kind of support system support network to move fashion forward and to essentially become For all intents and purposes a different species or a different face of the species So it was very different than anything that’s gone before it and I believe it’s intentional. I Believe as part of this intentionality because what it does is creates a sense of alienation dislocation in isolation You know, they practice this in 1960s with the generation gap and all the stuff that happened You know, thanks to you Tavistock. Thanks to the Frankfurt School You know all those people who were you know willfully there to help create a model the present and and and a another kind of Version of it for the answer in the future, right? So I believe it’s the same thing that’s going on it’s like we’re going to wrap people’s heads around this idea around fashion and Remember now fashion is very Venusian from an astrological perspective. It is not Martian So fashion is Venusian attributes the news and tendencies which are feminine Which are aesthetic? which are connected to Relating and sharing and bonding. They’re not they’re not Marshall So you have somebody like Cam Newton? Who comes out of a Marshall setting? And then he dons his Venusian garb or his Venusian wear and boy That’s a little dislocating Don’t you think I mean if you’re somebody who’s been following football for say 40 years 50 years. You’re an old salt You sit down and let’s say you don’t have any idea what the fuck I’m talking about, but you watch that How is that gonna make you feel you can sit there and scratch your balls and go what is going on here So I believe Cam Newton is either a useless Dupe or useless fool Or maybe he’s being paid or maybe he’s part of you know, some some group some society you know in the same can do ya promote this brother you got promote this you promote this in your kitchen or your eco steal back Sigh Roenick he lost his wit go steal to dak dak Prescott another quarterback and dak Prescott drives a truck and worse flannel and the reason why cam Lost his way Coase Yogurt deal is because he had a female reporter sports reporter Question his play and he questioned whether or not a woman should even be a sports reporter I didn’t know that they had female sports reporters Oh Guess what? Can you got slapped? You got a slap good Waco’s dropped you Totally drop you that is this an overcorrection is this him showing his sensitive side? I don’t know. I’m not between that guy’s ears But I’m telling you fashion is the deal and they want to create a greater sense of alienation. We’re not even recognizing People watch the commercials watch commercials commercials or the canary in the coalmine The canary in the freaking coal mine Okay There’s a there’s a there’s a commercial for I believe it’s Geico and The there are two guys for living in the same place I’m assuming That they may be a thing. Although they could just be sharing an apartment or a house and One of the guys look both of them look weird and this is a new thing in commercials They want to get people in commercials that look weird They don’t want people to look perfect, which ain’t you don’t give a shit that? That’s overrated anyway, but they don’t want them to look average either. They don’t want people to look unusual Because they think that the unusual look is going to have you remember their commercial Well, it’s working because I’m remembering how unusual these guys look but I’m talking about it because I think it’s part of the plan Not just from a commercial standpoint, but an overall plan that is going to create Kind of this on screen you know the the kind of the the Front projection of the matrix that everything is going to be weird and unrecognizable And so that people will wind up feeling even more alienated dislocated disassociated and maybe even demoralize for that matter Right you look at you. Look at some of this stuff and you say to yourself. We’re the world it Where’s the world going to I? Don’t even recognize it. Where’s my place in the world? My world is dying. It’s going away. It’s gonna belong to you. You know these These costume we’re in unicorn lovey you Know people that are forming their own tribe right? Try that on for size your Joe Sixpack middle America and You’re trying to figure out you know, you’re 60 years old 61 years old, you know, you’re not sitting there kind of you know grasping and holding onto the rails of your deathbed Which are also not a spring chicken, you know, you got some time left You got some real estate in front of you in maybe 10 15 20 years What are those 10 15 20 years can look like how are you gonna fit in? And you try that on for size And we wonder why the suicide rate is up for men The highest rate for suicides are or men between the ages and what? 65 or 70 super high rate is because they’re finding that there’s really no more place for them in this world and In a lot of ways, it’s intentional is intentional and I’m in that gummin that demographic but at least I get to make Commentary about it and I get there’s a call it as I see it and understand it on some level You know, what if somebody’s different they’re different whatever, you know, you kind of have to respect that on some level It’s like, okay you’re different You know, it’s like I don’t I don’t I don’t support the enabling of that with youth I Certainly don’t support the enabling of it when it comes to other gender issues I think three year olds four year olds five year olds are far too young to determine they’re sexist. I do and I think that they need to be protected and Not by CPS one man’s opinion. Okay. Um Somebody’s different. You know, what are you gonna do? Last night I was getting some barbecue in Austin. I Didn’t know who was taking my money, but no fur was a guy no physical Didn’t know had no idea. I know it was a girl transitioning to a guy with a mustache or a guy transitioning to growth I had no idea Here I’m having a transaction with that person What are you doing? Treat them nice respectful Because that’s the person somewhere inside there, right? Whatever that whatever they’re doing, whatever their experiences You know Thank you very much. Take my food and leave right But I can’t help but notice, you know, it was there I’m scratching my head whatever You’re gonna give me my barbecue. I’m gonna give your money they even leave me a tip Thank you. Um, but this is I believe part of this intentionality It’s part of the attention That’s why YouTube YouTube knows it’s gonna get hits but she’s you know YouTube is getting massive hits for conspiracy Orion stuff truth oriented stuff Alternative research or enough they were probably rival this Okay, so what their duties are displacing it, you know, it’s kind of the displacement model We got to get our number somewhere, you know, we’re not gonna be promoting this other stuff. So let’s promote fashion Let’s do that Now I’ve been talking about this roundtable of corporations a chance process to me doesn’t mean I’ve been talking about the promotion this roundtable of corporations that have been promoting Their people first profit second bullshit agenda, okay corporations always that profit power and control at the heart of their mission statement and Their operating procedures they’re organizing principles based on that Okay, so if they do something like well, we’re gonna put people first in profit second There’s a motivation behind it. Now recently a number of corporations like 122. They’re starting to throw this number out now 120 to 188 144 they’ve come out and said that we’re not going to support guns Like this for TMO or export anything along these lines whether it’s dicks or Walmart or Kroger’s or whatever So it’s a big vast virtue signal It’s a 100 thousand watt 500 thousand watt 1 million watt virtue signal from these 122 companies so that the people who are theoretically I’m Gonna shop there get their seal of approval. Oh, well, they don’t agree. They don’t agree this great. I’m gonna go there I mean, it’s almost like when you buy something you sit a little K on the side of your food That’s been stamped kosher. You know that it’s kosher it’s the same kind of deal, right? They’re gonna have like a little symbol for these corporations Now you can see that symbol go. This is what they stand for. Oh I get this Trust me. It’s coming. They’re gonna have little symbols for the corporations and If your corporation doesn’t have that symbol Wow, they don’t they don’t have the gun with the lion growing through it symbol 45 with the line through symbol. I don’t know if I can shop here So in as much as people will be rated from a socially Credit oriented perspective. So people that Sell your goods and service them. That’s how the game works And people be disinclined on some level. Although I know a lot of people like, you know, what works the only game in town here So if I need to get something You know, I’m gonna be pretty creative about it cuz I’m not going back there And the only reason I went there is because I’d have to get something in a pinch you Know like we were doing the float You know at the eleventh hour, you know, we had a design for the float. It wasn’t working. It was not working so at the eleventh hour I said screw this Let’s go to Walmart Let’s get paint Let’s redo. The flow was 24/7 So we did that painted the float so in a workout we came in third it was much better design right than the One they were implementing before but I’m not gonna go there it’s because they’re screwing the people that supported them for all these years Walmart And this is what Tucker Carlson’s talked about Walmart went in and basically blew up the mom-and-pop model If you have a small hardware store, you have a small automotive parts store or you have a small clothing store Walmart came into your town and basically ended those businesses for all intents and purposes now we have automotive stores here in Fredericksburg, and they do just fine Walmart doesn’t specialize in stuff they specialize in and they’re fine. They’re niche But I’m telling you, you know, they went in and they blew up some models and They said, ok, ok middle America on you these stores are going away we’re going to be your super stop one shop Once you know, that’s it one super shop one stop. That’s it So middle America needed jobs and well more provided those jobs, they blew out a lot of companies along the way to told the story before The distant family member had a sock company doing very very well Very well a sock company manufacturing socks in the US Walmart said that they won the socks Did a big deal? Did a really big deal they signed a deal with Walmart They signed a deal with Walmart and Walmart said you’ve got to have your socks manufactured in China They refused just what they didn’t get their sock company back One more took it. They said okay. We’ll pay you it’s ours now So they saddled it wasn’t theirs anymore so Walmart Started to manufacture your socks this how the game works. So the police they blew their nose So they’ve done all this stuff right and now all of a sudden Walmart wants to get woke because of what happened in El Paso We’re still to this day. Nobody ever talks about the multiple witnesses, by the way that multiple witnesses who talk about these other Shooters they always have them now that’s part of their deal. At least it seems like it Says, oh there was another shooter involved Something else was going on But nobody talks about it Nobody talks about the fact that Walmart with all their sophistication while their surveillance security Can only offer us up some really gray image That comes off of like a CCTV cam from about 1973 That’s all we get Bullshit So now Walmart is hitting the virtue signal switch and they’re not gonna sell ammo anymore It’s done. They’re not gonna sell handguns anymore gun Do any done and what do you think Middle America goes to get their ammo Saying go hunt or do whatever they do Go to Walmart So they just went like this big fu to middle America and this is where everything’s had it now This is the Saturn Pluto conjunction and Capricorn where corporations Are going to making business decisions that impact our rights and our freedoms They’re impacting on some level. They’re doing it, right They say well, you know Second Amendment We got a way around that we’re just gonna keep we’re gonna not gonna let you buy buy buy bullets anymore Get it. We’re not doing it and Because Walmart is positioned in these places where there’s nothing over the game in town where people gonna do So they stop going to Walmart Well guess what happens Walmart will fire and fire their friends and fire their families and then just accelerate their stupid fucking robot program This is where it’s headed So we’re seeing the big virtue signal now It’s going to happen more and more and more and more and more. Donald Trump’s biggest competition is not anybody coming from the Democratic Party Donald Trump’s biggest competition for the corporations and They are many and they are manifold and if they combine their power and their wealth and their influence They can theoretically crush Donald Trump or just about anybody else who seeks to oppose that? This is kind of where we’re headed this is the new model of governance It’s going to be handed love And in love, we’re seeing it it seemed to take place before their very eyes so Anyway, we do our own thing. We you know, we Do our best We ask the you our best. You know what Walmart might actually get which is interesting because for a long time You know people on the Left wouldn’t support Walmart, you know, all I wouldn’t shop there. I wouldn’t do that Guess what? They just might no They just might I’m gonna go support it’s the same thing that happened with Popeyes, you know what Popeye started to offer a chicken sandwich my god The left couldn’t get the Popeyes fast enough to buy their fucking chicken sandwich. They couldn’t keep their chicken sandwich in stock Why because they wanted to promote Popeyes support Popeyes because it wasn’t chick-fil-a And you think Walmart paid attention to that course they did And then there was a shortage of popeyes chicken sandwiches. Who knows if they’re any good They may taste like they may taste like shit. I’ve never had a pot I used to eat Popeyes every now and then when I lived in Oakland Berkeley Was a long time ago now chip pretty of biscuits But you see what happened. Oh You know, we’re weren’t it’s weren’t a chicken sandwich war We’re gonna go support Popeyes not chick-fil-a we’re gonna we’re gonna bury chick-fil-a abide by a Lie, get the popeyes chicken sandwich Well good for you because it’s probably really terrible for you So buy as many fucking chicken sandwiches as you want Have those genetically modified chickens all the nitrates and all this shit that’s in those sandwiches and consume them Could sue them until you turn it into? something that’s Unrecognizable, then you could go to the fashion channel on YouTube and figuring out how to fix your fuckup and look like somebody from another Planet that we will know it that will be even more Unrecognizable. So have at it that chicken sandwich is your gateway drug to obsolescence no But if you think about it, there is a weird path there. There is a weird path in Walmart is taking a page out of that book You say well, you know, hey, you know, maybe get some people in here. They’re gonna support us. They’re gonna like us. Yeah Mart I never used to like Baltimore, but I’m liking Walmart now I’m gonna go there I’m gonna buy some stuff. That’s what I’m gonna do Yesternight, let me go by the guy at the gun counter and we give them high-five You talk to the employees at Walmart Talk about a depressed bunch man. I Know he’s back. I talked to this one guy. This is when I was buying stuff for the float I talked to this one guy. I Mean, yeah He was back in the where they saw the fabric This guy did not below me in housewares her home wares or soft goods or whatever they call it And I and I asked my I said I said this your department he’s at things like use of older dishes Yeah And I said, I can tell you not all that excited about being here He’s looked at me said no that poor son of a bitch, you know, he’s got to make money He’s got to pay his bills. He’s got pays my rent And he’s got a little of his existence he’s and he’s got it like went around and Doesn’t there shit about you know? Fashion or something? Who knows what his thing is, but You know Well this wrong person wrong position wrong place and I’ve had a few conversations with people at Walmart that are not that happy and You may say well, you know, it’s slave wages slave labor labor. What are they gonna do? What do they it means part of the system we can make it revamp the system if you have local Collectives and local guilds and things like that. I would welcome that People would be great if they could do that be great You know maker culture guilds things along those lines if you have any any desire experience to do that set up your own debts SC Sides for your own store shop, you know, you could do that. You employ some of these people I Think that’s probably the only way that they can get themselves out of this morass In being underemployed And under compensated in water wise and just you know, terminally kind of depressed Cuz really, you know, maybe the guy in automotive likes his job. I don’t know. Maybe he’s not a motive guy Yeah, oh, you know we got those 26 T’s in today Yeah, we get those done for you and you know, 45 minutes maybe feels good about that Or maybe the and cosmetics really likes her job Maybe she’s a cosmetic person. She got mine. I’m doing cosmetics. It won’t maybe the idea maybe that’s meaningful for my guarantee you those those positions of spots are few and far between Okay, let me get back into chat because I’m going to start to wrap things up here in this Friday the 3rd 13th Which I didn’t really get into This is the date of the Knights Templar got slaughtered We talked a bit about that Okay Let’s get into you cuz I’ve been now I’m gonna Ram it in a bit today Ramblin, man, leave me I mean, hey, if you like the show hit the thumbs up Your most small towns I am that’s what I was saying that’s what I’m saying, that’s what happens Popeyes business, Jim look the biscuits puppies biscuits are good McDonald’s is going to sell order and drive-through this year. That’s right. So it’ll all be voice recognition voice recognition You won’t have somebody on the other side saying hello. Welcome McDonald’s. May I take your order? No, well, it will be there so voice recognition, it’s happening McDonald’s are you at the forefront of automation and change The list we have You think Naomi Campbell asked for the bigger dread Do I dare ask for your take on breatharianism By you living without food. What bothers me? If we were designed initially to run exclusively on sunlight, why do we need? all these Are you asking me specifically or somebody in the chat? Let’s see Bum-bum-bum a Spiral cosmos art says the two keys to success as a sports writer re blind willing to believe anything You’re told by the coaches blacks hustlers and other official spokesmen Unrest Thompson Unrest Thompson’s, right? Unrest Thompson you some of you may know this Linares Thompson in it as much as he was Kind of this gonzo journalist was also a consumer of adrenochrome He was also somebody who videotaped and filmed a number of snuff events for the so-called elites, so Hunter s Thompson was a very very very dark individual, you know, he’s a culture hero supported and louder by many He’s a very dark side he’s right about that though I Guess you can be a sociopath indeed right well things Well, what else is Weaver here? Well, let’s see fash is based on ego compare yourself to others Let’s see How low can you go okay plan car cam Luton looking for sartorial advice What else deprived new perversions by fashion basically is I didn’t say so I’ll give you that I Can’t stand HST. Yeah, it’s a shit. What’s that place in San Fran? Who knows in a small town? I think we’ve got it covered here. I Think we have it covered. We’re pretty much done. All right. I’m just go through a lot of the questions. I Went to university for psych it’s PhD piled high and deep learned nothing about sight truth. It’s literally social programming. It’s okay Thank you Thanks fifth wall Russell Westbrook and cam should ever run away what walk-off Zoolander style I agree Michu been pushed and studied by MIT social media Lublin Paulette Jeff FC Yoshi $2,000,000 Natomas Bill Gates gift to the to the lab lab director resigned and pulled up to check board. Yeah their lab director, right? We’re dude, then you’ve had Aaron What’s his name Aaron Schwartz Who was doing the MIT stuff? It was coming up with Sort of the alternative to Facebook and looked like Aaron Schwartz probably stumbled on something and was was removed was taken out and I think there’s there and sports connection in there to Someone look at that Let’s see what else Yes was Johnny Depp, yeah hundra’s Thompson in Johnny Depp hung around each other because Johnny Depp played hunter Rose Thompson in the movie And I think honors Thompson showed Johnny Depp a few things As a result of that So just to get back to sort of the topic, which I neglected to talk about but probably should have talked about at some point Was the fact that today is Friday the 13th and it is a day That will go down in infamy That’s right in for me because afraid of the 13th Was that the day that the attempt laurs? Theoretically were slaughtered in 1307 Because the the Pope Who was Clemente the fifth and the king who is Philip the fourth? both of France decided that the Templars will become an elite a too powerful and that Their banking system and their larceny their hold over the church was becoming a bit of a problem and so they went in and they decided to Eliminate as many of them as possible And Jacques de Molay Who was the head of the order becomes the patron saint of? Freemasonry, I had a little graphic you for the it Was oh I talked about this with Emily As well. So most of you watch this, I’ll throw this up here too. It’s real quick on the fashion thing This is another fashion piece that I stumbled upon this was from the TV series space 1999 which was a Jerry and BB Anderson television production ITV in in England, oh, they were an interesting couple One of the most interesting things they did was a little film called alternative for if you can find it. I think it’s on YouTube Alternative 4 is basically their version of like an early version of Kind of a documentary that’s really not a documentary but it looks like it’s a documentary and it’s about it’s about the brain drain and people that are disappearing and going to Mars and The sky Shane. This is named Shane Brenner Shane Bremer, he was a guy that did a lot of stuff with them He plays an American astronaut who refuses to talk about things. It’s a really interesting little clip I think I really think it’s kind of a hidden in plain sight clip Look it up alternative form. You’ll find it on YouTube. You’ll see what I’m talking about Anyway, this is another one of their production space 1999 and This series ran for three years. I was an avid watcher of it since I love science fiction when I was a kid and the whole premise is that there’s a big nuclear explosion on the moon since we’re talking about the moon today and This base moon base alpha Gets thrown out of the orbit and kicked out into space so now the moon is kind of floating around space and there’s this base there and every episode of They’ve run into some kind of alien species or something’s going on. They’re trying to get back home and there’s always like some incredible damage done to the base, but somehow miraculously, it’s always put back together again and There are some interesting people that show up as part of the series Like actors who have like, you know roles on On one series of an episode anyway the idea of space 1999 mister create a future We’re there. The the species was unisex but yeah, I mean you can see here that there is a difference between Barbara Bain and Martin Landau But theoretically not by much slightly defined by Barbara Bain boobies, but the whole idea here was to create this idea That people man and women would be equal and they would look alike and the haircuts would also Reflect that there would be short very few people in space 1999 long hair if they did it was up in a bun pull back And of course we had kind of a diversity model which was practice on star track In a big way like star trek is one of the most diverse Shows in history television you have characters. Who were men women aliens humans black in George Takei’s case gay Right. So Star Trek was the first interstellar trip through diversity. This was kind of another iteration of that the Designer for space night. The fashion person was a guy the name of Rudi Gernreich and he was an interesting character and That his his mentor and lover was a guy by the name of Harry Hey and Harry Hey is a very pivotal member or figure in sort of the radicalization of? Homosexuality in America. He was one of the architects of Stonewall Harry Hay was also a fellow meit’s a Practising fella Mike. He was also one of the founding members of NAMBLA. He was an Aries so he was aggressive and very How do I say this is more than forthright about his sexuality. And in fact saw the dominant paradigm as something that needs to be attacked and even overthrown What if his Harry Hayes lovers? Ironically was grandpa Walton Will gear so talk about subversive I mean, you know that this guy is subversive right because here’s grandpa Walton all these people in America Oh, they love grandpa Walton Love grandpa Walton. He’s the voice of reason You know his he’s the Sylvan figure of the show You know things get rough grandpa Walton always has, you know, kind of wise word to say Meanwhile grandpa Walt was taking it up the ass by Harry Hayes. And so Harry Hayes, you know that this is happening you know, this is happening because Harry Hayes what do you know is kind of in the In in the in the hot embrace a grandpa Walton. He’s thinking if only American news there right now I Was I was getting all sodom and gomorrah on grandpa Walton that’s subversive, right? That’s B’s that’s being subversive subversiveness so Harry Hay was Rudi Gernreich sub mentor and there were lovers for a while, too So really Garin right his his vision here is to get up get rid of the sexes Let’s get let’s draw the line and blur the sexes. Let’s create this unisex model. So you see this is how fashion works Meanwhile on the other side of that that that scale that that that slide rule Rudi Gernreich Created this thing called the the monokini and the monokini was a bikini with just the bottom So you would go to a place like I don’t know a beach in the South of France Or something like that and you’d wear the monokini. So your boobies would be hanging out but your bomb and You know your your your yoni would be protected, right? so at the one hand he’s into this like Over-sexualization of the feminine form, you know taking it to the kind of the point of almost, you know, we’re eros bleeds into pornography But on the other hand, he’s creating this kind of Unisex model where everybody is theoretically the same in space, right? So this is the broad fashion plays And I just wanted to bring that up Little topper on you on the cocktail today will float All right, so there we go Hey, if you like today’s show if you like what I do if you enjoy taking a little trip around the cosmos through history trends politics time astrology sports spirituality Self-reflective, narrative and commentary if you like this you like what I do. I Asked you to help support this channel, which I don’t often do Ok, I have a paypal on my website Robert Phoenix comm you want to throw five ten? Fifteen in there, please Whatever you do some people do I have people that you subscribe you can subscribe monthly if you want PayPal will set this up I am also going to probably announce a GoFundMe. I’m still trying to work through some of this and I don’t want to be Too dramatic about it but I have some legal expenses that I’m I’m gonna probably have to stir it down and it has to do with me being able to continue use work and Other things that are super important to my life. I can’t really be too much more forthcoming about that I wish I could be but I’m kind of working with that and seeing the best way to go about Sort of attending to it in the meantime If you feel like subscribing to this go to Robert Feeny’s calm got a PayPal button there you can do it Okay, two hours. I got guests most of the time last week. We had the creme ease We you know, we had Donna we it was great show Great show and we before that misaki me a gala next week. I’ll probably have a guest You know what you’re gonna get on the Friday forecast You got 15 minutes of flame Tuesday through Thursday Sort of a shorter version of this and on Sunday nights two hours unabated astrology Looking at charts talking about astrology all kinds of stuff Yeah, I’m a one-man band Like one of those guys it’s playing the banjo and the train and the tambourine and the drum because you all at the same time And they usually have a bucket standing next to me my buckets on my website if you feel like donating please do I’d like to you know I’d like to do this for as long as possible and you know set this up in a way where I can do It’s not I’m gonna have to change the model Just the way it is. I’m gonna have to change the model because You know, we got evolved somehow and I’m thinking about that too. So the meantime You know where to go. I will be back on Sunday night, and I want to thank everybody in the chatroom chat, Landy You’re great. If you want experience some of this live come to Fredericksburg in October the 11th 12th and 13th We’re gonna be doing the Friday forecast live. We got events. We’ve got group activities. We got presenters. We got talks on health and astrology We got culture we got food we’ve got swimming pools we got great weather The if you haven’t been to the Hill Country in Texas, it’s a destination spot it just is it’s a great place Trust me on this. It’s a great time of year to be there You can find out more about that over on my website Robert feels calm as well. I’ve got some spaces left so available And that’s about it Let me just do one final sweep of chat land. Iya again. I thank you very much being part of the part of the proceedings today Let’s see we got Mostly Will be all over the place will be Our base our home base our camp. Our own camp is in Kerrville, but we’ll be in fredericksburg We’ll be outside of Fredericksburg Enchanted Rock is about 25 miles north of Fredericksburg The concert was Stephen Kent’s I will be in Fredericksburg on Saturday nights. We’re gonna have dinner at Hondo’s which is a landmark for the hill country Hondo Hondo and Luckenbach are synonymous and everybody knows the song Luckenbach Luckenbach, Texas with Willie Nelson and William Jennings Okay Let’s see what else we had of the chat room Jay Waltons. Goodnight john-boy Whatever you do don’t look up ladybeard death-metal, you know, I’m gonna look that up now. I’ve got to look that up Back in the 80s. I wrote a book for his psychics predicted by this time We mint would be bald in unisex. You know, there is a there was a character in a Star Trek movie the the first Star Trek movie There was a character who was a bald woman Who looked somewhat unisex and her name? The actresses name was Persis Khambatta? And she was like this striking OH a striking bald woman in the first Star Trek film She did not have a very good film career. In fact, I think her Her life turned out to be pretty pretty pretty dark actually Anything else Well, you talk about the lathe of heaven Diana the lathe of heaven No grandpa from the Waltons was gay. Yeah we’ll gear Interesting name a little gear. I Will I will use my gear in any way I want All right, that’s it. I’m out of here. Uh Usually had to discern what’s real. I’m your heart to sevens possible. Thanks for being here. Hit the thumbs up I’m Robert Phoenix have yourself a great weekend? I’ll be back on Sunday night with Astro so 9sy. Bye for now

16 thoughts on “9-13-19 Friday FARcast — Friday the 13th, Faschion, & Your Requests

  • ROBERT – I suspect that the dreaded Jan 12 2020 event will be Trump’s state of the union address whereby he announces anti-trust action against Google and others – along with plan to put these platforms under FCC regulation. Teddy Roosevelt deja vu

  • Hi Chief! "Just because you're not 'paranoid'! Doesn't mean that they ain't out to getcha!"

    & Since I told you my fave line from a movie last week! I have heatd the name of Babylon's 'inest? 'Pazuzu'! At least once a day…everyday! Since!

    Maybe 'cos of me..at the movie..'The Exorcist'. .& with all the 'trauma drama crew' outside the Cinema..& I'd everyone laughing! Totally unexpected..I felt sorry for them all..being the 'confused come to Jebus crew'..!! Hah! Mebe..I should've kept my big gob shut! Haha! See! I blame you! Pazu..yoo! Hahaha! Aye..sithee!

    I also heard somebody yakkin on the Radio a couple of days ago & I heard them 'waxing lyrical' anoiut..Theodore Adorno..'the philosopher'..!! I shouted "what'..& I threw my radio into the bin! Haha! Gotta have a laff..mefinx?
    & I'd rather have Pazuzu visiting than that twat! Anywhere near me! At least the Babylonian..made me laugh! I'll dig my radio out of the bin 'soonly'..mebe? Hah! ✨

    💖 & ✌️ ;Q xxx

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