9 People You Don't Want to Mess With

hi everyone there are certain people you don't want to mess with they are incredibly strong cool and knit intimidating enough to scare any bully away such people are usually admired but from a distance today will tell you about people who definitely don't want to be upset ready for a daily dose of tough guys and let's get it on Giga guru this guy calls himself a ninja for a good reason Giga guru has been exercising since childhood when he was 4 years old his parents signed him up for Taekwondo classes and Giga never took breaks since then of course just one martial art wasn't enough for him at the age of 10 he took up Thai boxing then switched to karate and Krav Maga however Giga did not stop there and added elements of acrobatics to his training too just because he wanted to even learn parkour at some point which influenced his overall fighting style and moves Bouguereau style is fascinating and his physical fitness is simply mind-blowing yes some haters claim that in real combats all these fancy acrobatic moves will be absolutely useless a new guru is doing all that just for the show but still look at him performing an entire series of punches in just a couple of seconds hardly anyone could withstand this fury shi Yan Ming our list of tough guys wouldn't be full without a warrior monk right shi Yan Ming was the seventh of nine children and when he turned five his parents took him to the Shaolin Temple where he became one of the youngest monks there he learned martial arts and other eastern secrets in 1992 she who would won many national martial arts competitions was chosen to be among a group of select Allen monks invited by the American kung-fu Association to tour the United States but he never intended to go back to China she secretly left his hotel in the middle of the night and escaped in order to defect from China to the United States speaking no English she directed a cab driver with hand signals to an unknown destination but the frustrated driver dropped him off in the middle of nowhere and called the police she showed the police's passport and some newspaper clippings featuring him so the police requested the driver to take him to a Chinese restaurant in order to find someone who could communicate with him however since the staff at the restaurant spoke a different dialect the monk wrote down his communications since both dialects use the same symbols soon she Yang Ming traveled to New York where he decided to promote kungfu with a huge success since 1992 he's been training hundreds of students including celebrities thanks to his unique skills shi Yan Ming was featured in media and on TV including National Geographic Channel even started a movie some say that among other skills the master could lick red-hot iron shovels no idea how this could be of any use to him but that is incredibly awesome Meena Raghavan the Indian martial art Kalaripayattu is considered the oldest martial art there is according to different sources Kalaripayattu is somewhere between 1300 or 2300 years old this art is practiced in temples with ulcers where the Warriors making jaw-dropping jumps and brandishing two meter long staffs as well as swords shields axes and Spears there are special flexible swords used against the real opponents by guru kal the warrior who mastered the martial art overall Kalaripayattu is a unique and serious martial art both men and women are allowed to practice it though the latter usually stop when they turn 20 but not the 76 year old Meena Raghavan the oldest known practitioner of kalari chaotic most people prefer spending their time during retirement in the comforts of their own home for this amazing woman has no intention to give up her training after all she started at seven so why stop at 17 in addition to that she runs a school to promote this ancient martial art her school has both local students and foreigners as her students call her grandmother out of affection she charges no fee for training her disciples they give donations when they complete their training so that she can continue to share her knowledge of killari piety with everyone who seeks it vitae pair Bazar e iron muscles 196 centimetres tall black beard heavy look and intimidating appearance meet a German fitness blogger Vittorio or Vito purbasari this muscular man is a professional bodybuilder an actor and despite its looks a very likeable person yes it's hard to believe especially if you've seen bits from a new Netflix series dogs of Berlin he also loves to inspire his fans by sharing his workout routines and judging by the number of hits followers that already exceeded a hundred thousand he has more than enough of those Mindy Kelly 1:1 says a professional ninja a usually means a tough guy with a mask in wields nunchucks and runs around on rooftops [Applause] but Mindy Kelly breaks these stereotypes pretty easily Mindy is a world champion martial artist who began training at the age of four she's earned over a dozen world titles she was able to achieve so much because she believes nothing is impossible and there's no such thing as right or wrong choices in life the key is to keep on going and just never give up Mindy always wanted to be featured in action movies she was inspired by Bruce Lee and Sylvester Stallone she moved to Hollywood in 2005 and has since fight choreographed and stunts coordinated music videos for artists such as Lady gaga Skrillex childish gambino and Metallica you've definitely seen her face somewhere too even though she hasn't made it to the big screen yet she helps other actors look cool and she's working hard to achieve her goals which inspires a lot of people in gone you what would happen if you mix furious Taekwondo kicks with graceful wushu moves improvisations of capira and gymnastics a mind-blowing martial art that's unlike anything you've ever seen this technique originated in the 1990s to early 2000s it requires outstanding agility and precision a Korean fighter ingen u aka kick gun is one of the best practitioners of this martial arts he took up Taekwondo when he was 5 years old and as he got older his passion for the martial arts intensified but one day he realized he wanted something more something different but at the same time based on the tried and true techniques on that day he became a kick gun his skills are beyond imagination just try not to get vertigo from watching him spinning around in midair [Applause] JD Anderson strong men look really impressive but JD Anderson is in a league of its own and it's not just about breaking baseball bats in half rolling out frying pans in his bare hands ripping wait is that a piece of wood or a magazine well you can clearly see how strong he is when someone doubts him it only motivates JD to work out even harder Anderson is a six-time world record holder he has a nickname the Iceman that why you may ask because he smashes ice blocks with his head like a human battering ram no equipment just his body mass raw strength and fury Lukis Novotny if you think that Robin Hood Hawkeye or the Green Arrow could ever exist in real life it means you've obviously never heard of Lucas Novotny Lucas was born in Czechoslovakia where he was trained as a glass sculptor he emigrated to the United States at the age of 21 where he continued to make sculptures until he switched to his real passion archery in 1998 he founded a company Saluki bow and has been practicing archery ever since his company is believed to be the leading manufacturer of the best traditional bows in the world archery being an Olympic discipline is practiced in all corners of the world but there are few traditional archers left Lukas is one of the few instructors who have completely mastered archery techniques he's a world-class champion and a winner of many contests you only need to see how he handles the bows that realize our proficiency is he can even shoot arrows and hit the target while riding a horse you can check his website for a full list of his achievements which are really impressive Daniela D'Angelo Daniela is only 16 years old but her shooting makes professional snipers jealous she can handle all sorts of guns from a handgun to a shotgun there aren't that many women shooters even fewer young ones so Daniela is as unique as she could be at first competitive shooting was just a fun hobby for D'Angelo but after competing in a match called area two she started to take the sport more seriously now she's hoping that one day she can secure a competitive shooting scholarship so that she can go to college and later pursue a career as a lawyer my advice to girls who want to shoot is just do it says Daniela don't be afraid of what other people think because you're a girl and you're younger because I did it and I don't regret it at all and people won't make fun of you or judge you for it we believe Danielle is right not only because there's no reason to judge someone for their unlikely hobbies but mostly because it's not such a good idea to make fun of someone with amazing marksmanship skills dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future do you love huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great

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