90 Seconds: Yemen's humanitarian situation after 5 months of war

air strikes armed clashes and shelling are directly affecting civilians in 21 out of 22 governorates in Yemen the humanitarian situation in Yemen was already dire before the war according to the head of the Red Cross after five months of intense fighting Yemen looks like Syria after five years in 90 seconds I'll summarize for you just how bad the humanitarian situation in Yemen is since the 19th of March the death toll is over 4500 more than half of which are civilians and over 400 children before the war Yemenis relied on imports for ninety percent of its food needs a hundred percent of medicines and seventy percent of you with none of that coming in this has meant the depletion of existing stocks and a major price increase of basic foods which is now out of the reach of the average civilian a staggering eighty percent of the population requires some form of humanitarian assistance this represents a one-third increase from last year with 12 point nine million people considered food insecure that's an increase of over twenty percent in six months alone more than 20 million people like access to adequate water sanitation or hygiene services this is a fifty percent increase since the crisis escalated according to UNICEF about 1.8 million children are likely to suffer from some form of malnutrition in 2015 an increase of almost 1 million children from 2014 a projected half a million of these children will be at risk of severe acute malnutrition in 2015 at least 160 hospitals across the country have closed down in many cases due to the lack of medicine supplies and equipment due to insecurity and also because they're being used as makeshift refugee camps over 3,500 schools are closed meaning two million children are being deprived of an education for more analysis by Middle East I follow the links below

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