987 DJs React to Avengers: Infinity War FINAL Trailer

Work that camera! Hello Robert Downey Jr. EH WAKANDA! Hello it’s Joakim Gomez! It’s Sonia from The Shock Circuit! I’m Natasha from 987 Lunchbox! And we’re about to do another episode of DJs react! And I’m very proud to announce that today my torture ends because even though the trailer has been out I was told not to watch anything to do with Avengers: Infinity War FINAL Trailer. So… can I press the spacebar now? Thank you like you’re a good man. Thank you. So suspense!!! Whoa a 360 shot! Work that camera! The first scene itself reminds me of the Black Panther trailer! Where’s Benedict Cumberbatch I’m still waiting?! Bruce Banner, Black Widow… Hello Robert Downey Jr… Thanos! Thanos is getting bigger every time. I think that’s another guy from Guardians of the Galaxy. Hello Tom Holland! Spider-Man, favorite guy! Tom Holland is really one lucky dude – like at that age, and you join like a star-studded cast, whoo! Doctor Strange – just watched it last week!! Only for 2 seconds?!
(Sonia is watching out for Benedict Cumberbatch.) WAKANDA FOREVER! Show him (Benedict) again… Haha! Chris Pratt, amazing! I’ve never seen him before, Guardians of the Galaxy for sure – why is he doing most of the talking? EH WAKANDA! I’m still waiting. Rocket Raccoon. That’s not him that was Thor. I’m sorry!
*nervous laughter* Thor has short hair, Black Widow is now blonde, what a time to be alive. Ooh, it’s my hand gripping that big… microphone… Okay, so much for all the internet memes and comments about Thanos’ armor and the colour, but he looks really good – very, very, nice. Thanos is a b**** man, HE’S MEAN! Who’s that PURPLE GUY?! C’mon, one more glimpse of my baby!!! What an amazing build!!! And then you end on the theme and – oh hang on! Aw, hi! Oh! HELLO THERE! His face is perfection. He doesn’t know what Dr. Strange, I mean Stephen Strange’s is his real name so Dr. Strange! Spider-Man – BEST. GUY. EVER. LOVE HIM! Black Panther for sure – King T’Challa!
That movie holds special meaning to me… And he just became my favorite Marvel superhero. I would say Spider-Man for sure cause he’s the cutest. I watched Spider-Man since the first guy, since Tobey Maguire. BUT after I saw Black Panther – WAKANDA FOREVER. I am on Black Panther’s side cause the technology is so up there you know and I want to be cute and also up there. If I were to play a character in the Marvel Universe of the Avengers… CHOPE! I wanna hear your answer, then I wanna suggest a character that you can play. – Okay.
– So you give your answer first, go. – I wanna be THANOS… *evil laugh*
– You wanna be a big, purple dude? Why? I do wanna be a big purp – because clearly in real life I’m not a big purple dude. – Okay, I got two characters for Sonia…
– No don’t…. One that fits, Rocket Raccoon. NO!!!! And the other one if you watched Thor Ragnarok, I think she’ll make a very good ‘Hela’ – the one played by Cate Blanchett! Aw, that’s a “hela” nice comment… thanks! Alright, so this has been yet another episode of 987 DJs React! If you enjoyed what you saw, i.e. me, please hit like and leave a comment! What else do you want us to react to? In the meantime… – DON’T FREEZE.
– What are you talking about? I NEVER FREEZE. *pretends to fall into the chute like in the Black Panther movie*

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