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okay on graduation mr. Hopkins he has the first poem to have a negative score on the Pritchard skate we're not laughing at you were laughing near you I don't mind that your poem had a simple theme sometimes the most beautiful poetry can be about simple things like a cat or a flower or rain they see poetry can come from anything with the stuff of Revelation in it just don't let your poems be ordinary now who's next mr. Anderson you're sitting there in agony come on Todd step up let's put you out of your misery I didn't do it mr. Anderson things that everything inside of him is worthless and embarrassing I was never right Todd not your worst fear I think you're wrong I think they have something inside of here that is worth a great deal I found my Eric w/w uncle Walt again now for those of you who don't know a jock is a loud cry or yell that's hard I would like you to give us a demonstration of a barbaric yo come on you can't y'all sittin down I get in your pants y'all know y'all a barbaric yo yo yo come on yeah it is you see you have a barbarian a new after all now you don't get away that easy victim uncle Walt up there what does he remind you of don't think a crazy man Oh you can do better than that free up your mind use your imagination say the first thing that pops in your head even if it's total gibberish a sweaty-toothed madman good God boy there's a port in you after all who's right loulou's him No describe what you see ah like I closed my eyes this and this image floats beside me a sweaty-toothed madman a sweaty-toothed madman with a stare that pounds my brain that's excellent give him actually make him do stuff yes and reach out and choke me and all the time he's mumbling what's he mama I'm mulling truth truth like like a blanket that always leaves your feet called forget them forget them stay with the blanket tell me about that blanket yeah you can push it stretch it'll never be enough kick out it beat it it'll never cover any of us from the moment we enter crying to the moment we leave dying it'll just cover your face as you wail and cry and scream

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  • Hawke seems most ideal as someone who hates being pushed, who hates the limelight and the burden of great responsibility, and yet improvises and excels. Watching this I was reminded of his work in Training Day, as Jake Hoyt he survives and overcomes.

  • When I was a teenager, I found this scene inspiring. It makes me nauseous now though. The message seems to be that glossophobia can be cured by a round of applause. Life's not like that.

  • Is it weird that I always thought he said "sway-toothed madman?" I like both versions but I think mine sounds cooler.

  • I have to write a yawp about something I'm passionate about for school and it's really tough. I suck at ELA in general so

  • I can say with complete honesty that this is my all time favorite movie, although I might be biased to the powerful depiction of poetry and writing in general, and Robin Williams is the epitome of life even if he couldn't finish it. He lived a long life internally.

  • Here's a little story about Robin Williams. The night before he died I was on Netflix and for some reason decided to re-watched Hook. I've never felt so happy to be watching a film. I can't explain the feeling I had watching it I was just over come with happiness .I had watched the film numerous times before and never got that reaction to it before. I didn't think anything of it after the movie ended and went to sleep then when I had heard the tragic news of his death I felt so sad and shocked that such a great man was taken away. Then I remembered the feeling that I had the past night and thought to myself
    that feeling is what everyone of us should feel everyday living our lives. And for a moment I felt like I knew this man personally and he left one last joke for me to laugh at. This man was the true embodiment of that emotion and feeling that we all should share and have everyday. Thank You Robin

  • This movie destroys me every time I see it, and this has to be one of the most painful and powerful scenes.

  • Robin williams may have taken what he most needed to hear and told it to others through his acting.  He was externalizing an internal struggle.  And i don't say that to criticize or embarrass the man.  But to celebrate him.  If i am right, he was not unlike vincent van gogh, who turned his pain into spectacular beauty.

  • Poor Todd. My teacher spontaneously redid the scene with one of my classmates. She wanted him to yawp. Everyone felt the cruelty and humiliation, I was shaking eventhough he was the one standing there and fulfilling the task against his will…

  • Ethan Hawke, HITFIX interview, August 31,2014:
    "Somehow it's like you're not breathing; you're being breathed. And the first time I ever had that feeling was with Robin Williams. We had this scene, "I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world." And it's etched in my brain as him standing in front of me writing "yawp" on the chalkboard and he said, "Todd doesn't think he has anything of value inside him." That scene is pretty much shot in one take. It's cut a little bit but Peter [Weir] shot it on a steadicam spinning around us. I remember Robin hugging me after that scene was over. It's a high I've been chasing the rest of my life. I mean the last 25 years since then or whatever. 
    It's also something that's absolutely heartbreaking and tragic about the person who taught you the expression "carpe diem," taking his own life. You know, there's something really terrible about that. But he was always – for every great high there is a low. And he was a person who experienced tremendous personal highs. I mean being around him you felt the epic swings in his state of mind. Even at 18 I was with it enough to sense those. So I feel for him and I feel for his family."
    RIP Robin William

  • Robin should've won an Academy for this role. His performance in Dead Poet's Society, for me, will will forever be regarded as one of the greatest performances by a leading actor. RIP Oh Captain my Captain!

  • Sheer brilliance. Thank you Robin for all those wonderful years you gave us. Bulbs that shine as brightly as you do normally get taken away from us even sooner. We should consider ourselves fortunate to have had you for 63.

  • Such an inspiring film. Everyone should have a teacher like Keating at least once in their life. I did and I have never forgotten him. Thank you Robin Williams for bringing this wonderful character to us. May you rest in peace.

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