A Culture of Growth: Katie Mulka

My name is Katie Mulka, and I’ve been at Quicken Loans
for just over nine years. I would say that this place
changed the course of my life. I didn’t have a college education, so, for me, this place has been special because I feel 110% confident that I would not be nearly
as far in my career as I am at any other company. The culture really is one of growth. You’ll have so many people
around you that can help you. It’s just a completely
different environment than what most people are used to. We want your ideas. We want an open line
of communication. We want you to have fun. This is your family. If you literally just focused on
what you can bring to the table, and if you want to be judged
on the quality of your work, then Quicken Loans
is the place for you. ♫[music]

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