A Day in the Life: Keylana Jenkins | University of Redlands

My name is Keylana, and I’m from St. Louis Missouri, born and raised. I was looking for a school in California. Originally my dad is from California. So I wanted to go back to his homeland. I really wanted a liberal arts school
to go to, and Redlands was my choice. I was really intrigued by their major in global business, because I knew I was interested in business and travel, and I didn’t know you could
combine the two. So, when I saw that there was global business it kind of like took me. I am a part of Alpha Xi Omicron. This is one of the sororities here on campus. I am involved, actively involved, currently. I am the community service chair. So I set a lot of different events
for the girls here and the organization that dwell around community service. So I plan the events
and I let them know of different events that are going on around campus so they can receive their amazing
community service hours. Usually me and my roomate, we wake up about 6:50 in the morning and get ready to go workout. Very energetic. Our work out typically takes about an hour. And we do a variety of different things: cardio, lift weights… It’s pretty fun—I enjoy it. After our workout, I go to class, and my first class is Piano 101. I am learning how to play the piano. I have always been interested in learning how to play a new instrument, and really learning how to play the piano
has always been my secret passion. So when I found out that we have courses where they could teach beginners how to play the piano, I was very, very excited. So I am now in this class, and I enjoy it a lot. After piano, I go to my sophomore seminar course. It is for Proudian Scholars. In this course, we really
have a lot of discussions, and these discussions are based on a
variety of topics. After sophomore seminar course, I have I have a bit of a break for lunch, and I usually meet up with my roommate. We’re really best friends,
so that really makes me happy. My first semester here at the University I applied for the
Shroeder Summer Language Scholarship. Prior to me applying for that I was
also taking Chinese. So I really wanted to advance my Chinese studies and study actually in the country. I’ve always been very passionate about learning something different, something new, and when I learn a language, I want to not only know the language but also their culture, their lifestyle, kind of everything about it. Prior to me leaving to go to China, I was very excited. I felt ready to go and adventure because I had a passion for traveling and seeing something outside of Missouri and now something outside of California. So, I felt like this was my opportunity, this was my chance, to go and adventure the world. It was not what I assumed that it would be. I assumed that it would be a swift, easy transition, no worries. And, of course, there weren’t any worries, but it was a different country, and I was going out there by myself. So I went in not knowing anyone, but I was definitely eager to make friends. I believe that experience definitely benefited me. It not only helped me in the classrooms– now I’m in Chinese 300, and it’s not as difficult because I’ve learned so much over the summer. And the new words that I am learning… It’s not as hard to attain as it was when I was first beginning. I believe I became more independent, being that I went out there by myself, and I made my own friends, and got a chance to explore. I explored a lot in China. So, it really opened my eyes on not being afraid to take courageous acts or just do something that I’m interested in. Hey, I’m off to my last class of the day, accounting. Thanks for hanging out with me today.

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