A Day in the Life of Social Repose

No still beautiful no no almost out of acrylic paint it's like my lifeblood all right I need to go to the store arts and crafts and arts and crafts and arts and crafts parsing crap Oh God okay look I'm Billy back um that would be good yes at that store cats and dogs and cats and dogs and cats and dogs and cats and dogs and I want a pony will you be my friend no no I wouldn't be nearly strong enough I'll be your friend excuse me to do do you sell moths you know no gas cause one of them I will live nope can't play guitar anymore going on my next single [Applause] I'll swear I'm not fake they're staring at me is that you just called me Ricky I just I just don't get it like why why do they always stare at me like I don't know everywhere I go everyone's just ever just staring I've never seen like an oversized Gotham off before I don't I don't understand it's just like I just feel so out of place all the time you know I did I need I need to find my I just I just want to be accepted can I just have a small mountain of cheese just just so much cheese just to just a lot of cheese yep there you go just a little more cheese yes wonderful and let us please my homeland I own four of these 17 of these are you kidding me right now are you kidding me oh yeah do you have any of these that um would fit me yeah nice well that was unsuccessful it's time to go home hey there my name is Ritchie from social explode get it because I messed up my name I'm I'm really funny yay

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