A Different Kind of Mortgage Company | New American Funding

We attribute our success to New American Funding
to really finding the people with the entrepreneurship spirit. One of the reasons we’re successful is because
we were a technology company well before we were a mortgage company. That, and the fact that we have diverse leadership
here at New American Funding. Our growth, I could attribute directly to
the people that understand they’re going to grow because of them, which speaks to why
our employees have such a strong sense of ownership. Any company in America that has diversity
and inclusion in their corporation is winning. We understand to be successful, it’s because
we’re cultivating great partnerships with the real estate community. And by surrounding them with the best technology
and the best marketing, to make them relevant with the millennial wave. People and the industry sees us as stable,
and committed. I think what makes us different is the leadership. Rick comes from a marketing and technology
background, and I come from a loan origination and operations background. And I think it gives us the opportunity to
be able to lead this company with two senior leaders. People who join New American Funding aren’t
seeking entitlement, they’re seeking empowerment. We have loan officers that came here that
then were branch managers, and then were area managers and then regionals, and now they’re
senior vp’s. I don’t think we’re just a mortgage company,
I think we’re innovators. We’re a technology company, we’re a marketing
company. We see this business much more than what it
is today, but where is it going? We’re a people company that just happens to
do mortgages really really well. That’s New American Funding.

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