39 thoughts on “A Glimmer of Hope to fight poverty.

  • 650 Million Euros spent on the Royal Wedding. 650 MILLION! They could of changed the world if they spent that on the Poor and needy! Every 6 seconds someone dies because of extreme hunger and Poverty. Yet they are to selfish and care about themselves! WHAT IF YOU WAS THEM!?

  • @idrobinhood i dont get your other comment or this one… do you want racial secularism? for the survival of the white race??? I don't get what you are saying but it sure sounds like you are a momaman to me

  • @dbyrness thank you!!!!! they try and present it as the most depressing place on earth…. but yet it hold the key to all civilisation and the children are smiling!!! fire bun all haters…. long live ETHIOPIA… long live AFRIKA!!! RAS TAFAR I !

  • @ibyOFshieldz i think"payed" was not the correct word for those kind of situations… you should use donated or offered..

  • @ibyOFshieldz bill gates and his wife have literally donated hundreds of millions of dollars to charities and still everyone hates on him… guess its for the crapppy os after crappy os…. windows 7 appears to be promising though…..

  • That may be so. Read on how much debt American is because of the war and because of how Bush messed it all up.

  • @gojin I know, right. If we had to run our country without compassion, we probably wouldn't be still standing today. So, laxswimfiend needs to get a heart.

  • @gojin Yes, there are numerous people out here who do alot to help our country even though not many American's realize it. There is in fact several rich people who donate thousands or even millions to charity and for the terrible economic state that we are in. But frankly its not enough, which is the reality of life. We live in a scarce world. We can not give everyone what they want or need. All we can do is our best to contribute in the society and in the world we live in.

  • Why do people in super poor Countries keep having kids? They are just bringing them into hell. I'm not even going to think about having children till I'm done college and am making 70,000 or more a year and if I'm not that successful then I'll be a bachelor cuz our own future is going to be ruff times and I don't want to bring my babies into that hell if I cant afford to help them out like my parents help me

  • @gojin Thats because we are living in a country that offers all sorts of chances and opportunities. We are given these privileges, but its not like we are doing it to save our country, is it?? We have more than enough. Most people nowadays are just doin it to take advantage of the government by robbing and using them. I'd say we are the most fortunate country in the world, but yet we do more complaining than doing to better ourselves and this country.

  • @theflyballa well, they need to stop trying because its polluting this earth..in fact i think every country should stop trying so hard, its building a whole lot of mess for us to clean up and use up our wealth, when we need it to help our own..

  • The reason alot of Africans are dying is because of us were bringing diseases to them uf we stop we'd be helping them they made it this far on their own I say they can keep it up without us

  • I was thirsty and I drank a coke. I pick it over orange juice, apple juice, milk and water.

    I gues what I am trying to say is that I'm blessed. I am never going to take my next glass of water for granted anymore from now on.

  • Our need for resources is what is causing instability in these countries.
    Greedy military officers want to take over the resources and become millionaire.
    The people give them support and wage war against the "enemies". They promise wealth, health and material stuff when in fact they will die for a fake cause. Africans are actually nice people, some black people in America are the opposite and just care about money and are selfish.

  • It's because they live under a Communist regime that they know nothing about Water Filtration. These people are nothing more than a waist of resources to Petty Tin Horn Communists Dictators like Robert Mugabe. These souls suffer needlessly at the hands of those who have given grate promises of prosperity, as well as Hope and Change.

  • @shadowtime23 /watch?v=B7zJ0yVSSvE

    i also love this song alot and i thought the video was very good too.

    adiemus is the songs name and the link is the link to the song

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