A Grateful Quicken Loans Gives Back

– Hello. – Hi – Hey Cheryl how are you? Hey guys. (happy upbeat instrumental music) – We want to get in front
of our clients face-to-face; doesn’t happen often when you’re
an online mortgage company. So we wanted to reach out to you guys, number one just to say thank you. – I know you shared your story with me, mom to mom; single mom to single mom, and I have to say you truly inspired me. We’re going to help you pay
three months of your mortgage. – Are you serious? – [Jacqueline] Yes ma’am. – We’re going to be having
a gift card sent out to you. I do want to let you know
it’ll be a thousand dollars. (gasping)
so this way … (crying) – They’re making a donation
to the children’s hospital – Aww
– In our name. – It’s the least we could do. I mean, we really appreciate you guys. You’ve been great. – Not only is Quicken going to do the $500 for the cancer research in your name, but we’re going to send you $500 too. – (gasping) You’ve got me by surprise here and I really appreciate it. – But that’s not all Tiffany, that’s not all. You and your family are also getting an awesome trip to Arizona – (laughing) Oh my God. – We’re going to Arizona? – Yes we are. – Woo (laughing) – Well not me. Just you guys. – [Woman] Aww
(laughing) – That would be awesome. – Yeah we really appreciate you guys, and we just want to do something special. So you guys enjoy it. Have fun. – And that’s just another thank you for being such a valued client to us. – Oh my. This is … I … let me tell you something, I couldn’t have asked
for finer birthday gift than any of this. My wife will be thrilled to death. – Our children are going to be so happy. They’ve been asking me, “Mommy when can we go on a vacation?” and I’m like, “We’ll go one day. We’ll
go one day.” (crying) – [Jacqueline] Thank you for being part of the Quicken Loans family. – Well, you’re welcome. (laughing) – You got me crying. (laughter) – It just helps me out so much. – I just had no idea, you know, this was going to happen. This is just another example of how y’all are willing to help people. – Bye happy holidays. – Happy Holidays to all of you guys. Thank you. Bye. (happy upbeat instrumental music)

100 thoughts on “A Grateful Quicken Loans Gives Back

  • When I was in the process of getting my mortgage loan QUICKEN had my back from applying to the closing. I trusted my team to be there to get me through any issue, to answer any question. Thank you QUICKEN. I would recommend QUICKEN to everyone.

  • I switched from Wells Fargo 3 years ago. One of the best decisions I ever made. Very happy with QuickenLoans! Thank you!!!

  • I h ave to say that the loan my wife an I just closed on in November was the most pleasant expiereance that either one of us have had. Your people an your soft wear worked flawlessly an the people were enjoyable to talk with. Usually during that process you really don't want that call or email from the institution that you're applying for that long with. But I actually look forward to your emails and their phone calls it was a joy to talk to them and they were just so easy to work with and made things so easy . So thank you very much for the system that you have and also for the wonderful employees. We will definitely use Quicken loans for our next financing if that comes about. God's blessings be with all of you and May 2017 be another award winning year for you. Donna and Edwin and McGrew

  • Doesn't surprise me that Quicken Loans would do these things for their clients. That's the type of people they are. I've never seen a company do more for there clients during the loan process and after. I can't say enough nice things about Quicken Loans.

  • Way to pay it forward!! It's easy to understand why everyone we worked with was so positive and cheerful – They can feel proud of where they work. Thanks you.

  • WOW that's great. You were all so good to us that I have recommended you to not only my daughter but 3 other people as well. Keep up the good work

  • Great Company, so glad I went with you. This is so nice of you to surprise your customers this way. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  • This is a nice thing that Quicken Loan is doing for there clients. With families working so hard to keep what they got with QL's help it nice & good to know that QL knows we need a break to. The Parker's

  • Thank-You Quicken Loans for a wonderful experience. Dealing with a Disability retirement has not been easy but I'm glad I found you.

  • I love doing business with Quicken Loans. I refinanced with them and it was one of the easiest transactions that I have ever experienced. Sumer Sour, my rep was wonderful and gave me excellent suggestions even months after I refinanced. Way to go Quicken.

  • thanks to the many, who received such generosity from Quicken Loans, it is better to give than to receive, that is why i sponsor so many ( 4 ) charity's to better the lives in a small way to be better.

    thx, Dank

  • This was awesome!! What a wonderful gift. I just refinanced through QL. It couldn't have been any easier and was a pleasurable experience.

  • Quicken Loans has received the awesome award from J.D. Powers; that is a very powerful statement! I worked for a hospital that was reaching for the J.D. Powers award, and I understand the challenges and excitement when you receive it.  I would love to work with you for the atmosphere.  Being retired is difficult with the escalating costs.  May God continue to bless you as you bless others.   LHodges, Orlando, FL

  • Quicken allows me to stay in my condo for the rest of my life. I'm a 66 year old widow disabled for over 13 years. Thank you!

  • with 30+ years of processing mortgage loans, etc.myself, Quicken Loans is absolutely the BEST company I have ever had the privilege of doing business with! I highly recommend YOU to all of my business associates, family and friends. Your staff continues to be "ON TOP" of all of our needs….no matter what State they are located in! GARY & TONI GODMAN

  • This is AWESOME! It just proved that my wife and I have finally picked the best mortgage company in the United states!We had the worst and it feels really good having Quicken loans.  Thank you for all you do!!!!

  • im so glad to be a part of the Quicken Loan Family! We're retired,got a bad modification (40 yr loan), And they got us a 30 yr,lower interest loan! You guys did what you said you were going to do,no BAIT & SWITCH! THANKS,

  • Wonderful that Quicken is willing to give back to those who are in need. Thank you for your generosity to these wonderful and deserving folks.

  • People. I am 67 years old. I have bought homes all over the USA. Never in all this time since 1971, my first home, has a Mortgage Lender been so good and truthful. Thank you Quicken and thank you Miranda Lucarelli of Detroit, my Mortgage Loan specialist!

  • It is so nice to see a company that knows it's customers and works on giving back to them. This is one of the great perks of belonging to the Quicken Loans Family.

  • We are QL clients. Both of our loans, a finance and refinance, were handled very professionally by committed QL employees. We are pleased and thrilled to learn that not only does QL embrace efficient processes but, even more importantly, embodies a culture of giving back to deserving clients. Congratulations–you are a role model for community involvement!

  • I am not surprised that Quicken Loans would do this!! I hope you never change and will continue to care so much for your clients!! Our Refi was made very easy and we very much appreciate all that you did!

  • I appreciated my experience with Quicken Loans, it was the smoothest process ever to refinance my home at a very competitive rate!  And, to see how  Quicken Loans is giving back to their customers is incredible.  It demonstrates that there are companies that recognize the value of truly helping others!  Thank you Quicken Loans for sharing this!!

  • We've used Quicken Loans twice, really good experience both times. This show of generosity is great to see. Congrats to those who received these gifts. I think my favorite one was the gifts in the name of client to a charity. I do that for employees and colleagues at Christmas! Great job!

  • I had a good feeling about this company and these gestures of kindness is proof. Which mortgage company does what you just did? None! You've got a heart and it's in the right place. Don't ever become weary in well doing, your company will be so blessed, you can hardly stand it.

  • Quicken loans helped me with a home loan. it was fast, easy and just want i needed! It's great to see a company giving these nice gifts to customers!

  • Quicken literally saved our financial life.  We were in a very high interest rate
    and one phone call changed the course of our life.  We are truly grateful for the entire staff at Quicken Loans especially Tony…

  • Extremely inspiring video from Quicken Loans!!! What a lovely thing to do for your customers at the most special time of the year. Congrats and thank you to Quicken Loans!!

  • Not only did I use Quicken Loans, I recommended them to my son. We are both pleased with the way QL does business!

  • I love Quicken Loans they are the best when it comes to VA loans! Got me a mortgage for my first home. My advice is, "use Quicken Loans!"

  • Awesome company, awesome service, awesome experience!! Two thumbs up!! If I had more than two those would be up, too.

  • Great job Quicken Loans! We have been so happy since we chose to put our mortgage with you! Great family of people!

  • you are an amazing mortgage company You went above and beyond to get us into house house quickly and now your showing your generosity God Bless all of you at quicken loans

  • I am delighted with Quicken Loans! Awesome people and an ideal mortgage experience! And this video just takes my satisfaction up another notch!

  • That is so great to see!! I need help! I don't want free. I want payments to be pushed to the end of loan or regroup some properties all on one loan. please help!!!!

  • Quicken Loans,has been very good to me, I've been with them for four years now, and I'm a happy customer of Quicken loans. THANKYOU for your outstanding service.

  • Quicken Loans is the Greatest, Mortgage company ever. I save money and the staff at Q.L. are wonderful. Thank you Q.L.
    From Richard/ June Addison

  • Keep up the good work! Nice to see your employees being the ones to deliver the news. This goes a long way to keeping your company strong!

  • The Quicken Family was so understanding of what I was going through with my husband's cancer; they made the process seamless. They told me not to worry and I felt that was one thing I could let someone else handle for me and they did
    Thank you Quicken, Thank you Eric

  • I really enjoyed refinancing my loan with QLs and now I am even more impressed with your company.  Thank you so much for doing what you do and how great you all do it.  Every company is made up of people and how the company acts, is how the people will act who work for that company.  Thanks again.  Giving back is what its all about!

  • Awesome job Quicken Loans! We have been so happy since we chose to put our mortgage with you! Simple and easy! Enjoyed every one we worked with!

  • I am so glad to be a part of the Quicken Loans Family. I think this company does a tremendous job in helping their clients. You are helping a friend of mine right now, I have all the faith that you will satisfy him as well. I hope I can receive a gift some day. I Love Quicken Loans.

  • Fantastic… an American company that actually care and shares the wealth….I will always recommended your services to anyone in need. Keep the Spirit Alive!!! Melody

  • Love our low mortgage rate! Quicken Loans made it happen in such a quick and efficient manner. I would recommend anyone to use them! Very impressed with the charitable things they do for other people!

  • Awesome Quicken, does it again. Glad I found you. You helped me to purchase my 1st home at the age of 60 when no one else would. Now I have something to leave my grandchildren…Hope I get lucky one day. Thanks again.

  • Happy with QL mortgage. Also,  very thankful to you guys for helping my son and his wife and 3 kids purchased their first home.

  • Your company is one in a million!! Bless you for being so generous and helping those in need. Bless you and keep up the great relations.

  • That a company would give back like this is a reason this is a wonderful company to do business with.. yall are awesome


  • after watching the above video my faith in humanity has been restored. just goes to show this company knows that the heart of their business is the people they service and when they give back they build even more customer loyalty.

  • Just another reason why I love being part of the Quicken Loans family. Amazing team members, amazing clients, and an AMAZING experience which goes beyond mortgages.

  • I don't  know of any other mortgage company that raises the bar any higher than Quicken. They have kind and thoughtful employees that jump through hoops to get your mortgage done and get you moved into the house of your dreams. Thank You, Quicken!

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