A Heartfelt Thank You from Quicken Loans | DeQuinda

(lively music) – Going through the house,
it was just like soot and little black specks everywhere. All on the kids’ clothes,
all on the furniture. Our kitchen was gone. (laughs) I mean, that was best way I can put it. The kitchen was completely gone. I never expected the compassion. Never expected someone to get on the phone and start actually caring
about what actually happened. That was the last thing
that I ever thought. – [Jacqueline] Hello! How are you? (laughter) (cheerful music) – Girl, I can’t take that! Oh, you’re serious. Thank you. (Jacqueline laughs) Thank you so much. (crying) (gentle music) – I… I gotta share something with you. $5,000 is not enough either. We wanted to give you a gift card to a home furnishing store for $5,000 to help y’all start over. – Oh my God! Are you serious? – Yes ma’am. Oh my God, thank you! – You’re so welcome. (DeQuinda cries) (gentle music) – Everything’s gonna be OK. (laughter and crying) (upbeat music)

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