A Look at the 9/11 Memorial

My birthday was September 9,
so I had just turned nine. My dad was one of
the 23 police officers. His name was Ramon Suarez. I miss him a lot. I really do. Seeing his name in the memorial,
it means everything. JOE DANIELS:
On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center
was attacked. It became known as Ground Zero. After years of hard work
and rebuilding, the entire site
has been transformed into one of beauty
and of remembrance. At its heart is the
national 9/11 Memorial. Millions of visitors
from all around the world come to this site to pay
their respects each year. What they see are two enormous
reflecting pools that sit in the very footprints
of where the Twin Towers stood. The pools are surrounded
by bronze panels inscribed with the names of the
nearly 3,000 people who died in the attacks of 2001 and the World Trade Center
bombing in 1993. MICHAEL ARAD:
When you come to the memorial, you come up to the edge
of each one of these voids, and you see this enormous
empty space in front of you. It’s a space that can’t be
filled, and will not be filled. It is there where you encounter
the names of the dead. First impression you have
as a visitor is how many names there are. It’s a sea of names over
an ocean of tears. DANIELS:
The Memorial Plaza, made up of hundreds
of swamp white oak trees, surrounds the memorial pools. One tree is different. It is a Callery pear tree, now
known as the “Survivor Tree.” This tree was at the site
on September 11, 2001. It was discovered in a pile of
rubble by some recovery workers. It was nursed back to health,
and returned here. And, in some sense,
it really embodies the whole experience of 9/11
in a living being. It is damaged, but it also shows
a tremendous amount of new growth. VEGA: And now there are no words
to describe how bad it was. The massive debris field,
the smell of death completely took over
your whole being. To work out of that
to where we are now, it was a slow, hard process. As bad as 9/11 was, it demonstrated that when
the times require, we do have the capacity
to come together and take care of each other
with limitless compassion. SUAREZ:
I remember that day. I remember where I was,
and what I was doing. My generation, we remember
growing up with it. It’s like you were a part
of history. It makes me very proud to know
that my dad went out of the way for strangers. That’s what I call a hero. Nobody ever wants to forget those people that passed
away that day. Those people were brothers,
wives, mothers, sisters, friends. And those people
should be remembered in every way possible. DANIELS:
Every single person that comes here is making
a contribution. You truly are our future. Thank you.

16 thoughts on “A Look at the 9/11 Memorial

  • I'm with the doctor on this one. They really should've built new Twin Towers. This memorial site is just too depressing.

  • It wouldn't be just building 2 huge buildings again, it would have been replacing with renewal what was taken and memorializing forever those lost within it's walls and slapping the crap out of who-ever took them down at the same time. if you lived before 9/11 and knew the life before you could understand.

  • Today is 9/11/13 It is 12 years since America was forever changed! God Bless the USA and All the People who lost their lives and Families who lost their loved ones:( This still hits me so hard!! I'm watching MSNBC right now showing minute by minute of the September 11th Attack in 2001. Love You New York

  • My husband and I visited New York just last week, before the anniversary – had the chance to vista the 9/11 memorial. The enormity of the site brought home the tragedy, and the horror people went through on that day. Some of the names on the bronze panels include names of women who were pregnant at the time that they died. That tore me. It's stupid to debate whether 9/11 is an inside job because that doesn't change the fact that people died and their memory lives on.

  • I'm coming September 10th for 5 days, I live in the uk, never been before and have always wanted to visit! R.I.P

  • When I heard about the new One WTC/Freedom Tower being built I was under the impression that it simply replaced the Twin Towers. You know as a sign of recovering from the tragedy, as a statement of strength and will to overcome 11th September.
    When I discovered this memorial, being exactly where the towers stood and up to the original scale, with the water fountains mimicking the facade, I was deeply moved. I thought they cleared Ground Zero from the rubble and simply put new buildings there with a far smaller memorial somewhere near.

  • How does this video only have 58,000 views? It should be in the millions! Like Justin Bieber has millions of views on his videos, and so anything regarding 9/11 should always be in the millions of views!

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