A Moonshine fueled Musical Tribute to America (hope they don't revoke my citizenship) | How to Drink

America spread your golden wings that's that song from the American adventure at Epcot I don't know all the words but that's relevant because the band is called America and this is my tribute to all nations but mostly America that's another Disney World reference this is my tribute to America fourth of July fireworks beer barbecue called Eagles oh that's right this week I'm making my red white and blue all-american smash out slushie for the fourth of July it's it's a glass of booze so to make this drink you're gonna need a couple things you should get some bonded bourbon don't go crazy I think this Jim Beam perfect and you're gonna need yourself a little uh little Mountain Dew you're gonna need a little bit of that white lightning here any little moonshine this is Glen thunder corn whiskey product of Finger Lakes about 90 proof has a picture of an Indy 500 car on it don't know why but that's cool Allister you think Glen thunders a fine tune but Roux is perfect was it great I was doing this for you guys hold on I think Glen thunder is a fine tune true American corn whiskey made to honor one of America's greatest wake raceways Watkins Glen for more than 60 years the world's best drivers and most die-hard fans come to the Glen it's legendary road courses seen everything from the early days of racing in the streets to the wild spectacle of the Grand Prix to today's high-tech open wheel and stock-car races racing at the Glen is all about balance and power and the same goes for Glen thunder that's why every driver the Glen has had 750 you've blend under moonshine in there well that's crazy this is a drinking and driving booze we shouldn't use this that's I'm sorry I just wanna point out is really weird that this is 90 proof moonshine themed to driving you guys might want to rethink that a little bit I mean I do get it though right cuz the birth of NASCAR supposedly comes from the bootleggers souping up their cars to outrun the revenuers so that's where NASCAR comes from you know I'm good old book just the good old Beau's I never meanin know how not my damn Duke boys baby so a lot of drinks that are layered and red white and blue and that's not really something we normally would do here at how to drink but you got to do it once in a while you gotta let your hair down you gotta let your freak flag level in but you gotta let your freak flag fly there's a lot of F's in that when you're drunk that's tough to do you got to let your freak flag fly and let your hair down and say you don't matter let's just make this thing let's just make tacky but tasteful red white and blue America themed sushi okay we're gonna make this thing now I thought I was gonna need a blender to do it but I found out from trial and error that I could do this without the blender and I think you can do without water it's even easier what you will need is a bunch of crushed ice so I've got my Louis bag and my hammer and I crushed up some ice I did that before you can use a blender to crush ice you could use an ice crusher to crush ice you have a machine that crushes ice like on your fridge it means that I don't so I do it with a hammer let's make this drink a tall glass a hurricane glass is ideal you can do something else the first thing I'm going to do in this case is I'm gonna cut up this watermelon I should have done this before we started rolling but you know things happened I have a knife that's too small too so this will be comedic sort of like when the clowns get out of the tiny car cut it in half put that part over there okay cool let me show you go okay I need my shaker so this streak is interesting to get what I want to do I'm going to shake it three times because there's three layers and each one is going to be a little bit different and so I just want to get a chunk of watermelon in my shaker I like about that much I would say that that is about two and a half ounces of one I'll make sure I got a good water because kind of like water money good stuff and I want one ounce of Jim Beam bonded bourbon I put one ounce of Jim Beam bun and bourbon in there little ice bourbon and my piece of watermelon that watermelon is gonna completely pulverize in here and that's sort of the idea it's true that's pretty simplistic there's not a lot going on there but okay don't worry about I want to start this drink with the straw already in it and that will become apparent why you know moment I find it to be helpful to use a bar spoon when doing this kind of a poured what I'm gonna do is hold the bar spoon like so against my strainer and I'm going to do this I will leave that bar spoon right at the layer that I want this to deliver to and our drinks gonna ride right down it and that's going to enable me to deliver this exactly where I want and we're gonna leave that to sit the next step is we're gonna need one ounce of our moonshine Kentucky moon ammo and that spills moon one ounce of Kentucky moon well that's not Kentucky that's New York moon motives I want a half an ounce of lemon and a half an ounce of simple syrup and we're back into the shaker again we're gonna shake that up alright and now I need another layer of ice we got to work kind of quickly because this stuff is gonna try to bleed up I know you've never seen on this show before but today we're gonna use legit Giffords blue curacao it's nothing more than cure so that's blue it's all it is alright so now I want another ounce of my moonshine half an ounce of Curacao and half an ounce is simple and more ice and I put more in my crushed ice all the way up to the top here merica spread your gold wings the for victory all right let's get rid of those Leben we're gonna go let's give her a taste let's see how this went now one of the things I want to point out right away is why it's drawn first well if I put the straw through all these layers it's gonna drag that blue down and create a channel and it's gonna destroy the layering effect really quickly this will bleed through of course but that is a lovely bourbon bourbon kind of iced tea watermelon thing going on of course it's gonna evolve as the layers commingle and you'll get something different a little bit of each layer but that's not so bad I like this it looks like a glass of bourbon moonshine watermelon lemonade where would I drink this I would drink this at a monster truck rally or a tractor pull in the backyard in your front lawn when you're out button and the wild man out and down the holler I would drink the stamp the shore I'm Barry you're out on the islands drink this drink this on the front porch I'm a back porch dududu looking out my back those I would drink this down by the levee but the levee was done I would drink this on the redneck Riviera on the New York Riviera this land is your name this land is my land from the New York island to the head of kindness this land was made for you

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