A movie about people, freedom and Berlin

Hello, my name is Skusha I came from Russia Hi, my name is Ira I’m also from Russia I’m Daniella I come from Switzerland and I’m a student in human geography My name is Şeref I live in Berlin since 1980.
I live in Berlin since 1980. I work as a locksmith My name is Behailu Salah I come from Ethiopia My name is Oumi I’m 27 years old I’m from Berlin Originally I’m from Senegal My name is Tomoko I’m from Japan I’ve lived in Berlin for six years This place is paradise. We can spend our time here. We feel well, because the stress and the hectical days in the city are forgotten. Here, we become ourselves. you know? In the city we are anonymous, we are nothing But here, as humans, we can meet many people and… live neighborly. Different cultures What plays a big role in here is the nature The green ground and the blue sky and the wide horizon as far as the eye can see This makes you feel complete, free. And here there is no commerce, no bureaucratic I came to Berlin because I wanted to learn German I came here in 2009 with Ira she wanted to do the same and we started taking part in German classes I stayed in Berlin because love on the first sight It’s your home here That’s why I would like to stay here I have had the idea to come to Berlin since my childhood. And then I came, and decided to stay. I feel free here There’s lot’s to do here, It is very green and fresh. I feel like I have the right to be here, and nobody is going to judge me as I come from an another country And for me it’s very important that Berlin is so cosmopolitan and there’s people from everywhere so you just can be here and you have the right to be here and to live here and to do whatever you want here Freedom actually that I feel here and what I like from Berlin I can be anything I studied intercultural communication in Japan in the university and I always had big dream coming to Europe to see the different culture, so I came here What’s really important for me is that anyone can be who they want to be you can just be yourself and nobody cares I find it an open city, very green. In your free time you can enjoy multiculturality. It is a beautiful city actually. So my only connection with Berlin is that I actually grew up here so I can’t really specifically say It’s just normal for me to be here Like I said, I really like the city I have a huge connection to it because I grew up here my friends are here the skater community is huge here so I’m really happy that I’m in the city. The city is colorful.

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