A Place to Call Home in Music City | Quicken Loans

because of work I’m on the road a lot
and so it’s so nice to come back home the first time I went away to go to a
movie I realized I just love coming back here for me it was important to feel like I
was moving toward something and I was building something I just didn’t know
what the future was gonna look like and I just needed some direction and I just
remember that moment I said you need to buy a house I had a good friend who told
me live where you love being to me I didn’t want my life to just about work
and wanted to be a part of a community reinvesting in that community and the
people around me I think it just gave me some direction for the next few years
of my life to say I’m investing in Nashville my realtor
called me and said this house went on the market it was a little bit love at first
sight without getting my hopes up this is actually happening which is a little
scarier than just saying I’m gonna toss it out there and see what happens but
now it’s like I have the decision of this is going to happen it was the first
time I’ve placed an offer on any house definitely had some doubt and some fears am I
prepared for this do I have all my ducks in a row and the biggest thing is to
make a decision out of fear is not a good way of making a decision we said
let’s just do it and I didn’t look back it was both intimidating and a
great feeling one of the scariest moments was right after I got the keys and I
came to this house all by myself and it was a big empty house and I just thought
am I gonna be happy here I would say buying a house has given me the courage
to move forward and take other risks be brave go for it you now take on the responsibility of
making a space better making a neighborhood better making a city better because
you’ve actually bought into a piece of it

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