A Prosperous Soul – Friday Night Greg Mohr

hey this that was great worship and actually God was speaking to me during the time of worship I want to share something with you I want to thank pastor Anthony and the in the entire leadership team here at Calvary life for opening up your building your facility for Andrews partner meeting let's tell them that we appreciate them amen and listen if you don't if you don't have a home church and you live in the Calgary area you need to check this out because this is the real deal this is this is this is a church that you can grow in church that you can that teaches the message of grace and faith and so one encourage you to to check that out and be a part before I before I share my message so now I've got a message before the message is that okay I received this during worship and and uh in and this is this is the core this was the question that came to me to ask you what are you submitting to what are you submitting to and Luke chapter 22 Luke chapter 22 and thank God for electronic Bibles man they're awesome aren't they because I can look up I've got my Strong's Concordance here I can look up the word that I want Luke 22 29 and Jesus said and I bestow upon you a kingdom as my father has bestowed stoed one upon me in other words he's bequeathed he's assigned he's he's given to us the kingdom that he walked in yes and there's a lot we could say about the kingdom but but is it really as it Romans 14:17 said the kingdom of God is not meat to drink but righteousness peace and joy and the Holy Ghost everybody say righteousness peace and joy now see he's given he's assigned the kingdom to you and me right and in other words he's bequeathed it to us he's he's assigned to it it to us he's delegated it to us it's like we're he's deputized us as as someone who has authority to advance the kingdom is that true and the is that true and the kingdom of God is righteousness joy and peace so whatever whatever does not produce righteousness join peace you and I have the authority to run it out are you hearing me we have the authority to say you know what you don't you don't belong here so that's why we know sickness and disease you know one of the reasons we know sickness and disease is not part of the kingdom does it does it produce righteous is it righteousness is it does it produce peace there's a produce joy ok I'm not submitting to that then I said I'm not submitting to that then in fact I'm more than not submitting to it I'm telling you get out get off of God's property this property belongs to the kingdom and the king rules here righteousness peace and joy rules here are you hearing me but here's here's the problem the problem with a lot of Christians is that is that we okay there are things that happen that are not part of the kingdom but then but then it stays in for a while or it persists because now that the devil doesn't look guys the devil does not have the fruit of the Spirit he doesn't have he doesn't have any of the nature of God isn't that true so so that what does that mean that means part of the fruit of the Spirit is patience you have patience say I've got it patience is not your enemy it's your friend okay and you have it that means you can outlast the devil every time but the problem is things happen in our lives and the enemy is only persistent where we're not patient in other words where we don't manifest the kingdom and so then we get our eyes on the calendar or the clock and then we end in and we enter into unbelief and we start submitting to another Kingdom instead of advancing God's kingdom and I'm just going to give you an example from the word and again this is a message before the message because God spoke to me while we were worshipping God down here that that there was someone here as submitting to the wrong Kingdom and therefore God's God's kingdom can't be advanced because you're submitting it look you can't resist what whatever you're submitting to are you hearing me hi you can't submit to God resist the devil and he'll flee from you but if you're submitting to the devil or submitting to the works of the devil sickness and disease and whatever it is that you just use finally give up and you know I guess I guess this is the way it's got to be it's been this way so long then another Kingdom is gonna rule in your life are you hearing me so so now look at look at mark 4 mark 9 and I've just got to obey what God told me to do is that okay alright so I'm gonna do it anyway so whoopee whoopee booger here no that's it really matter I'm just gonna do what God said but this is a story in mark 9 verse 14 it's a story of the you know Jesus and the three disciples we're up on the mountain Transfiguration they came down and a man I don't want to get off on this but let me just say this Jesus how many disciples did Jesus have k12 but he also had 70 how many did you take up on the Mount of Transfiguration three okay the kingdom of God is not fair the kingdom of God is not fair are you hearing me and so there were three went up on a mountain Transfiguration there were how many left down there nine right and and they could have been jealous is that and that could have that could have got jealous and been upset because Jesus took three how come he didn't take me I thought he's fair the kingdom of God is not fair but I'll tell you what you you present you present your heart to the Lord to keep from being offended and then you'll get you'll you'll have your divine encounters to anyway so they came down the the this man with an epic a boy that had epilepsy his disciples couldn't cure him they couldn't heal him they couldn't they couldn't cast the devil out verse seventeen one of the crowd answered and said teacher I brought you my son who has a mute spirit and wherever it seizes him and throws him down he foams at the mouth gnashes his teeth and becomes rigid so I spoke to your disciples and that they should cast it out but they could not and he answered Oh faithless generation how long should I be with you how long shall I bear with you bring him to me and hand him when the spirit when they brought him to him when he saw him immediately the spirit convulsed him so everybody say seizure okay so even before the Son of God even before Jesus this boy had a seizure now did Jesus have power over all that and he gave it to the disciples to this wasn't the disciples first rodeo this happened after he had sent them out two by two and they came back rejoicing because the demons were subject to their names I mean to his name remember and then and then he said well don't rejoice because they're the demons are subject to you just you know rejoice because your names have another work in other words put a greater a thought put a greater priority on your relationship with me rather than the fact that you've got authority over the devil and so then this happened before so but now they run into the Incredible Hulk demon okay and so so his father asked him are so he asked his father Howlin verse 21 how long has this been happening to him he said from childhood for often he's thrown him into the fire into the water and so on and he said if you could have come I'd do anything have compassion and help us in Jesus that if you can believe all things are possible to him who believes immediately the father cry of the child cried out said lord I believe help my unbelief when Jesus saw the people come running together he rebuked the unclean spirit saying deaf and dumb spirit I command you come out of him and enter him no more then the spirit cried out and convulsed him greatly everybody say seizure and grand mal seizure – with Jesus I said with Jesus seizure invite you in verse 20 then here it says it convulsed him greatly seizure grand mal seizure it looks like it's getting worse right see this is what happened with with Jesus with this boy is exactly what happened to do that to the disciples and what happened it shook him up it freaked them out you know it bit they man we have never seen this all we had said is Jesus in Jesus name and and and man it was done they were healed and it happened and now we said in Jesus name and it and in Jesus name and but a little I mean really bad right seizure everybody say seizures grand mal seizure that's not we're not done yet we're not done yet then he became as one dead everybody say Caesar grand mal seizure dead do you understand that's what that's what the enemy is trying to do to some of you so you believe the word you get ahold of the word you you hear your pastors preach the word you hear pastor Anthony or whoever your pastor is or you hear Andrew you you know and what happens is you go out and try to walk it out and then there's a there's a seizure it looks worse but then it's it looks it looks like a seizure on steroids and then it looks dead are you hearing me and and then it's a you know he said why couldn't we cast him out in in Matthew 19 I believe it said because of your unbelief and he said prayer and fasting is what cast out unbelief in other words it causes you to be more it does it's not prayer and fasting that that gives you greater authority over the enemy just cause you to have greater sensitivity to the to the Lord so that you don't get you out don't enter into unbelief and what's happened to someone here that's why I've changed or didn't change my message but I've got to give you a message before the message there's someone here that's in that place where you've heard the word and you've rejoiced in you bullet you really have believed it you took a hold of it it's it's really working in you but you let you let the seizure or the grand mal seizure or even where it looks like it's dead it looks like it's over to convince you to believe something more than what Jesus did at the cross for you are you hearing me and then you've subconsciously you submitted to it and what I'm here what the what I'm hearing the Lord say is listen rise up from that place of unbelief you can change you can you can turn around you can stand in your authority again because that devil I don't care whether it's a seizure grand mal seizure or looks like it's dead listen it's not over till it's over and if you still have breath and you still have life stop asking God why and get your eyes off of the calendar and off of the clock and stand on the Word of God and believe when it when it you know believe in hope when it you know get well against hope and in Hope when when it when you don't have any hope and and look you're you he's given to us a kingdom and it's up to you and I whether we advance that kingdom or submit to another okay so who who is it that needed that word cuz I want to pray for you okay stand up father I want to thank you for these men and women of God and Lord I I know in the natural they're in a tough place but father you sent them here to let them know you have confidence and faith in them and you've bequeathed them to them a kingdom your kingdom Lord and you've given them you believe you've invested your faith in them and they've got your faith and your grace and your authority to run demons out to run to run the incredible hope demon out though the thing that looks like it's a seizure a grand mal seizure or death father they have they have authority even over death and so I'm I'm right now asking you to renew their hope and restore their confidence in the kingdom that is within them and father they're not going to give up in Jesus name just say father I thank you I have your nature and that includes patience and I can outlast the devil and I submit to your kingdom and your kingdom alone and I run the enemy out anything that doesn't line up with righteousness peace and joy is out in Jesus name praise God hey man give the Lord a shout hallelujah well that was worth the price of admission grace it's awesome my name is Greg Moore many of you probably have seen me on Andrews some of Andrews may be healing school or some of his conferences or some of your correspondence students and how many of you have seen me before okay I've watched you through that video – it's just two-way screen and so how many of you haven't heard me before what you just heard me just then what huh so thanks God and I'm I Pat my wife Janice once you stand up honey we shape we shape hurry we've got four children 11 grandchildren and man we're in that we're enjoying life right now we pastored 27 years 24 in one place in North Texas that's where we met Andrew Andrew would come through in our church and teach every year and you know he's just a great guy he really loved really loves Jesus he loves people and I'm really thankful for his message but also his life and he came through one time and we were having lunch after a session and he asked my son Michael who was in college he said what what are you doing Michael and he said well I'm attending North Texas University of North Texas and he's a radio television and film he said well when you graduate call me and I'll give you a job and he did and Michael went to work for Andrew before before we did we he's Anders daily television producer under Stephen Bransford so it's awesome and then uh I'm now the director of Karis Bible College Colorado we have 750 students we've got 70 plus extension schools and and over six thousand students so it's just great to be involved with Andrews ministry and and uh all the things that God's put in our heart to be able to pour into leaders we love that and get to meet people like you it's awesome I've written three books I think I have a couple of them here okay want to give a couple couple of these away this is this is a your healing door I was healed of cancer in 1977 my son Michael was healed of a muscular arthritic condition it was became a passion of mine to help people receive healing and in a practical simple ways instead of being complex and so that's that's how wrote this book is just twelve different methods how many of you know Jesus always heals but he doesn't always use the same method and so that's what this book is about twelve different methods to receive healing and it has lots of good examples plus people that I know that we're healed and this is the best healing book that I have ever written it's also the only one so I want to give it to my sister here who her son is dealing with autism and but I want to courage you sister to change your vocabulary concerning your son okay he your son is not autistic your son is normal okay and and I'm not saying he's not dealing with autism but don't don't let autism become the label that you put the final have final authority okay you exalt the truth above the facts okay and you keep exalting the truth above the facts and the truth will win out that's what's one of the chapters I have in the book and we agree we agree with you that your son is whole your son is normal just like this boy in the Bible just like my son God God is no respecter of persons he wants your son well he paid the price for that but you got to change your confession okay you did and I don't mean that like in a in a formula way I just mean you've got to see your son well and healed not in that state of what the enemy is trying to do amen praise God how many of y'all agree with our sister what isn't what is his name Tai Chi well father we just agree with our sister for Chi and Lord this is no problem for him to receive healing from autism and we call the amount of that that darkness and we call him into the light of your kingdom and we say father he is healed his whole he is free from autism in the name of Jesus would command the enemy to take his hands off of Chi and we speak a wholeness to him spirit soul and body jesus name amen amen and this is a actually a theme of what we're talking about this weekend is a prosperous soul how kind of a what I would normally do in my message I would give you the I would give kind of give you the introduction of the genesis of how I got this but uh I was reaiiy was just God that me several years ago to read through a new Bible that I hadn't read before had didn't have any notes in hee so once you read my word like you've never read it before I've gotten I've got some new insight that I want to give to you revelation from my word and I've gotten through this was and this was the beginning of the year now it was August and I was toward the end of the Bible I was in 3rd John and I read 3rd John – like I've never seen it before 3rd John – says beloved I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers well I've always read that and heard it preached and taught God wants us well which he does doesn't he and he wants he wants us to prosper right and to be in health and in healed right that was it God's will for how many of you know what's God's will for us to prosper God's will for us to being health but I then I read it it was like I read I went on and read the last part of the verse even as your soul prospers and it was like a light show went off in my soul what do you mean even as your soul you mean my financial prosperity and my health are linked to my soul prospering if that verse really mean I mean does the Bible really mean that did it really say that beloved I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health even as or according to only as much as your soul prospers now now I'm not saying listen if your soul doesn't prosper God will still get healing to you but how many of you know walking in Health is different than needing healing and Men I read that I thought you know what if this is true my if I if I find out what the Bible says about my soul prospering my sick days and my broke days are over amen and and I thought oh how come I haven't heard anybody teach this before and the Lord said well I'm teaching it to you right now in and I said well Lord this third John it's only one little chapter if this is so important I would have written about ten chapters and he said well I wrote a book he's fuel to study my word I'll show you so this book is is a culmination of that of my study of the word of what it is it constitutes a prosperous soul and it's it's something that uh I teach it can we teach it caressed Bible College it's actually a complement complementary subject to Andrews book spirit soul and body because when Andrew teaches spirit soul and body what does he emphasize the spirit okay well I'm emphasizing the soul you get the soul in alignment with your spirit okay let me let me give you an example when God created a city he said let us make man in our image everybody say our image our likeness have dominion a spirit soul and body right there our image is our spirit when we're born again his likeness is our soul when it comes in the likeness of our spirit when our soul comes in the likeness of our spirit we're gonna walk in greater Dominion he wouldn't say he wouldn't say he created it he created us in His image and in his his likeness if it was the same thing right it had to be talking about two different things otherwise it wouldn't be distinct in a list so his image is our spirit everybody say spirit his likeness is our soul amen and end up walking in and then you walk in Dominion that's that's your body that's you taking that you taking Dominion so this is a this book is out there and it's a it's it's on that and I want to give this to pastor Anthony and just just bless you and thank you for having us here alright so uh how much time do I have how many of y'all give me 30 minutes 30 now or a hour 30 praise God it's no problem turn to third John to what I'm gonna tell you funny first is that okay is that okay if I tell you funny this is a this was given to me by one of my students and her dad used to tell this funny of family reunions so this title this is how's your knowledge of the Bible so one of the southern states a man felt that he'd been called to preach so he applied for admission to the ministry and submitted and and to be an examined by a minister and so the examination procedures as follows Sam can you read no sir I can't I can't read sir and what can you write no sir I can't write but my wife she can write sir well do you know the Bible yeah oh yes sir I'm pretty good at the Bible sir I know them I know my Bible from lid to lid well what part of the Bible do you like best well sir I like the New Testament best sir what book in the New Testament well well I sir I like the book of the parables the book of the parables oh well which of the parables do you like best Sammy said well sir I like the book of the Good Samaritan Samaritan well tell me the parable the Good Samaritan and of course not being able to read you know he kind of jumbled some stories up in the Bible and and here here here's how it came out well sir I'll do that once upon a time a man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves and thorns came up and choked that man and he went on and he didn't have no money and the Queen of Sheba gave that man a thousand tough talents a gold and a hundred changes of raiment and he got in a chariot and he drove furiously yeah and when he was driving along under a big tree his hair caught in a limb and left him hang in there yes sir he hung there many days and many nights and the Ravens fed it gave him food and water to drink in one night while he was hanging there asleep his wife Delilah came up came along and cut off his hair and he dropped and fell on stony ground then it began to rain in the rain for 40 days and 40 nights and a man came and he met a man said come in and take supper with me and but he said no I won't I'm married a wife and I can't come and then the man went out in the highways and hedges and compelled him to come in and have supper and he went out and came to Jerusalem and when he got there he saw Queen Jezebel sitting high on a window and when he when she saw him she laughed at him and he said throw her down out of there and they threw her down and he said throw her down 70 times seven and of the fragments they picked up twelve baskets full now whose wife do you think she'll be in the judgement praise God that's awesome amen I want you to get watering o water right here awesome okay so third John – we've already read it but let's let's look at it again beloved I pray that you might prosper in all things and be in health just as your soul prospers or even as your soul prospers so material how many of you know material prosperity and physical health they affect us all I mean you know some people have a lot of money they don't have health to to enjoy it and but but these things are the fruit of a prosperous soul material health I mean material prosperity physical health there are fruit of a prosperous soul the word prosper means to succeed in business affairs have a good journey how many of you know it's not good journey to be sick or broke and if you're consistently having problems and your finances or your health you need to check and see how well it is with your soul now your your spirit man is fine your spirit man is righteous your spirit man is blameless your spirit man is sealed your spirit man is great but how many of you know that you're not automatically so with your soul your mind will and emotions and so when we're talking about the what we're talking about your the process of your soul prospering certainly it has to do with your mind being renewed but it also has to do with your will and your emotions being conformed or yielded to or walking in the likeness of and how many of you've ever ever known a Christian who didn't act like one how many of you have been one of those that didn't mean you weren't saved but people couldn't see it and that's that really is see it's it's it's one thing it's one thing to be to need healing it's another thing to walk in health and he didn't say you wouldn't you couldn't get healed if your soul wasn't prosperous but you can't walk in health because you because if you've got a big landing strip in your soul of bitterness unforgiveness you know judgment offense all kinds of pride things in your soul it's a big landing strip for the enemy to come in you can you can bind the enemy and run him off in Jesus name but if you but if you're yielding to him in some area of your soul then he comes he's got a big landing strip he can come right back in and land whenever he wants to another way you could describe this as a stronghold because a stronghold is you know happens when if you a sin plus a great temptation plus agreement is sin sin plus agreement equals a stronghold and so have you ever heard Andrew make this statement don't let the enemy eat your lunch and what what does that mean what does that mean what does that mean don't let the enemy eat your lunch and pop them what does that mean when he says that what is he saying don't give place to the enemy don't yield to him now you can't in your spirit because your spirit is sealed but can we give place to the enemy in our soul sure and so my passion for Christians is that we run the enemy out where we're like Jesus said that the end the prince of this world has come and he finds no place in me that's that's my goal as a pastor for 27 years I wanted to see people not giving place to the enemy where they're walking in health and their relationships in their marriages in their in their finances in all of their relationships and in their health and you know what when we begin to preach and teach of this message of a prosperous soul we saw people I mean I put it to work pastor Anthony in the in the laboratory of my church and we saw people the people's lives change and get better the enemy there was no place for him to pot to eat their lunch and pop the bag amen so that that's that's what this this message is about proverbs 20 to 5 thorns and snares are in the way of the crooked and perverse but he does he that does keep his soul shall be far from them how many of you want to be far from thorns and snares how many of you know that's not really that that's not really good stuff God is saying to us that that our soul must experience a good journey before our pocketbook or our business or our body will on a regular basis again you know you can pray for people Jesus will heal anybody anytime it doesn't matter where they've been I mean if they're lost who he'll heal them yeah but I'm talking about thing to walk in health where you don't need healing where you walk in prosperity in a place where you don't need somebody praying and agreeing with you for a menschell miracle and and and this is connected to your soul prospering many people's souls are so cluttered with unforgiveness bitterness greed pride that his life and his healing and his nature can't manifest through them now revelation 3:20 Jesus says behold I stand the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I'll come into him dine with him he with me who's Jesus talking to you there somebody tell me who's he talking to pastor Anthony just said it everybody say the church are you part of the church so he's talking to you so he's talking to me what Jesus how could you be doesn't doesn't the pocket you be knocking on the door of my heart and wanting in I thought he that is joined to the Lord as one spirit 1st Corinthians 6 I think 19 he that is joined to this lord is one spirit how could it i could jesus who's already on the inside be knocking on the door of my heart wanting in he's not on how could it be on the outside looking in he's not he's on the inside looking in he's in my spirit knocking on the door of my soul and he's wanting access into the dirty laundry closets of our soul areas that we've compartmentalized and we've you know we've not let Jesus come in I want him to have full access in every area of my soul how about you see I mean he's in everybody say he's in but but he wants all the way in he in fact he wanted really a believer a believer it cost it cost a believer nothing to receive the benefits of the cross it costs Jesus everything but is but how many of you know there's a difference between believers and disciples possible cost a cost you nothing to be a believer cost you everything to be a disciple where it's like I'm all-in okay you know what I mean I'm all-in i'm not air-eye exposed everything to Jesus I'm not holding anything back I'll go anywhere I'll do anything I'll I was talking to Pastor Anthony before the before the service and he's telling me his journey man I'm telling you what you you and your wife have been you've been on a journey and and it's a book but that what why I've they've been on that journey they're following Jesus and God's got a journey for you and me but he can't lead us if we've got this kind of thing well Lord you know I'll do anything but this or I'll never do that I'll never marry again I'll never pastor I'll never I'll do anything but this how many of you know that that no Lord is an oxymoron a moronic ox no how many of you know if he's Lord what's what what's it what's a response yes Lord everybody say yes Lord and so to have a prosperous soul if it's gonna be well with your soul the answer is yes Lord I'll go anywhere I'll do anything I've got I don't all my bets I have no bets hedged and slow got up I'm Yours I belong to you yes thank you for your thunderous applause yes yes Lord say yes Lord I belong to you then if he's gonna use you in any significant way we've got to have this other to that god I don't belong to me I'm yours amen and and and it is well with my soul it is well not with my soul and so I want to begin just to talk to you I can't go into all the detail it's in the book you can get the book I'm not trying to I'm not trying to make money at your expense in fact this is a a WM Canada's deal so this is but I want to resource you and then this I believe this book will help you so I want to look at one principle tonight and I'm probably only going to get to a couple of principles of what it is it constitutes a prosperous soul look at Matthew 11 Matthew 11 you know the guy that wrote that song it is well with my soul you know he had lost his wife and daughter in a shipwreck or something and and then he wrote that song it's well with my soul how is it with you I said how is it with you even if you're going through a storm even if you're going through a battle even like our sister here that you know our son's been been attacked with autism and but you know what we can man we can praise God in the middle of our that storm and God's going to get us through to the other side of the storm amen so Matthew 11:28 through 30 jesus said come to me all you who labor and are heavy-laden I'll give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn from me from gentle and lowly in heart for you will find rest for your what my yoke is easy my burden is light come to me all you who labor and are heavy-laden and I'll give you rest a prosperous soul is one who comes to Jesus regularly for rest and I don't care how long you've known the Lord how many years you've been in ministry 1976 my wife and I were filled with the spirit and so now it's 41 years we've been following Jesus hard and fast following Jesus it's been an adventure it's been it's been wonderful but can I can I tell you I don't care you can you can walk with the Lord you can be in the way for a long time and you can miss the will of God a million miles just because well I've known I've known the Lord it's in 1955 I've known the Lord and you can't tell me anything sunny you know and I mean you just you could get this attitude of been there done that heard that know that throw that t-shirt away man are you hearing me if you're if you're going if your soul is gonna prosper it requires you and me coming to Jesus regularly for rest you and me coming to Jesus getting our cares over on him getting our worries over on him getting our problems over on him getting them in his feet receiving his perspective receiving his mind receiving his heart a lot of us pray our laundry list of problems and we can't even hear God and if your soul is gonna prosper you've got it we've got it regularly and then this is it's not like a it's not like some legalistic rule of how many hours you spend on your knees or whether you're even on your knees in prayer but but it's about the fact it's about drawing on him inside of a relationship the the message of grace it's about it's about relationship not religion are you hearing me it's a bit when I saw what I'm talking to you about is not it's not God's present with us all the time but the issue is are you present to him are you present to him and he longs for you and I to bring the things that were concerned about the things that we don't have answers for the things that aren't working yet the the fears and worries and all those things and get him at his feet and so that he can download in you the answers the peace you exchange worries and fears and Freddie with the peace that the emotional health all the things that you need a foundation so you can you can go out and conquer enemies so you can go out and do the things he's called you to do but so many Christians that I know they're just all there that you know they're there they'll buy 15 books you listen all the CD series and you know every there it's like they're always looking for something and it and and they never are at rest they never are at rest and Jesus said you come to me now I know this is pretty simple guys but I mean you know truth it's pretty simple truth that sets you free is simple and I you just can't ever get past having intimacy with Jesus and we make we make the Christian life so complex and how many of you know it's not it's not complex at all Jesus had come to me the soul needs rest if it's going to prosper if it's going to be kept well just like the body needs rest for health and if we allow our souls to get so weighed down with pressures stress anxiety all these things it's it's a it's a recipe for an unprosperous soul they did a study years ago of the Century Club people that passed a hundred and we're still in good health and they were looking for all the things that um that they could that they could find that were as Scarlet thread that caused them to live that long and you know what it wasn't diet it wasn't exercise it wasn't even the fact that they didn't smoke or drink or anything like that you know what it was it was the fact that these people learn how to deal with stress and you know the best way to deal with stress it's just to come to Jesus jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so III just want to ask you have you come to Jesus and really given him that burden have you laid it down have you trusted him with that yet you know sometimes problems are like sticky fly paper yeah I mean my wife and I would dealt with a family issue recently and it's like you know you get it over on the Lord and then it's you know you get it off one hand it's on the other and you know and it's just it can be it can be a challenge so God understands that but the bottom line is guys I'm not gonna let I'm not gonna let my soul get all wrought up with worry and anxiety and in fear and dread and and all that because if I do my soul's not going to prosper and then the enemy is gonna come eat my lunch and what and pop the bag and I don't I don't I don't like that idea how about you Jesus is implying in this passage that a primary cause of souls prospering of souls failing to rest is due to people taking yokes and burdens upon them that are not from him that's what a lot of problems are is he said take my yoke upon upon you my yoke is easy my burden is lie if your yoke if the yoke that you're what you're under right now and the burden you're dealing with is it's too heavy nine times out of ten didn't come from Jesus and a lot of people are making commitments doing things that God didn't initiate now okay if you go in prayer and you find out the what you the commitment that you made is not from the Lord you just made that commitment out of the fear of man don't just drop that on somebody and not fulfill that commitment just go to them and tell them look I can't do this anymore I'll give you a period of time I mean do it righteously right amen somebody here people hear this message and they go quit everything the people make commitments and accept responsibilities that Jesus didn't initiate and they end up worn-out frustrated and quitting everything including the things that Jesus did give to you are you hearing me the word rest is the word Anna pauses it means to pause it means intermission to refresh to take ease and we can only receive ease refreshing an intermission for our souls by coming to Jesus and leaving the stress and the worries the pressures and even the dishes behind ok how many of you how many of y'all have children I mean you have children ok how many of you moms have children all of you moms have children chill out take a chill pill chill stop war it does worry ever help any pastors worry huh has worry ever helped you let me just do a survey here how many of you has worried ever helped anybody did ever have why do people worry so much we're all wrought up we're worrying about our children where we on a week week we get involved and do stuff and man we need to get the cares over that over on the Lord I know that there are certain responsibilities we have and we've got to carry those things out but there's so much guys that that we were involved with it cause our souls not to prosper there's nothing wrong you know and a lot of times what happens is then we then we resort to physical injury entertainment and then and then when we are or worse and there's nothing wrong with physical and I mean just you know normal entertainment just going watching a funny movie or whatever but then it's worse if people that that keep worrying things on the inside because of rejection or a wound or a problem or whatever what happens is in people develop addictive life styles patterns and it could be you know some kind of addiction like it could be a drug addiction it could become a alcohol or substance abuse or could it could be pornography or whatever like and what it is is people are doing things and the problem is not really the problem people that are an addictive lifestyle where we go help them to lop off the fruit the real problem is they're trying to medicate some pain in their heart that they hadn't got over on the cross and the and the problem is is they're valuing their loss greater than the cross and we just hadn't gone gone in the presence of Jesus and I know this is simple but I'm telling you if you can't get it look guys you can't we can't be successful in the Christian life outside of intimacy with Jesus Vickey God is gonna be sending you more disciples to sit at your feet and minister and you've got to model this there's got to be times where you just stop teaching and you just take time in worship and get people to know Jesus intimately and hear Jesus because I'm telling you the Holy Spirit well Jesus will download answers to you yes okay when the one when the woman that was caught in adultery came in the DES son and they came to Jesus threw her down at Jesus feet and they didn't bring her boyfriend because it was probably one of their buddies but but they they used the law against Jesus and what did he do what did Jesus do when they brought the woman that caught in adultery what did they do what did Jesus do he knelt down and he took time to do what to draw on the sand what was he writing on the sand I don't know maybe he was writing the Pharisees girlfriends names I don't know but whatever he was doing here let me tell you what he was really doing while he was taking time to kneel down and and he didn't initially respond he was taking while he was drawing on the ground he was taking time to draw on the father for wisdom are you hearing me and many times our answers you know there look they might seem complex but you get into presence of Jesus and he's going to download to you the wisdom that you need and there are no shortcuts there's no you can't microwave your ministry are you hearing me God will show you look at Luke chapter 10 I'm not going to be a long time how many of you give me 5 more minutes 5 10 15 20 so you know I'm not gonna take a long time but I do want to I do want to get this principle unpacked just a little bit Luke chapter 10 it's a story of Mary and Martha verse 30 and 8:38 and now it happened as they went that they entered a certain village a certain woman named Martha welcomed him into her house and she had a sister named Mary who also sat at Jesus feet everybody say also so what did that mean Martha had been sitting at Jesus feet too but Martha was distracted with much serving and she approached him and said and that's where that's where many people are at today they're distracted from the important things and she approached him and said Lord you did you don't you care and my sister has left me everybody say left me so what does that mean Mary had been sir because she left Martha she had been serving wasn't an issue that Mary hadn't been serving at all and it wasn't an issue that Martha hadn't been sitting at Jesus feet it had to do with the priority that each one placed on serving or intimacy with Jesus isn't that's none other words it's not pitting devotion against duty here okay but it's but it's saying that Mary Mary chose the best part and Jesus had answered and said Martha Martha you're worried and troubled about many things but one thing is needed and Mary has chosen that good part and it won't be taken from her implied the things that I've talked to you about what you sitting in my feet that belong to you part of you and all your inheritance the blessing all that I've all that I've provided for you some of that's going to be taken from you if you keep yielding to worry are you hearing me a soul full of anxiety is not prospering and this is a lesson about priorities how priorities and focus affect the condition of one soul Psalm 23 when you speak healing to that child right now in Jesus name command a cough to go healing life to him in Jesus name Psalm 23 look at this Psalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want he makes me to lie down in green pastures he leads me beside the still waters he restores my one he leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake he goes on to talk about how that how that if I'm walking in the shadow Valley in the shadow of death I'm not going to fear T evil because the Lord is with me in other words my focus is on him and even in the presence of my enemies even in the presence of sickness and problems now when I if I focus on his presence man I can God will feed me in the midst of the enemy trying to work in my life and but I'm at peace peace guys is is is so important and it comes peace comes by the presence of God it comes from the presence of God the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want Amen now look at look at a look at mark chapter 3 I mean there's a lot I could say here but I really feel like that you know you've got the gist of this and it's not sometimes it's it's anointed teaching that you need and to show you how but I really believe you know how to do this I'm tonight the difference between preaching and teaching is not volume no Jesus preach teach taught any he'll teaching assumes that you'll act if you've given you if you've given the knowledge preaching assumes you know and it's calling you to act and I'm calling you to act tonight I'm calling you out of a focus on activity and I don't mean leave your jobs but a focus on on problems and activity and focusing on Jesus because I'm going to tell you what's gonna happen when you you get in his presence and you focus on that what's going to happen is God's gonna download and you the wisdom you need that's gonna bless you and give you the answers not only going to help you but it's going to help others that you minister to you we need you in a place of peace and your soul can't prosper without you coming to him regularly for rest I mean it just it's it's just what you what happens you get in the busyness of life and man you get in ministry dear Jesus you got all these demands all these things but there's no more important thing guys them to spend time with Jesus are you hearing me we can't bear fruit outside of spending time with him to look at just got a got a couple more verses okay I've got the airport in sight we're about to land mark mark chapter 3:13 mark three 13 and he went up onto the Mount Mountain and this was a story of you know he prayed all night and then he called his disciples he went up on the mountain and called tho those called to him those he himself wanted and they came to him then he appointed twelve that they might be with him and he might send him out to preach and to have power to heal sickness sicknesses and to cast out demons okay how many of you love that part about you know God's God's gonna confirm his word with signs following through us okay but now notice the priority here he appointed twelve that they might be with him he appointed twelve that they might be with him and then then they go out and do the stuff listen guys apart from spending time with him the power doesn't doesn't work like it would when we are spending time with him it doesn't mean the name of Jesus the name of Jesus will work but I'm telling you when you spend time with him you know you you know what to do how to deal with you've got the gifts of the Spirit and operation you know what to do you know the answer this is how Jesus lived he lived in the presence of the father and he spent time in prayer and he came out and men he did what he did in power that's how he knew he must needs go to Samaria if we would spend time with him and I'm not talking about in a legalistic way but just make it a priority father what's on your heart today and he's going to download ministry assignments to you that are powerful John 15 verse 5 basically said apart from me you can do nothing now we're not without him but again it's one thing his presence is with us 24/7 but listen the question is is not is he present to us are we present to him are you hearing me a prosperous soul is I'm it's like when I'm counseling people my wife and I've counseled probably thousands of people but you know anytime I'm counseling someone I'm listening to that person but I'm listening to the Holy Spirit father what I've depend upon you would you show me what this person needs John 17 verse 3 I want to tell you a story and then we're gonna sing a song together is that Alright John 17 verse three and this is eternal life that they may know you the only true God in Jesus Christ and he said guys the benefits of eternal life only can be realized by just knowing him yeah there's a ministry that I followed guy's name is Francis frangipane head have you ever heard of Francis and he wrote this book three battlegrounds and so on I've been to his church and Cedar Rapids Iowa and I've just I've there's something about the guy I mean it's like he walks in intimacy with with Jesus and he was meant he was a pastor but he's also a conference speaker so he was uh he was speaking and this conference and this woman came to him and said pastor Francis I've got a word for you and she said okay tell me and she said well I was spending time with Jesus and he said go tell Francis I miss him and I've just come here today to Calgary all the way from Colorado to just ask you is it is it is it possible that Jesus may be saying the same thing to you and you're working and you're doing stuff and you're you know you're speaking the word and you're doing all but but are you are you coming to him are you placing a priority it's not a works it's not a how many hours you pray it's none of that it's it's Jesus there's no you know I I'm without you I'm not without you but without you I'm nothing and I want my soul to prosper amen and uh I think they do they have this song downloaded I think they do if you guys would just play that song and and maybe maybe sing it with me and then we're gonna pray okay is that all right okay thank God for this team you and what y'all stand up my ones do my life upon this world is war Stallone what's the game I have counted loss and worthless now compared to this knowing you Jesus knowing you there is no brain birthing for my all you're the best you're my joy my righteousness and I love lo how my heart's desire is to know you more be found in you and known as yours your sass my fate what I could not earn all passing if of righteous head knowing you Jesus knowing you there is no greater fee oh my all you're the best you're my joy my righteous past and I love to know the power of your risen life and to know you in your sufferings become like you in your death My Lord will you to live and never die knowing you Jesus knowing you there is no break thing you're my all you're the best you're my joy my righteous has find my love and I love and I love you Jesus knowing you here's how great of a oh my oh you're the best you're my joy righteous love thank you Jesus Philippians 3 verse 10 this is the Apostle Paul after probably close to 40 years of ministry that I may know him and the power of his resurrection the Fellowship of his sufferings not suffering sickness and disease and cancer and poverty and lag but you know just just dealing with unlovely people and you know things that are not comfortable when God calls you to a certain assignment and and being conformed to his death and I mean if I by any means I may attend to the resurrection of the Dead I tell you guys my further I go with Jesus and more I want to know him he could it be tonight that he brought you here to say you know what hey I miss you I miss you by long those times that you just pour your heart out to me and we have sweet fellowship with each other that blesses me how many of you know we can bless the Lord that blesses him amen praise God it's just to lift our hands and worship and father we worship we worship we're so thankful father for eternal life that we can know you this is not about religion it's about relationship it's not about a formula Lord it's about a person it's about real fruit it's about life Jesus we bless you would you just bless him from your art we bless you tonight we worship You Lord we're so thankful that you chosen us we're so thankful father that you love us we're so thankful father you've got you've got purpose for us father we just we're gonna see tonight just lay down all the father fears all the fretting all the strife all the nonsense that we've allowed our sell our souls to be wrapped up in and we just come to you we lay all that stuff down we're not picking it back up we're laying it down no we're walking free we're walking free free to hear you free for you to flow through us free for you to minister through us praise God and I just really sense that you're doing this tonight you're getting your cares over to the Lord and healing starting to flow someone's being healed of thyroid problems tonight someone's being healed of cancer and growths all kinds of growths and cancers someone's got to had lumps in your odd one one person's got lumps and other a lump in your breast and that's that's dissolving right now man you're getting a presence of Jesus and man health and health because starts manifesting and you get it you get this stuff on the Lord and then the enemy doesn't have any place to work and sickness and disease is just is leaving your body right now our thright as' is going pain in the knee joints you're leaving right now in Jesus name diabetes is is being defeated right now in your body your pancreas is coming back alive Jesus name praise God and I'll see all this stuff is a fruit of salvation we've made it a pursuit man you pursue Jesus and everything else is yours so what he said seek me and my kingdom and all the rest of these things are yours Matthew 6:33 father we thank you come on let's just worshiping a couple many more minutes guys father we bless you we praise you we praise you and worship you someone has got a relationship problem that's been been bad for a long time and I just I just hear the Lord is is restoring that the prodigal is coming home praise God the prodigal is coming home the prodigal ZAR coming home thank you Jesus someone's had a bad financial situation you haven't been able to resolve it the Lord said he's going to give you back double double doubles coming back to you thank you Jesus father we thank you Lord hallelujah again there's more healing happening hips and joints and knees are being restored right now warts are leaving are leaving your body or bar being dissolved right now all kinds of viral problems are leaving man God just setting things in order because your soul you come to Jesus man is so easy to get healed so easy thank you Jesus there's someone else you've been praying about a situation for a long time God's downloading wisdom to you he's giving you the answer hallelujah father we thank you praise God thank you Jesus we worship You Lord oh we bless you Father thank you Father hallelujah thank you lord man God's good isn't he and but you know what guys so many we make that we make it so complicated he just wants he just wants us to know him and he lines everything else sound it's like a domino effect I mean I am so much at peace right now cuz I know I know God's aligning things in your soul yeah I mean and he's he's working things out but he's giving you wisdom and inside and things I couldn't do gifts of the Spirit are gonna start being manifest to you words of wisdom words of knowledge all kinds of things amen praise God praise God we've got some prayer team if you guys would come down to the front here now you know what these guys are these guys know how to pray they know how to hear the voice of God they've been taught that at Karis Bible College and staff but I'm you know we're not depending on other people's prayers they're – they're not gonna pray for you they're gonna they're gonna agree with you amen then I'm going to do your praying for you but if you do need prayer for anything they're gonna be here to pray with you I'm telling you guys I want to hear back from you about what happened after tonight because because this is this is a way of life it's a way of life amen this is a way of life and I'm so excited God's talking to people pastor I just man he's talking to people he's downloading things he's healing people he's setting things in order and I just I just so thankful praise God John did you want to say something or okay all right so these guys are here thanks so much for coming but you know what man I am so blessed because I know Jesus you have blessed Jesus by making this commitment how many of you God speaking to now you're gonna make this priority of his presence you're gonna make this priority of knowing you amen praise God well I'll tell you again you got it you see God's hidden things not from you he's hidden things for you and no man can teach you you spend time with him he's gonna be downloading it to you amen say God's hidden things for me not from me and he you're gonna discover it in times in his presence we're gonna be back tomorrow at 9:45 okay also tonight tomorrow night at 6 and these guys are going to be here praying for you we love you guys and is that is that all John Abbey all right and you guys will maybe do some worship here and we love you guys so good so good so good to spend time with you and get to know you god bless you we'll see you tomorrow okay

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