A Quicken Loans Thank You | J.D.

– The reason I had called
is we had a hailstorm. It did quite a bit of damage to a lot of the houses around here. Our house got hit pretty good. Made an insurance claim. Needed to know what we
needed to do with the check and told her I was born
and raised in Michigan. And I’d go back, help my
mom, help my stepfather but I just don’t get back
as often as I would like to. And I’d love to get back to
watch a Michigan-Ohio State game but I’ve gotta wait for
my wife and I to be able to travel to go do that again, so. – When I said, what
else can we do for him? There has to be something else we can do. We would love to present
you with a gift of a trip back up to Michigan. – You’re kidding. – I’m so serious. I would love for you to see
your mom and your stepdad. – Thank you.
– Before anything. So I’m like super happy
to give you this gift. – Thank you.

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  • It's great to know that the company you trust to help with handling your mortgage takes time to look out for customer's in their time of need.
    I liked the and trusted Quicken Loans the very first time I spoke with them concerning my mortgage.
    They took the time to listen and worked with me to save years on my mortgage as well as getting a workable interest rate.
    They are a company to be trusted and overall they're just nice folks.
    I felt they had my best interest at heart when dealing with them.
    That is a great thing they are doing and show that big corporations have great people who think of others.
    Thanks for helping those get their life back together and understand that life is to short that, our loved ones are dear and time is of the essences. Way to go!
    Thank you for all you do,
    Alan Bryant

  • Quicken loans helped my husband & I so much back in Oct 2017 . I had lost my job ,still owed for our home & my husband's truck , I didn't know what we were going to do, but thank God I seen a post on fb about refinancing thru the government , so I put my information in , a lil skeptical about it but I did a few minutes go by I get I call from an agent through QL & said she thought she could help us & they did tremendously we got all of our debt pd off plus some extra & we have 1 monthly payment thanks a million Quicken loans & Alyiah Wasserstien for all you do

  • I want to say I read this and saw these stories from Quicken Loans and is very touching it's very real and it's very heartfelt. It's one of the the best beautiful Stories seen by me in a long time . You always see what is so shity in this world and what happens in other places and it's awesome to know that there are people in this world that still care . I applaud you Quicken Loans and I think for you for all your help to me .
    Michael J White two tours of refinance with you .

  • Why don't you drive to flint to see the beautiful house you helped me buy. I would love to meet you face to face after all our communication on phone and computers that made buying a house a breeze. Sincerely, Sheryn Groves

  • Thanks QL,so many of you all deserve to be acknowledged, you've done the reality of our dream, Paid 4,,, We've learned also again if the people have Alllll their Pryorities for you to help them, QL has well,educated Loan management, and willingness to pull their respective professionals in the quickest way We' re A witness, Happy Rocket, ps,Give Marty Smith and his team A GOOD RAISE.

  • Such a wonderful touching story. You all did good Quicken, keep up the good work. A loyal client since 2015 if member serves me correctly.

  • My Wife and I were so amazed at the service we received when we refinanced our Home with a HARP Loan , Thank You So Much – We then decided to apply to purchase a Home for my Mother-In- Law and Quicken Loan was there to help through this process – She has never owned a Home herself until 2017 – We are Bill & Olivia Robinson, We thank God for professionalism that has been demonstrated in these times that seems to indicate that no one cares – Thank You for Caring –

  • You can come to our house and meet us if you want!! The door is always open, thank you for everything you guys have done for us!

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