A Song of Ice and Fire: Alliances of Iron Part 1

the Ironborn are unusual Bunch after having almost no role in a game of Thrones they out of nowhere conquer the north in a Clash of Kings we hear almost nothing from them in a Storm of Swords and then are hit with three different points of view that aren't fian in a feast for crows and then somehow our Greyjoy's are central to the battle of ice and the Battle of fire not to mention Old Town are the Ironborn really just a bunch of troublemaking pirates or is there something more to them who are the Ironborn exactly and what do they really want well the most revealing event for the Ironborn is the Kingsmoot let's start with Asha she is the reasonable candidate she puts forward the peace option let's sue for peace get the stony Shore and sea dragon point and the Ironborn will have more land than they could ever need she seems to be supported by house bottlee house har law house black tide house Merlin along with some sharps and the good brothers of shatter stone now let's look at ash's alliance of the reasonable a little more closely first we have house bot lee who shares the island of pike with the Greyjoy's the BOD lee's control the port of Lords port the castle of pike on pike doesn't have any safe Anchorage so everything has to go through Lord sport when Theon visits to the village of Lords port it's a booming town it is bounced right back from the Greyjoy rebellion and seems to be doing great through trade Greyjoy lands on the other hand don't seem very fertile and I imagine sheer cliffs aren't that great for fishing so it seems that bot leaves would be at odds with any leader that promoted war peace and closer ties with the Greenlanders has benefited house bought late so it stands to reason that they would want more of that and the bot leaves mindset seems to be more green Lander as well before the Greyjoy rebellion they used to have a Sept and trista furbot Lee seems to value chastity as a virtue like a knight like dislike of the baht Lee's and their green Lander ways may explain why bail and sent Christopher away after he was caught fooling around with Asha next we have house Harlow Harlow is the richest and most populous island the iron isles and it's Lord Roderick the reader has embraced education he quite openly rejects the old ways and even keeps septons around to take care of his at least one hard law is a night which means he's probably converted to the faith of the seven it should be noted that Asha and fian are both hath Harlow and Asha considers Harlow her true home Asha and Theon's mother resides on haar law and not pike so she may have had some marital troubles with Balin and then there's house Black Tide Baylor Black Tide was a hostage in Old Town and converted to the faith of the seven he's very open about his dislike for Bale on the old ways and war unlike many others on the iron isles he dresses quite well so i imagine he's doing fine economically and this is really the base of ahsha's alliance the bot leaves the HAR laws and the black tides they're all doing fine economically are fine with the faith of the seven and are looking for peace not to mention the fact that Trista furbot Lee was fostered at black tide and he and Baelor Black Tide are the only off Islanders to visit Roderick the reader before the Kingsmoot now we know less about the other houses but they seem like minded house merlin styles themselves as Lords and wear his furs and Velvets house Merlin also seems to have a somewhat hostile relationship with Aaron gradually and then there's house Sharpe we don't know much about house Sharpe but the Sharps were part of Theon sack of Winterfell this is interesting as the only other two houses that we know accompanied Theon are the Harlow's and the Bott lease this means Theon was accompanied by the Alliance of the reasonable if Balin didn't trust Theon means he probably didn't trust the Alliance of the reasonable either it also means that when Theon sacrificed septon shale to the drowned God to impress his men he probably didn't impress anyone the alliance of the reasonable is tolerant of the faith of the seven now the final supporters of asha are some good brothers likely from shatter stone but we really don't know anything about them now house horror law is the strongest of the Alliance of the reasonable and they have a couple of unruly bannermen there's house kenning and house Meier these two were wants bitter foes and have been beaten down to vassals unsurprisingly they don't follow the Harlow's house kenning ends up supporting Victarion while house Meier supports Euron now let's talk about Victorian Victarion is the old way candidate those houses that are interested in the drowned God and wreathing would support Victorian Victorian is supported by the good brothers of hammer horn house par house caning how stone house house humble house vole mark house tawny house Weaver as well as some sharps and an opportunistic har law now let's look at Victorians alliance of Reavers more closely the story of the Ironborn and feast for crows starts out with house good brother of hammer horn and house par seeking out Aaron Greyjoy although the good brothers and the spars are religious enough to get baptized on their name day they're not that religious none of them are getting the full treatment from cpr-certified Aaron Greyjoy so right off the bat it's a little curious that they're seeking them out what's also odd is that spar and good brother insists that Aaron travelled to hammer Horn good brother could have easily traveled to Aaron and yet he had Aaron come to him is there something important at hammer horn once Aaron arrives at hammer horn there's a conflict there's a maester there and Aaron hates maesters a maester once failed to save Aaron's brother's life and Aaron has hated them ever since Aaron demands that the maester leave but good brother insists that the maester stays now maybe good brother just really likes his maester but it's a bit odd as good brother supports Victarion his maester on the other hand unsurprisingly supports asha and the alliance of the reasonable so good brother insists that Aaron traveled a hammer horn to talk to a maester that good brother disagrees with why on earth would he do this well let's puzzle this one out Victarion has a very weak claim assuming Theon is dead under Greenlanders succession ashes Queen under iron isles succession you're honest King Victarion can only become King through a weird subjective technicality that you're on isn't religious enough and this really explains why good brother and spar have sought out Aaron they want Victarion to be king but they know they have a very weak position they need Aaron an influential religious leader to actively support Victarion in order for him to have a chance after all it's good brother that introduces the idea of Victarion being King and not Aaron having Aaron come to hammer horn and talk to a maester seems to have been to rile Aaron up so the sparse and the good brothers seem to have provoked Aaron into calling a Kingsmoot not that expected a Kingsmoot they likely just wanted Aaron to throw in with Victarion but it's not just Aaron who is manipulated Victarion was manipulated as well prior to the Kingsmoot Victarion was holding moat Cailin Ralph's kenning and read Ralph's stone house convinced Victarion to throw in for the sea stone chair Balin sons are dead read Ralph stone house had argued and OSHA is a woman you are your brother's strong right arm you must pick up the sword that he let fall when Victorian reminded them that Baylon commanded him to hold the moat against the Northman Ralph kenning said the wolves are broken Lord what good to win this swamp and lose the Isles kenning in stone houses comments are stupid in fact they're astoundingly stupid they say Theon is dead and the north is broken but Theon can only be dead if the north isn't broken in addition to being illogical the comments show a fundamental disregard for baylin's plans moat Cailin is not merely a swamp like Ralph's kenning says it's the key to the whole north the abandonment of moat Cailin so fundamentally benefits House Lannister and house Bolton that I have to question the loyalty of house canning and how stone house as it turns out there is another house caning one in the westerland's that's loyal to house lannister moat Cailin was left to ralph canning but he was poisoned by a chronic mens arrow so we may never know his true loyalties red Ralph stone house also acts a bit suspicious when he convinces all the Ironborn that they should raid old town in the arbor why weren't any locations in the westerland's named red Rolfe eventually goes missing with a large number of Victorians ships around the basilisk Isles whether he had a run-in with the Corsair King is unknown regardless the good brothers of hammer horn thus far as the kennings in the stone houses seem to have worked to have Victarion abandoned moat Cailin and throw in for the sea stone chair Victarion is also supported by a house humble house humble is to send it from thralls so be interesting to know where they're originally from twins run in their family so I wonder if they could be Lannisters or red wines or car Geils or drink waters the most significant thing about house humble is that it was a humble that betrayed Aegon and surrendered moat Cailin house Volm Ark also supports Victarion but we don't know very much about them except that they're descended from hair in the black we don't know much about house tawny or house Weaver except for the fact that they like old reeving songs but if Victorians alliance is all about reeving in the old way and ahsha's alliance is all about peace in the new way where does your on fit in what we'll talk about you're on and is alliance of the Damned in part two

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  • This theory, or at least this laying-out of facts, is very believable. The cause of the kingsmoot coming from people wanting to make Victarion king, despite his very weak claim, seems eminently plausible.

  • Robert Barratheon's mistake after Greyjoy Rebellion was letting them back up again. He should have crushed them for decades to come, destroy their shipyards and collapse their mines. Because King Robert's carcass isn't even cold before Balon begins plotting again. The Ironmen are a truly vile bunch, they would have merited such treatment.

  • "Kenning and Stonehouse's comments are stupid. In fact, they're astoundingly stupid. They say Theon is dead and that the North is broken, but Theon can only be dead if the North isn't broken." I don't understand that. I don't see the North's cohesion as the deciding factor in Theon's? Explain, I might be missing something but, why are those assumptions so stupid?

  • Ahh, which PJ series should I watch while putting myself to sleep tonight? Haven't watched Alliances of Iron in awhile!

  • I think the "Him" is intended as The Drowned God. I suppose it could be double entendre for the "Other" as well but I think he respects his older brothers intelligence too much to talk so carelessly.


  • the "Ironmen" are the second lamest thing about GOT except the stupid "Sand snakes". Every time they get uppity and start raiding king's landing just comes down on them like a t on of bricks, kicks their asses, burns their ships, and takes hostages so they wont do it again for a while. It took over 10 years after King robert and Ned boxed Baelon's ears and took Theon as the hostage back to Winterfell. They're pathetic and can only do anything when the realm is in chaos, which it is throughout all 5 of the books. I hope Dany burns the Ironmen with her dragons and leaves nothing but Greyjoy grey ashes this time.

  • the way I see it, I have a feeling that there'll be another siege of kings landing. It could be of the same scale as Stannis', or it could be that maybe few hundred (few thousand) somehow managed to siege control of the red keep

  • The part that always got me was, " …a drowned crow." It probably means nothing but it makes me wonder if it perhaps is an Ironborn who is part of the nights watch…

  • Wait who's this other guy talking? Am I high or do I hear someone who sounds completely different from Preston?

  • "They say Theon is dead and the North is broken, but Theon can only be dead if the North isn't broken."

    For some reason, I can't figure out what you mean by this.

  • RedTeamReview sucks, like majot league sucks! He reckons Benjen is Daario! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a crock of shit!

  • Victarion could be my new favourite character. I get the feeling that Stannis is going to die, just like Jon. If not on the field, then definitely by way of surprise stabbing, ALSO like Jon! lol!
    Back on Victarion… Got to be tough keeping TWO gods happy at the same time! Throwing perfumed boys overboard like it was nothing! Lol!

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