A South African Woman is Imprisoned for Racism – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– Breaking news out
of South Africa was a woman made history for
being the first person to be sent to prison
for being racist. Right, yeah, spoiler
alert, she’s white. (laughing) So this woman, I’m thinking
her name’s Vicki Momberg, and what happened was
her car was broken into and two policemen showed
up and these policemen were both black and
then she just went on a racist tirade against
the policemen, a tirade, she was like, “I don’t
want black policemen,” but she didn’t just
go black policemen, she called them kaffirs,
which is basically South Africa’s
version of the N word, but it’s almost
worse than the N word because like in America,
black people own the N word, they’re like
we’re gonna take it, we’re gonna use it in hip hop, we’re gonna make it cool. In South Africa, people
are just like no. There’s like no, we’re
not gonna do that at all. So, it’s another
word, it’s kaffir and we didn’t use
nigger because America had a trademark, right. And so then she like, she said
this to the cops 48 times. Like she was like, “Oh,
I don’t need you Ks “coming here, I don’t need
you, I don’t need this.” Like, “I want a white
policeman and I want “an Indian policeman. “I don’t want to be
dealing with you monkeys. “You guys if I see
another one of you “I’ll shoot you and I’ll
run you over with my car.” And she said 48 times is
how many times she said. Imagine someone saying
that to a cop here, 48 times saying the N word. Which is insane,
because I mean like that’s lenient
cops in my opinion. Because like the first
10, I think the cops are like all right,
you’re angry, we get it. And the second 10
they were like okay, I think you’re racist. And then third 10
they’re like yo, you better slow down. Fourth 10 they were
like she’s not getting to 50 is she, she’s
not getting to 50. And then 48, they were
like shut it down. Yeah, and then she was
arrested and they sent, they sent her to
three years in prison for saying that. (applauding) Which is, but it’s like, it’s crazy because
a lot of Americans when they hear the
story would be like but that’s free speech,
you can’t arrest somebody for saying something. But the thing, here’s the
thing, here’s the thing. I understand that
completely and I mean it’s a larger discussion
to wrap your head around, but I will say this,
you’ve got to understand in South Africa,
after apartheid ended, like why people were
never punished, right, like it’s not like the
government was like we’re gonna send
white people to jail and we’re gonna take
white people’s houses and we’re taking
white people’s money and things white people stole. No, government was like hey,
let’s move forward, okay. Clean slates,
let’s move forward. Let’s get this country
to where it needs to be. The only thing we’re
gonna take away is this racist word, that’s all. And then some white
people would be like okay, but I just want one thing, can I have the racist word back? And then they still
want to use the word and then they were like, no, and so that’s like,
now this person has gone to jail and
what I find funny is like people who are online, they’re like this is,
this is a tyranny, that’s what this is,
this is oppression. Like, you know, like
what am I supposed to do. It’s like just don’t be racist. (laughing) I love how people
make it like it’s the hardest thing ever. It’s not like you go to jail
for like mistake racism. This is like hard
core racism and people are like I don’t know how
I can live in this country. South Africa has
become a tyranny. Like I can go to jail
for just being racist. Yeah, yeah, for saying
a racist word 48 times to the police, yeah, yeah. No, this is horrible,
what am I supposed to do? Just don’t be
racist, that’s all. Just don’t say the word. They’re like this is horrible. I’m like it’s not
actually that horrible. Like I’m willing to
bet if like you had that situation flipped,
imagine if a black person in America said like
cracker to a white cop 48 times, I would
have been shocked if they got to 15
before they got shot. That shit would have
ended real quick. You cracker, you cracker,
bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Be like oh, shit what happened? I thought his words were
a gun, I’m so sorry. I, oh, my God, that got me. (driving music)

100 thoughts on “A South African Woman is Imprisoned for Racism – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

  • "spoiler alert she was white", right… Because in South Africa you just don't have racist black people? Such a stupid assumption

  • A racist white person cannot stand to be called a "N" I got into with one and said that, lol you should've seen his reaction

  • I live in germany and even though everyone thinks we are the most racist country in the world, we aren't very racist at all BUT some people obviously are racist and the most racist thing I've ever seen in my home town Hamburg was on the DOM. The DOM is a huge funfair. However, there was a Ice cream parlor and it was called Kaffer ice….but that wasn't even the worst thing. They had a cardboard cutout of a small black man with a bone in his hair, big lips and huge teeth. Obviously the owner/operator don't come to the DOM anymore😂😂

  • People who disliked this one are insane…. He’s Fucking hilarious 😂 while telling a story about a bat shit crazy racist and the truth about White American Cops … 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • EXCELLENT news! Racism is ALWAYS evil, destructive and ignorant. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This woman can, and probably has, created a massive amount damage in her lifetime. It was past time that she was taught a lesson… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • A tirade like this is really bad and deserves to be punished. Going to jail for words can be a slippery slope. Not now, but two generations from now, what will be arrested for saying? Sounds extreme, but humans (just add stupidity) have a way of taking things to mutated conclusions.

  • If she’d been a black person in America, bitch would have gotten shot …. no questions asked, remarkable he somehow didn’t make that connection

  • If you argue like that then I must say we should be able to jail people for calling someone nerd 48 times . Nerd is an oppressive word . It is just that even a nerd can take down a black man or woman calling them nerd with niger or kaffa. Either give complete equality or don't throw stones when you have house made of glass and when your house shatter expect other people to rebuild it

  • I wonder if there’s anyone else that can see the ironic comparison between native Americans and native South Africans and how the colonists in the latter have been caught out now are getting just deserts and now screaming all the while ‘‘it’s not fair’’

  • Free speech is free, until it’s not affecting anybody else, beyond that— it’s danger.

    There is difference between Putting out your opinions and than humiliating others

  • There was segregation in the US too though… And I don't think it's the first time in history (maybe in South Africa but not worldwide) … In France it's also illegal to say racists slur or to discriminate based on "race" for ages and people have been condamned for that

  • And we weren’t punished? Trevor you know they are killing and torturing us boers and taking our land without compensation just because we are white, and the police have not once gone to a murder scene of a white boer, and the graves haves been stacked by tens of thousands on the hills in the last year alone ( boer means Afrikaans farmer, Afrikaans are white)

  • People are really suprised that she got arrested? And their argument is free speech? You've got to be kidding me. Calling police men bad names alone can get you arrested. Or is this just a thing in Europe?

  • Put in jail for words? Unless it causes panic like talking about explosives in public there's no justification for criminally charging words. If being racist were a crime we'd have 10x as many prisons. So arrest for 'disorderly conduct', overnight in a slammer, I get that. But 3 years for being a racist? If that's true then why is trump not in prison?? Btw, I hate racists, but I believe in equality, not exceptions like rich people buying themselves out of life sentences or specifically uneducated racist caucasians saying really stupid things. Here's an idea for punishment: a year or two of mandatory tolerance/sensitivity classes (at the expense of the offender).

  • There’s free speech, then there’s verbal abuse to say nothing of noise violations. My uncle is a cop and I know they take a ton of abuse on a daily basis, but I would be the first to say that people are quick to jump on the back of law enforcement for the smallest infraction; it’s about time that the tables are turned!

  • "White people were never punished". Sorry dude you are an educated world traveller. You get no leeway on that statement. I think you should seriously consider what you just said. And if you believe it, change.
    Or you are as bad as them.

  • I don't like speech being policed in any way, free speech is easy when it's things we agree on but only matters for things people disagree on. Then again good god people are stupid, to hate someone for a gene difference that effects skin tone?
    Side thought which I always wondered how racist would handle aliens just out of curiosity would they still hate other humans for trivial reasons since they had some new to hate?

  • “i thought his words were a gun” hahaha Trevor.

    Can I just say thank you Trevor for giving our kids true hope. You’ve been through a lot in your life but still made it with a smile. Thank you. You deserve all the success coming your way.

    I’m from Zimbabwe (for some context).

  • This is not freedom of speech.
    This is shit comming out of the mouth and it is against the law to shit in public

  • The government just want to move forward with a clean slate??? 🤔🤥🤥 You’ve clearly been in the states too long.

  • Totally agree no one should be racist – but Noah, please don't be biast, not all white people wants to keep the 'k' word or want to be racist. Can you please make some comments or jokes about the South African leaders getting away with singing kill the boer publicly and getting away with it brother? https://youtu.be/Cb3MLHblnbQ

  • He left out where a black male pointed a gun to her head trying to hijack her . He also seems to not mention that many criminals wear police uniforms when robbing people in south africa , heck we even have exact police clone cars in SA .
    Personally i feel she should have been punished , but not jail time, my personal ruling would have been as follow.
    1. Public apology to the police officers and to all south africans , black and white.
    2. Pay a fine where some of it goes to the police officers as a bonus for not breaking her damn nose after the treatment she gave them , and some of the fine money goes to a charity .
    3. Community service work , specifically in a black area like a black children's home or something , and id make it a crazy amount of hours that need to be completed in 2 years , basically for 2 years her life should revolve around that children's home.
    That in my opinion is a fair and productive sentencing , but jail time for a few bad words? Her lack or respect to law enforcers is a bigger issue to me than her childish offensive name calling.

  • :50 Nigga is tradesmarked by America. Respectable #ADOS don't like to be call Nigga especially Us women. So the Hip Hip game shouldn't have popularize the word. Then get mad if a white MC or Fan Says it. So you are "Wrong, Sir. It's still Disrespectful today as it was in 1919.

  • Spoiler alert… she is white. Why? I’ve met racist Indians, Maroccans, Turks, Nigerians, English, Chinese, Egyptians, Surinam, Polish, French , Dutch… Racism is not only practiced by those with a white color.

  • Ahhhh fuck im a white male is South Aftica im scard shit less rn bc if the anger gets turned on the white ppl of SA thousands of white south africans will kill and yes there are those few pieces of shit white racist ppl but i for one condem what the say and do and most white south aficans to so it saddens me to hear what Trevor says ot sounds like hes talking about all of the white ppl in sa

  • Kaffir means disbeliever in Arabic. Literally means "Cloud" or "Clouded" though. Probally the worst name to call anyone in the arab world.

  • She would have been changed in Germany and Danmark to!
    There would be multiple changes but the biggest would be insulting a police officer..
    Especially in Germany! You can get a fine just for saying “du” instead of “sie”!

  • Can I just point out his selective censorship? Like for the purposes of educating his audience, he says both K and N words fully and comfortably in conversation, so that we know what he's talking about and can recognize them when we hear them. But then, when repeating the woman's tirade, he has the class not to fully participate in her vulgarity but simply imply it by quoting "I don't need you K's coming here, I don't need you…"

  • Black south Africans that are killing other Africans are cowardly bastards. It's not lunge they don't know who's responsible for their condition. That are bloody brain dead useless bastards.

  • i believe that you can put limits on free speech, in Germany you can get in trouble for doing certain things that are related to nazism, sometimes it's needed for public safety.

  • I'm sorry, but if anyone listens to this story and says "Its her freedom of speech!" they're a colossal moron who doesn't understand that there's a line to be drawn.

  • If the shit they stole was taken from them they could be as racist as they want, remember in South Africa 10percent of the population controls 90 percent of the wealth

  • But there is racism on other side too in South Africa. So many black people are involved with racist attacks against white Afrikaans people. Racism is horrible whoever does it

  • First person to be arrested for racism.
    "Well he or she is white. Wait….am I being racist?"
    Spoiler alert she is white
    "….you are not helping your case you go to Africa as a white person and are racist why the hell you go to AFRICA of all places?
    That's hilarious she is stuck there now!

    Like you gonna be racist ok fine whatever. Dont be in a place FILLED with the ones toy hate and unleash it. Just….never ends well wow.

  • Racism NEEDS to be handled like this!! Otherwise it can fester, grow, brainwash an entire generation and turn into something very dangerous as it is becoming again in the U.S. I understand freedom of speech but I do NOT understand how given our atrocious history of slavery and discrimination that America can still considers racism as a form of "free speech." That is a great act of neglect on the government's part if you ask me.

  • It's easy; be respectful of people, don't call out names and don't wave the old flag. If you don't want to, find another place to live that accepts your prejudices.

  • Send this genocidal tyrant back to Africa please! These people can't handle freedom and want to take it from us. Just enjoy tyranny in your own country.

  • Didn't you promote the use of the K word in one of your specials and film people calling themselves the K word? Hmmmm… #iamakword

  • Is not freedom of speech, some things can't be said like white supremacists ideology on national TV. That's not how freedom of speech works.

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