A Surprise Thank You: T.K. | Quicken Loans

When I first called Quicken Loans, I had a wonderful experience. It just made my day, and
I was happy all that day. TK was one of our clients who ran into a tough situation in life, and he reached out to Quicken
Loans in order to help. I was working, everything was peachy fine, but you know, I became ill, so you know, then things
kinda went downhill. That’s when I, you know,
reached out to Quicken Loans and explained to them what happened. They always said, “What can we do? “What do you need? “How can we help you?” He also mentioned that he was a gamer and that he loved to game and that’s kinda where we hit it off. [TK] I love it and I’m
62 years old, you know? But I still like it. – I met my husband through gaming, my brother games, we’re
just … All my friends — it’s something that we
do in order to bond. And the fact that I found a client who is also interested
in something like that and he was 60, more, years old
to boot, it was just amazing. So we’re about to go meet TK. We’re gonna fly to New
Mexico and when we get there, we’re gonna give him a
really great surprise. (knocks) – Hi!
– [TK] Well, hello! How’re you doing?
– Good to see you! – Oh, give me a hug, oh my goodness! Great to see you! Come in, come in, come in! – Thank you. – When I saw her, yeah, you know, I was real excited, I’m happy. I never even dreamed that she
would wanna be here in person to come meet me. I mean, wow! You guys did a wonderful job for us. because I got sick and I lost my job and, you know, if I had lost this
house, I mean, who knows. May’ve done me over right there, you know, because I was really worried. You know, without a home
we don’t belong anywhere. That’s awful feeling. We wanted to come down here and say thank you in person, of course. – Well, that’s very nice. But that’s not the only thing, though. We also were hoping on
behalf of Quicken Loans to give you a gift, too. – Oh my. (dog barks) [TK] Oh, he’s excited!
– He’s excited! It’s really awesome that a client would take the time out of his day to write up a huge multi-lined paragraph just talking about the
service that he received and the experience that he had. And we wanted to take the time as well to reach out to him to show
him how thankful we are. [TK] Oh my goodness. – Here you go. – Oh my. I don’t know what to say, you know? Gee, whiz. When I got the gift, I’m like, “Wow!” Oh, they gonna love this. – [Victoria] Yeah. You were talking about
your pets so much I just — we had to get them something. – OK, thank you. I’m still thinking, “Am I dreaming? “I’m gonna wake up any
minute here or what?” Oh my Lord! Oh, wow! – [Victoria] So that’s an Oculus Rift. – [TK] That’s a virtual reality, huh? – Virtual reality. – Oh my, cool! – I don’t know any other company that would do something
like this for their client. We really do appreciate and
love our clients just so much. With all this gift with games and stuff, oh boy, oh boy. – [Victoria] TK’s gonna
be my friend forever. And I kinda owe Quicken Loans that. My health got better! And you know, part of the credit goes to Quicken Loans because, you know, you guys gave me hope. It’s not that bad after all.

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